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<strong>DRIVE</strong><br />

Voice of the Victorian Point-to-Point Transport Industry<br />

APRIL <strong>2018</strong><br />

NO 11<br />

incorporating<br />

VOICE<br />


TAXI<br />


on the ranks since 1966<br />

WIN<br />


ROCKY<br />

HORROR<br />

SHOW<br />



<strong>2018</strong><br />


TAXI<br />


The ATIA’s annual conference will bring together all facets of<br />

the industry – taxi booking companies, small and large fleet<br />

operators, licence owners and drivers from across the country, as<br />

well as overseas - together with Australian and international suppliers<br />

showcasing their products and services.<br />

Attendees will be challenged to explore new beginnings, they will be updated<br />

on emerging global trends, encouraged to adopt the latest technological<br />

innovations, all for the end game of better taxi services for Australian<br />

communities.<br />

This year’s conference will have:<br />

• world class speakers talking on matters of consequence and interest,<br />

• leading edge technology, products and services on display in an<br />

accompanying expo,<br />

• a venue with state of the art facilities, and<br />

• a great location surrounded by a range of quality attractions that have<br />

universal appeal.<br />

27 May - 31 May <strong>2018</strong><br />

Mantra on View Hotel<br />

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland<br />

Conference registrations<br />

www.atia.com.au/conferences<br />

Enquiries<br />

about the business and social programs, or opportunities<br />

to sponsor or exhibit at the conference, please contact:<br />

Australian Taxi Industry Association<br />

ph: 07 3339 3196 | email: admin@atia.com.au<br />




8 Licence Revocation<br />

Rod Barton, CPVAA President, looks at the<br />

revocation of taxi and hire car licences in<br />

Victoria.<br />

14 What we hear<br />

Rumours, fiction or the truth hidden in plain<br />

sight?<br />

17 Industry statistics<br />

Number of taxi and hire car vehicles on the<br />

road in Victoria, with comparisons to previous<br />

months.<br />

18 Electric Ride<br />

Internal combustion engines are from the<br />

industrial age. Electric vehicles are from the<br />

technological age.<br />

20 New regulations<br />

Transport for Victoria has published the<br />

Regulatory Impact Statement for the proposed<br />

regulations to complement the CPVI Act 2017.<br />

We have produced a summary here for your<br />

reading and information.<br />

30 Overseas news<br />

Snippets regarding the point-to-point industry<br />

around the world.<br />

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<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 3


NICE &<br />

STUPID<br />

The government has published a Regulatory Impact Statement for the<br />

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Regulations <strong>2018</strong>. Most of the<br />

regulations are straight forward and what we all expected. But hidden<br />

within are some stupid suggestions.<br />

10 years old<br />

is too old<br />

In July 2016 the Monash University<br />

Accident Research Centre (MUARC)<br />

researched and concluded that<br />

there was no clear correlation<br />

between the age of a vehicle and<br />

its crash risk. As a result, the<br />

Taxi Services Commission (TSC)<br />

removed the age limits for all taxicabs<br />

and hire cars.<br />

Well, the Transport Accident<br />

Commission (TAC) research on last<br />

year’s road fatalities reveals that<br />

70% of passengers (112 of 167)<br />

killed during 2017 were in vehicles<br />

built more than a decade ago.<br />

It was the highest proportion of<br />

deaths in ageing vehicles since<br />

the TAC began recording the data<br />

in 2002.<br />

Of the 4.6 million registered<br />

vehicles in Victoria, 42 per cent<br />

are more than a decade old.<br />

The TAC and RACV are urging<br />

motorists to choose cars with<br />

safety features such as electronic<br />

stability control, speed alerts, lane<br />

departure warnings and curtain<br />

airbags.<br />

The safety push comes after<br />

the Australasian New Car<br />

Assessment Program urged the<br />

federal government to set targets<br />

to reduce the age of the nation’s<br />

vehicle fleet.<br />

So, on the one hand we have<br />

MUARC saying that there is no<br />

connection between age of vehicle<br />

and crashes and on the other<br />

hand we have the TAC stating that<br />

cars 10+ are death traps when<br />

involved in an accident.<br />

In light of this the Victorian<br />

government should take notice<br />

and amend the regulations for<br />

Victorian Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicle industry age of allowable<br />

accredited vehicles.<br />

Last month Transport for Victoria<br />

(TfV) produced and distributed<br />

a consultation paper on the new<br />

regulation that will be invoked<br />

upon the introduction of the<br />

second tranche of the Commercial<br />

Passenger Vehicle Industry Act<br />

(2017) in July this year.<br />

The consultation paper states that<br />

only 4,255 and 5,588 rectification<br />

notices were issued in 2017<br />

(Jan-Sep) and 2016 (Jan-Dec),<br />

respectively. These checks<br />

conducted by TSC were on the<br />

vehicles’ camera, tyres, seatbelts,<br />

park lamps, headlights, dome<br />

light, decals and bumper bar.<br />

The TSC results show that the<br />

majority of rectification notices<br />

were for minor infractions relating<br />

4 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

to the vehicle or noncompliance<br />

with specific CPV regulatory<br />

requirements.<br />

TfV states “this indicates there is<br />

not a sufficient problem to justify<br />

further regulatory intervention<br />

and don’t feel that further<br />

regulation is warranted.”<br />

The TSC officers didn’t check<br />

the brakes, steering, oil, filters,<br />

suspension, windscreen,<br />

wipers or perform a computer<br />

diagnostic. Apparently these<br />

things don’t matter.<br />

Perhaps the fact that the majority<br />

of these vehicles had undergone<br />

a roadworthy check within the<br />

past 12 months, they were able<br />

to pass the inspections with only<br />

minor infractions, if any. But<br />

this doesn’t seem to have been<br />

considered when making this<br />

recommendation.<br />

No annual<br />

roadworthy<br />

required<br />

Without actually spelling it out,<br />

the government is saying that the<br />

annual inspection undertaken by<br />

a licensed roadworthy certificate<br />

tester on CPVs, is no longer<br />

required.<br />

So with the stroke of a pen<br />

(or keyboard) the requirement<br />

for an annual inspection to be<br />

undertaken on CPVs is deleted.<br />

Also the TAC are now saying that<br />

we shouldn’t be driving around in<br />

vehicles more than 10 years old -<br />

yet TfV is not placing a restriction<br />

on the age of the vehicle that is<br />

accredited for CPV work.<br />

So, come July 2, <strong>2018</strong> we will<br />

have vehicles of any age and<br />

without a current (annual)<br />

roadworthy certificate, able to<br />

ply the roads and networks for<br />

bookings to transport people<br />

from A to B. Really!<br />

In New South Wales all vehicles<br />

must have a current roadworthy<br />

certificate when they renew their<br />

annual vehicle registration - that’s<br />

ALL vehicles. We are entrusting<br />

the CPVs to transport our loved<br />

ones and we are not ensuring the<br />

vehicle is safe.<br />

What is our government thinking?<br />

Are they going to rely upon the<br />

owners of the vehicles to keep<br />

the CPV in top safety condition?<br />

You’ve got to be kidding TfV! I<br />

really thought the government was<br />

entrusted with the safety of the<br />

public - not cutting corners to suit<br />

the incoming ridesharing entities.<br />

The TfV says that these proposed<br />

regulations will improve<br />

passenger and driver safety<br />

- that service providers must<br />

record safety risks and report<br />

assaults and other incidents to<br />

the regulator, and clearly display<br />

driver identification in the vehicle<br />

or on an app.<br />

But what is the good of reporting<br />

assaults and incidents after the<br />

fact. Isn’t that just like locking<br />

the door after the horse has<br />

bolted?<br />

Safety cameras will also be<br />

required in vehicles carrying out<br />

rank and hail work in Melbourne<br />

and urban and large regional<br />

centres.<br />

Fare evasion is<br />

not an offence<br />

It also states in the consultation<br />

paper that it will “no longer<br />

be an offence, under CPV<br />

law, to not pay the fare and<br />

additional charges for the<br />

service. TfV considers that it<br />

may be appropriate to permit<br />

the consumer of the service<br />

to dispute the fare in certain<br />

circumstances.”<br />

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<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />



So, it is possible that every<br />

other fare taken in non-prepaid<br />

Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicles, when passengers<br />

consider that the fare is<br />

incorrect - they will just leave<br />

the vehicle and never have to<br />

pay for that trip. Fare evaders<br />

can run, run, run.<br />

This is just encouraging fare<br />

evasion at the highest level.<br />

Encouraging those who don’t<br />

wish to pay for the right to be<br />

transported from point A to<br />

point B to dispute the fare - and<br />

the driver is out of pocket and<br />

nothing can be done about this.<br />

Don’t have to pay<br />

for their fares -<br />

that just isn’t fair!<br />

It is a criminal offence under<br />

the Crimes Act 1958 and the<br />

TfV notes that the removal of<br />

the sector specific offence may<br />

make it more difficult to enforce<br />

this offence.<br />

Senseless<br />

proposals<br />

in the consultation<br />

paper:-<br />

VHA/B/C vehicles will no longer<br />

be permitted to travel in the<br />

same lanes as Unbooked CPVs<br />

(eg bus lane, tram lane, transit<br />

lane).<br />

Passengers will be permitted<br />

to consume alcohol in vehicles.<br />

So the drunks can continue<br />

drinking way after the bar has<br />

closed.<br />

It will no longer be an offence<br />

to interfere with the equipment<br />

within a taxi. So the calibration<br />

of the meter, whether within<br />

the vehicle or via GPS, is no<br />

longer considered to be able to<br />

be altered? In this day and age,<br />

everything can be tampered<br />

with and the TfV is just opening<br />

the doors and allowing people<br />

to do just that and not be<br />

penalised for it.<br />

And queries too<br />

Topics for feedback and<br />

consideration are:-<br />

1. whether other CPVs that do<br />

not have a taximeter can be<br />

referred to as a taxi?<br />

2. could some entities<br />

providing CPV bookings<br />

be exempted from having<br />

to register as a Booking<br />

Service Provider?<br />

3. whether insurance<br />

requirements should<br />

be prescribed in the<br />

regulations?<br />

A summary of the consultation<br />

paper is included in this edition<br />

of <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> and I encourage<br />

you to take a moment to read it.<br />

If you feel strongly about any<br />

part of the consultation paper<br />

I recommend that you respond<br />

and state your comments/<br />

suggestions/objections<br />

accordingly.<br />

Don’t leave it too long to do<br />

so, as all submissions must<br />

be received by Transport for<br />

Victoria no later than 20 <strong>April</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong>.<br />

