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News CONTACT US AT: | @WebDesignerMag Header What are the creative trends to watch for? Afterprovingprettysagefor2017’shottesttrends,thefolksat Shutterstockforecasttheyear’smostinfluentialvisualstyles Seeing the future would be agiftmostdesignersand influencers would die for. In truth, the most talented are more perceptive than lucky and can gauge current climates or social tastes to engineer solutions tomorrow’s world will want to see. Webdesigninnovatorsarenoexception and tend to be most adept at tapping into visual moods and fashions, not totally without insider help it seems. Shutterstock recently released its 2018 Creative Trends Report which derives eleven styles by analysing billions of customer searches within the company’s vast repository of stock imagery. Paying most attention to those browsing habits of clients in the most influential trades such as film, TV, media and advertising, Shutterstock has some form when it comes to calling out creative cool. “Our 2017 report was particularly accurate in its predictions, identifying trends like ‘Glitch’ early on,” Shutterstock’s Curator Robyn Lange The tools, trends and news to inspire your web projects explains. So what are the trends set to turn headsin2018youmaywellask? Well topping the report are three major trends with “Fantasy” proving most bankable,representedbyahungerfor mythical characters, imagery and even sprawling orchestral music too. Search surges for “continuous line” and “neon circle” styles place “New Minimalism” in second spot before “Space” completes the trendiesttriotowatch.Whilethelatter’s recent popularity seems to reflect box-officecinemareleasessuchasStar Wars, other tips are more abstract forms including the “Natural Luxury” of marbles and crystal, candy-coloured “Punchy Pastels” and, bizarrely, Cactus plants. Aside from growing popularity for ancient geometrics, tactile craft wares such as embroidery, plus any imagery for cryptocurrency, Shutterstock reserve special mention for holographics. It might be bringing up the rear at the report’s position eleven but we recognise this one particularly among the trends observed in “ Topping the report are three major trends with “Fantasy” proving most bankable recent site picks. Shimme nbow, prism-like colour palettes evoking the undeniable awe that holograms inspire seemagoodbet.Ifthatwasn’tenoughof aninsidertip,thereportalsomanagedto link many of the selected trends to specific countries. So what will be “rocking” our own creative shores by next Xmas? Terrazzo apparently… Yeah, we’ll let you know! STAT ATTACK MOBILE BROWSERS Who’s popular, and who’s not. Where’s Android? Chrome 49.72 % Popular on desktop, popular on mobile Safari 18.34 % Popular choice on Apple devices UC Browser 15.76 % A well-known brand from Asia In-depth tutorials, expert tips, cutting-edge features, industry interviews, inspiration and opinion. Make sure to get your daily dose of creativity, design and development. WEB DESIGNER DIGITAL EDITION Do you want to get your hands on a digital edition of your favourite web design magazine? Head to your preferred app store — Google Play ( or iTunes ( — then download, install and purchase the issue of choice from within the app. Opera 5.70 % Found on low-power smartphones Samsung 5.49 % Popular mobile phone brand Source: 8 _____________________________________________________ news

Header Inspiration Sites of the month 02. 01. 03. 04. 01. New Japan Pro- Wrestling KEIBA Japanese horse racing promo. 02. Portfolio of Kadir Inan Cologne-based UI/UX designer showcases talent with smoking WebGL effects. 03. Dot Agency Italian agency crowds out the white space here with oversized SVG rollovers. 04. Daijima How to choreograph impressive 3D animation skills to music. Graphics Thunder Rockets Brazilian illustrators Thunder Rockets bring a wacky cartoonish style bursting with colour and packed full of charm. Colour picker Verdant Peninsula #CCFF94 Typesetter Decoral ArtDecostylingwithamoderntwist, DecoralbyLaskoDzurovskiforTotem boasts 650 glyphs across three weights. WordPress Glytch So called for the “glitch” effects employed throughout, Glytch is a set of music-themed homepage templates for selling sounds. #C4BE1E #F3BCA7 #E2DC6E #614D92 header ___________________________________________________9

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