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Focus on... Canada

Straddling six time zones,

the second-largest

country in the world has

strong historic and

economic ties to the UK,

writes emma allen

Canada is vast. The second-largest

country in the world stretches from

the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the

Pacific Ocean in the west, meaning

there is plenty of opportunity for

ambitious UK business.

Much of its interior is beautiful

wilderness, but Canada’s

cosmopolitan cities like Toronto and

Vancouver regularly top the ‘best

places to live’ listings and the

country ranks highly for its

education levels, government

transparency and disposable income

per capita. It is also one of the

world’s biggest economies, taking

tenth place in the 2018 IMF global

ranking of GDP value, ahead of

Russia and South Korea.

A long shared history between

Canada and the UK has helped forge

strong alliances between the two

countries – we share the same head

of state and a common language,

after all. Economically, there are

already well-established trade links

too, making Canada an accessible

option for UK firms, particularly as

its legal and business practices are

built on the UK’s systems.

Two years ago, trade

between the two countries

was given a big boost

when the Comprehensive


time zones: Canada has

six time zones. GMT -8hrs

Vancouver; GMT -7hrs

Edmonton; GMT -6hrs

Winnipeg; GMT -5hrs Toronto;

GMT -4hrs Halifax; GMT -3.5hrs

St John’s.

currency: Canadian Dollar.

£1 = $1.74.

dialling code: +1

Visas: Brits don’t usually need

a visa to visit Canada for short

periods, but will need to get an

Electronic Travel Authorisation

(eTA) before leaving the UK if

travelling by air.


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