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Variables Guide


1 • VARIABLES Queue variables GENERAL QUEUE VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description ENTATRANK Rank, Queue ID Entity number of queued entity FIRSTINQ Queue ID First entity number in queue LASTINQ Queue ID Last entity number in queue NQ Queue ID Number in queue QUEUED ENTITY VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description AQUE Queue ID, Rank, Attribute Number Attribute of queued entity ISQUE Queue ID, Rank Sequence index attribute of queued entity MQUE Queue ID, Rank Station attribute of queued entity NSQUE Queue ID, Rank Sequence number attribute of queued entity PREDECESSOR Entity Number Queued entity predecessor SAQUE Queue ID, Attribute Number Sum of attributes of queued entities SUCCESSOR Entity Number Queued entity successor 49

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE Resource variables GENERAL RESOURCE VARIABLES Variable Argument Description IRF Resource ID Resource failure oMR Resource ID Resource capacity NR Resource ID Number of busy resource units RESUTIL Resource ID Resource utilization RESSEIZES Resource ID Number of seizes RTYP Resource ID Resource type LR Resource ID Resource location oSTATE Resource ID Resource state STATEVALUE Resource Expr, StateString Resource stateset IDLE_RES — Idle resource state constant BUSY_RES — Busy resource state constant INACTIVE_RES — Inactive resource state constant FAILED_RES — Failed resource state constant Replication variables Variable Argument Description oMREP — Maximum replications NREP — Replication number o Assignable 50

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