Top 10 tips for a wonderful May

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As I am writing this, which is in the beginning of April, are we all still in lockdown. I have promised my children and grandchildren that I would be obedient and stay indoors.
I am of course looking forward to the day, where we are hopefully given back a little bit of our freedom, but I am actually feeling quite good about the situation. I feel extremely grateful that I live in a house with a lovely garden and two dogs, which are very spoiled in these times.

2020 May

Costa del Sol, S.L.


Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain ANNI’s VITAL SHOP.

Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

Top 10

tips for a wonderful May

As I am writing this, which is in the beginning of April, are

we all still in lockdown. I have promised my children and

grandchildren that I would be obedient and stay indoors.

I am of course looking forward to the day, where we

are hopefully given back a little bit of our freedom, but I

am actually feeling quite good about the situation. I feel

extremely grateful that I live in a house with a lovely garden

and two dogs, which are very spoiled in these times.

I am starting to become more and more assured, that the

measures taken has a helping effect on the spread of infection,

even though I know it has a severe effect on many

families. I have a firm belief that when freedom again will

be knocking on our doors in Spain, that the Spaniards and

the people who have their wonderful lives here, will quickly

get on top of things.

Perhaps things will not will be exactly the same as before.

I believe and hope that most of us will become more conscious

of the necessity of creating a more productive, successful,

peaceful, and well-educated world, where crime is a

rarity instead of a normality. As Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

I read about two episodes, which convinced me of the

necessity of our forced isolation. The first one I stumbled

across was an old book written by the world famous, now

diseased, clairvoyant Sylvia Brown. I was fortunate enough

to hear her speak many years ago when I visited Los Angeles.

The book I was looking at is called “End of days”. It said that

in 2020 a pneumonia condition would spread to the entire

world. The disease would attack the lungs and bronchi. It

does, however, not seem to be the end of days, as she also

describes many events in the following years.

The second episode, which nearly made me fall off my

chair, and adopt an even more positive attitude about our

forced quarantine, was an article written by the famous 1

Top 10

tips for a

wonderful May

astrologist Susan Miller. I must admit

that my knowledge of astrology is rather

limited. However, she wrote that the

constellations of the stars in the sky

during this virus, which is currently

running rampant in the world, are the

same as when the Spanish flu plagued

the entire world and killed more than

50 million people. I remember as a

child how the horror crept under the

skin, when my grandfather told stories

about the disease, which the entire

family were affected by. It was another

time, the world was suffering under

world war 1 and the knowledge we

have today, simply wasn’t available,

where we today know the importance

of hygiene and distance.

There is no benefit to let our spirit

decline. We have to move forward and

look to the future. Right now, we are in

the month I cherish the most, not just

because it is the month of my birthday,

but also because everything is blooming,

with a color orgy not describable

by words.

So, without further ado, here is my top 10 list,

which is meant as inspiration if you feel like you

need some extra energy and joy in this beautiful

spring month.

1. First and foremost, should you

ensure that you get a quality multivitamin/mineral

product of high concentration

and absorption rate.

Look for products which are wellbalanced

and general purposed, with

all the vitamins and minerals. If you

have difficulty swallowing the vitamin

pills, then there also exist some great

and well tasting liquid options, some

are even with amino acids. If you feel

tired and run down, then you should

feel the effect in a few days, as the body

gets a little bit of help. If you are a

vegan, then there are also options specifically

designed for you.

With the increasing number day 2. You have without a doubt heard a

light hours, does the interests and lot about omega 3 and how important

life passion also increase together

with the want to do something do not eat plenty of fish every day, then

it is for both the body and brain. If you

good for ourselves and our health. you must make sure that you get a daily

supplement of it. You can also get omega

3 from other sources then fish, such as

flaxseed oil and different sea algae.


It can be a good idea to combine

omega 3 with other oils, such as omega

6 – 7 – 9. Omega 9 is especially good

for lowering poor cholesterol. Omega 6

is also good, but make sure you get it in

a high-quality product, it can help raise

your energy levels. Omega 7 is especially

good for the mucous membranes

and recent research indicates that it

also strengthens your heart. All the oils

are available in different compositions.

3. Vitamin-C is a strong antioxidant

and probably the most known vitamin.

