Edmonton Winter 2020

Edmonton Winter 2020

Edmonton Winter 2020


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Is this an important

question when it comes

to listing your home?

Yes. There seems to be a correlation between

the most pertinent day to list your property, and

the best time to catch the attention of interested

buyers. Think about it – there is some logical

sense to listing on a specific day.

Mondays and Tuesdays are typically back to

work days. You are probably not going to attract

a buying crowd with people fretting about getting

into their work week routine after the weekend.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are somehow

designated for putting special attention on the

midweek projects, and for families with busy

sports routines and other general activities.

Prospective purchasers want to know a day or

two in advance what their weekend looks like,

and what time they can devote to home viewing

over the coming few days.

That leaves Friday.

Yes – perhaps Friday is the best day for your

REALTOR® to list your home on the MLS

site. You’ve had a good start to the week to

prepare your home, photographs are ready,

and all supportive documents uploaded late on

Thursday evening. When buyers go online first

thing Friday morning – your new listing will be

tops and sure to capture their attention.



Wood Pellet Stove to

Wood Pellet Boiler

Alternative Heating





Our Great Service and Quality Include:

Full electrical service work

New home wiring

Garage/basement wiring

100 Amp service

Panel upgrades

Aluminium wiring repairs

Kitchen/bathroom wiring

Ceiling/exhaust fan install

Hot tub/sauna/steamer

Whole home surge protection

Acreage/farm electrical

Trenching & manlift services

Energy efficiency upgrades

Lighting upgrades & retrofits



Trends come and go - grow and evolve!

We are familiar with the wood pellet

stove. A new development is the wood

pellet boiler, which can save homeowners

up to and between 40 – 60% on their

heating costs. Europe has taken the lead

in this updated technology.

Wood pellet boilers and furnaces can

heat baseboard radiators, forced hot air

systems, radiant floors and hot water or

hydronic radiant systems. Boilers operate

similar to oil and propane boilers, are

automatic, and supply hot water heating

as well as comfort control in specific


The wood pellet boiler heating system

is being touted as being a carbonneutral

fuel system that is better for

our eco-system, rather than traditional

heating fuels and electricity.

There are pros and cons for the wood

pellet system:

Wood pellets are readily available and

lessen the environmental impact.

They are not bulky and burn cleaner,

and more convenient than firewood.

Wood pellets are not subject to

inflationary trends, neither impacted by

world markets unlike other fuel sources.

Pellets are bulkier and a little less

convenient than oil and gas or

electricity. Wood pellets need to be

loaded frequently. Care of the heat

exchanger in boilers requires brushing

periodically, especially when used more

often in the winter season. Ash bins

need to be emptied, and the mineral

nutrient-rich ash can be spread in the

garden and other natural areas.

Manufacturers are now able to refit

homes with the wood pellet boiler either

as the primary source for the home

or secondary back-up boiler. Wood

pellets are a sustainable, renewable

and carbon-neutral fuel source. If you

are contemplating creating a new or

additional back-up fuel source you

may want to look into the latest in

eco-heating solutions like the wood

pellet boiler.









Providing quality fence, deck,

gate, build and repair services


Leduc, Alberta

Call us for details


Leave home in the morning ---Then come home to your new fence latter that same day




There is no vaccine to prevent it, travellers

need to prevent mosquito bites using repellant

containing 20-30% DEET (provides 6 hours

protection) or Icaridin 20% (provides 8 – 12

hours protection), light-coloured loose-fitting

clothing and when indoors, screen windows,

use air conditioning and insecticides.

Mosquitoes infected with the dengue virus

are hard to avoid, they live in both rural and

urban areas, is common in South East Asia

and the Western Pacific but is occurring

more in Central and South America and the

Caribbean. bite during the daytime and some

have a preference to live indoors in close

contact with humans.