TfV realises there is a problem<br />

with enforcing fare evasion fines,<br />

yet they still insist on making it<br />

easier for passengers to do just<br />

that.<br />

TfV has also considered some<br />

other issues and options. The<br />

consultation paper queries a<br />

few proposals and is asking for<br />

industry and public feedback<br />

and comments on them.<br />

Mrs Toni Peters<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> Editor<br />

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remains with the individual contributors and may not be reproduced without permission.<br />

6 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Introducing<br />


We want the<br />

BEST <strong>DRIVE</strong>RS<br />

for the<br />


to make the<br />



•<br />

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•<br />

Weekly Set Price Cars Available<br />

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All Shifts Available<br />

Home Changeover<br />

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(only for our drivers)<br />

Zevra has acquired TaxiLink and other taxi related<br />

companies around Australia to provide the first<br />

vertically integrated publicly listed Australian fleet<br />

management company - P2P Transport.<br />



13 000 ZEVRA OR 0411 11 411<br />


The Victorian Hire Car Association<br />

has been rebranded to the<br />

Commercial Passenger Vehicle<br />

Association of Australia<br />

CPVAA<br />



The compulsory revocation of taxi<br />

and hire car licences without fair<br />

compensation is unprecedented<br />

here in Victoria.<br />

No other State or Territory in<br />

Australia has gone down this track.<br />

As far as we can ascertain we are<br />

unaware of anywhere else on the<br />

planet where this has occurred!<br />

What an arrogant position to take by<br />

those in their ivory tower at 1 Spring<br />

Street, Melbourne. It simply was not<br />

necessary to cause the financial<br />

and emotional harm that they did<br />

to thousands in the taxi and hire<br />

car industry to accommodate a tax<br />

avoiding, American multi-national<br />

entity which exploits their drivers.<br />

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle<br />

Association of Australia (CPVAA) is<br />

advised that prior to the introduction<br />

of the Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicle Industry Act 2017, taxis<br />

were only occupied 28% of the<br />

time. Hardly a ringing endorsement<br />

to allow Uber to saturate the market.<br />

The taxi industry constantly get<br />

criticised, far more than deserved.<br />

At a meeting of The Ride Share<br />

Working Group it was advised that<br />

taxis performed over 35 million trips<br />

per year and received about a 1%<br />

complaint rate.<br />

Are we perfect?<br />

Of course not.<br />

Are things improving?<br />

Yes they are!<br />

I declare my bias towards the taxi<br />

industry - I drove cabs - my dad<br />

drove cabs - my uncle was a London<br />

Black Cab driver - this is in my DNA.<br />

8 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>


President, CPVAA<br />

The responsibility of any shortcomings<br />

in the Victorian taxi<br />

industry lays fair and square with<br />

the bureaucrats at the Victorian<br />

Taxi Directorate (VTD), Taxi<br />

Services Commission (TSC) and<br />

the Department of Economic<br />

Development, Jobs, Transport and<br />

Resources (the Department).<br />

They were the ones who set<br />

standards and then failed to<br />

enforce those laws and standards.<br />

Only a few short years ago the<br />

TSC came up with the Knowledge<br />

test that was so difficult even<br />

experienced drivers struggled<br />

to pass. Now, to accommodate<br />

Uber, the TSC dropped the bar so<br />

low that if you can spell your own<br />

name they will give you a Driver’s<br />

Accreditation Certificate.<br />

We should note also that on an<br />

hourly rate taxi drivers earn below<br />

the minimum wage. This was<br />

recognised by the Fels’ Inquiry<br />

back in 2013. Yet Minister Allan<br />

set a plan in place to drive their<br />

wages lower.<br />

Contact<br />

Robert Janssen 0476 830 276 or<br />

John Forcone 0419 894 886<br />

at Jaguar to book your road test<br />


Jaguar XF sedan<br />

for 48 hours<br />

Looking for a new work or private car?<br />

The CPVAA, in conjunction with our sponsor partner<br />

Jaguar, are pleased to announce a great member offer<br />

starting Wednesday 4 <strong>April</strong>, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

This offer is for a limited time and is for CPVAA financial members only.<br />

If you are not a CPVAA member, you can join today! Visit www.cpvaa.com.au<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


CPVAA<br />

Drivers do not receive annual leave,<br />

superannuation or sick pay. They<br />

get very little training for the job<br />

they are about to embark on as<br />

a driver within the Commercial<br />

Passenger Vehicle industry.<br />

They are not covered by an award<br />

and bizarrely are not covered by<br />

the jurisdiction of the Victorian<br />

Transport Ombudsman!<br />

The TSC is it, and what a dismal<br />

failure the TSC has been.<br />

So the question that needs to be<br />

asked is why, as a community,<br />

do we find it acceptable for these<br />

transport workers to be treated<br />

this way? Treated in such a way<br />

that would be totally unacceptable<br />

to the vast majority of Victorians.<br />

JOIN<br />

CPVAA<br />

TODAY<br />

September 2017<br />

TAXIS<br />

5,636<br />


2,824<br />

This dumping of the over supply<br />

of Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicles (CPVs) on the Victorian<br />

taxi and hire car market is not<br />

only commercially damaging<br />

but socially irresponsible,<br />

causing business failures,<br />

bankruptcies and job losses.<br />

This shows that the Andrews<br />

Labor Government and<br />

Transport Minister Jacinta<br />

Allan show absolutely no<br />

understanding or compassion<br />

to those taxi and hire car<br />

drivers and their families. This<br />

February <strong>2018</strong><br />

TAXIS<br />

8,471<br />


27,028<br />

comes as no surprise after the<br />

unprecedented revocation of<br />

taxi and hire car licences by<br />

Transport Minister Allan.<br />

Added to that there is the<br />

appalling way the rollout of<br />

the Unfairness Fund has been<br />

handled. This is now being<br />

investigated by Ms Glass the<br />

Victorian Ombudsman.<br />

The Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicle Industry “reforms” need<br />

to be sent to an independent<br />

inquiry.<br />

A member association<br />

looking after the interests of all within the commercial<br />

passenger vehicle industries around Australia<br />

ONLY<br />

$120<br />

per person<br />

per year<br />

JOiN US<br />

Commercial Passenger Vehicle<br />

Association of Australia<br />

for Drivers and Owners of Taxis and Hire Cars<br />

www.cpvaa.com.au<br />

10 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>




TAXIS<br />







NEEDS<br />

128 Errol Street<br />

North Melbourne<br />

tel 9326 3808 | fax 9326 4808<br />

email vic.taxi@bigpond.com<br />



Health awareness<br />

Mental Health<br />

issues can affect people from all walks of life,<br />

backgrounds and income levels.<br />

Talking openly about depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions helps reduce<br />

stigma, tackles discrimination and counters outdated attitudes and behaviours.<br />

It also challenges stereotypes<br />

and promotes good mental health<br />

practices across workplaces and<br />

communities.<br />

“Mental health issues can affect<br />

anyone at any time: No one is<br />

immune,” Ms Harman beyondblue<br />

CEO said.<br />

“When anyone – including a highprofile<br />

person – is prepared to<br />

talk publicly about these matters<br />

it encourages others to have the<br />

conversation.<br />

“Workplaces that support<br />

individuals taking time out to<br />

look after their mental health are<br />

creating environments that are<br />

not only healthier for everyone, but<br />

more productive.”<br />

Almost one in two Australians<br />

will have a mental health issue at<br />

some stage in their life. One in five<br />

workers is currently experiencing a<br />

mental health condition.<br />

Investigation of potential Uber class action<br />

Did you suffer losses as a result of<br />

Uber’s operations from 1 January 2013<br />

to 31 July 2017?<br />

We’re investigating a potential class action against Uber on behalf of all taxi and hire car<br />

drivers, licence holders and operators in Victoria between 1 January 2013 and 31 July 2017,<br />

and whether they can recover compensation for losses suffered as a result of Uber’s allegedly<br />

unlawful conduct in that period.<br />

The investigation is still ongoing. The class action will only proceed if enough claimants<br />

register and on the satisfactory completion of investigations carried out by Maurice Blackburn.<br />

If you would like to register your interest or find out more information, contact us on:<br />

1800 291 047<br />

mauriceblackburn.com.au/uberclassaction<br />

12 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

A 2014 report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers<br />

found that businesses will return an average<br />

of $2.30 for every dollar they invest in effective<br />

mental health strategies.<br />

“Leaders in all organisations face varying levels<br />

of stress. Ignored, these issues can develop into<br />

mental health conditions,” Ms Harman said.<br />

“Prioritising and actively managing our mental<br />

health and wellbeing can prevent illness.<br />

Seeking support and treatment early is crucial to<br />

recovery.”<br />

If someone feels they are struggling they can:<br />

• See their GP<br />

• Seek support through beyondblue’s Support<br />

Service on 1300 22 4636, online forums or<br />

web chat.<br />

Mental health professionals are available at the<br />

beyondblue Support Service via phone 24/7 on<br />

1300 22 4636 or via www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses<br />

within 24 hours).<br />

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<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 13