Whilst most animals produce

vitamin-C naturally, has this ability

been lost in humans. During explorers’

journeys did thousands of sailors die

from scurvy because they lacked vitamin-C.

When contracting scurvy does

your connective tissue fall apart, blood

vessels burst, and bleedings appear in

all mucous membranes, the digestive

system, and mouth etc. The known,

now diseased, Erik Kirchheiner writes

in his book “New effective natural

healing” about the Spanish flu that

affected between 80 – 90% of the

population and killed millions of

people. He questions whether more

could have survived if they were given

sufficiently large doses of vitamin-C.

A question that will remain unanswered.

We should take a supplement of this

vitamin. The recommended daily

dosage is 75mg. However, many

researchers and scientists are of the

opinion that the needed dosage is

significantly higher, roughly around

200mg and that the need can be

highly dependent on the individual.

If you are stressed, a smoker, do a

lot of sunbathing, or live in a polluted

area, then the need is higher.

Vitamin-C is also thought to decrease

the length of a cold. I personally take

2000mg daily. If you have been taking

high doses of vitamin-C and wish to

decrease it, then do it gradually.

4. Q10, also known as coenzyme

Q10 or ubiquinone is a vitamin-like

substance we produce ourselves in

the liver. However, around age 20 the

production of Q10 starts to decline

in the body. Q10 is present in all the

bodies cells except for the red blood

cells. The effect of supplementing

with Q10 will be noticeable quite

quickly. The noticeable effects often

appear between 1 – 4 weeks after

you have started taking the product.

Q10 especially strengthens the

heart muscle’s pumping power. Q10

is particularly found in all mitochondria,

which are the cells small power


shown that many people have a vitamin-D

deficit. If you suspect that you

might have a vitamin-D deficit, then

visit laboratory and have your blood

tested. If you have a strained liver or

kidneys, then it is even more likely

that you lack vitamin-D.

6. Vitamin-B activates your immune

system. A large part of the western

world lacks vitamin-B. The wellknown

writer Jens Okholm wrote

in one of his books that you can

turn rats into alcoholics, if they lack


There exists many different vitamin-

Bs. It is best if you take a complex

product with all of them, as they work

together closely, even though they all

have many different functions, from

providing energy to the formation of

blood. Common for all of them is

their importance in the nervous system

and the mental function.

7. Kan Jang is a natural remedy

based on the Andrographis herb and

Russian root. Absolutely a favorite

of mine when it comes to colds and

other infections in the upper airways,

as well as the flu. In a study during

two flu epidemics in Russia in 1999

and 2000 did a group of 677 people

who had been taking Kan Jang have a

faster and better convalescence than

the placebo group. It is a good thing

to have in the pill cabinet and you

should start taking it at the first sign

of symptoms, I have personally experienced

the best results that way.

8. Roseroot also known as Rhodiola

is another favorite of mine. It is a

plant which root has been used for

many years to combat stress, tiredness,

nervousness, and depression. It

increases the serotonin in the brain.

9. Ginkgo Biloba comes from the

maidenhair tree, which is the world’s

oldest living tree sort. It has for many

years been seen by the Chinese as a

sacred tree, because it is so endurant.

The maidenhair tree has been thoroughly

studied in many different scientific

analyses, which has uncovered

some of its astonishing functions. It

is particularly useful for circulation

problems such as cold hands and feet,

muscle weakness, impotence, dizziness,

hardness of hearing etc.

10. A fundamental important

element is your diet. Make sure to

live healthy and well, as well as possible.

I unfortunately do not think it is

possible for us today to get sufficiently

healthy foods to cover our needs.

I personally believe that a dietary

supplement of high quality is worth

every penny. It is my experience that

dietary supplements can contribute to

maintaining optimal health.

5. Vitamin-D is known as the

sunshine vitamin, which we can produce

naturally if we are exposed to

enough sunlight. Vitamin-D is important

for the development of strong

teeth and bones. Vitamin-D is also

important of the absorption of calcium

for the bones. It is one of the

necessary vitamins for strengthening

your immune system.

Vitamin-D was a game changing discovery,

when we a 100 years ago found

the vitamin’s healing properties on

rickets disease. Different studies have 3





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