Food and Water while travelling:

Try to wash your hands regularly with soap

and water and use hand sanitizer. Eat foods

recently cooked and still hot, and fruits or

vegetables that can be peeled. Do not drink

tap water or ice cubes made from it. Instead,

drink bottled, boiled or chemically treated


Jet Lag:

Travelers experience jetlag when crossing

multiple time zones and their body’s internal

clock is thrown out of its rhythm. On these

flights, drink plenty of water; avoid alcohol,

caffeine and large fatty meals. Once you

arrive at your destination, expose yourself to

as much natural light as available.

Personal Safety:

Before you go, read travel destinations books,

whenever possible, travel in the daylight,

hire a local driver, have a mobile phone,

and check that you have valid license and

insurance coverage if you plan to drive. Road

accidents are the leading cause of injury and

death among travellers.


Flights longer than 4-6 hours have shown

to increase risk. To reduce this, travellers

can wear comfortable clothing and walk and

stretch as much as possible. When seated,

exercise the ankle and knee joints, avoid

sitting cross-legged and drink plenty of water

Visiting Friends and/or Relatives (VFRs):

Travel to the place they were born and may

have lived there for many years, it is common

they are not concerned with their health and

overlook potential risks. Many VFRs do not

realize that it takes as little as 6 months of

living in Canada for their body to adjust and

lose protection against illnesses in their home


Cruise ships:

They cater to many passengers in a relatively

confined space. This close contact allows for

spread of influenza, norovirus that causes

stomach illness, and vaccine preventable

diseases like measles and chickenpox.

Sun and Heat:

Be sure to pack a hat and sunglasses.

Use sunscreen (apply 15 minutes before

exposure or insect repellent) with SPF 30 or

greater. Reapply it after you swim or perspire.

If you are on medication, check to see if it

causes sun-sensitivity. Also monitor your

alcohol intake and stay well hydrated with

water. Cases of mild sunburn can be relieved

with cool compresses or a cool bath.

Atlas Immunizations:

* The experts on Immunization whether

for School (post-secondary, Health care

field) Work (in Canada or abroad) or Travel

(leisure, business or visiting family)

* Extended hours, Free Parking, accessible

location, accessible staff for simple


* Immunize all ages including infants for

travel purposes only

* All vaccines available, including TB testing

(780) 465-5150




Our almost 10 years of sales and

service to the Edmonton area.


Welcome to Knight Doors and Windows:

The time has come to ensure that all customers are treated

with the respect they deserve; with commitments that are met

with top quality service and products.

Knight Doors and Windows has put together a team of the

industry’s top professionals with decades of combined

experience in doors, windows, renovations, project

management and installations. Everyone on our team has a

reputation that is built on customer service and it is reflected

in the high level of repeat customers and referrals. That,

combined with our reliable partnerships with dependable

manufacturers and our history of successful installations,

makes us a leading contender.

The team at Knight Doors and Windows has been part of

selling and installing replacement door and window projects

in single-family, multi-family, light commercial and large

residences. We have numerous referral locations to show

our quality completed projects, which will showcase what

we have done and what you can expect from a finished


Our Windows and Entry Doors are built by leading

manufacturers - Kohltech Windows and Entrance Systems,

Jeld-Wen and LUX Windows and Glass. All manufactured

in Western Canada. We will professionally install your

windows and doors efficiently in your home to give you

the peace of mind that saying “Yes” to Knight Doors and

Windows was the easiest decision you had to make.

In addition to exterior doors and windows, we are extremely

Locally Owned

and Operated

proud to be able to provide you with

Clopay garage doors and Liftmaster

openers for your home, as well as

other construction needs such as

siding, soffit, fascia, roofing, and

more. This makes us a onestop

shop for all your home

renovation needs. We look

forward to being part of your

next renovation or new construction project.

Our mission is you, the customer. Ensuring

what you look forward to and deserve is an

experience that far exceeds your expectations.

Our vision is to do our very best, provide the

best, and impress all our customers so they tell

their friends!

Support of Mustard Seed, Hope Mission, Moms Canada,

Little Warriors and other local charities.

