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Selwyn Times: June 27, 2018

10 Wednesday

10 Wednesday June 27 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Selwyn School oF Dance Disneyland Bound Seventeen aspiring dancers are travelling to Los Angeles for two weeks in July to participate in a dance tour and workshops. The majority of the girls are from the Rolleston based Selwyn School of Dance, with a small number of the team coming from other surrounding dance schools. The trip of a lifetime will have a big dance focus – culminating in a 30 minute performance on stage at Disneyland. Emma Body (Creative Director and Selwyn School of Dance studio owner) has choreographed the performances and will be travelling with the team to LA. Much of the performance is based on the music from the movie “The Greatest Showman” and the team gets the opportunity to perform in top hats and an array of fabulous costumes. They recently had a trial run of the Disneyland Show at a local fundraising concert which was supported by approximately 150 audience members who were treated to the only New Zealand performance of the show. The team will also have the opportunity to perform on Hollywood Boulevard and to participate in workshops at some of LA’s top dance studios. These include dance classes at Millennium, Edge and IDA. They will also have the opportunity to attend dance seminars with professional dancers and agents. The team has been training and rehearsing for between two and four hours a week for over a year, which has been fitted in amongst their other dance, school and work commitments. Fundraising activities have been underway for approximately 18 months. Some of the activities have included selling noodles at the Rolleston Fireworks night, selling pies and pastries, delivering pamphlets and the team also ran a very successful “grocery grab” supported by Rolleston New World. The team would like to thank everyone who has supported them in their quest to get to Disney, whether that be driving them to practices, or members of the community supporting the various fundraising efforts. The team would particularly like to thank their individual sponsors and encourage you to support them too! our Mission: To support a student’s passion and dedication for dance, to foster the development of creative innovation and artistic expression. The Selwyn School of Dance is committed to offering the highest calibre of education to the dance experience. Isabella Sherburd Sponsored by: Ph: 03 348 8119 Ph: 03 961 5145 Ph: 03 341 0985 Ph: 0508 695 482 Ph: 0800 273 372 Ph: 03 377 4470 Alara Gurevin Alex Paton Amelia Wise Avril Eatherley Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Ph: 03 324 2571 Ph: 021 116 8138 Ph: 027 488 7544 Ph: 03 329 6979 Ph: 03 347 8932 Bec Matthews Bella Groen Ella Body Emma Boyes Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: the original same day lawn Ph: 03 349 6980 Ph: 021 135 0887 Ph: 021 288 3177 Hattie Body Lucy Bryden Mia Williams Olivia Lloyd Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Ph: 021 0243 5050 Ph: 03 363 3800 Ph: 03 421 5789 Ph: 027 427 2709 Phillipa Johnston Samantha Oakley Shanna Bullion Shannon Nuttall Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Ph: 0800 48 77 38 Ph: 03 348 5701 Ph: 0800 58 78 22 Selwyn School of Dance Studio • First Floor, South Point: 51-57 Faringdon Blvd, Faringdon, Rolleston • • Phone 021 293 6586

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday June 27 2018 11 Your Local Views HORNCASTLE ARENA June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM TICKETS ONLINE: Readers respond to an History of ‘Weedens’ article about Malvern ratepayers not profiting from the sale of district council-owned houses and land in Darfield Former mayor and Springfield resident Bill Woods – Before people comment on the sale of the Darfield houses by saying that there have been houses sold in the former council areas of Ellesmere and Paparua and the money has gone to the consolidated fund of the district council, why should Malvern expect to retain the money from the sale of their houses? There is no argument with that except that there has been at least eight houses from the Malvern area sold already with the money going to the consolidated fund. These particular houses were built for a reason and the people were rated specifically for that reason to pay for the houses. Under the Public Works Act, if a property is acquired for a specific reason and that reason is no longer applicable, the property has to be offered to the original owners. In the case of the houses, the Malvern council did not buy the houses off the owners but rated its community to pay for them. Now that the houses are no longer required, the money taken from those ratepayers should be returned to them at today’s value. A precedent has been set in legislation and should apply to these houses. Finally, it would be nice to have our three elected members support those who elected them. Gary Knight – If the three council- owned houses in Ritso St are decontaminated from methamphetamine then sold for between $300,000 and $350,000, surely the accrued revenue from these sales must filtrate back into the Malvern community. The case raised by former mayor Bill Woods and past district councillor Paul Stewart, determining revenue from the sale of these properties be returned to the community, not only echoes these sentiments but also civic guidelines bound by protocol that must surely be appraised, respected and adhered to. Within this context, it is essential that an absolute public consultation process is enacted in addition to any submission on the Long Term Plan 2018- 2028, thereby enabling bureaucracy to work in favour of entitled monetary filtration into the Malvern community. Weedons Residents’ Association secretary Gary Doyle talks about the history of the township THE WEEDONS area as it is known was named after William Weeden. When a railway station was built at the intersection of Weedons Ross and Jones Rd, the sign writer misspelt the name as Weedons. This misspelling has remained. Mr Weeden took over a hotel named Halfway House on the Main South Rd from a Mr Mains. The site of the hotel is believed to have burnt down in the 1880s. This establishment was a Cobb and Co stage coach stop, being halfway between Christchurch and the Selwyn River. When the railway came into being with a line going south and another travelling to the West Coast, a rail depot was put in place and houses started to be built. As a result, the Halfway House licence was transferred to the current Rolleston Hotel. Mr Weeden had actually attempted to establish a township on the site of the under construction overbridge. However, in spite of selling several sections, the venture failed due to the railway junction and associated settlement being located a short distance to the south. Weedons was one of the very few places to have two railway stations with the same name, one was situated as described and the second was closer to Christchurch and served the Weedons Air Force Base. OLD: A painting of the former Halfway House hotel in Weedons. The area is served with an excellent school, the land for which was donated by a local landowner. The Weedons Reserve contains not only a golf club, but a very old cricket ground, which is undergoing extensive development, and three tennis courts. Weedons has never been a centre of major industrial growth. However, with the expanding growth of IZone at one end and the proposed Fulton Hogan quarries at the other end, it is being squeezed between the two with all the resulting traffic issues. These, coupled with the major works being done on the Main South Rd, have and are bringing major changes to what has been a rather quiet and peaceful rural area. Twice a year we clear the Community Fund collection boxes at Christchurch Airport and share the money across the community. Kiwi dollars, international currency, small change from your cup of coffee, plus a top-up donation from us, all add up for local charities and community projects. GOLD CARD LUNCHES MON - FRI The New Brighton Blanket Bank has been running since 2012 with the aim of collecting donations of good used and unused blankets, duvets, sheets and towels; and redistributing them to those in the community that require some extra warm bedding. Blanket Bank Coordinator Sarah (pictured) helps families and individuals from all over Christchurch, and even beyond. Charities and community groups can apply for funds at Woodfired Pizzas / Full Menu • $20 Pizzas Mon / Tues • $7 Beers 4-6pm Every day • Gaming Room • Tues Quiz Nights • $15 Burgers Wed • $15 Curry Thurs / Fri • Roasts every lunch and Sunday nights $22 • Takeaways Available • Open 7 days Coffee/Lunch/Dinner Open 11.30am Mon-Sat | Ph 03 421 6481 Sunday Breakfast from 9am West Melton Village, Weedons Ross Road Courtesy Van available