Rumour Mill<br />


Are these rumours, fiction or the<br />

truth hidden in plain sight?<br />

13CABS use drivers as spies.<br />

These spies dob in other<br />

13CABS vehicles that are<br />

seen doing the wrong thing!<br />

Wonder if they get paid for<br />

the amount of cabs/drivers<br />

they report?<br />

Government says that fare<br />

evasion will no longer be a<br />

crime - that passengers are<br />

allowed to dispute the fare<br />

and leave the vehicle without<br />

paying! Are they crazy?<br />

A private plated car has<br />

been seen driving around<br />

Melbourne Airport with a<br />

dome on the passengerside<br />

front of the roof with<br />

UBER written on it. Only<br />

vehicles with a taximeter<br />

can have dome lights!<br />

At least three 13CABS<br />

taxis were seen last month<br />

blatantly refusing to<br />

transport passengers with<br />

assistance animals.<br />

It’s no longer up to the TSC to<br />

determine what colour vehicle<br />

you drive as a taxi. This is<br />

now controlled by the Booking<br />

Service Providers. Watch<br />

out if you don’t comply with<br />

the BSP User Agreements.<br />

They will block you from<br />

receiving any work from the<br />

dispatchers.<br />

Transport for Victoria (TfV)<br />

says that there is no fine if<br />

a driver or owner tampers<br />

with the equipment within<br />

an unbooked Commercial<br />

Passenger Vehicle. Ahhh.<br />

There’s going to be trouble<br />

brewing now!<br />

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A PART<br />

OF THE<br />

STORY<br />

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14 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

BSPs<br />


as at 23 March <strong>2018</strong><br />

1300 Taxi Pty Ltd<br />

21 Milne Avenue Pty Ltd<br />

A.c.n. 145 714 352 Pty Ltd<br />

Amalgamated Taxis Wodonga Co-op Ltd<br />

Apimor Pty Ltd<br />

Ararat Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Arrow Taxi Services Pty Ltd<br />

Ayre Port Pty Ltd<br />

B.B.L Management Pty Ltd<br />

Ballarat Taxis Limited<br />

Bellarine Peninsula Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Benalla Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Betts, Hocking, Arnold, English, Stephens &<br />

Stephens<br />

Black Cabs Combined Pty Ltd<br />

Cab Connect Pty Ltd<br />


Cabways Pty Ltd<br />

Christopher & Susan Huthnance<br />

Crown & Company Pty Ltd<br />

Cullcabs Pty Ltd<br />

Cunningham, Cinamon & Dimech, David<br />

Daylesford Taxi Service Pty Ltd<br />

Dennis John & Pauline Frances Cook<br />

Dimboola Taxi Services Pty Ltd<br />

Echuca Moama Taxi Group Pty Ltd<br />

Elite Taxi’s Association Inc.<br />

Evans, Robert A & Elizabeth B<br />

Executive Drivers Association Inc.<br />

Geelong Taxi Network Pty Ltd<br />

Geoffrey & Maree Pritchett<br />

Giovanni Nominees Pty Ltd<br />

Grant & Amanda Pascoe<br />

Greater Shepparton Taxi’s Pty Ltd<br />

Gregory J & Susan D Kelly<br />

H H & J N Roberts Pty Ltd<br />

Horsham Taxi Service Pty Ltd<br />

Horsham Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Ingogo Limited<br />

Halacas & Rankinn<br />

J M & S F Zonneveldt Pty Ltd<br />

Jamie G & Jennifer L Bickley<br />

Joanna Pty Ltd<br />

John L & Shirley J Croft<br />

Karl Rainer Lintzen<br />

Kensington Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

KTBS Kyneton Pty Ltd<br />

Kyneton Country Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Latrobe Valley Taxi Company Pty Ltd<br />

Melbourne Combined Taxi Network Pty Ltd<br />

Melbourne Network Drivers Association Inc.<br />

Melbourne Phone Cabs Association Inc.<br />

Melbourne Platinum Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs Pty Ltd<br />

Michael Dee Pty Ltd<br />

Mildura Taxis Associated<br />

Miss Sandra Marie Timmins<br />

Morwell Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Mr Ali Abdi S Warsame<br />

Mr Amanpreet Singh<br />

Mr Brian R Cuffe<br />

Mr Damian Peter Murphy<br />

Mr Daniel Alexander Smith<br />

Mr Edwin George Kilby<br />

Mr Gary J Sinnott<br />

Mr Gavin John Mackenzie<br />

Mr Graham Jeffrey Handcock<br />

Mr Gurpreet Singh<br />

Mr Igor Nicholas Saarinen<br />

Mr Jack Tumohe Ngatai<br />

Mr Michael N Harrison<br />

Mr Mohamed Ali Samatar<br />

Mr Paul A O’ryan<br />

Mr Raphael Francis Edwards<br />

Mr Rehman Habib<br />

Mr Robert J Armstrong<br />

Mr Robert Peter Salisbury<br />

Mr Shane G Burke<br />

Mr Trevor C Templeton<br />

Mrs Radha Beejadhur<br />

Mrs Robyn J Petrowsky<br />

Mrs Veronica Maria Clarke<br />

Net-Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

North Suburban Taxis (Vic) Pty Ltd<br />

Peninsula Radio Cabs Co-Operative Society Ltd<br />

Peter & Sheila Jepson<br />

Philip Bartlett & Alan Dow<br />

Pincab Py Ltd<br />

Platinum Taxi’s Association Incorporated<br />

Platinum Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Premier Taxis<br />

Prestige Taxi Drivers Association Inc.<br />

R & S Wilkinson Pty Ltd<br />

Radliff Pty Ltd<br />

Rasier Pacific Pty Ltd<br />

Riviera Taxis & Hire Cars Pty Ltd<br />

Robinvale Taxi Services Pty Ltd<br />

Rontronics Technical Services Pty Ltd<br />

Ross & Denise Irene Missen<br />

S.E TAXIS Pty Ltd<br />

Sale Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Shepparton Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Silver Hill & Co. Pty Ltd<br />

Silver Service Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxi Cabs<br />

Silver Top Taxi Service Pty Ltd<br />

Sixat Services Pty Ltd<br />

Slate Beach Pty Ltd<br />

Stanglis Pty Ltd<br />

Stanley & Debra Smith<br />

Street Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Super Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Superior Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Swan Hill City Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Swan Hill Taxi Cabs Pty Ltd<br />

Taxi Apps Pty Ltd<br />

Taxify OU<br />

Taxi-link Pty Ltd<br />

Taxis Associated Of Bendigo Co-Operative<br />

Limited<br />

Taxis Of Hamilton Pty Ltd<br />

Taxis Of Portland Pty Ltd<br />

Telecabs Drivers Incorporated<br />

TickToc Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ticktoc Worldwide Pty Ltd<br />

Traralgon Dispatch Services Pty Ltd<br />

Uber Pacific Pty Ltd<br />

Unicross Nominees Pty Ltd<br />

Vermont Autogas Pty Ltd<br />

W R L Management Pty Ltd<br />

Warrnambool Radio Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Wellington Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

West Gippsland Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

West Suburban Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Wilson, Colin D & Margaret A<br />

Yarra Valley Taxis Pty Ltd<br />

Yellow Cabs Victoria Pty Ltd<br />

* BSP highlighted in red indicates new<br />

addition since 6/12/2017.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


Victorian Taxi & Hire car Families<br />

A Fairy Tale Story<br />

is fair for the Fairness Fund<br />

The applications for the Fairness<br />

Fund have well and truly closed,<br />

but in the meantime it has had the<br />

same impact of an ordinary fairy<br />

tale. Nothing seems further from<br />

the truth. The depictions made of<br />

the Fairness Fund out in the general<br />

public by the government, and the<br />

reality of what has been allocated<br />

would be wide and far apart.<br />

The process in which applications<br />

are being assessed, one could only<br />

assume that a “Lucky-Dip” system<br />

would have taken place. In instances<br />

where funds were allocated to<br />

applicants other applications were<br />

rejected. The rejected applicants<br />

were not given any substantiated<br />

reasons based on the assessors’<br />

decision.<br />

The government and the Transport<br />

Minister have been unashamedly<br />

quiet regarding the process of<br />

the Fairness Fund of which many<br />

more applications are yet to be<br />

determined.<br />

The harsh treatment on the licence<br />

holders continues, which seems to<br />

have no end.<br />

No political party has taken an<br />

interest in the outcome of all<br />

the applications that have been<br />

processed by the said, “generous<br />

package” to the taxi industry. It was<br />

meant to be part of the deal to have<br />

the reforms passed only if the Fund<br />

would be more generous. This will<br />

have a huge impact against the<br />

current government. The trust and<br />

faith bestowed prior to the elections<br />

has been obliterated for many terms<br />

against the current state Labor party.<br />

The way in which the Transport<br />

Minister has handled these reforms<br />

has been nothing short of callous<br />

and her responsibility towards her<br />

portfolio has been atrocious.<br />

The fairy-tale Fairness Fund<br />

in which this government has<br />

created along with the ridiculous<br />

Commercial Passenger Vehicle,<br />

legislation to fool the public will turn<br />

out to become a horror story with a<br />

life lesson for foolish politicians.<br />

Being in a position of responsibility<br />

carries a sense of humanity and<br />

humility. None of these virtues<br />

are yet to be demonstrated which<br />

shows a lack of leadership and very<br />

poor judgement.<br />

For those awaiting a response<br />

from the Fairness Fund it is vital<br />

to contact your local member of<br />

parliament to seek assistance in<br />

expediting a response. It is also<br />

important to email and contact the<br />

Fairness Fund directly on a regular<br />

basis to ensure that applications are<br />

processed in a timely manner.<br />


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yarrafinance<br />

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proudly serving the taxi industry<br />

