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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

Radler Ride Logistics

Radler Ride Logistics • Our partnership with the Madison trolley pub will begin at the launch party with the “Radler Ride” and we hope to continue this partnership the month after with an event at the Wisconsin Brewing Tap Haus on State Street. People who attended the launch party will receive a ticket to ride the “Radler Ride” down State Street, but others who go to the Wisconsin Brewing Tap Haus that evening may purchase a ticket for a 30 minute ride through downtown and receive a free 12 ounce radler to bring on the trolley. Rationale • The purpose of the trolley pub is to not only create a fun event associated with the radler, but it also associates the radler with adventure and the outdoors. • The Madison trolley pub will receive a payment for coming to the event, but they will also get repeat exposure because people who went to the launch party will have the opportunity to ride it again, people who go out to the tap haus at night will have the opportunity to ride it and they will gain exposure because people will see the trolley riding down State Street. • Because Wisconsin Brewing Tap Haus sells beer on tap from the Wisconsin Brewing Company but it is privately owned, this will drive people to the tap haus where they can try samples, but they can also stay and purchase other beers which will drive business to them and result in more revenue. • As a result, the Wisconsin Brewing Company gets access to their target market— young adults and young professionals in the Madison Area—and can continue to promote their new product, it also drives people to the Wisconsin Brewing Tap Haus on State Street and brings business to the trolley pub as well.

Digital Marketing Internship / Brand Ambassador Program Digital Marketing Internship • Because so many students are interested in internships that will boost their resumes and provide them with professional experience, we have created a Digital Marketing Internship to continue to the promotion of the radler. • The responsibilities of the position are listed below: • Research, write, source and curate social content for RE: FRESH’S target audience • Suggest and execute engagement strategies for various social media platforms for the product and its promotional events • Create a monthly social media calendar for planned social media posts • Assist with strategy and campaign development for RE: FRESH • Edit copy and content for advertisements and social media posts • Manage the brand ambassadors which includes weekly check ins to make sure their are fulfilling the duties their position entails Brand Ambassador Program • There will be two Brand Ambassadors for RE:FRESH. • The responsibilities of the Brand Ambassadors include: • Promoting the beer at local events and venues in Madison • Work and set up promotional events • Hand out free samples and promotional merchandise such as T-shirts, cups and popsockets • Work directly with Madison School & Community Recreation and the sponsors of their adult recreational volleyball and softball teams to promote the product and their events • Manage the “Shake, Radle and Roll” dance contest at events and bars across Madison. The person in the bar that the Brand Ambassador believes has the best “radle” receives a free 12 ounce radler. The most important aspect of this internship is going to different bars in the Madison area and handing out free samples of the product and free merchandise. We have selected 18 bars throughout the Madison area that either host adult softball teams in the summer, have sand volleyball courts, have lakefront docking, have an outdoor seating area, or have many of these features available. The purpose of this is to promote the idea that the radler is a drink for the adventurous, those who love the outdoors or are interested in a beer they can drink while socializing with their friends. • 33 •

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