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TOTT 22 March 2018

6 Talk of the Town

6 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 22, 2018 OPINION The right to own proper ty THE great thing about Human Rights Day is having the opportunity to reflect on the everyday rights we tend to overlook. Former DA councillor and now MP Terri Stander was very much in touch with the issue when she organised her annual walk for human rights in Nemato every year, which was well supported by all races. She printed out little tags for walkers or runners to collect when they passed certain points, each strip of paper listing one of the basic human rights our new constitution affords us. It’s a pity no one took up this mantle when Stander moved on and up in the world. Put in historical terms, many of the rights brought to mind are rights that were denied to the majority of the population under the apartheid regime, like the right to vote, to use the same facilities, to have freedom of movement and association. Thankfully this all changed, in a piecemeal fashion leading up to the 1994 elections and then most dramatically in that year. We all now enjoy these rights as enshrined in our constitution since 1996. That is why it is concerning that the same liberation movement and now ruling party that fought so long and hard for these rights, is now making louder and more frequent noises about taking away one of those rights – the right to own property. There has been much reflection in the media and civil society since newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa proclaimed that there will indeed be expropriation without compensation, and then parliament adopted a motion to the same effect, affirming the rhetoric of ANC resolutions at its policy conference last year. It was quite a rude awakening for people who had hoped the new president would be more reasonable and pragmatic than his predecessor, and lead his party accordingly. But no, Ramaphosa is speaking directly to his base, arousing and inciting the politics of racial revenge and dispossession. As has been mentioned by various commentators, it appears he hopes to take back ground from the EFF, who have dominated the conversation about land, aside from the Gupta-funded Black First Land First demagogues. EFF leader Julius Malema has expressed his party’s willingness to side with ANC on this matter, and would support changing the constitution to erode property rights. Presently, our inclusive property legislation allows all citizens the freedom to live and purchase property wherever they choose. No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application (qualifying financially and providing the correct documents), and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property. This is what the ANC and EFF want to smash. Jon Houzet JOINING THE FRAY: Excited to be inducted into the Port Alfred Probus Club fold at the club’s latest meeting, held at the Ski-boat Club last Tuesday were Dave Claase, left, and Mike Soroczynski, right, with club president Doug Sutherland Picture: ROB KNOWLES HAVE YOUR S AY Letters to PO Box 2871, Port Alfred - or e-mail to This is an open forum for readers to express their opinions. However, the publishers reserve the right to shorten letters. Those printed are not necessarily the views of Talk of the Town. Although noms de plume may be used, letters must be signed and have an authentic contactable address & telephone number. Talk of the Town reserves the right to not publish letters. Please limit letters to 250 words or less. Delicious fare at Harry B’s WE WENT to Harry B’s at the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club for a meal recently and had the best steak I have yet had here. The fish lunch was awesome but so sad that the people from here do not support the place. Prices are excellent and so is the service. They have a lot of specials and so much to offer the public. ANNE TOCKNELL BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY GIRL: The Red Apple Emporium is a great place for a kids party, and Karen Jansen van Rensburg, second from right back, celebrated her 12th birthday there on Saturday with her friends, from left, Vidu Loubser, Zane Mostert, birthday girl Karen, Loezytha Janse van Rensburg, Karen’s brother, Bakkies, and, in front, Janie Loubser TIE THEM TO THE MAST: The pirates came out in force on Saturday to help celebrate Michiano Heath’s sixth birthday. From left were Anika du Toit, Melinda Coltman, Azaria Coltman, Chris Warren, Erich Groenewald, birthday boy Michiano and, in front, Kyle Smith CELEBRATORY LUNCH: The Van Rensburg clan all travelled to the Red Apple Emporium on Saturday to celebrate its first year in business. On the far left is Oscar Uhlmann, and with him are, from left, young Casper van Rensburg and his family, younger sister Abigail, mom Kate and dad, also Casper 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Tide Guide Kind courtesy-SA Navy HIGH 0633 1848 0717 1936 0817 2050 0954 2301 1153 – 0046 1312 0144 1405 0228 1448 L OW 0008 1241 0046 1326 0134 1427 0259 1619 0539 1827 0707 1932 0759 2017 0841 2054 Emergency numbers Port Alfred hospital – (046) 604-4000 Police station – (046) 604-2001/2 Multi-Security – (046) 624-2508 Chubb Security – (046) 624-4810 Sky Alarms – (046) 624-2806 NSRI – 082-990-5971 Electricity (a/h) - (046) 624-1111 EMS (Emergency Medical Services) – 10177 Gardmed –082-759-2134 Holistic EMS – 063-460-0042 Fire Department – (046) 624-1111 WHERE FRIENDS MEET: The Red Apple Emporium celebrated its first year in business on Saturday and friends, from left, Lourens Orsmond, Chris Reyneke, Monica Strydom and Melinda Orsmond, were there to enjoy the celebration Pictures: ROB KNOWLES

