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5 of the best

maLe grooming

there is a growing move to enhancing the

male aesthetic, especially defining and

strengthening the jawline and chin. Dr frost

shapes and builds using a combination of

dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. “brotox”

is also increasingly popular. 1


Lip enhancement

Dr frost combines artistry and

science to create full, beautifully

shaped lips, carefully tailored

to suit individual face shapes to

maintain balance and a natural

appearance. in more mature

clients, the lip area is redefined

to correct signs of ageing.


pLateLet rich pLasma rejuvenation therapy (prp)

this treatment utilises your own cells and chemistry to improve skin texture,

thickness and luminosity, making it a popular choice for the neck area, under

eye, and hands. the body’s natural healing process is activated, releasing

specific proteins that effectively stimulate cellular rejuvenation and improve

the skin’s texture and elasticity.

mint threaD Lift ®

a safe and minimally invasive procedure,

absorbable thread helps redefine and

restore lost elasticity and volume to the

face. unlike the invasive threads of the

past, this is a cost-effective alternative

to traditional facelift surgery.



‘camera reaDy’ microbotox/skin booster

using a tailored blend of hyaluronic acid, amino acids

and vitamins, combined with botulinum toxin, the skin is

refreshed, presenting a ‘camera ready’ glow. While the

hyaluronic acid hydrates and nourishes the skin, the diluted

botulinum toxin acts on the superficial layer of the facial

muscles, smoothing fine lines and reducing pore size.

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