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Oct 2018

Insight into the happening at Countryside Equestrian Centre

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The promise of rain has us all

excited for the month ahead!

Angus Bachman will also be

visiting the area on 27 October

2018 for a mass prayer effort

during his ‘IT’S TIME’ campaign.

Please note that our monthly

newsletter is also available to

read by means of a link on our

whattsapp group for the stables.

If you have not been added

yet – please contact Melindi @

084 760 8450 or Ulrike @ 071

101 0033 to have your number


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Luna Venter and Adrienne Cameron-Ellis

started their riding careers during the month

of September 2018 at CEC.

A new face has arrived at the yard. The Grey

TB gelding ‘Jamal’ AKA ‘Mr. Grey’ Can be

visited at his stable, number 21 as well as the

paddock where Foal Rover and his mother

Arizona used to stay.

We always have a variety of horses and

ponies for sale and have recently updated

our website again. For more info on all our

available horses and ponies, please CLICK


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PLEASE EMAIL US countrysideEC@gmail.com)

Rider Name:

Jaden Barnard

Bianca Botha

Mia Erasmus

Lewis Wadi (CEC Groom)

Uwe Hermann

Nkwenkwe Msha (CEC Groom)

Ferdi Liddle

Nita Botes

Gratia-Mari Joubert











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We encourage all our clients to read the following



Please click here.

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• All horses and ponies

will be dewormed on

Tuesday 23 October 2018.

exactly a month to decide if

surgery will be needed at all.

This is extremely good news!!

• The vaccination of AHS 2 will take

place on SATURDAY 27 October

2018 due to our training show

date which had to be moved.

• Tracy had an infection in her

udder which was resolved

when an abscess formed

and was drained by us.

• River was taken to Onderstepoort

on 1 October for his Hernia

Repair and after the Surgeon

on call examined him, he was

very impressed by the progress

that had been made. The

hernia itself is smaller and the

abdominal wall has thickened.

He was Discharged the same

day with instructions to keep

his hernia belt on and be readmitted

to Onderstepoort in

• Mr Grey arrived with a ‘bang’.

Due to being in a hurry to get out

of the horsebox which he was

travelling in from the previous

owners, he slipped and fell and

with his effort to get up, managed

to smash his head through the

side-window of the horsebox.

Luckily no major injuries were

sustained and Mr. Grey was

treated for minor scratches and


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• A lot of horses have been getting

mange with the days getting

warmer. We have been treating

the horses with mange. If clients

or mange without the following:

Tick Grease, Iceman/deep

ice/arnica ice, Wound aerosol

(Purple spray), Wound ointment

do not have the needed shampoo



in their horses’ box, we will treat

your horse with our CEC product

and an amount of R150 will be

and sole hardener, Stockholm

tar, milking cream, shampoo

treatment for mange (F10).

charged to your stabling invoice.


you have the following items

CLEARLY marked with your

horse’s name in your horses’ box

at their stable or paddock as we

will not be able to properly treat

minor wounds, tick infestations

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Photos of our recent photoshoot are available on the Facebook

page of Countryside Equestrian Centre which recently got to

1000 LIKES. Thank you for the support guys!

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• Manure is available for sale at

R10 per bag. Horse manure

mixed with shavings make

a nice compost for gardens.

Contact Melindi @ 084 760

8450 to arrange for purchase.

• Our venue is available

for photoshoots and

Birthday parties. Feel free

to contact us for a quote.

• PLEASE be considerate on our

CEC chat group on Whattsapp.

Only horse-related and CEC

related posts to be made on

this group as many people

leave groups that are too

active with unrelated posts.

• Please remember that there is

ALWAYS a rider on horseback

when entering the main gate

which gives access to the

premises of CEC. Please stick

to the speed limit of 40 km/h

and please be on the lookout for

riders on horseback who might

be riding around on the farm as

well as our famous ‘bokkies’. We

appreciate your consideration.

• We always appreciate it when our

clients have questions, concerns

and comments about the stable

yard. Please feel free to contact

Melindi 084 760 8450,

Nicolene 082 782 5830,

Corinne 071 6755 496 or

Ulrike 071 101 0033. Please

Respect our business hours

as we stop taking calls and

responding to text / whattsapp

messages from 6:30 pm. In

the event of an emergency

after hours eg. a Sick horse,

the owner of said horse will be

contacted in order to arrange

veterinary or hospital care.

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Note to Stabling

& Lesson Clients

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• Kim Dyson (the horses’

chiropractor) will be visiting our

horses again during the 3rd

week of October 2018. If you

want to have your horse seen to,

please inform Melindi or Ulrike.

• We are trying to make

arrangements for Andy Taylor

(Saddle fitter) to visit CEC to

have the saddles fitted again.

Please send Melindi (084 760

8450) a private whattsapp

message if you would like

your horses’ saddle fitted.

• All the instructors have started

catching up December riding

lessons that will be missed

when the riding school is closed

from Monday 10 December –

Sunday 6 January 2019. Each

rider who rides once a week will

have 4 lessons to be caught up

in advance as our instructors

work on a commission basis.

• Ulrike will be attending

Module 3 SANEF course

(Stable management)

from 15-18 October 2018.

• The SECOND vaccination

for AHS will take place on

SATURDAY 27 October 2018.

CEC club shirts available at the

office @ R450 per shirt.

• Please keep our stable yard

clean! There are dustbins set

up strategically at different

areas of the stable yard for this

purpose. Smokers, also please

remember to throw away

cigarette butts as we have some

of our old ponies grazing around

the stable yard area and don’t

want them to consume these.

• NO rider is allowed to jump

fences in the cross country area

without an instructor present

and the rider wearing a body

protector. Remember guys

that these jumps are SOLID,

and should only be attempted

under the watchful eye of one

of our instructors. If you want to

book a cross country jumping

lesson, come chat to us at the

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office so we can book you in.







a late payment penalty of

R150 will take effect and be

billed with your next invoice.

• If you are unable to make

your payment by the 3rd

day of the new month after

receiving your invoice, PLEASE

contact Melindi @ 084 760

8450 in order to arrange

payment procedure BEFORE

the 3rd of each new month.

• Please remember that NO

RIDER is allowed on horseback

at CEC WITHOUT wearing a

RIDING HELMET! Please guys,

this is for your own safety and

most horse-related injuries

are head injuries. Always

better to be safe than sorry.

• Riders having Lessons at

Countryside Equestrian Centre

– Please remember that we

work on a 24 hour notice period

for Cancellation of Lessons.

It has happened a few times

where riders don’t show up for

their scheduled riding lesson

where the horse / pony has been

saddled up and is ready to work.

In these events our instructors

WILL NOT catch up the riding

lesson missed unless in the

event of an EMERGENCY. Our

24 hour notice period enables

the instructor to then book in

another student who might

have missed a lesson and

thus the instructors’ time is not

wasted as ALL our instructors

work on a commission basis

with regards to lessons given.

• Clients: Please remember if

you would like to discontinue

riding lessons or stabling at

CEC we need to receive one

CALENDER months’ notice /

payment in advance.

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Final Neigh:

Smile more, love more deeply

and be kind always”

~ Unknown

Lovely CEC family, we would love your

ideas and some inspiration for our CEC

year end function of 2019. Please feel free

to send us your suggestions so we can

make this a fun-filled event for everyone.

Best Regards,

The CEC team

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