March 22, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 7 Question: Tell us about your job. Answer: I assemble windows at Inso Aluminium. Q: What made you get into that line of work? A: It was a job advertised that I wanted to do. Q: Describe the most memorable experience that you have had. A: It was during my first year at work when I assembled a window that I had never seen before. Q: What do you do to unwind when you are not working? A: I read the Bible and look after my three children. Q: What is your motto in life? A: Never give up, make it happen. Q: What makes you happy? A: When I am in the presence of the Lord. Q: What makes you angry? A: A physical beating, whether it happens to me or somebody else, but I hate it. Q: What do you think about the FA C E 2FA C E ... with Michael Maranqwana youth of South Africa? Do you have any advice for them? A: They must stay in school and learn. Q: If you could change one thing about Port Alfred . . . A: We must focus on crime. Q: What do you like most about Port Alfred? A: Beauty of the area. Q: What is your favourite music of all time? A: Gospel. Q: Name three people you would like to invite for dinner (dead or a l i v e) . A: Phakama Bevile and Ayanda Bhadu. Q: Three wishes for South Africa. A: Development, employment opportunities and economic stabilit y. GOOD TIMES: Shona Bell, left, and Miguel Teixeira enjoyed a pleasant breakfast at the Red Apple Emporium on Saturday to celebrate the restaurant’s first birthday Picture: ROB KNOWLES The acorn and the oak DO WE, as members of the most intelligent and versatile of all species on earth, give sufficient attention to the wonders of nature and its processes on our planet? How fully do we grasp the enormous significance of the healthy growth and development of organisms, plants and animals? Some slogans and poster statements are particularly eye catching in their initial impression, and then take on a deeper, more meaningful significance as the mind embraces the broader symbolism involved. One such example is: "From little acorns grow mighty oaks", which adorned a classroom in a Cape Town school in the late 1970s. The earliest literary reference to this concept is found in Geoffey Chaucer’s “as an ook cometh of a litel spyr” in 1374. The picture which goes with these words is of a young boy and a young girl with the girl shyly “taking a peek” inside the boy's swimming costume. The innocence of the young children strengthens the humorous effect of the poster, but the full impact of the deeper interpretations is what makes this a powerful message. The amazing wonder of nature represented on the literal level of that little acorn taking root and growing into a mighty oak, constitutes an awesome process in i t s e l f. If the mind changed the spelling to “o ke ”, the slogan could easily depict that wondrous path of metamorphosis that takes place as young boys (and girls) grow, in all ways, into THINK ABOUT IT ... with Roy Hewett adulthood. The seed of a business idea that develops into a thriving undertaking; the sports team that reaps the fruits of effort and effective coaching; happy and successful relationships that blossomed from “lit tle acorn” beginnings – all of these could fit the interpretation of the slogan. Leading nations that have developed from humble beginnings and inventions of immense import, find their roots in fledgling communities and concepts. In the ToTT readership area, a number of “little acorn” ventures come to mind: The Royal Alfred Marina was developed in an marshy area to become a mighty estate; the increasingly popular and growing Shaw Park Ox-Braai in Bathurst has scaled “mighty oak” heights; the skate park project in Port Alfred is gearing up to bear healthy fruits. There are many other illust rations. Acorns, seeds, ideas, concepts and people have huge potential if rooted in sound principles and nurtured through healthy and well-directed growth processes. Each generation has the crucial responsibility to allow – and to encourage – these “acorns” to grow. The very survival of our planet depends on this. 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