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Variables Guide


1 • VARIABLES Event calendar variables Variable Arguments Description FIRSTINCAL — First entity on the calendar NEXTINCAL Entity Number Next entity on the calendar Continuous variables LEVEL VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description oLevel Name Index 1, Index 2 Named level variable oS Level Number Level variable RATE VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description oRate Name Index 1, Index 2 Named rate variable oD Rate Number Rate variable o Assignable 47

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE Conveyor variables GENERAL Variable Argument Description ICS Conveyor ID Conveyor status indicator (0 = idle, 1 = moving, 2 = blocked, 3 = inactive) MLC Conveyor ID Conveyor length oVC Conveyor ID Conveyor velocity CONVEYING ENTITY VARIABLES Variable Argument Description CLA Conveyor ID Length of accumulated entities LC Conveyor ID Number of occupied cells LEC Conveyor ID Length of conveying cells NEA Conveyor ID Number of accumulated entities NEC Conveyor ID Number of conveying entities CNVDST Conveyor Number, Entity Number Entity location on conveyor o Assignable 48

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