Speaking of

New Building


䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 刀 攀 渀 漀 瘀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 Ⰰ 䰀 吀 䐀

㜀 㠀 ⸀ 㤀 㐀 ⸀ 㜀 㜀 㤀

䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 刀 攀 渀 漀 猀

䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 爀 攀 渀 漀 氀 琀 搀 䀀 漀 甀 琀 氀 漀 漀 欀 ⸀ 挀 漀 洀

䌀 伀 䴀 䴀 䔀 刀 䌀 䤀 䄀 䰀 䄀 一 䐀 刀 䔀 匀 䤀 䐀 䔀 一 吀 䤀 䄀 䰀 刀 䔀 一 伀 嘀 䄀 吀 䤀 伀 一 匀

The recent weather patterns and floods in Alberta

questions how houses have withstood the devastating

affects of flooding and water damage. The natural

disasters bring to light the necessity to reassess

how we build houses in Canada. Being a climate of

extremes, particularly in the winter, and now evidenced

with torrential summer storms and flooding, including

unusual circumstances with major fires, we need

to look for new building options. Typically wood

frames do not have a very long life. There is a statistic

suggesting the average home is 30 years old before it

gets a major renovation to bring it up to speed. These

days older homes look and are sad and tired, in dire

need of repair, renovation, and restoration. It might be

safe to say the building system we use for Canadian

homes does not guarantee a life-time of use without

running the risks of dampness, mould, wood rot and

the like, and requiring attention. Builders are so used

to building wood frames that education is required to

inform them and the public of new alternatives.

One such alternative is the concrete tilt-up home.

Offered on the west coast and originally out of New

Zealand where similar climates dictate “smarter”

homes; this construction offers greater energy

efficiency, is far more durable for far longer time

frames, affordable, safe and healthy.



Being the dense material it is, concrete

creates a house wrap without the need

or use for studs, which create the

potential for heat loss as in most wood

frame houses. Concrete has a greater

ability to store heat than conventional

building materials, moderating

temperatures; so concrete walls and

floors absorb heat from the sun during

the day, and release this heat at night as

temperatures drop. This characteristic

creates a pleasant, stable home

environment. People don’t realize how

constantly fluctuating temperatures can

actually affect their moods. Yet concrete

homes keep temperatures consistent

throughout the seasonal year.

The combination of solid materials and

an all-in-one construction method,

prevent heat loss in concrete sandwich

panel homes with fewer escape routes.

Mechanical ventilation systems control

moisture through cross-flow ventilation.

The concrete tilt-up panel contributes

both to a solid and strong construction

that bears tremendous weight, and is

therefore much safer in withstanding

earthquakes. The need for internal

support columns are not necessary due

to the pre-stressed concrete floors that

can provide high load bearing capacity.

Being the least likely construction

material to result in leaky buildings,

concrete structures will outlast most

other building materials, offering

reliable performance in even the most

challenging of weather conditions.

Concrete does not rust, rot, corrode

or warp like other materials. Walls and

floors are impenetrable to insects and

vermin. Concrete’s sheer durability

over decades of use goes a long way

towards the reduction and waste of

conventional materials; less going into


Would you consider the following

a priority for your home building


Concrete is affordable, with a rapid

construction time, fewer materials

and labour hours, lower

operating costs and less waste;

earthquake and fire, wind and

mould resistant; offering great

acoustics, comfortable, clean, and

chemical-free air quality – being

four times slower in emissions

than gypsum drywall. Concrete

is a sustainable building material,

which reduces the use of wood

and timber products that have a

limited lifespan in extreme weather

systems and climates.

Education is key when considering

building alternatives especially with

erratic and unpredictable weather

patterns showing themselves

these days. There is much that

speaks in favour of the concrete

tilt-up house, and perhaps in the

near future these types of homes

will become the norm over woodframe

for all the reasons mentioned


Better things with a

Desjardins Agent

Our comprehensive offering includes:

• Auto insurance

• Homeowners insurance

• Tenants insurance

• Condo unit owners insurance

Contact me today.

Stop in, call or click.

