Newsletter 8 - 15.01.20

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NEWSLETTER 17.12.20<br />


A word from the Principal...<br />

Welcome back,<br />

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break and wish you a Happy New Year; it’s is hard to believe<br />

that we have been back in school for two weeks already.<br />

You may have seen on our Facebook page, that the Real School Guide has judged Ludgvan as the<br />

6th best school in Cornwall. This is a fantastic achievement as there are well over 200 primary<br />

schools in the County and this ranking is testament to the hard work of our staff and Governors;<br />

the support from all of our families and the effort and commitment of our wonderful children.<br />

If you would like to look at the rankings in more detail, they are available here: https://www.<br />

cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/every-primary-school-ranked-cornwalls-3737685?fbclid=IwAR294ckYxhhPNfI2cwCN5H6DwxONOabELiT2KNsarh6FMr9_JbsCs-JxVXY<br />

One of our wonderful children brought in a piece of writing this week that they had done at home.<br />

Mati, who has family links with Australia, has written a wonderful poem about the horrific fires that<br />

are currently sweeping through the country and I thought that this is the perfect platform from<br />

which to share it, so please take time to read her poem, ‘When a Country Became The Sun’, on the<br />

next page.<br />

I think the language that Mati uses is so emotive and she really manages to pass on the feelings on<br />

panic and loss to the reader; an amazing piece of writing.<br />

We will be doing our bit to support the crisis on Monday 27th January (1 day after Australia Day) by<br />

holding a non-uniform/ Australian dress up day and asking for donation. All donations will go to Red<br />

Cross Australia https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Adam Anderson<br />


When a Country Became the Sun<br />

It’s a disaster,<br />

The biggest war ever fought,<br />

Children’s screams dying into flames,<br />

Smoke encases towns,<br />

Cities,<br />

Dreams,<br />

A home,<br />

Destroyed,<br />

Obliterated,<br />

Heat sinks into hearts,<br />

Hearts sink into heads,<br />

Memories are walls,<br />

Indestructible,<br />

Bricks of love,<br />

Cement the days of the past,<br />

Sun-kissed sand and sweet fresh air,<br />

Seem centuries ago,<br />

Death-traps,<br />

No escape,<br />

Mas’s most unforgiveable, unforgettable mistake,<br />

I pray for the children, Mothers, Fathers,<br />

The next generation,<br />

The next Icarus,<br />

The country that became the sun.<br />

by Mati Devine-Gibson

Broad and balanced...<br />

EYFS<br />

This half term we are learning all<br />

about woodland animals. Our focus<br />

this week has been hedgehogs. We<br />

started the week with the lovely story<br />

of ‘Don’t hog the hedge’. The children<br />

worked really hard sequencing the<br />

story and writing a sentence about<br />

Hatti the hedgehog and her friends.<br />

We had lots of discussion about being<br />

a good friend just like Hatti. They then<br />

produced some amazing art work of<br />

hedgehogs, using a variety of different<br />

textured materials. The children have<br />

learnt lots of interesting facts about<br />

hedgehogs and new vocabulary such<br />

as hibernation and nocturnal.<br />

Y6<br />

In History, Year 6 are learning all<br />

about World War One. Last week, they<br />

had a go at playing WW1 top trumps<br />

and even created some of their own<br />

game cards. They really enjoyed discussing<br />

the weapons used during the<br />

war and which were effective or ineffective<br />

for each country.

Broad and balanced...<br />

Y1<br />

Class 1 have had a great start back.<br />

In maths we have been learning all<br />

about shape. We searched the school<br />

and the grounds for 2D and 3 D<br />

shapes.<br />

Our PHSE is all about relationships.<br />

We have enjoyed some guided reading<br />

all about valuing difference and making<br />

new friendships.<br />

Year 2<br />

Year 2 have started the new term with<br />

lots of enthusiasm and are already<br />

enjoying the new Refugee topic. We<br />

have started by looking at World War<br />

2. All of the children have already<br />

learnt a lot and have been asking<br />

some fantastic questions about life<br />

during this period in History. Some<br />

of the children have even brought in<br />

some relatives artefacts to share with<br />

the class. They are now beginning<br />

to write their own information texts<br />

about the war.

