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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

SYNOPSIS Remodelling

SYNOPSIS Remodelling for a Smart Society This is a summary of Ultra Tech India’s Next Competition, 2016-17 entry by Pappal Suneja & Associates. The garli village nestled in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the first villages of India to have ‘heritage zone’ status. The structures in this village have a blend of many architectural styles with Indo-Saracenic being a predominate one. Most of the buildings in this village represents power and influence of Britishers who chose Shimla as their summer capital. Most problems in rural India are universal which can be addressed where everyone is with simple and innovative architectural interventions, on the contrary, re-modelling of the village on a hill for a smart society calls for several additive contextual factors like landslide prevention, smart sourcing, usage of animal as a resource and zoned construction etc. Thus, the basic concept undertaken for creating a Smart Society is through the development of transforming settlements from within, by focussing on regional and community design, water conservation, energy flow and bio-diversity with ‘Highest Sustainability’ as a concept at stake in an architect’s hand. The predominant simple and powerful innovations undertaken in this proposal include solar community kitchen, twin-pipe latrine system to enable the use of basin water for flushing. Using vetiver plant for waste water (Domestic generated) treatment 54 Architecture Update February 2018

could be utilised for gardening purpose and storm water could be treated for drinking purpose or recharging of the water table. Further, one of the 5 HP submersible pumps could be replaced by bull driven borehole line shaft pump. This pump is a positive displacement screw pump that is driven by two bulls connected to the pump rotor through a gear and chain and pulley arrangement. Furthermore, bull driven oil expeller and flour mill demonstrate the utility of bulls and this helps to make oil and flour in an ecofriendly fashion. Also, use of bio-digesters enables the use of Biomass as a renewable energy resource derived from the carbonaceous waste of various human and natural activities. Biomass does not add carbon- dioxide to the atmosphere. Moreover, symbiotic recycling model calls for utilisation of the waste generated within a stipulated time frame, for instance during day time hens could be fed with muggets and the left over of the same could be eaten by frogs during the night and fish leftovers could be consumed by ducks. Ultimately the waste generated if used at right time for right resource development they may end up with the production of eggs in the morning. On similar vision, sanitising dumping ground waste with natural and herbal enzymes will help the natural waste decompose with flies’ action and the scrap and plastic shall get segregated on its own to be sent to the recycling yard. Besides these, the evolution criteria’s include smart sourcing that is to reduce the overall carbon footprint, 90% of the materials can be sourced from within 50 km radius of the facility. Then, zoned construction enables that the construction activity is not allowed to spread all throughout the village. It should be restricted to only some areas with all the sun-dried brick production units strategically placed near those areas to minimise transportation activity. Further, Garli Village shall focus on the behaviour and impact of the occupants, with less reliance on technology for generating energy. Everything from choices made during construction to the way occupants eat and sources of food is governed by local resources. On a concluding note, the need of the hour states that waste water management system and symbiotic-recycling model, linked with biogas generation on site, water conservation, and organic farming etc. should be basic parameters for design consideration of rural India. Fact file: Name of Competition : India’s Next Competition, Smart Ideas for a Smart Society Conducted by : Ultra Tech, Aditya Birla Group Date of Conclusion : April 2017 ParticipatingTeam : Pappal Suneja & Associates Participants : Pappal Suneja, Principal Architect; Beena Kumari, Structural Engineer; Mayank Gupta, Graphic Designer Status : First Runner Up ( North Zone) Architecture Update February 2018 55

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