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116 Hiwa K, When We Were

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117 Home House—Community—Identity Home: this can be an explosive topic and was the theme of the German Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice: Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country. 239 It not only deals with current waves of migration but also covers problems and experiences of hospitality, integration, and cooperation for those settling into new urban situations. However, I will not go as far as that yet. First it is necessary to explain the concept of Heimat (home) in the context of architecture. Where in the house does the experience of home occur? What images remain in the memory until very old age? Do requirements for dwelling change at different stages of life? What can blueprints for the future glean from the past? What factors play a part in determining what is home, apart from the atmosphere of rooms? The following section will discuss not only the memory of rooms and the associated stages of life but also describe models of communities and their architectural frameworks. Currently, the significance of communities and their local characteristics in the field of architecture are being rediscovered. The French Pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice in summer 2016 also focused on this topic under the title Nouvelles Richesses, 240 displaying models of historical settlements and neighborhood meetings in modern projects, introducing the idea of village communities as having worthwhile potential in urban contexts. Home and community are becoming the focus of interest. Home as a concept? Probably work in progress? What actually makes up the art of current architectural planning in relation to requirements for housing in the changed lifeworlds at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century? These are simple questions, encouraging us to look back into the history of the topic when it is a matter of finding the ideal forms for creating a typology. The theme of modern living can be understood from the extremes, whose fundamental principles reach into the past and into the future. A broad spectrum opens up, stretching from the ideal of a return to the countryside and stylized rural simplicity to narrow, strictly functional dwellings in densely populated urban areas. Aspects that came