16 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Industry<br />

Statistics<br />

These figures are updated<br />

and published on the<br />

Taxi Services Commission’s<br />

(TSC) website<br />


Number of vehicles registered and accredited with TSC<br />

Zone Type 30 Sep 17 31 Dec 17 31 Jan 18 28 Feb 18<br />

Changes<br />

since<br />

30 Sep 17<br />

Metro Conventional 4,179 6,223 6,603 6,874 2,695<br />

WAT 446 628 545 556 110<br />

Total 4,625 6,751 7,148 7,430 2,805<br />

Urban Conventional 418 613 664 684 266<br />

WAT 80 97 100 103 23<br />

Total 498 710 764 787 289<br />

Regional Conventional 274 298 301 307 33<br />

WAT 75 85 85 85 10<br />

Total 349 383 386 392 43<br />

Country Conventional 129 137 138 142 87<br />

Victorian<br />

Taxi<br />

Totals<br />

WAT 35 35 35 36 1<br />

Total 164 172 173 178 88<br />

Conventional 5,000 7,271 7,706 8,007 3,007<br />

WAT 636 745 765 780 144<br />

Total 5,636 8,016 8,471 8,787 3,151<br />

Hire Cars Total 2,824 13,396 23,369 27,028 24,204<br />

Metro Taxis - Extending<br />

to Werribee in south-west;<br />

Caroline Springs, Taylors<br />

Hill & Hillside in west;<br />

Melbourne Airport & Bulla<br />

in north-west; Mickleham,<br />

Wollert & Mernda in North;<br />

Hurstbridge, Wattleglen,<br />

Kangaroo Ground, Coldstream<br />

& Lilydale in northeast; the<br />

Basin, Sherbrooke & Belgrave<br />

in east; Rowville, Wheelers<br />

Hill, Clayton, Dingley Village,<br />

Braeside, Chelsea Heights<br />

& Patterson Lakes in southeast.<br />

Urban Taxis - Dandenong,<br />

Frankston, Mornington<br />

Peninsula, Geelong, Bendigo,<br />

Ballarat<br />

Regional Taxis - Bairnsdale,<br />

Bellarine Peninsula, Torquay,<br />

Benalla, Colac, Echuca,<br />

Emerald, Hamilton, Horsham,<br />

Latrobe Valley, Melton -<br />

Bacchus Marsh, Mildura,<br />

Pakenham, Portland, Sale,<br />

Maffra, Shepparton, Sunbury,<br />

Gisborne, Woodend, Swan<br />

Hill, Wallan, Whittlesea,<br />

Broadford,Kilmore,<br />

Wangaratta, Warragul, Drouin,<br />

Warrnambool, Wodonga, Yarra<br />

Valley<br />

Country Taxis - everywhere<br />

not mentioned above<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong>RS<br />

Number of drivers registered and accredited with TSC<br />

30 Sep 17 31 Dec 17 31 Jan 18 28 Feb 18<br />

Changes<br />

since<br />

30 Sep 17<br />

Accredited Drivers 62,076 65,543 69,180 72,875 10,799<br />

Active Taxi Drivers 16,785 16,537 16,537 16,110 -675<br />

The statistical figures<br />

on this page are as at<br />

28 February <strong>2018</strong><br />


Vehicle inspections 2,771<br />

Rectification notices 77<br />

Infringement notices 15<br />

Regulation 12 notice (vehicle inspection notice) 472<br />

Official Caution (written warning) 15<br />

Defect Notice 4<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 17

Electric<br />

End of the<br />

Internal<br />

Combustion<br />

Engine<br />

Electric<br />

Ride<br />

to be abolished by ....<br />


2025<br />

• Norway<br />

• Mexico City<br />

• Athens<br />

• Paris<br />

• Ma drid<br />

2030<br />

• Netherlands<br />

• India<br />

• Ireland<br />

• Is rael<br />

• China (tbc)<br />

2032<br />

• Scotl and<br />

2040<br />

• Uni ted Ki ngdom<br />

• France<br />

• Taiwan<br />

• California<br />

ICE = Internal Combustion Engine<br />

The Australian government doesn’t give much<br />

incentive to own an electric vehicle. They give a<br />

small bonus incentive in the luxury car tax, a $100<br />

discount for registration in Victoria and ACT offers<br />

a reduction in stamp duty.<br />

Even the name conjures images of the industrial<br />

revolution – the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).<br />

At its inception it was a marvel of moving parts and<br />

complicated interactions delicately balanced, yet prone to<br />

failure if not constantly attended to, dazzling us with raw<br />

power that hid its dirty secrets.<br />

But no matter how many flavours were dished up over<br />

the years to hide the horribly inefficient, highly toxic<br />

combustion engine, we are all beginning to realise just how<br />

old tech this industrial age hang over really is now that<br />

iteration two of Electric Vehicles (EVs) with long distance,<br />

high performance and new tech smooth driving, has<br />

arrived.<br />

It must now be clear, even to die hard industry opponents<br />

of change, that the game is over as mainstream media<br />

announce the funeral. Volvo have hoisted their flag to all<br />

electric or hybrid vehicles commencing 2019 as has the<br />

iconic Aston Martin brand. VW have committed billions to<br />

the transition and seem determined to stake their claim on<br />

the future with 300 electric models planned across their<br />

brand by 2030.<br />

With the rate of technological change happening in the EV<br />

space, the speed of development and improvements in<br />

both costs and technology will reveal ICE vehicles for what<br />

they have become – bad deals. One hundred year tech,<br />

toxic exhaust, expensive to operate, expensive to maintain,<br />

20% efficient, poor performance, restrictions on use and<br />

plunging resale values as the penny drops.<br />

The economics are about to switch or may already have,<br />

for total cost of ownership. Over the next eight years,<br />

higher performance, cheaper to operate, longer range EVs<br />

will be cheaper to buy than the cheapest ICE vehicle.<br />

There may even be ICE graveyards of unsaleable<br />

vehicles as people realise and start ditching their<br />

unsaleable ICE cars. This has already happened in<br />

Madrid as news of the diesel bans spread.<br />

18 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

ICE graveyards<br />

will hold a collection of unwanted<br />

internal combustion engine vehicles,<br />

that nobody wants.<br />

Ecology<br />

EVs already in<br />

Australia<br />

Tesla Model S<br />

Tesla Model X<br />

BMW i3<br />

Nissan LEAF<br />

Mitsubishi iMiEV<br />

Hyundai Ioniq<br />

MORE<br />

EVs<br />

coming<br />

soon<br />

Renault Kangoo ZE<br />

(Australia Post is conducting trials)<br />

Renault ZOE<br />

Benefits<br />

ECOLOGY The air quality<br />

is greatly improved -<br />

therefore there is reduced<br />

health costs due to less<br />

poisionous gases being<br />

emitted by vehicles. There<br />

is also less noise pollution.<br />

They are cheaper to run<br />

and servicing is less. They<br />

use recyclable batteries<br />

too.<br />

Distance<br />

KMS Tesla Model S<br />

can travel around 500kms<br />

on a single charge. The GM<br />

Bolt has a range of 383kms<br />

while the Tesla Model 3 and<br />

Nissan LEAF are around<br />

350 kms.<br />

Cost to Run<br />

CHEAP Of course that<br />

depends on where you live<br />

and the capacity of the<br />

vehicle’s batteries. But in<br />

short, electric vehicles are<br />

around 70% cheaper to run<br />

and the maintenance on<br />

these vehicles is also<br />

greatly reduced - therefore<br />

another cost saving.<br />

Purchase Price<br />

$$$ Initially<br />

electric cars were more<br />

expensive than fossil<br />

fuelled vehicles. As<br />

manufacturing has<br />

progressed and advanced<br />

over the years and<br />

components have<br />

substantially decreased in<br />

cost, the purchase price<br />

has dropped considerably.<br />

?<br />

Did you<br />

know?<br />

There are<br />

around 45<br />

million electric<br />

cars sold per<br />

year in China<br />

and the USA.<br />

USA, China<br />

and Japan<br />

attribute 1-3%<br />

of car sales as<br />

electric cars.<br />

Norway is<br />

the leader -<br />

60% of new<br />

cars sold are<br />

electric.<br />

In Norway<br />

29% of cars<br />

on the road<br />

are electric.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


20 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

new regulations<br />


In 2017, the Victorian Parliament passed significant changes to<br />

how the commercial passenger vehicle industry is regulated. A<br />

new Act, the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017<br />

(the CPVI Act), has been established. This new Act provides<br />

for the regulation of taxis, hire cars and ride share services –<br />

collectively known as Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPV).<br />

When the new Act commences operation 7 July <strong>2018</strong> the existing<br />

legislation for taxis and hire cars will be repealed (cancelled).<br />

New regulations are needed to complete the reform process and<br />

support the operation of the new legislation.<br />

Here is a summary of the proposed regulations under discussion<br />

at the moment.<br />



• All drivers of Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPVs) must have a driver accreditation. To gain<br />

accreditation, the driver must pass a criminal background check and medical check.<br />

• All vehicles used to provide a commercial passenger vehicle service must be registered.<br />

• All booking service providers must be registered.<br />

• All industry participants have a duty to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers of<br />

commercial passenger vehicles. This includes owners of vehicles, booking service providers,<br />

drivers and suppliers.<br />

• Fares for rank and hail (unbooked) services are regulated. The Essential Services Commission<br />

(ESC) sets the maximum fares that can be charged. Fares for booked services are not regulated.<br />

