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Mindful June 2017


culture Mindful–Mindless Our take on who’s paying attention and who’s not Litknitbits is an Etsy shop that buys and sells high-quality knitted goods made by senior women living in poverty or alone. The page reads: “We pay them generously, visit them and provide an opportunity to still feel needed and participate in the society.” Beth and Dave Cutlip, co-owners of Southside Tattoo parlor in Baltimore, set aside time to cover up harmful tattoos for free. Many of their customers got inked with gang signs, swastikas, and other offensive symbols in their youth, and the Cutlips want to help them put their past in the past. Peaceful Cuisine, a YouTube cooking channel from Japan, abandons the cacophony of your average food show. Each episode walks through a single recipe, often without any soundtrack but the soothing sounds of slicing and dicing. Working with Toys Like Me, a UK initiative that adapts toys to represent disability and difference, students at Roanoke College fitted toys with hearing aids to donate to kids with hearing loss, so they can see themselves reflected in their play. Ruby Cup sells silicone menstrual cups—a durable, ecologically friendly alternative to pads and tampons— and for each one sold, it donates one to a girl in East Africa, where periods are taboo and limited access to menstrual products results in their missing school. mindful mindless Yes, mistakes are part of life (see page 8), but this year Columbia University made a pretty bad one: The school sent acceptance notices to 277 people who had not, in fact, been accepted to the Ivy League institution. Imagine having to break that bad news. At an upscale grocery store in Hong Kong you can buy a single strawberry— shipped in from Japan and presented in a styrofoam ring on a bed of straw paper inside a gift box—for $22, in what you might call peak extravagance (and peak wastefulness). Suggestions for Mindful–Mindless? Send them to Who’d have thought a viral story could get a person to spend nearly $100,000 on one piece of junk food? eBay user “valuestampsinc” is who. The auctioneer made $99,900 on a “RARE - One of a Kind” Cheeto resembling Harambe, the gorilla whose killing made headlines in 2016. A man dressed in an Angry Birds costume didn’t just dress the part. He played the part. When someone walking past him on the street commented on his costume, he attacked the stranger, causing serious, albeit non-life-threatening, injuries. Jerry Seinfeld once asked, “What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?” Apparently, their deal is that they take precedence over passengers. A family of four was kicked off an American Airlines flight because two of them were allergic, even though they had their own food and offered to sign a waiver. ● 16 mindful June 2017 Illustrations by Jessica Rae Gordon

“mindfulness is not just about meditation. mindfulness is the gateway to a free and joyful heart.” — Jack Kornfield, Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center SUMMER 2017 HIGHLIGHTS retreats august 18-20 Cultivating Compassion— 3-day, non-residential retreat nikki mirghafori sep 14-17 Insight Meditation for the Curious— 3-night, residential retreat mark coleman, diana winston daylong programs july 23 Cultivating a Compassionate Heart during Troubling Times sharda rogell, sakti rose august 13 Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection sharon salzberg Also available as a live webcast Spirit Rock An Insight Meditation Center august 26 Loving What Is byron katie Also available as a live webcast Spirit Rock Meditation Center, 5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Woodacre, California | (415) 488-0164

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