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282 March 2018 - Gryffe Advertizer

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50 the advertizer Duchal

50 the advertizer Duchal Nursery School There have been lots of noodles and chopsticks in Duchal recently, both proving a great hit with the children while celebrating Chinese New Year. We’ve made Chinese Dragons and dogs – for the Year of the Dog and have been listening to Chinese music and learning some Chinese dances! We’ve been making the most of our wonderful garden with it’s new all weather surface, so no more mud and mess for us, despite the Scottish weather. We are holding a FREE Easter Egg Hunt for all under 5’s Saturday 24th March 10am – 12 noon! All welcome, come along for a morning of Easter fun – crafts and egg hunt at Duchal Nursery, Birkmyre Park! New Entries to Duchal: We are now offering places for the intake in August 2018. If your child will be of nursery age after the summer and you are looking at your pre school options, please do get in touch to have an informal look around. With our extended hours we are open daily 8.15am - 3.30pm, offering greater flexibility of care for parents. Duchal Nursery has been established in Kilmacolm for 50 years and is a fantastic place to begin your child’s pre-school education. As an independent nursery our children move on to various schools in Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Glasgow. Please visit our website for more information – and find us on Facebook. If you would like to come and visit the Nursery please get in 01505 874358 or email Gryffe High School S2 Drama Workshop: All S2 pupils had the opportunity to experience, through a range of presentations and workshops, the skills used in Drama which could further benefit them in their chosen careers. From drama games and theatrical makeup to a presentation from our own star (of BBC show Shetland), Erin Armstrong. Erin is a formal pupil of Gryffe and has been very supportive of the school, speaking to pupils and telling them all about her life as an actress and how she has juggled it with university and working. Erin also gave pupils an insight into a very diverse range of other film / TV / Drama related careers. A stimulating and enjoyable time was had by all! S3 REHIS Awards: Well done to S3 HFT pupils on passing their Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) course! We were delighted to welcome Mrs Joyce Beaton, a former lecturer in the Hospitality industry to the school to present the certificates for Elementary Food Hygiene. Through completion of this, the pupils have gained knowledge about how to handle food safely and used this in many practical activities undertaken so far in their HFT class. This nationally recognised qualification is much valued by employers Optical Blog by Kerry Taher, New Vision Opticians The optician will see you now! If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, your doctor is usually the first person you’ll get in touch with for a consultation. However, with the current burden on local GP services, we’re encouraged to seek help from other health care professionals when appropriate. So when is a good time to consult your optician? Opticians provide a wide variety of eye-care services. In general, people think they only need to visit an optician if they feel they might need glasses to help with reading or driving - but that’s only one aspect to the range of care offered. Your optician can also help with the detection and even prevention of a wide variety of eye conditions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes or if you’re experiencing headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes or are having difficulty watching your favourite TV programmes, you should book a consultation with your optician as soon as possible. Most opticians will have experienced staff to provide the following services: • Eye health checks • Eyesight tests • Eye examinations for safe driving • Contact lens fit and supply • Visual stress exams to help with certain conditions (e.g. Dyslexia) • Optical coherence tomography - a type of X-ray of the eye that can detect serious conditions such as glaucoma • Home visits • Prescription sunglasses • Paediatric eyesight tests • Wide selection of spectacle frames • Repair broken frames and lenses • Referral to your local ophthalmologist (eye doctor) if your optician is not able to help you in their practice Eye tests are currently offered free of charge in Scotland, so don’t delay, book an appointment with your optician today! For more information, please contact us at the practice on 01505 614700. deadline date for our april issue - Friday 16th March - You don’t want to miss it!!

january march 2018 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: SEE A POTHOLE? REPORT IT! 5 51 Call 01475 717171 Report online at https://myaccount.inverclyde.g /Pothole You can also write to: Inverclyde Council Municipal Buildings Clyde Square GREENOCK PA15 1LY Call 0300 3000 300 Online fault report at https://selfservice.renfrewshir m=SS_RoadAndLightFault&p age=pg_locatestreet You can also write to: Community Resources Renfrewshire House Cotton Street Paisley, PA1 1BR Diesel Car Crackdown From May this year a stricter MOT assessment of diesels fitted with particulate filters will be put in place. As part of this change, three new defect categories will be added; ‘Minor,’ ‘Major,’ and ‘Dangerous.’ If your car is marked with either ‘Major,’ such as a diesel particulate filter (DPF) issue, or ‘Dangerous’ then it will result in an automatic test failure. ‘Minor’ will still allow a pass and be marked down alongside any other advisory notices by the assessor and will need to be checked again if the vehicle is retested. But what is a diesel particulate filter and how do I maintain one? A diesel particulate filter (also known as a DPF) is a device that captures and stores harmful exhaust particle matter to stop it from being released into the air we breathe. Due to a finite capacity, the trapped emissions have to be emptied or burned off periodically to regenerate the DPF. This can be done by ensuring that a diesel car gets a prolonged motorway speed run regularly. This removes the excess emissions soot that clogs up the filter, reducing the harmful exhaust emission, and helps to prevent the black smoke usually seen in diesel vehicles particularly when accelerating hard. There are two methods of maintaining a DPF – passive and active. Passive regeneration occurs when the car is running at motorway speeds for half an hour or longer to push the exhaust temperature higher so it can start the process of burning off the excess clogged soot. Active regeneration means extra fuel is injected automatically, as part of the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit), when a filter reaches a predetermined limit (normally about 45%) to raise the temperature of the exhaust and burn off the stored soot. Along with a tighter assessment of DPFs, there will be new assessments of reversing lights and greater inspection of brake discs, including signs of wear, oil contamination and the attachment to the wheel hub. From April any car older than 40 years will no longer have to pass an MOT to remain on the road, however, the owners can still submit them for tests if they want to ensure safety standards. Roads Investment Paying Off Inverclyde Council is carrying out all urgent pothole repairs within 24 hours thanks to its £29million five year investment. The Environment & Regeneration Committee has been told there have also been significant improvements in tackling Category 2 potholes with 97% repaired within a week. Convener Councillor Michael McCormick said: “We are finding significantly fewer potholes generally thanks to the ongoing investment we are making in our roads. The weather and heavy traffic will always take their toll but thanks to our planned approach to resurfacing across Inverclyde the number of short-term fixes required have been significantly reduced and we are able to target repair resources where and when they are needed.” The committee was also told all planned carriageway and footpath resurfacing works for this financial year have been completed allowing a number of reserve projects to be brought forward. Councillor McCormick added: “The additional investment in roads resurfacing and pothole repairs is delivering the expected improvement in performance. “We are committed to solving some of the major problems suffered by motorists and other roads users and despite the financial pressures facing all of Scotland’s local authorities we will continue to allocate significant sums of money to improving the road network.” @GryffeAds

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