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Insulate Magazine Ecobuild 2018 Special Edition

Ecobuild 2018 special edition of Insulate Magazine, featuring Insulate exclusive articles and excellent insulation insight from Mauer, BBA, Insulation Superstore, Isover, NIA, Netsezch, 3M, IMA, Quinn, MIMA,

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The only independent insulation industry trade magazine With these key terms in mind, a summary of the stages of preparation: Data maps should be created to identify where data is held, its journey and the touch points throughout the organisation. Ask how it was collected / generated? Where did it come from? how is it used? How long do you keep it for? Who is it shared with, and how? Most importantly, can you identify your legal basis for holding and processing it? You should consider re-training staff, if only to make them aware of the changes and how the organisation will be adapting. This could be the difference between a tight ship and a damaging, avoidable breach. Your client / supplier agreements will need to be reviewed with privacy in mind – especially those relating to data transfers into and out of the business. Your Privacy Notice should be updated to include the new and updated rights for individuals such as withdrawal of consent, right to be forgotten, subject access requests and data portability. Your Privacy Notice should explain precisely how the organisation uses data – if it’s not included in this document, then you can’t do it. As the data controller or processor, you share joint responsibility with your suppliers (especially lead generators) to ensure that data is collected in a way the satisfies the new consent guidelines. You should ensure your IT systems offer adequate levels of security for any data stored within it. If you use hosted servers, it will be your responsibility to ensure the security satisfies the GDPR. You may have to provide accountable evidence of your GDPR preparation (and on-going testing / auditing) when submitting contract tenders. You are unlikely to win tenders if your organisation is unable to offer the required level of protection for personal data. The benefits of getting it right and embracing GDPR are huge: You give individuals a genuine choice and on-going control over how their data is used. This builds on customer confidence – ensuring your organisation is transparent and accountable. It enables you to get a better understanding of the data you have in-house and that data is of premium quality – you only hold what you need, rather than what you’d like. Only holding the data you need minimises the risk and liability in case of a breach. If you don’t hold it, you can’t lose it! GDPR is huge task and affects every single business and organisation in the UK that holds personal data – nobody is excluded, and ignorance is not an excuse. If you’d like to discuss how GDPR is likely to affect your business, then please contact DAMM Solutions – our team offer specialist advice across all industry sectors. Web: Email: Phone: 0372 683 7111 36

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