• Business insurance

• Life and health insurance

• Financial services and

retirement planning

Shelley Orvold, Agent

6564 170 Ave NW

Edmonton AB T5Y 3X6




Desjardins Insurance refers to Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company, underwriter

of automobile and property insurance or Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance

Company, underwriter of life insurance and living benefits products.

Desjardins, Desjardins Insurance and related trademarks are trademarks of the Fédération des caisses

Desjardins du Québec, used under licence.



The Pros and Cons

of Concrete Floors



The ‘sustainable’ trend has created some unique

options in floor treatments besides the traditional wood

or fully carpeted floor.

One of those options is concrete. Originally

Mediterranean cultures hand-pressed cement with

beach sand, or mixed cement with black volcanic sand

and pumice for various effects and colours; today

concrete is typically used in commercial buildings,

residential garages and basements.

Concrete is now finding its way into residential homes

and lofts. With the advance of mixing and treating

concrete, different colours, smooth and textured

finishes easily transform the austere grey concrete

look. Once sanded, polished and sealed, the floor can

look elegant especially when ‘dressed’ with oriental

and other rugs, colourful furnishings and accessories.



Durable and resilient to scratches and spills

Versatile for indoor and outdoor applications

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Longer lasting

Subtle cracks and markings create a natural stone-like

appeal and architecturally salvaged sought-after look

Textured effects can be etched in while drying for a

warmer look

Different colours can be added in the mixing of the


Epoxy finishes create dramatic colourful designs,

protect against abrasion and extend the floor life

Slip resistant

Radiant heating can be installed before the concrete is


Stays cooler in the summer months

Options to have another floor system over it

Generally cheaper than hardwoods


Hard on the feet

Porous in nature

Doesn’t retain heat

Must be sealed properly to prevent moisture seepage

Moisture causes mold and cracks with winter freezing

Ask your contractor or builder for their suggestions

based on your house, style and considerations.

• Granite • Quartz • Laminate • Solid Surface • Sinks & Faucets • Custom Products

PF Custom Countertops designs, builds, and installs countertops, taking your project from start to finish.

Our people understand the intricacies of various materials. They work with you to ensure your countertop

meets your needs and fits perfectly.To learn more visit www.pfcustomcountertops.com

780.484.0831 10417 174 St.



Education on

Natural Wood Cleaners

and Polishes

The usual array of supermarket

floor polishes might consist of any

combination of hazardous elements

and chemicals that are fast becoming

known to create irritations to skin,

eyes and throat, mucous membranes,

and linings of the lungs and nasal

passages, as well as to create other

issues with the bodies systems.

What was once accepted as normal is

now being given the cold shoulder by

more informed customers who look

for natural alternatives to cleaning

products, especially when there are

young toddlers and pets at home

lying on, crawling or running bare feet

across the floors.

If you want to learn more about

cleaners that are actually toxic for

you and your families’ health, the

organization The Environmental

Working Group has a list of the most

shameful products on our supermarket

shelves today. After their in-depth

investigation they stated that only

7% of the questionable ingredients

included in household cleaners are

actually disclosed.


The Canadian Centre for Occupational

Health and Safety on the Government

of Canada website talks about the

effect of chemicals as endocrine

disruptors and what this means for the

health of the body. For example – in

their list of consumer products they

mention cleaners that contain parabens,

phthalates, glycol ethers, fragrances and

cyclosiloxanes, which are known to be

endocrine disrupters. They state, “Many

consumer products like cosmetics,

personal care products and cleaners

(especially the fragrances products),

contain complex mixtures of chemicals

that have endocrine disruption


You can visit their website for more




In the meantime, in keeping your family

and household healthy and thriving,

some of the most obvious natural turnto

cleaners are borax and vinegar. Along

with lemon juice, vegetable or mineral oil

and baking soda, these are a few of the

staples to keep in stock in your kitchen

pantry or cleaning supply closet.

Vinegar and the oils mixed in equal

parts make great wood floor cleaners,

as does vinegar, or lemon juice and

olive oil, or borax in a bucket of hot

water to mop wood floors. They are all

effective and safe ingredients to keep

wood floors both clean and polished.