• Surcharges for payments made by credit cards or debit cards for commercial passenger vehicle<br />

services continue to be capped (ie 5% of fare).<br />


SAFETY<br />

Security cameras<br />

Transport for Victoria (TfV) proposes that<br />

vehicles used to provide unbooked CPV services<br />

in metropolitan, urban and large regional areas of<br />

Victoria be required to use security cameras in the<br />

vehicles.<br />

Risk register<br />

Booking Service Providers (BSPs) be required to<br />

prepare a register of safety risks and be reviewed<br />

annually. This is a document which identifies the<br />

safety risks that apply to their own operations, how<br />

these risks are proposed to be managed, and who is<br />

responsible for managing those risks.<br />

Notifiable incidents<br />

Safety duty holders to notify the Taxi Services<br />

Commission (TSC) of certain incidents. This would<br />

include BSPs, vehicle owners and drivers. The<br />

proposed regulations prescribe the following<br />

incidents:<br />

• incidents involving emergency services, such as<br />

police or paramedics<br />

• incidents involving an assault of any person<br />

• incidents involving injury or death of a person<br />

• incidents in which the vehicle was unable to<br />

complete its journey.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 21


Driver identification<br />

Taxi drivers are currently required to display<br />

identification issued by the TSC. It is proposed that a<br />

driver would not need to display driver identification if<br />

this information is provided to the hirer before the trip<br />

commences, such as electronically through an app.<br />

Fare disclosure<br />

BSPs will be required to disclose their fares to<br />

passengers through an app, a website or a pamphlet.<br />

Fare display<br />

Vehicles doing unbooked (rank and hail) work will be<br />

required to have fare information displayed.<br />

Fare estimate<br />

TfV proposes that a service provider be required to<br />

provide an estimate of the fare when requested by the<br />

customer to do so. The service provider can be a BSP or<br />

the driver of the vehicle.<br />

Fare calculation device (aka taximeters)<br />

A fare calculation device be used for all unbooked<br />

services. The driver will need to operate the device.<br />

The regulations will include restrictions regarding when<br />

the meter must be turned on or turned off, or when the<br />

meter must not be used.<br />

Passenger assistance and routes<br />

All CPV drivers to take the most direct and practicable<br />

route or the route nominated by the hirer of the vehicle.<br />

Drivers to provide reasonable assistance to passengers<br />

(e.g. assistance entering/leaving vehicle and assistance<br />

with luggage when needed).<br />

Receipts<br />

The driver or BSP to provide a receipt to the hirer on<br />

request and specific information to be include, eg<br />

• the driver’s signature<br />

• vehicle registration number<br />

• driver accreditation number<br />

• all the items that make up the fare<br />

• the total amount paid and date paid<br />

• the name of the BSP, if applicable.<br />

Complaints handling<br />

All BSPs be required to implement a complaints<br />

handling system consistent with the Australian<br />

standard AS/NZS 10002:2014<br />


Vehicle identification<br />

Any vehicle can be registered as a Victorian CPV under<br />

the new legislation. New technology, such as automatic<br />

number plate recognition, may be used by the regulator<br />

to confirm whether a vehicle is registered as a CPV.<br />

TfV proposes that the regulations specify that one or<br />

more of the following methods must be used to indicate<br />

that a vehicle is being used to provide a CPV service:<br />

1. signs, symbols, notices or labels indicating that the<br />

motor vehicle is a CPV<br />

2. signs, symbols, notices or labels identifying the BSP<br />

to which the driver is associated<br />

3. signs, symbols, notices or labels of a type or design<br />

approved by the regulator<br />

4. number plates identifying the vehicle as a CPV of<br />

a type or design approved by VicRoads and the<br />

regulator.<br />

Smoking<br />

Prohibition of smoking in all CPVs.<br />

Assistance Animals<br />

Prohibit CPV drivers from refusing service to persons<br />

accompanied by assistance animals.<br />

Record keeping requirements<br />

Records must be kept by BSPs and providers of<br />

unbooked CPV services (rank and hail), including:<br />

• trip records (origin, destination, distance, fare)<br />

• complaints (for BSPs)<br />

• non-cash payment surcharges<br />


Taxi zones<br />

TfV proposes only registered CPVs that are equipped to<br />

provide an unbooked service can stop in a taxi zones (ie<br />

taxi ranks).<br />

Exemptions to specific rules<br />

TfV proposes to continue exemptions and special<br />

privileges for unbooked CPVs in relation to the use of<br />

the following lanes and zones:<br />

• driving in bicycle lanes<br />

• driving in transit lanes<br />

• stopping in a clearway<br />

22 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

• stopping in a loading zone<br />

• stopping in a bus lane, tram lane, tramway,<br />

transit lane, truck lane, or on tram tracks<br />

• stopping near a fire hydrant.<br />

• This exemption will not apply to VHA/B/C or<br />

ride share vehicles.<br />

Child restraints<br />


TfV proposes that all CPVs will be required to use<br />

child restraints when carrying infants and children<br />

under 7 years old who are required in all other<br />

vehicles (except buses) to have special restraints.<br />

Some of the regulations have been removed due to changes made by provisions in the primary<br />

legislation (eg removal of operator accreditation) and some regulations duplicate those in the<br />

legislation (eg powers to inspect vehicles). Other regulations have been assessed as no longer<br />

required because there is an expectation that increased service availability and competition will<br />

ensure good quality services are delivered to consumers.<br />


Some of the current regulations proposed NOT to be remade<br />

Previous regulation Reason for not remaking the regulation<br />

Livery and uniforms These requirements relate to the branding of service. It is<br />

proposed to leave these matters up to the service providers.<br />

Safety equipment Specific safety equipment is not proposed to be prescribed in the<br />

proposed Regulations except for security cameras in vehicles<br />

providing unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services.<br />

Emergency warning Not proposed to be remade. Duty holders have the option to use<br />

device<br />

these devices (or alternative) to comply with their respective<br />

safety duties under the CPVI Act.<br />

Protective screens Not proposed to be remade, however, this equipment could be<br />

specified in a code of practice. Duty holders have the option to<br />

use this equipment to comply with their respective safety duties<br />

under the CPVI Act.<br />

Interference with This offence is no longer required because the range of<br />

equipment in or on equipment required to be used in vehicle is significantly less than<br />

taxi-cab<br />

previous Regulations.<br />

Livery<br />

The industry will be free to brand their vehicles subject to<br />

complying with the proposed Regulations relating to vehicle<br />

identification.<br />

Payment of fares It is proposed to no longer make it an offence, under CPV law,<br />

and additional to not pay the fare and additional charges for the service. TfV<br />

charges<br />

considers that it may be appropriate to permit the consumer of<br />

the service to dispute the fare in certain circumstances.<br />

The non-payment for services is already a criminal offence<br />

under the Crimes Act 1958. TfV notes that the removal of the<br />

sector specific offence may make it more difficult to enforce this<br />

offence.<br />

No drinking liquor Ability for passengers to consume alcohol in vehicles needs to<br />

or possessing open be preserved for specialist hire car services (eg weddings, tours,<br />

liquor containers etc).<br />

VIEW THE<br />

proposed<br />

regulations,<br />

proposed<br />

amendments to<br />

the road rules<br />

and the RIS and<br />

provide feedback<br />

visit getinvolved.<br />

transport.vic.gov.<br />

au/regulations.<br />


must be provided<br />

to Transport for<br />

Victoria on or<br />

before 27 <strong>April</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong>.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />



Booking Service Providers (BSPs)<br />

The CPVI Act establishes a registration scheme for booking service providers. All persons who provide a booking<br />

service are required to be registered under the CPVI Act. A booking service is provided if the business:<br />

• receives requests to provide commercial passenger vehicle services<br />

• arranges or facilitates the acceptance of those requests by or on behalf of the driver of commercial<br />

passenger vehicles.<br />

This definition covers a variety of persons, including large body corporates acting as intermediaries between<br />

consumers and the providers of services. It also covers individual drivers providing bookings to fellow drivers.<br />

The purpose of the registration scheme for BSPs is to:<br />

• establish the identity of providers and responsible persons<br />

• regulate booking service providers for public safety purposes and to ensure they meet prescribed safety<br />

standards.<br />

Proposed Exemptions<br />

a person who accepts bookings for CPV services<br />

provided using only vehicles registered in the name of<br />

that person but only if the person has less than 3 (i.e. one<br />

or two) commercial passenger vehicles registered in the<br />

person’s name<br />

a person who accepts bookings for commercial<br />

passenger vehicle services provided using only vehicles<br />

registered in the name of that person but only if the<br />

person has less than 20 commercial passenger vehicles<br />

registered in the person’s name<br />

a person who accepts no more than a specified number<br />

of bookings for commercial passenger vehicle services by<br />

associated drivers in any one day.<br />

Stakeholder Questions<br />

Do you support exempting certain persons from<br />

being required to register as a booking service<br />

provider? If so, why?<br />

Are there any possible risks or possible<br />

unintended consequences of exempting certain<br />

providers from registration?<br />

Should TfV consider a different limit on the<br />

number commercial passenger vehicles registered<br />

in a person’s name (other than 3 or 20) that could<br />

trigger exemption from registration as a booking<br />

service provider? What is it and why?<br />

Use of the word TAXI<br />

While the new legislation and the regulations no longer regulate ‘taxi’ services, there is a general understanding in<br />

the community about what are ‘taxi’ services.<br />

This term has meaning within the community even though it is not defined in legislation.<br />

Options<br />

TfV considers that the word ‘taxi’ is<br />

associated with the act of providing<br />

unbooked commercial passenger vehicle<br />

services.<br />

Stakeholder Questions<br />

Should vehicles that do not meet all the requirements applicable to<br />

the provision of unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services<br />

be prohibited from being identified as a taxi? Why or why not?<br />

24 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Insurance<br />

TfV has considered whether insurance should be regulated for commercial passenger vehicle services.<br />

Regulation may be required if the driver is unable to take out insurance for their vehicle, particularly if the<br />

driver does not own the vehicle.<br />

However, this problem is mitigated by the following:<br />

• insurance is already required where there is a driver agreement in place between the owner of the<br />

vehicle and the driver;<br />

• there is expected to be a greater number of owner-drivers under the new legislative arrangements;<br />

