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A word from the Principal...

Welcome back,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break and wish you a Happy New Year; it’s is hard to believe

that we have been back in school for two weeks already.

You may have seen on our Facebook page, that the Real School Guide has judged Ludgvan as the

6th best school in Cornwall. This is a fantastic achievement as there are well over 200 primary

schools in the County and this ranking is testament to the hard work of our staff and Governors;

the support from all of our families and the effort and commitment of our wonderful children.

If you would like to look at the rankings in more detail, they are available here: https://www.

One of our wonderful children brought in a piece of writing this week that they had done at home.

Mati, who has family links with Australia, has written a wonderful poem about the horrific fires that

are currently sweeping through the country and I thought that this is the perfect platform from

which to share it, so please take time to read her poem, ‘When a Country Became The Sun’, on the

next page.

I think the language that Mati uses is so emotive and she really manages to pass on the feelings on

panic and loss to the reader; an amazing piece of writing.

We will be doing our bit to support the crisis on Monday 27th January (1 day after Australia Day) by

holding a non-uniform/ Australian dress up day and asking for donation. All donations will go to Red

Cross Australia

Kind regards,

Adam Anderson


When a Country Became the Sun

It’s a disaster,

The biggest war ever fought,

Children’s screams dying into flames,

Smoke encases towns,



A home,



Heat sinks into hearts,

Hearts sink into heads,

Memories are walls,


Bricks of love,

Cement the days of the past,

Sun-kissed sand and sweet fresh air,

Seem centuries ago,


No escape,

Mas’s most unforgiveable, unforgettable mistake,

I pray for the children, Mothers, Fathers,

The next generation,

The next Icarus,

The country that became the sun.

by Mati Devine-Gibson

Broad and balanced...


This half term we are learning all

about woodland animals. Our focus

this week has been hedgehogs. We

started the week with the lovely story

of ‘Don’t hog the hedge’. The children

worked really hard sequencing the

story and writing a sentence about

Hatti the hedgehog and her friends.

We had lots of discussion about being

a good friend just like Hatti. They then

produced some amazing art work of

hedgehogs, using a variety of different

textured materials. The children have

learnt lots of interesting facts about

hedgehogs and new vocabulary such

as hibernation and nocturnal.


In History, Year 6 are learning all

about World War One. Last week, they

had a go at playing WW1 top trumps

and even created some of their own

game cards. They really enjoyed discussing

the weapons used during the

war and which were effective or ineffective

for each country.

Broad and balanced...


Class 1 have had a great start back.

In maths we have been learning all

about shape. We searched the school

and the grounds for 2D and 3 D


Our PHSE is all about relationships.

We have enjoyed some guided reading

all about valuing difference and making

new friendships.

Year 2

Year 2 have started the new term with

lots of enthusiasm and are already

enjoying the new Refugee topic. We

have started by looking at World War

2. All of the children have already

learnt a lot and have been asking

some fantastic questions about life

during this period in History. Some

of the children have even brought in

some relatives artefacts to share with

the class. They are now beginning

to write their own information texts

about the war.

Broad and balanced...


Class 3’s first week back has been an immersive and creative experience related

to ‘The Stone Age’

We have learnt about the ways that hominids and homo sapiens communicated/

told stories with cave paintings, built different dwellings within each of the

3 periods of the stone age, hunted the food they ate and the development of

farming within the Neolithic period.

We had lots of fun creating our own cave paintings, prehistoric animal tooth

necklaces and made our very own stone age fruit stew. Many children also participated

in making their very own stone age box environment for homework

which were all fabulous.

This activity has been a great introduction to our Spring term topic “Refugees -

how does the life of a refugee compare to mine?” As we have already discussed

the difficulties that stone age people faced by being nomadic and having to

move from place to place as well as comparing and contrasting life within different

periods of time.

Broad and balanced...


Class 5 have already made an excellent start to the Spring Term by visiting the

Material Recycling Facility in Bodmin and Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre in

St Dennis to finish off their last term topic- Plastic Pollution. It was a very educational

trip for all of us as we learnt what happened to our rubbish and where

it all ended up. The children could not get over how incredible hard our local

recycling employees work; that sometimes they have to work harder because

we cannot be bothered to sort our own rubbish! It was a real eye opener. At

Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre the children got the opportunity to see how

any waste that could not be recycled is now being burnt to use for electricity.

This now means that we are no longer using landfills in Cornwall for our rubbish;

protecting the land we live on.

The staff and children wanted say thank you to all the staff from both the Material

Recycling Facility in Bodmin and Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre who

supported us on our fantastic trip. But we all wanted to send a special thank

you to Thurston Treloar (Logan Treloar’s Dad) and his staff as they rescued us

when our bus broke down, just as we left to return to school. His team very

kindly took us back to safety at the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre in St

Dennis where they played games with the children; gave them refreshments

and even offered us all a bed for the night if we could not get home.