Good old-fashioned ingredients and

recipes still seem to be the best and

safest alternatives to the complex

array of chemicals that still deck

supermarket aisles. As consumers,

the more educated we become, the

more we opt for natural products,

with the hope that cleaning products

laced with chemical pollutants will no

longer grace supermarket shelves and

become a thing of the past.

If you have a look at your kitchen

pantry, odds are you can make your

own home and wood floor cleaners

that are cheaper, healthier and give

you peace of mind that you are

not exposing your family to toxic

compounds that will compromise their






|Central & southern Alberta


|British Columbia


• Have a hunter/prospector mentality and are not easily discouraged by hard work

• Your ability to talk to people, assess their needs and build a strong relationship where they

are comfortable doing business with you

• Have experience in a commission-based sales environment

• Fluency in spoken and written English

• Solid established computer and organizational skills

• A high degree of motivation and discipline

• Ability to create and execute outbound calling campaigns

• If you have what it takes to succeed and would like to apply ... why wait! Submit your cover

letter and resume to us today adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca

Shrugs, Rugs

There can never be a more timely welcome to the soft

colourful patterns of a rug underfoot on a bare floor, or

a shrug to wrap yourself in and curl up against multiple

cushions, read a good book and drink a steaming cup of

tea. Late Fall and Winter will do that for you.

The choice of decorative, accent and throw pillows is

endless. And especially around this time of the year – red,

gold or coloured, patterned pillows that match with your

decor and scattered across your sofa make an attractive

picture both for colour, texture and interest. Experiment

and have fun choosing solids together with a variety of

printed zigzags, geometrics, stripes, patterned, textured

and embellished, beaded or embroidered, or how about the

ever-popular Moroccan crewel. Pillows are so versatile with

their mix-and-match combinations, whether elegant, gilded

or boho chic – they exude luxury and comfort.

Throws add a textured dimension to your sofas and

loungers. From luxurious cashmere merino wool to fleece,

cotton, chunky knits, multi weaves, chenille, artic faux fur,

satin tasseled, highland checks, and your festive quilted




(780) 999 5065





Gas Fireplaces

Wood Fireplaces

Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Surroundings

Wood Stoves

Competitive prices


Edmonton, AB

• Residential & Commercial Renovations

• Basement, bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

• Custom Cabinets & Home Additions

• Deck & Patio Repair Services



and Cushions

jacquards, printed or reversible all-over embossed patterns

– they soften the shoulders of couches, and create a sense

of inviting warmth.

One benefit of wooden or concrete floors is that you can

change up the look and feel depending upon the season.

Rugs are the most versatile to do just that. Again, the

construction and images, patterns and designs leave a

great deal of choice and play at combining linen looks,

pastel watermark patterns or stripes, abstract harlequins,

multi-dimensional kaleidoscope patterns and designs, pop

art and zig zags. And colours may range from the exotic to

muted colours like duck egg and olive for example, stone

or tobasco.

However you choose to make a favourable impression on

your guests, or if you are looking just to enjoy comfort and

warmth with your family, there is no end to design, texture

and colour in choosing either a new rug, a few cushions

and throws to enhance and change up your living or family

rooms. Bring new energy and feel-good furnishings that

will make your home look new and refreshed.




Building Alberta one

apprentice at a time.

in technical programs continues to grow. “There has been an

evolution in technical schools over the past 10 years. With older

trades workers retiring, coupled with constant advancement in

technology, there’s definitely a void to be filled,” says Haines.

“Trades were often seen as the only option for individuals

struggling with core school subjects such as Math and Science

but it has evolved and a higher level of skill is required.”

It’s no surprise that technical schools are evolving and trades

workers continue to be vital to our communities and our cities.“You

would find it very difficult to identify an area of our daily lives

that has not been touched by a tradesperson,” says NAIT Dean,

Malcom Haines. “They are responsible for physical structures

like residential housing, to office towers. Trades keep the world

of transportation on the move. And they even cook our food!”

The Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT), located

in Edmonton, is a leading Canadian polytechnic, delivering

education in science, technology, business, health, and trades.

NAIT’s programs see thousands of students annually with Alberta

representing 32% of the total apprentice population in the country.

This year at the 2020 Edmonton Renovation Show, apprentices

from NAIT are showing-off their talent in a live skills competition

to earn a spot at Skills Canada National Competition. Nailed It! will

have two student demonstrations: one showcasing apprentices in

Cabinetmaking and the second in Carpentry. NAIT instructors will

also be on hand to provide rationale and answer any questions

from show-goers. “It will be a great experience for both students

and attendees,” says Haines. The skills from students are not to

be taken lightly either: “The Skills Canada National Competition

is essentially the Olympics of trades,” says Haines. “We have

individuals competing at the provincial level who progress to the

national level and even international thereafter at WorldSkills. The

competition is intense, the caliber of skill is remarkable and the

students deserve all the recognition.”

NAIT is proud to provide programs such as Carpentry and

Cabinetmaking that provide tactile training and great rewards.

“This line of work can now be considered as a rewarding

career path for individuals who excel in core subjects, want to

build tangible products and solve problems but don’t want to

be bound by an office environment. They can stand back and

say “I built that with my own two hands” and enjoy a financially

rewarding career at the same time.” Haines also knows that after

graduating, many of the trades graduates become self employed

and employ other trades people-- contributing to the economy

in many ways. “Graduates are creating businesses of their own

and becoming entrepreneurs. Our programs provides them with

the fundamental skills to practice their trade which enables them

to explore business ventures,” says Haines. “We are happy to

support them in any way we can.”

Get in on the action! You can cheer on some of Edmonton’s best

apprentices at the Edmonton Expo Centre, January 24-26. The

Edmonton Renovation Show continues to be chock-full of the best

inspiration and tips home-owners need to nail any renovation

project. Meet with industry experts as well as over 225 exhibitors

ready to lend a hand for the projects you’ve been itching to finish!

For tickets visit www.edmontonrenovationshow.com.

In the past few years, there has no doubt been shift and growth

in the trades area. Due to technological advancements and an

aging workforce in the trades industry, the need for new students

Jan 24-26


Expo Centre

Proud partner Bryan Baeumler endorses this show but will not be appearing this year.

Your Project. Our Experts.

Bring your ideas to life with trusted experts at the Edmonton

Renovation Show, January 24-26, 2020 at the Edmonton Expo

Centre. Discover the latest home renovation trends and get

practical advice from hundreds of experts. From kitchens and

baths to flooring and more, find great deals, new ideas and

inspiration for all your home projects.


Buy tickets online

Promo Code: ADVICE

*On Regular Adult Admission Only



Home and Garden Events

@YEGHomeShows #ERS20


Produced by

Trending Furnishings


Trends for 2019 and certainly into

2020 are finding more homeowners

looking to defrag from technology

and seeking solitude in smaller, cozier

rooms devoid of the buzzing and

distraction of technology. And with

the onset of the cooler weather and

winter around the corner, the fireplace

once again becomes the focal point

of attention - though without the

crowning wall-mounted television

creating distraction.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Inc.


9440 60 Ave. Edmonton, AB

The Last ROOF Your Home

Will Ever Need!

• Uses 100% recyclable steel • High energy effi cient

• 17 Energy Effi cient colors to choose from • Lifetime Roofi ng with 2.5”

Hail-stone warranty and 200 KPH wind warranty.

To learn more visit www.scsrs.ca

Fireplaces fronted by embellished

wrought iron or aged metal screens

have made a comeback. Wicker

baskets for your kindling and pinecones

make a warming and hearty hearth,

reminiscent of the country and natural

living. Place a rattan rocker by the

fireside. Ye Old World maps, lanterns,

and paraphernalia combine to create

interesting relics and accessories

reminiscent of yesteryear; and wooden

woodland creature ornaments evoke

that wonderful country and farmhouse


Available in stores are faux fur throws

and rugs, floor pillows and blankets

in plush, velvety fabrics, chunky knit

angora cushions, Icelandic sheepskins,

large ribbed poufs for your feet to

rest on – anything and everything that

exudes raw earthy textures, natural

comfort and homeliness. Tartan checks

create interesting visual textures.