• the existence of alternative additional insurance products taken out by entities such as booking service<br />

providers providing protection to drivers and third parties.<br />


Options<br />

requiring the owner of the vehicle<br />

to indemnify the driver<br />

requiring the owner of the vehicle<br />

to hold certain insurance policies<br />

requiring another person, such as<br />

the booking service provider, to<br />

take out certain insurance policies,<br />

such as contingent liability<br />

insurance.<br />

Stakeholder Questions<br />

Do you agree with TfV’s assessment of the problem in relation to<br />

insurance? Why or why not?<br />

Is there any evidence to suggest that there is a continuing problem<br />

in relation to insurance of commercial passenger vehicles?<br />

Are there other options that should be considered? Are there other<br />

forms of insurance that should be considered?<br />

Should any insurance requirements be prescribed in the<br />

Regulations? Why or why not?<br />


A regulatory impact statement (RIS) and<br />

draft of proposed regulations has been<br />

released for public consultation.<br />

To view the proposed regulations, proposed<br />

amendments to the road rules and the<br />

RIS and provide feedback visit getinvolved.<br />

transport.vic.gov.au/regulations.<br />

TfV will be available to provide individual briefing<br />

session for stakeholders and the community during<br />

the consultation period on request.<br />

After the consultation period, TfV will consider<br />

all feedback received from stakeholders and the<br />

community and consider whether any changes to<br />

the proposed regulations and rules are required. TfV<br />

will make recommendations to the Minister about<br />

the final form and content of the regulations for the<br />

Minister to make the final decision.<br />

Submissions must be provided to Transport<br />

for Victoria (TfV) on or before 27 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

A public notice on the Minister’s decision will<br />

be made, with the new regulations proposed to<br />

commence on 2 July <strong>2018</strong>.<br />


to the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Association of Australia (CPVAA) by 20 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>, via email to<br />

info@cpvaa.com.au and they will incorporate your notes within their submission to Transport for Victoria.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 25

Government news<br />

Installing<br />

security cameras<br />


Taxis licensed to operate in the Metropolitan Melbourne and<br />

Urban and Large Regional taxi zones must be fitted with a security<br />

camera system approved by the Taxi Services Commission (TSC).<br />

This requirement recognises the anonymous nature of unbooked<br />

work (rank and hail) which creates a riskier environment for drivers<br />

and passengers.<br />


Hire cars provide booked<br />

commercial passenger vehicle<br />

services only. For this reason, hire<br />

cars are not required to be fitted<br />

with a TSC-approved security<br />

camera.<br />

If an owner or driver wishes to<br />

voluntarily install a security camera<br />

system in their hire car vehicle, they<br />

must comply with the following.<br />

Only fit a security camera system<br />

approved by the TSC under the<br />

2016 Taxi-cab security camera<br />

specification in the manner<br />

approved by us (check TSC web<br />

page for approved cameras).<br />

Attach stickers to each exterior<br />

door of the hire car and on<br />

the dashboard to clearly tell<br />

passengers there is a camera<br />

system operating in the hire car<br />

(refer to TSC taxi and decal label<br />

guidelines for a sample sticker).<br />

Ensuring passenger and driver<br />

privacy is paramount. The camera<br />

system’s purpose is to record<br />

incidents in taxis for investigative<br />

purposes only. Images of everyday<br />

passenger trips are not viewed or<br />

retained by any person.<br />

Be aware that the Surveillance<br />

Devices Act 1999 (Vic) prohibits<br />

the use of an optical surveillance<br />

device to record private activity<br />

and prohibits the use of a<br />

listening device to record a private<br />

conversation without consent of<br />

those involved.<br />

Be aware that following the report<br />

of an incident in or involving the<br />

hire car to the TSC or Victoria<br />

Police, images can only be<br />

downloaded by a TSC authorised<br />

officer at any time. Hire car<br />

drivers and hire car owners are<br />

not permitted to have access to<br />

images collected by the camera<br />

systems under any circumstances.<br />


For taxi and hire car owners and drivers who wish to install a forward-facing camera in a commercial passenger<br />

vehicle, please refer to the page ‘Forward-facing cameras in commercial passenger vehicles’ for information<br />

about responsibilities under relevant Victorian and Commonwealth privacy legislation.<br />

