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Chapter 20: Summary

Chapter 20: Summary Instructions: In conclusion: Psychological health and well-being refer to the physical and psychological or subjective well- being of employees. Psychological disorders refer to diagnosable conditions, manifested behaviour and symptoms that impair and disintegrate human functioning in one or more area of functioning. Work dysfunctions refer to the impairment of work performance or non-coping due to individual attributes of the employee or are a result of the interaction between the employee and the work environment. The psychologist has an important task in occupational health promotion, as a healthy job environment is essential for employee well-being. Chapter 20: Test your knowledge Instructions: We have worked through the chapter and now we will test how much you understand from the content. Please test your knowledge on Chapter 20 by: • Completing the MCQs in your prescribed book • Completing the self-assessment on myUnisa for Chapter 20 - feedback on submission • Completing the additional exercises in Additional Resources on myUnisa on Chapter 20 • The feedback for the additional resources will be added once we start with exam revision Please note: These activities are for your own assessment; no formal marks will be awarded. 64

IOP1601/001 15 Week 12: Complete compulsory Assignment 03 on myUnisa in selfassessments. Instructions: Complete compulsory assignment 03 on myUnisa in Self-assessments. This assignment covers chapters 17-20 Assignment 03 due on: 06 April (Semester 01 students) 15 September (Semester 02 students) 16 Week 13: Revision Instructions: REVISE all the chapters for exam purposes as per the scope (will be communicated on myUnisa after Assignment 03’s due date) 17 Week 14: Complete compulsory assignment 04 Instructions: Complete compulsory assignment 04 on myUnisa in Self-assessments. Complete compulsory assignment 04 (mock exam) on myUnisa in self-assessments This assignment covers the chapters stipulated in the exam scope and gives you a “practice run” for the actual exam Assignment 04 due on: 25 April (Semester 01 students) 05 October (Semester 02 students) 65