Speaking of textures - a selection

of fabrics, prints, woven East Indian

carpets and rugs, handcrafted and

glazed ceramics blend to bring artist

and craftsman together in a more

personalized connection into your

living room, family room or kitchen.

Terracotta floors and walls are muted

and matte, creating warmth and texture

to perfectly balance and compliment

any room.

By the way – the kitchen stainless

steel look is out and replaced by matte

metals in antique greys. Grey is also

looking good as the choice of colour

for your hardwood floors. Grey can

be found in a wintery day’s palette of

shades and evocative ash, smoky,

woodsy hues. From wall colours to

bed linen and towels, grey is the new

pastel neutral for tranquility. Midnight

blue, indigo and other vivid blues are

in for the colder months of winter and

will flow into forest greens and other

jewel tones touted by designer and

home decorating aficionados for the

New Year. Upholstery prints feature

granny prints with large lush florals

and vivid colours. Bedrooms too have

been toned down and “naturalized” in

the neutrals of Scandinavian chic and

simplicity. Harmonize the warm wood

finishes with chunky cable bedcovers

and cushions, and soft natural light.

Create a backdrop on your wall behind

your headboard with reclaimed wood

paneling to give that cabin treatment

or create chevron patterns for more

interest. In your children’s bedroom

you can create a backdrop of lightly

washed pallet wood.

You can create a zen-like retreat out of

your bedroom, or you can go the more

opulent, elegant route and emboss

your headboard with a luxurious

quilted fabric. There are numerous

shapes and sizes of padded,

upholstered designs to create a

lush and plush effect. Highlight and

accent the décor of your bedroom

through colour or design and shape

of your headboard. Wallpapers have

also made a big comeback in clean

geometric, woodsy, or complex

embossed designs, prints and

colours. Have fun with your creativity.

Scandinavian furniture and that Nordic

influence bring a clean, uncluttered,

sleek and functional look on the one

hand and on the other - the oversized

sofas, and natural linen slipcovers, tan

leather and all things relaxed and more


Evocative of those far-away places that

you can escape to for peace and quiet,

you can create that atmosphere in

your home. Have fun visiting your local

furniture store, consignment or antique

store, and feed your imagination to

create a dreamscape that will give you

and your family a wonderfully warm,

cozy and comfortable escape through

the colder months.



Enhancing the

Life of Your

Poinsettia Plants



Christmas has come and gone, and

your poinsettia plants and flowers have

reached their zenith and flowering

glory decorating your tables and living

room spaces. And now a few weeks

into and past their prime, you might

be wondering what to do with your

poinsettia plants. Most of them get the

boot and end up in the waste patch or

out on the street. You can however, with

a little care, keep your plant and prepare

it for the next winter holiday season.

How you ask? Gardener Michael

McGroarty has some great tips as

to how to extend the life of your


• Keep your plant in a non-drafty area

of your home, and water only when

the soil is dry. They do not like to be


• After your plant has completed

flowering, you may fertilize it twice a

month until the spring.

• Cut your plant back to about four

inches in April; new growth typically

appears in May.

• When it is warmer outside, you

can keep your poinsettia outdoors.

Transplant into a slightly bigger

pot with well-draining potting

soil, and place in bright indirect

light. Continue to fertilize twice a

month through the summer until

mid-December. Prune back new

stems so three to four leaves

remain on each stem in late June,

early July and mid August.

• Through October, November and

December keep the plant in a dark

place for 14 hours each night, and 6

to 8 hours of bright sunlight everyday.

It is recommended to keep this up for

8 to 10 weeks until the plant flowers in


Here’s to trusting your hard work and

tender loving patience and care will

draw flowers on your poinsettias once

again for winter festivities next year.

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moving supplies. Our goal is customer satisfaction and a professional,

efficient move every time at a fair price.