26 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Priority for<br />

wheelchair passengers<br />

With the assistance of Booking<br />

Service Providers (BSPs), the<br />

Taxi Services Commission (TSC)<br />

conducted targeted operations on<br />

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT)<br />

drivers who fail to give priority to<br />

wheelchair passengers at all times.<br />

Often WAT bookings are offered<br />

to drivers who are capable of<br />

undertaking such work and for<br />

numerous (unlawful) reasons<br />

fail to take the passenger. This is<br />

unacceptable.<br />

Since the beginning of these<br />

targeted operations, the TSC has<br />

issued 471 Infringement and<br />

Official Warning notices to drivers<br />

and has successfully won 99 per<br />

cent of cases taken to court; the<br />

targeted operations have also seen<br />

a decrease in waiting times for<br />

wheelchair passengers.<br />

Giving priority to wheelchair<br />

passengers is a condition of all<br />

WAT driver accreditation conditions,<br />

failing to comply may result in a fine<br />

of $396.<br />

MELBOURNE <strong>DRIVE</strong>RS<br />


APRIL <strong>2018</strong><br />

Are you a Taxi driver who wants to<br />

earn more? Download the new app<br />

SLYYK<br />

Receive 100% of the<br />

fare and earn 2% on<br />

top of the fare<br />



<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 27


Melbourne Airport news<br />

Pre-booked<br />

Taxi Pickups<br />

Follow the guide to your<br />

pre-booked taxi pick ups<br />

High traffic congestion in the<br />

forecourt at Melbourne Airport is<br />

impacting the customer journey,<br />

and Melbourne Airport is making<br />

changes to access for prebooked<br />

taxis.<br />

1. From 26 March, prebooked<br />

taxis will share the<br />

dedicated pick-up zone in<br />

the North side of the At<br />

Terminal T123 Car Park<br />

with VHA/B/C and hire car<br />

drivers.<br />



2. Entry to the area is via your<br />

Melbourne Airport access<br />

cards and is $3 for the first<br />

5 minutes, which is equal<br />

to the approved pre-booked<br />

taxi fare.<br />


3. Melbourne Airport access<br />

cards can be topped up via<br />

the payment machines.<br />

4. Pre-booked taxis must<br />

collect passengers within<br />

this allocated area.<br />

5. Only normal taxi rank pickups<br />

will be permitted to<br />

operate from lane 1 of the<br />

forecourt.<br />

6. Don’t have a valid-current<br />

Melbourne Airport Access<br />

card? Apply for a new card<br />

at building 219, Security<br />

Services.<br />

For more information visit melbourneairport.com.au/prebookedtaxichanges<br />

Swipe Cards<br />

Drivers who have remaining<br />

amounts on their taxi swipe<br />

cards can now access a refund<br />

via melbourneairport.com.au/<br />

taxirefund.<br />

This refund website requires<br />

driver’s information including the<br />

swipe card number, driver’s name,<br />

Legend<br />

Payment machine<br />

Entry<br />

Exit<br />

New pick-up area<br />

address, and bank account details.<br />

Drivers are requested to hold on<br />

to their swipe cards as they may<br />

be used for other systems in the<br />

future.<br />

The refund website will remain<br />

active until 16th <strong>April</strong>.<br />

28 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

WIN<br />





from 12 July<br />

WIN<br />



All you need to do is answer these three<br />

questions.<br />


Ready to thrill you with its frothy fun and naughty<br />

moments, this is the boldest bash of them all, so<br />

sharpen those stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life!<br />

Follow squeaky-clean sweethearts Brad and Janet on<br />

an adventure they’ll never forget.<br />

Get ready for a night of fun, frolics and frivolity in<br />

this thrilling production of Richard O’Brien’s classic<br />

original script! Bursting at the seams with the timeless<br />

classics including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet,<br />

and of course, the pelvic-thrusting Time Warp, Richard<br />

O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is a non-stop party!<br />

1. Who has the lead role of Frank N Furter in<br />

the <strong>2018</strong> Melbourne production?<br />

2. Which Rocky Horror Show song became<br />

a world hit?<br />

3. Where does Frank N Furter hail from?<br />

Send your answers, name and address to<br />

info@drivea2b.com.au or sms 0400137866.<br />

The first five correct answers will win a double pass to<br />

see the production of Rocky Horror Show <strong>2018</strong> on stage<br />

at Her Majesty’s Theatre.<br />

Since its first appearance at the Royal Court Theatre in<br />

June 1973, Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show<br />

has become the world’s favourite rock n’ roll musical. It<br />

has been performed worldwide in over 30 countries in<br />

every continent and has been translated into more than<br />

20 languages.<br />

On the way to visit an old college professor, two clean<br />

cut kids, Brad Majors and his fiancée Janet Weiss,<br />

run into tyre trouble and seek help at the site of a light<br />

down the road. It’s coming from the Frankenstein place,<br />

where Dr Frank N Furter is in the midst of one of his<br />

maniacal experiments….<br />




Congratulations to our March<br />

winners - A Dalgetto; J Chen; P Yung;<br />

G Collins; A Mohammed<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 29

Interstate<br />

News<br />



“Unfortunately, Uber is currently<br />

unavailable in your area” people<br />

read when they open the ridesharing<br />

app in Mackay, yet since<br />

the company came to Queensland<br />

the region’s taxi licences have lost<br />

99 per cent of their value.<br />

Uber arrived in Queensland in<br />

2014, when the average price<br />

of a taxi licence in Mackay was<br />

$379,200.<br />

Queensland Government data,<br />

updated last month, reveals the<br />

average price over the past two<br />

years is $20,000.<br />

Uber became legal in September<br />

2016. Since then three licences<br />

have been sold - one in 2016 for<br />

$20,000 and two last year for<br />

$19,999.<br />

The $100 million Industry<br />

Adjustment Assistance Package<br />

includes $59.78 million in one-off<br />

transition payments made to<br />

eligible taxi and limousine licence<br />

holders and $26.7 million in<br />

industry hardship payments that<br />

have been made to eligible taxi<br />

and limousine licence holders and<br />

operators.<br />

As part of the $100 million IAAP,<br />

taxi and limousine licence holders<br />

received a “licence renewal fee”<br />

waiver for a 12-month period.<br />

No new taxi service licences<br />

have been issued in <strong>2018</strong>, and<br />

perpetual taxi licenses are no<br />

longer issued.<br />

As at January 31, <strong>2018</strong> there<br />

were 3257 taxi licences and<br />

574 limousine (including special<br />

purpose limousine) licences in<br />

Queensland.<br />

Taxi Repair<br />

specialist<br />

• RWC for Taxi and VHA<br />

• All mechanical repairs<br />

• Electronic diagnostics<br />

• Air Con repairs and regas<br />

• LPG repairs, servicing & installation<br />

2/32 Roberna Street, Moorabbin Ph: 9532 5555 | 0412 077 462<br />

30 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>



Northern Territory Police have seized a taxi allegedly being<br />

used to smuggle spirits into a dry community in central<br />

Australia — the second such incident in less than a week.<br />


by T FRANCES<br />

It has been confirmed that<br />

Uber will be expanding into<br />

Launceston in the very near<br />

future.<br />

Victorian State Manager<br />

Lucas Groeneveld said<br />

“Uber is exploring options<br />

to expand ridesharing<br />

to additional areas of<br />

Tasmania, in particular<br />

Launceston, Devonport and<br />

Burnie.”<br />

Some local taxi owners<br />

don’t believe that Uber<br />

will survive in North West<br />

Tasmania. There’s only a<br />

small population and no<br />

airport work to rely upon.<br />

Detectives targeting the secondary sale and supply of alcohol<br />

to alcohol-protected areas seized the minibus, which was<br />

entering Amoonguna, near Alice Springs, on Saturday.<br />

Police allege four people were using the vehicle to bring in eight<br />

bottles of chardonnay and two bottles of spirits.<br />

Duty Superintendent Bob Rennie said it was the second taxi<br />

seized under similar circumstances in a matter of days.<br />

The crackdown forms part of Operation Haven, launched in<br />

Alice Springs last month, which is designed to tackle domestic<br />

and family violence.<br />

Need<br />

LEGAL<br />

assistance?<br />

Serving the Taxi Industry<br />

for over 30 years<br />

• Business<br />

• Commercial<br />

• Conveyancing<br />

• Estate Planning<br />

• Family<br />

• Litigation<br />

• Probate<br />

• Taxation<br />

• Superannuation<br />

It is reported that Uber<br />

drivers have some 28,000<br />

regular passengers in<br />

and around Hobart since<br />

December 2016.<br />

AMS<br />

LAW<br />

Adams Maguire Sier<br />

176 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe<br />

Email: amsr@amslaw.com.au | Phone: 9497 2622<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


NEWS<br />

FROM<br />

Around the World<br />

SINGAPORE - Grab extends booking<br />

service to ComfortDelGro drivers.<br />

In the past year, the private-hire car and taxi industries<br />

have consolidated: Grab partnered five taxi operators —<br />

Trans-Cab, SMRT Taxis, Prime Taxi, Premier Taxis and<br />

HDT Singapore Taxi — to roll out JustGrab last March,<br />

while ComfortDelGro and Uber joined forces to launch<br />

UberFlash in January. Meanwhile, competition among<br />

the rivals has heated up, with Grab dangling carrots to<br />

entice thousands of ComfortDelGro drivers to jump<br />

ship.<br />

Up until the new feature was rolled out by Grab early<br />

last month, ComfortDelGro cabbies could accept only<br />

bookings via the ride-hailing firm’s GrabTaxi service,<br />

which uses a metered-fare system.<br />

While fares were generally low on JustGrab, Mr Ng said<br />

they could rise sharply in areas such as the Orchard<br />

Road shopping belt between 9pm and 11pm. This is<br />

because JustGrab is subject to dynamic pricing, which<br />

means fares go up when demand spikes.<br />

TURKEY - drivers seek shutdown<br />

of Uber.<br />

Instabul’s taxi drivers have accused Uber of<br />

endangering their livelihoods.<br />

Uber drivers don’t have to buy a taxi licence<br />

plate, which costs around a million Turkish liras<br />

(AU$330,000). They can “borrow” a licence from<br />

owners for around 5000 Turkish liras (AU$165,000).<br />

Due to the fact that Uber does not have an official<br />

office in Turkey, the police hunt unlicensed taxis in<br />

operation and fine drivers and their passengers.<br />

A report from the Customs and Trade Ministry said<br />

that legal regulation is needed on the application’s<br />

use as there are “legal holes” about the operation of<br />

the ride-hailing services in Turkey.<br />

The report also detailed the urgency of “either<br />

completely block these companies or legitimise<br />

them within a framework of more stringent<br />

conditions”.<br />

32 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Uber’s retreat from Southeast Asia<br />

makes India, the Middle East and Latin<br />

America the next battlegrounds.<br />

By Johana Bhuiyan<br />

While the Grab deal in Singapore was in part an<br />

admission that the company couldn’t compete<br />

with its homegrown rival, it was also a sort of<br />

call to arms in markets like India, Latin America<br />

and the Middle East.<br />

So what does Uber have to do?<br />

Each region requires a different strategy.<br />

Through its three international exits (China,<br />

Singapore, Russia) the company has learned<br />

it’s not enough to throw cash at a market and<br />

hope that the strategy that helped it grow in<br />

the U.S. will work elsewhere. The primary thing<br />

Uber has to do is to become more attuned to<br />

the local nuances of the market.<br />

Uber is whittling down the<br />

international markets it operates<br />

in, so it can focus on core regions it<br />

feels like it can win.<br />

IRELAND - taxi owners need to<br />

change the vehicle at 10 years.<br />

It appears that it’s becoming a lot tougher to be a<br />

successful and profitable taxi driver in Letterkenny,<br />

Ireland.<br />

“Things are getting harder. The Government brought<br />

in things like the ‘10-year-old rule’, meaning every time<br />

your car reaches 10 years, you have to get a newer one”,<br />

says a taxi driver.<br />

“Fuel’s gone up, insurance costs have gone up. I know<br />

drivers whose insurance has soared from €1,200 to<br />

€2,400.”<br />

“You are legally obliged to issue a receipt and you can’t<br />

issue a receipt if you don’t have your meter on. You can<br />

get fined for not running a meter.”<br />

Drivers don’t always charge the full metered taxi fare,<br />

but nonetheless they are still required to have the meter<br />

running for the duration of the trip, so the passenger<br />

can view the fare.<br />

• It’s a fine of €60 for not having the meter operating.<br />

• If a fare is charged more than the metered fare it’s a<br />

fine of up to €4,000.<br />

• Failure to offer and print receipt is a €40 fine.<br />

SOUTHEAST ASIA - Uber is officially<br />

exiting this region.<br />

Uber is officially exiting Southeast Asia. The<br />

ride-hail company has agreed to sell its regional<br />

business to its primary competitor, Grab.<br />

The sale price wasn’t disclosed, but as part of<br />

the deal, Uber will be getting a 27.5 percent stake<br />

in the company, described as worth “several<br />

billion dollars” by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi<br />

in an email sent to employees. He will also be<br />

joining Grab’s board.<br />

Grab, backed by SoftBank and former Uber<br />

competitor Didi, will also inherit 500 Uber<br />

employees across the region, according to an<br />

email Khosrowshahi sent to staff.<br />

Grab has raised more than $4 billion to date and<br />

was last valued at $6 billion. Beyond its car and<br />

taxi-hailing services, the company also has a<br />

payments platform called GrabPay and recently<br />

launched a financial services platform. As part<br />

of the merger, Grab will also be acquiring Uber’s<br />

food-delivery business, UberEats, in Southeast<br />

Asia.<br />

This is the third major market Uber has exited<br />

through a deal of this kind. In August 2016,<br />

China-based ride-hail behemoth Didi acquired<br />

Uber’s business in the country. In July 2017,<br />

Uber also pulled its operations out of Russia by<br />

merging with top competitor Yandex Taxi.<br />

The complexities of operating in Southeast Asia<br />

are often underplayed. The region is composed<br />

of eight countries with distinct markets and<br />

economies. In other words, what works in<br />

Singapore may not always work in Vietnam and<br />

vice versa.<br />

In Singapore, for example, Grab offers 11 distinct<br />

services to consumers — like GrabNow which<br />

allows a rider to hail a cab off the street and<br />

then connect their app with the driver to book a<br />

ride — and just six in Vietnam. In Vietnam, on the<br />

other hand, Grab operates a motorcycle-hailing<br />

service called GrabBike that is not available in<br />

Singapore.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


Driver Jobs<br />

Want a driver?<br />

want work?<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong>RS WANTED<br />

Ride Share Victoria has three vacancies for drivers who<br />

may wish to work full time, part time or casual. Send<br />

your resume to info@ridesharevictoria.com.au stating<br />

your preferences. Accreditation required.<br />

SILVER TOP <strong>DRIVE</strong>RS NEEDED<br />

Full time day or night - Falcon Sedan<br />

Must be over 25 years old at least 3 years experience<br />

in taxi. Changeover Rowville or East Doncaster. Ring<br />

Tony on 0413393594 or sms or email tonysursock@<br />

gmail.com<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong>R NEEDED FOR PERMANENT<br />