After all of the adventure of last terms topic Class5 have now started our new

topic ‘Refugees’. The children have already learnt about some very concerning

situations that many different citizens encounter around the globe. In English

the children have role played many different scenarios that children or adults

find themselves in that make them flee their country such as becoming child

brides, child soldiers, natural disasters that destroy or threaten their home and

many other situations. They have started to write letters home to their families

as they pretend to be refugees that have escaped

Broad and balanced...

Glee Club

Glee club had their first session with Cheryl this week, learning songs from

Ocean World. They have 17 songs to learn by April and will then be taking part

in a performance at the Minack Theatre!

School Sport

Well done to our indoor athletics teams who represented the school brilliantly

this week. Our 2 football teams didn’t lose any of their 7 matches and both

won their groups, and our athletics teams were great, with our Y2 team finishing

2nd! Well done all.

What’s been going on...

Other news...

Parking in the Community

Please be considerate when parking in our local community at the start and end of the

day. We appreciate it gets very busy, which is why we have staggered ends of the day

for KS1 and KS2 and have built the community path. There have been several incidents

this year of driveways and garages being blocked and residents being verbally

abused. This is not acceptable behaviour and not what we want to model for our children.

Please use the Community Centre Car Park at busy times and make the short

walk to the school. Thank you for your support.

New Poly Tunnel

Thank you to the FLS for funding our new Poly

tunnel and to Oliver for erecting it. Gardening

club will begin utilising it immediately, with the

longer term plan for classes to begin growing

their own produce.

Arrival at School

Please be reminded that your children need to be in school in time for the register at

8:55am. This allows lessons to start at 9am and all classess to have a settled start to

their learning.


Are you a plumber/electrician/handman/gardener/mechanic? If so, please contact us

if you would like to join our pool of tradespeople that we call on when we have works

that need to be done around the school.


If you haven’t already, you will be receving a letter home explaining how you can

create an account for ‘Seesaw’. This is an online portfolio that our children will use to

record and evidence lots of their work. The great

thing is that every piece of work the upload,

you will be able to view. Your children will be

able to upload photos, videos and documents

so that they have a long lasting record of their

outcomes and you can keep up to date with

what your children are learning in class.

Marazion Messy Church – Sunday 26th January 4-6pm in Marazion Community

Centre. We’ll be hearing the bible story of Sheep and Goats – a story about helping

others. We’ll then be staying with that theme while we make things, sing, pray and

eat together. Messy Church is for families who want a different sort of church. Find

us on Facebook and at

What’s Congratulations... been going on...

Stars of the week

EYFS: Jowan, Indie-Blue, Alex and Koben

Y1: Curtis, Lowen, Miaya and Archie

Y2: Isabella, Tommy, Megan and Summer

Y3: Connor, Evie, Holly, Ilani and Jowen

Y4: Rylan, Gracie, Esme and Jacob

Y5: Isabel, Jamie, Logan and Laurie

Y6: Matthew, Archie, Alaya and Agatha

Times Table Rockstarz

Musician of the Week

Thank you to Benjy for demonstrating his wonderful piano skills and

playing us into our Friday assembly this week.

Important Dates

What’s been going on...

Term Date Event



Monday 6 th January

Monday 20 th Jan @ 2:30pm

Tuesday 21 st Jan @ 2:30pm

Tuesday 4 th February @ 2pm

Monday 10 th February @ 2:30pm

17 th – 21 st February

4 th March

9 th March

Return to school

London trip information


Eden trip information


School Parliament

Jumble Sale

Carnyorth trip

information meeting

Half Term

Parent Consultation Day

Inset Day

18 th March EYFS High Tea

Thursday 26 th March @ 9:30am

Friday 27 th March

Tuesday 14 th April

Easter Service at

Ludgvan Church

Break up for Easter

Return to School



Friday 8 th May (not Monday 4 th )

Bank Holiday

1 st June

Inset Day

25 th – 29 th May

Half Term

30 th June

Sports Day

13 th July KS1 Summer Show

14 th July

Y3 and Y4 Summer


15 th July

Y5 and Y6 Summer


Thursday 23rd July

Break up for Summer

What’s Congratulations... been going on...

Y6 responsibilities, Stars of the week, Dojo winners and Pen License awards.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have celebrated various

successes, including name our Head Boy and Girl,

Team Captains and Librarians.

Congratulations to:

Head Girl: Jenna Morrall

Head Boy: Gabrield Tswei

Red team captains – Harry and Darcie

Green team captains – Kacey and Oliver N

Yellow Team captains – Evie and Max

Blue team captains -Tristan and Nina

Lirarians – Oliver M and Isabella

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