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REAL 2018-02-08 HOME 12:48:37 ADVICE PM

It’s no secret! The price of fresh

fruits and vegetables seems to be

on the rise. And what does that

mean for your family?

If you are not the soil-tilling type,

perhaps a local greenhouse in your

garden never looked so good! Right?

Given the increasing talk about the

impact hauling product over great

distances has on the environment,

the trend towards purchasing local

becomes more appealing. How much

more local can you get when you can

reap veggies from out of your own

greenhouse? Sounds good doesn’t

it? You might be asking right at this

moment though whether a greenhouse

would look like an aberration in your

yard; how would you get a structure

erected in the space you have; or what

would you do with it in the winter?

Over the years, the development of

greenhouses has evolved. One such

unique system has been created out

of Quebec through the inspiration of

sustainability students searching for

creative solutions. The structure is one

that can grow organic produce in any

climate, and is built using recycled


Christened the “Greenhouse of the

Future,” this structure has a microclimate

which can produce an

abundance of food with “minimal

energy usage and low construction

cost.” One other attractive feature is

that it becomes an oasis to escape to

even in the cold of winter months.

The greenhouse has a passive

rainwater collection system; an

insulated roof for warmth during

winter, reflecting light towards

the plants; and in the summer

protecting plants from the extremes

of heat.

Given that the meaning of fresh is

just a couple of yards away, you

might be enticed to research this

exciting new concept. Not only will

your children benefit from getting

over that disconnect that food is

grown in supermarkets; being closer

to observing nature in its growing

stages teaches us a lot, and is

healing. As one of the designers

so aptly states, “Transforming the

garbage of the past in the beauty

and abundance of the future is

not easy, but what else is more

important and better to do?”





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Looking for alternatives to skyrocketing energy bills and air

conditioning? The ceiling fan can reduce your energy bill by

up to 40% if used correctly in your home.

Nowadays there are fans to suit all sorts of room sizes,

ceiling slopes and décor. Hugger fans come with or without

lights, and are flush mounted against the ceiling. They are

ideally suited for small rooms with low ceilings. Trends bring

the elegance of a chandelier and fan to give form to the

fandelier – combination of any variety of light fixture with

the fan incorporated into the design. Outdoor fans are also

popular in a variety of styles and blades running from a span

of 44” up to 72”. Others are wall mountable, and of course

you have the traditional oscillating stand fans and personal

metal fans.

Before purchasing your ceiling fan however, there are a few

considerations to think about: where will the fan be installed;

what is the right blade span for your room; what is the slope

of the ceiling? Do you want a fan with light or without light?

Your local lighting and fan specialist can guide you on what

will work best for your room/s.

Look for remote controls for your fan and also ensure the

fan is energy efficient and has high airflow. Fans have

both a forward and reverse option. The direction in the

summer is forward or counterclockwise. The downward flow

produces a wind chill effect. In the winter, the fan direction

is reverse or clockwise – to warm up a room in cooler

weather. In reverse mode, a slow fan can circulate the

warm air trapped from the ceiling down to the floor. High

ceiling rooms require medium or high speeds to be more


The chart gathered from ceiling fan experts below

designates the approximate fan size and suggested CFM -

cubic feet per minute, of airflow on the ceiling fan.

Room size Blade span CFM

6 x 6 24” – 36” 3,000 - 4,500 CFM

8 x 10 37” – 48” 4,000 – 5,500 CFM

10 x 15 49’ – 56” 6,200 – 7,500 CFM

15 x 15 56” – 80” 7,000 - 9,000 CFM

The higher the airflow the more you feel the cooling

breeze. Most typical fans available for bedrooms or small

living spaces are sufficient at 4,000 and 5,500 CFM.

The larger the motor, the more pitch and airflow will be

produced. For higher ceilings you need more CFM and

larger size fan. For lower ceilings and smaller rooms, you

can use a smaller size fan.

Now that you have a little more information regarding the

approximate size and type of fan for your room/s, the hunt

for fans can now be focused on the style for your décor as

well as functionality.

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