(weekends and optional additional days). Preferred<br />

location inner city for ease of changeover. Applicants<br />

must have current Driver Accreditation Certificate<br />

(DAC). Contact David on 0437 711 345 or<br />

elegantvehicles@primus.com.au<br />

advertise<br />

HERE<br />

FREE for all<br />

operators &<br />

drivers<br />

Send details of your <strong>DRIVE</strong>R or JOB<br />

advertisement to info@drivea2b.com.au<br />

or sms 0400 137 866<br />

WAT <strong>DRIVE</strong>R NEEDED<br />

Accredited Wheelchair Accessible Taxi driver needed<br />

to deliver a great customer experience by adopting<br />

a positive, relationship-based, and customer-centric<br />

approach. Contact Peter or Jodie at Vermont Autogas<br />

on 9874 8611.<br />

SILVER TOP <strong>DRIVE</strong>R WANTED<br />

A flexible position exists for competent Silver Top<br />

driver. Any shifts - new car - we can help with<br />

transport if living far from Richmond. Contact Vic on<br />

0466 582 009.<br />

Embassy<br />

Cafe<br />

WE’re open<br />


547 Spencer Street<br />

West Melbourne<br />


34 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

What’s On in<br />

Melbourne<br />

Vikings:<br />

Beyond the Legend<br />

The (very) Big Laugh Out<br />

23/3/<strong>2018</strong> - 26/8/<strong>2018</strong><br />

Melbourne Museum - Touring Hall<br />

Nicholson Street, Melbourne<br />

The exhibition brings this rich, often-misunderstood culture<br />

to life, debunking stereotypes and providing a fascinating<br />

insight into Viking domestic life, rituals & beliefs.<br />

30/3/<strong>2018</strong> - 22/4/<strong>2018</strong><br />

Federation Square<br />

Cnr Flinders & Swanston Streets, Melbourne<br />

It’s renowned for its exciting and surprising all-ages<br />

programming jam-packed with stellar acts.<br />


is a time for the community to<br />

come together to remember and<br />

recognise the service and sacrifice of<br />

members of the Australian Defence<br />

Force. Originally a commemoration<br />

of the landing of Australian and<br />

New Zealand forces on Gallipoli on<br />

25 <strong>April</strong> 1915. This year will see<br />

the Anzac Day March led by men<br />

and women who served in recent<br />

conflicts, embodying the enduring<br />

nature of the Anzac spirit.​<br />


All welcome at the Shrine of Remembrance at<br />

the rising of the sun to commemorate the service<br />

and sacrifice of Australian service men and<br />

women. One minute silence will be observed.<br />

Recommended arrival between 4am – 5am.<br />


Thousands of veterans, their descendants and<br />

current serving personnel will march down St<br />

Kilda Road, starting at the intersection of Flinders<br />

and Swanston Streets and concluding at the<br />

Shrine of Remembrance.<br />


Japaneasy<br />

10th Birthday<br />

Celebration<br />

15 <strong>April</strong><br />

Japaneasy<br />

Come on down with your<br />

friends and family and<br />

enjoy all kinds of fun<br />

Japanese activities and<br />

performances.<br />

Night Market <strong>2018</strong>:<br />

Neon Night<br />

19 <strong>April</strong><br />

University of Melbourne<br />

Night Market <strong>2018</strong> is a<br />

multicultural festival featuring<br />

authentic food from all across<br />

Asia, with performances by<br />

student bands and local artists.<br />

Melbourne<br />

Russian Festival<br />

21 <strong>April</strong><br />

Royal Botanic Gardens<br />

Come along to the<br />

inaugural Melbourne<br />

Russian Festival, a<br />

celebration of all the<br />

richness and diversity of<br />

Russian culture.<br />

7th Malaysia<br />

Day Festival<br />

21 - 22 <strong>April</strong><br />

Queen Victoria Market<br />

Enjoy tantalising<br />

Malaysian cuisine, cultural<br />

games and fun activities<br />

during the vibrant<br />

Malaysia Day festival.<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 35

Mirrorless cars<br />

with cameras that can highlight distant traffic<br />

by Rachel England<br />

Mirrorless cars, terrifying as they<br />

may sound, are coming. In 2015,<br />

the United Nations gave the goahead<br />

for carmakers to replace<br />

mirrors with cameras and display<br />

systems, so the race is on to<br />

design tech that’s fit for the job.<br />

Now, Mitsubishi Electric says it’s<br />

developed the industry’s highestperforming<br />

vehicle camera, able<br />

to detect objects up to 100 meters<br />

away.<br />

The technology uses the brand’s<br />

proprietary AI to give drivers<br />

advanced warning of upcoming<br />

obstacles, and is expected to help<br />

prevent accidents, especially when<br />

changing lanes. The system has<br />

a visual-cognition mode, which<br />

mimics human visual behavior<br />

to focus on the right thing in any<br />

given field of view, and it can<br />

distinguish between object types,<br />

such as pedestrians, cars and<br />

motorcycles (not that it’s okay to<br />

drive into any of them, of course).<br />

It can tell the<br />

difference<br />

between<br />

people, cars and<br />

bikes, too.<br />

Compared to conventional<br />

camera-based systems, this one<br />

extends the distance of object<br />

detection from 30 metres to 100<br />

metres, and improves object<br />

detection accuracy from 14<br />

percent to 81 percent.<br />

Mirrorless cars are expected to<br />

launch in Japan as early as next<br />

year, a move driven by carmakers<br />

that say camera systems provide<br />

a wider, blind spot-free view for<br />

drivers and are therefore safer.<br />

Doing away with bulky mirrors<br />

also helps cars become more<br />

aerodynamic, which results in lots<br />

of selling points, such as faster<br />

speeds and better fuel efficiency,<br />

so expect other manufacturers to<br />

follow Mitsubishi’s lead soon.<br />

36 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>

Trade Directory<br />

Only $215 for<br />

your business<br />

card advert<br />

advertise<br />

HERE<br />

Contact Toni Peters<br />

P: 0400 137 866 E: tonipeters@drivea2b.com.au<br />

Auto<br />

Car Wash<br />

at Melbourne Airport Unigas<br />

Melrose Drive, Tullamarine<br />

FREE & GET A<br />


COVER<br />





128 Errol Street, Nth Melbourne<br />

tel 9326 3808 | email vic.taxi@bigpond.com<br />




TAXIS<br />





with every auto car wash<br />

available at Melrose Lounge. Collect your<br />

voucher from the Unigas office.<br />

Transport affects the quality of our lives, it shapes our cities<br />

and our communities - TRANSPORT MATTERS.<br />


Rod Barton and André Baruch, the President and Vice President of the CPVAA, have<br />

started the process of forming a new political party – the Transport Matters Party<br />

(TMP). The TMP will participate in the <strong>2018</strong> Victorian State Election with one clear<br />

objective - to give back a voice to local communities.<br />


ONLINE AT OUR WEBSITE transportmatters.party<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 37

Classified Ads<br />

advertise<br />

HERE<br />

Only $35 for<br />

40 words<br />

Payment details are<br />

listed on page 3<br />

Wheelchair Accessible<br />

Taxi (WAT) accredited<br />

driver needed<br />

You will deliver a great customer<br />

experience by adopting a positive,<br />

relationship-based, and customer-centric<br />

approach. Please contact Peter or Jodie at<br />

Vermont Autogas on 9874 8611.<br />

Toyota Aurion Prodigy<br />

For Sale<br />

Auto sedan 3.5 litre. 2014. 335,000 kms<br />

in very good condition. Only one owner/<br />

driver. Petrol/gas Prinis LPG. All cameras<br />

paid off, trunk radio Tait, etc. $14,500 ONO.<br />

Phone 0404 883 871.<br />

Maxi Taxi Toyota Van For<br />

Sale<br />

Call Michael on 0417314835<br />

Cameras! Cameras!<br />

Crown Cabs have<br />

Cameras!<br />

And we are taking bookings for<br />

installations of your next in-car camera.<br />

Come on board with Crown Cabs lowest<br />

depot fees in Melbourne.<br />

Phone 9310 5422 today!<br />


your car<br />

your service<br />

your taximeter<br />

your taxi camera<br />

your protection screen<br />


Only $35 for 40 words. Payments details<br />

are on are page 3 of this edition or visit our<br />

website at www.drivea2b.com.au.<br />

Advertisers’<br />

Directory<br />

Adams Maguire Sier Lawyers..... 31<br />

ATIA.................................................... 2<br />

Airport Taxi Car Wash................... 37<br />

Bayside Taxi Services................... 13<br />

CPVAA.............................................. 10<br />

Embassy Cafe................................ 34<br />

Kids Under Cover........................... 37<br />

Maurice Blackburn........................ 12<br />

Roberna Pro Repairs..................... 30<br />

SLYYK............................................... 27<br />

The Owners Association.............. 40<br />

Transport Matters Party............... 37<br />

Victoria Taxi Club.....................11, 37<br />

Yarra Finance................................. 16<br />

Zevra.................................................. 7<br />

38 <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>



Cruise Ship Name Arrival at berth Departure<br />

from berth<br />

Berth<br />

​Pacific Jewel (T) Thu ​1 ​0700 Thu ​1 ​1600 ​OWSP<br />

Pacific Eden (T) Wed 11 1200 Wed 11 2100 OWSP<br />

Isignia Fri 11 0800 Fri 11 1800 OWSP<br />

Pacific Explorer<br />

Wed 6<br />

June<br />

0600<br />

Thu 7<br />

June<br />

0100 OWSP<br />

LEGEND<br />

(T) Turnaround visits<br />

BERTHS<br />

​OWSP = Outer West Station Pier<br />

Station Pier, located in Port Melbourne, is Victoria’s premier cruise shipping destination as well as host to<br />

TT-Line’s Spirit of Tasmania passenger ferries and other visiting ships, including Australian and international<br />

navy vessels. Station Pier is open to the public throughout the year during daylight hours for pedestrians, except<br />

on cruise ship days when the pier is at its busiest co-ordinating customs, immigration, quarantine, security and<br />

baggage handling responsibilities.<br />

These booklets and more are available to download or order from<br />

www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/order-printed-information-resources<br />

A guide to what works for depression<br />

A guide to emotional health<br />

and wellbeing during pregnancy<br />

and early parenthood<br />

Anxiety and depression<br />

An information booklet<br />

A guide to what works for anxiety<br />

Anthony Jorm, Nick Allen, Amy Morgan, Siobhan Ryan, Rosemary Purcell<br />

www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 22 4636<br />

www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 22 4636<br />

www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 22 4636<br />

Nicola Reavley, Nick Allen, Anthony Jorm, Amy Morgan, Siobhan Ryan, Rosemary Purcell<br />

www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 22 4636<br />

<strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>A2B</strong> magazine · <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 39

ARE YOU<br />


A TAXI ON<br />

THE ROAD?<br />

CALL<br />

C Trustworthy<br />

C Reliability<br />

C Service<br />

C Peace of Mind<br />

US<br />

FIRST<br />

9563 7812<br />



SINCE 1978 - serving the taxi industry for 39 years<br />


1084 Centre Road, Oakleigh South 9563 7812

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