Broad and balanced...<br />

Y3<br />

Class 3’s first week back has been an immersive and creative experience related<br />

to ‘The Stone Age’<br />

We have learnt about the ways that hominids and homo sapiens communicated/<br />

told stories with cave paintings, built different dwellings within each of the<br />

3 periods of the stone age, hunted the food they ate and the development of<br />

farming within the Neolithic period.<br />

We had lots of fun creating our own cave paintings, prehistoric animal tooth<br />

necklaces and made our very own stone age fruit stew. Many children also participated<br />

in making their very own stone age box environment for homework<br />

which were all fabulous.<br />

This activity has been a great introduction to our Spring term topic “Refugees -<br />

how does the life of a refugee compare to mine?” As we have already discussed<br />

the difficulties that stone age people faced by being nomadic and having to<br />

move from place to place as well as comparing and contrasting life within different<br />

periods of time.

Broad and balanced...<br />

Y5<br />

Class 5 have already made an excellent start to the Spring Term by visiting the<br />

Material Recycling Facility in Bodmin and Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre in<br />

St Dennis to finish off their last term topic- Plastic Pollution. It was a very educational<br />

trip for all of us as we learnt what happened to our rubbish and where<br />

it all ended up. The children could not get over how incredible hard our local<br />

recycling employees work; that sometimes they have to work harder because<br />

we cannot be bothered to sort our own rubbish! It was a real eye opener. At<br />

Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre the children got the opportunity to see how<br />

any waste that could not be recycled is now being burnt to use for electricity.<br />

This now means that we are no longer using landfills in Cornwall for our rubbish;<br />

protecting the land we live on.<br />

The staff and children wanted say thank you to all the staff from both the Material<br />

Recycling Facility in Bodmin and Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre who<br />

supported us on our fantastic trip. But we all wanted to send a special thank<br />

you to Thurston Treloar (Logan Treloar’s Dad) and his staff as they rescued us<br />

when our bus broke down, just as we left to return to school. His team very<br />

kindly took us back to safety at the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre in St<br />

Dennis where they played games with the children; gave them refreshments<br />

and even offered us all a bed for the night if we could not get home.<br />

After all of the adventure of last terms topic Class5 have now started our new<br />

topic ‘Refugees’. The children have already learnt about some very concerning<br />

situations that many different citizens encounter around the globe. In English<br />

the children have role played many different scenarios that children or adults<br />

find themselves in that make them flee their country such as becoming child<br />

brides, child soldiers, natural disasters that destroy or threaten their home and<br />

many other situations. They have started to write letters home to their families<br />

as they pretend to be refugees that have escaped

Broad and balanced...<br />

Glee Club<br />

Glee club had their first session with Cheryl this week, learning songs from<br />

Ocean World. They have 17 songs to learn by April and will then be taking part<br />

in a performance at the Minack Theatre!<br />

School Sport<br />

Well done to our indoor athletics teams who represented the school brilliantly<br />

this week. Our 2 football teams didn’t lose any of their 7 matches and both<br />

won their groups, and our athletics teams were great, with our Y2 team finishing<br />

2nd! Well done all.

What’s been going on...<br />

Other news...<br />

Parking in the Community<br />

Please be considerate when parking in our local community at the start and end of the<br />

day. We appreciate it gets very busy, which is why we have staggered ends of the day<br />

for KS1 and KS2 and have built the community path. There have been several incidents<br />

this year of driveways and garages being blocked and residents being verbally<br />

abused. This is not acceptable behaviour and not what we want to model for our children.<br />

Please use the Community Centre Car Park at busy times and make the short<br />

walk to the school. Thank you for your support.<br />

New Poly Tunnel<br />

Thank you to the FLS for funding our new Poly<br />

tunnel and to Oliver for erecting it. Gardening<br />

club will begin utilising it immediately, with the<br />

longer term plan for classes to begin growing<br />

their own produce.<br />

Arrival at School<br />

Please be reminded that your children need to be in school in time for the register at<br />

