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Aging Well,

Inside & Out

You know those people, the ones who look “young” for

their age. They still get carded when buying wine at 45.

They’re met with disbelief when they request a senior

discount. Even with gray hair and fine lines, some people

just exude youthfulness. Maybe you’re one of them!

I recently went to see a chiropractor who specializes

in supplements and nutrition. I hadn’t been there in about

5 years. I was shocked to see that she hadn’t aged at all—in

fact, she looked younger. I asked her how she does it.

“Functional medicine, plain and simple,” she said. This

approach to health focuses on the body as a whole, with

an emphasis on strengthening organs through holistic

medicine and nutrition. This is the same premise behind

“Live Long and Prosper” on p. 34. We’ve highlighted the

top 10 anti-aging supplements, each of which works to

fortify different systems in the body.

The anti-aging plan that my chiropractor recommended

includes a low-histamine diet and a customized supplement

regimen featuring curcumin, magnesium glycinate, fish

oils (DHA), folic acid, chaste tree berry, amla (read more

about this amazing herb on p. 14), and other nutrients. I can

feel a difference after just a few days. I haven’t made the

switch to a low-histamine diet just yet—I’ll report back on

this! In the meantime, read up on high-histamine foods at

So what’s the secret to aging well? It’s like charisma—

there’s not any one thing you can point to that defines or

explains it. It’s a combination of characteristics. But while

you may or may not be able to do anything about your

charisma score, you can change how your body ages, from

the inside and out.

If you have a supplement question or want to share

your approach to anti-aging, email me at the address below.

I’d love to hear from you!



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