8:55am. This allows lessons to start at 9am and all classess to have a settled start to<br />

their learning.<br />

Tradespeople<br />

Are you a plumber/electrician/handman/gardener/mechanic? If so, please contact us<br />

if you would like to join our pool of tradespeople that we call on when we have works<br />

that need to be done around the school.<br />

Seesaw<br />

If you haven’t already, you will be receving a letter home explaining how you can<br />

create an account for ‘Seesaw’. This is an online portfolio that our children will use to<br />

record and evidence lots of their work. The great<br />

thing is that every piece of work the upload,<br />

you will be able to view. Your children will be<br />

able to upload photos, videos and documents<br />

so that they have a long lasting record of their<br />

outcomes and you can keep up to date with<br />

what your children are learning in class.<br />

Marazion Messy Church – Sunday 26th January 4-6pm in Marazion Community<br />

Centre. We’ll be hearing the bible story of Sheep and Goats – a story about helping<br />

others. We’ll then be staying with that theme while we make things, sing, pray and<br />

eat together. Messy Church is for families who want a different sort of church. Find<br />

us on Facebook and at www.mountsbayub.com

What’s Congratulations... been going on...<br />

Stars of the week<br />

EYFS: Jowan, Indie-Blue, Alex and Koben<br />

Y1: Curtis, Lowen, Miaya and Archie<br />

Y2: Isabella, Tommy, Megan and Summer<br />

Y3: Connor, Evie, Holly, Ilani and Jowen<br />

Y4: Rylan, Gracie, Esme and Jacob<br />

Y5: Isabel, Jamie, Logan and Laurie<br />

Y6: Matthew, Archie, Alaya and Agatha<br />

Times Table Rockstarz<br />

Musician of the Week<br />

Thank you to Benjy for demonstrating his wonderful piano skills and<br />

playing us into our Friday assembly this week.

Important Dates<br />

What’s been going on...<br />

Term Date Event<br />

Spring<br />

Term<br />

Monday 6 th January<br />

Monday 20 th Jan @ 2:30pm<br />

Tuesday 21 st Jan @ 2:30pm<br />

Tuesday 4 th February @ 2pm<br />

Monday 10 th February @ 2:30pm<br />

17 th – 21 st February<br />

4 th March<br />

9 th March<br />

Return to school<br />

London trip information<br />

meeting<br />

Eden trip information<br />

meeting<br />

School Parliament<br />

Jumble Sale<br />

Carnyorth trip<br />

information meeting<br />

Half Term<br />

Parent Consultation Day<br />

Inset Day<br />

18 th March EYFS High Tea<br />

Thursday 26 th March @ 9:30am<br />

Friday 27 th March<br />

Tuesday 14 th April<br />

Easter Service at<br />

Ludgvan Church<br />

Break up for Easter<br />

Return to School<br />

Summer<br />

Term<br />

Friday 8 th May (not Monday 4 th )<br />

Bank Holiday<br />

1 st June<br />

Inset Day<br />

25 th – 29 th May<br />

Half Term<br />

30 th June<br />

Sports Day<br />

13 th July KS1 Summer Show<br />

14 th July<br />

Y3 and Y4 Summer<br />

Show<br />

15 th July<br />

Y5 and Y6 Summer<br />

Show<br />

Thursday 23rd July<br />

Break up for Summer

What’s Congratulations... been going on...<br />

Y6 responsibilities, Stars of the week, Dojo winners and Pen License awards.<br />

Over the last 2 weeks, we have celebrated various<br />

successes, including name our Head Boy and Girl,<br />

Team Captains and Librarians.<br />

Congratulations to:<br />

Head Girl: Jenna Morrall<br />

Head Boy: Gabrield Tswei<br />

Red team captains – Harry and Darcie<br />

Green team captains – Kacey and Oliver N<br />

Yellow Team captains – Evie and Max<br />

Blue team captains -Tristan and Nina<br />

Lirarians – Oliver M and Isabella

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