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A word from the Principal...


As we race towards the summer, it’s hard to believe that there is only half a term left of this academic

year. We are hoping that we will be able to begin returning to school on the 8th June, but

this will depend on the Government’s announcement on the 28th May. If their intention is to continue

with the opening, and we believe it is safe, we will send out a questionnaire to all EYFS, Y1 and

Y6 parents to ascertain the number of children we will be expecting in school so that we can plan

accordingly. At this time, we will share our plans for how our reopening will look and the procedures

we will have in place. We will continue to be open for children of key workers from the 1st June,

regardless of plans for further opening.

From the feedback we have received from parents and children, it was clear that more opportunity

for direct communication and collaboration was the main way we could enhance our provision.

As always, we try to act on feedback whenever we can and so your children should soon (if they

haven’t already) have the chance to be part of groups meetings via Zoom with their teachers and

peers. There are some exciting meetings that have been planned or have already taken place, including

quizzes, scavenger hunts and show and tell! Please ensure you look out for communication

from your class teacher about when these meetings will take place so that your child can be a part

of them.

Over half term, there is no expectation that your children continue working hard with their online

learning. It is important that you; your children and our staff have a break before a potentially very

busy final half term. However, your children will be set an optional activity or project that they can

complete during the half term break if they wish.

Thank you again for your support.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

The children in Early Years have been learning all about spiders this week!

They have learnt how a spider makes its web and then they had a go at creating

their own spider webs using different resources from around their home.

The children looked for spider webs and lightly sprayed the webs so they could

see them more clearly. Some were even brave enough to gently pluck the web

to try and tempt the spider out.

They have made story maps from one of this week’s spider stories, labelled

parts of a spider, completed a spider poem, and painted spider webs.

Their extra challenge this week was to make a bird feeder for the garden. I

have enjoyed seeing their creative ideas.

They have also been looking after their sunflowers and have sent me some

amazing pictures of them.

Well done everyone for all your fantastic work!

Home learning...

It’s been another busy week in Year 1. This week in maths, the children have

been learning to double numbers; they’ve been using cubes, pictures and their

fingers to help them. Many of the children have even had a go at explaining

why their answers are right. In English, they have been learning all about the

story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have enjoyed listening to the story

and then imagining what they might think or feel if they were the caterpillar

from the story. We have really loved receiving lots of diary entries and hearing

about what everyone has been doing. It’s also been lovely to see some of the

children using their maths skills when helping at home or their English skills

when writing about their own interests. Well done Year 1 for all of your hard

work this half term; enjoy a well-deserved break. Take care and stay safe!

Home learning...

Class 2 have had a great final week of this half term and they deserve a big

pat on the back for their continuous efforts with their fabulous work. This week

they have been using their class blog a lot more to share their work with one

another and share some messages of support for their peers. This week they

have taken a flight to India and have discovered how rice is grown and produced

for us to eat. They have created presentations about India; written descriptive

pieces of writing of an aerial view of India from inside a plane; created

their own rangoli pictures; made fruit and vegetable portraits and taken a virtual

tour of the Taj Mahal. It’s been a busy week! Year 2, you are superstars,

well done!

Home learning...

This week, Class 3 have been very creative in many subjects. We have created our

very own click faces from materials around the home and even made some yummy,

sweet clocks to help us tell the time.

In order to become active, we also made our own activities using a die to keep us fit

and associated lots of different movements and exercises to each number of the die.

Some of us have even had a go and designing and building our own den.

Finally, we also took some time to observe and appreciate the environment around us.

By using our powers of observation, we turned in to our senses and described what we

could see and hear before writing them down into descriptive sentences.

Super work Class 3.

Home Learning...

It’s been a busy week for Class 4 who have been putting in their best efforts

with tasks this week! They designed Roman villas, using Lego, junk and mine

craft. Some of their creations were truly spectacular! They also learnt about

what Romans did with their spare time and were amazed to find out about the

gladiators and how wild animals from around the world fought at the colosseum.

Using google earth the children also explored the amazing Roman architecture

which can be found all over the world. Some of the children showed off

their musical abilities whilst learning about Roman music and they all proved

themselves to be amazing artists, producing fantastic portraits of Julius Caesar,

pictures of the colosseum and drawings of Roman Soldiers. Great work team!

Home learning...

Every week Class 5 completes such high quality work across the curriculum.

It has been a pleasure to look at all of their work in their different styles. Over

the last couple of weeks in English, the children have learned about balanced

argument writing. As part of this study, they have completed research about

different issues and debated them with their family members. Next, they

weighed up all the arguments for and against and considered evidence to form

their conclusions for their questions. After their very detailed planning, the

children completed a draft copy, then edited and improved their writing. Finally,

the children wrote up their balanced arguments in their best handwriting. The

finished pieces were brilliant and extremely interesting to read.

Do humans treat

animals well?

For centuries humans have loved

having animals as pets across the globe.

However, we also have done terrible

things to them such as experiments,

hunting them for sport and destroying their habitats and there's

much more. So if you carry on reading you will see the for and

against arguments to the question DO HUMANS TREAT ANIMALS


My first point is that 50% of the UK adults own a pet and there's a

population of 9.9 million dogs in the

UK, but that's not all, 9.9 million dogs

have homes in the UK - proof that we

love dogs. I have a dog called Coco -

she’s a Cockapoo. Here's a list of the

top ten pets in the UK 10.snakes;

9.domestic fowl; 8.lizards; 7.tortoises

and turtles; 6.hamsters; 5.guinea pigs;

4.indoor birds; 3.rabbits; 2.cats and

1.dogs. Guinea pigs are actually very

good with families. Only 0.4% of

people in the UK own a snake (which


includes my Aunty!).

In addition the UK has many pet

shops, including Pets at Home, where

I got my fish, but not my dog. There are 450 stores nationwide to

feed our pet habit. Even during lockdown, pet shops stayed open as

they are ‘essential’.

Home learning...

It has been another creative week in Year 6 full of baking, gardening, designing

and poetry. Over the past two weeks, we have been building up to writing our

own animal poems based on The Tyger by William Blake. The poems that the

children have written are so brilliant and use such sophisticated vocabulary. It

has also been lovely to see so many children being practical and baking their

own cakes. Miss Law also enjoyed a Zoom quiz with some of the class and had

a catch up about what we have all been up to. We are looking forward to our

next Zoom meeting after half term.

Home learning...


It has been fantastic to see so many science learning opportunities happening

whilst you’re all at home. You have been engaging really well with the tasks set

and also finding your own science links all around you. Some of the topics have

included; animals including humans, sound, light, living things and their habitats,

and earth and space. The science has been very practical and it has been

lovely to see many of you choosing your own ways to present your work such

as through video, powerpoint presentation, documentary style video, photographs

and much more. Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

Science cont.

Home learning...

A word from the Principal...

Rory R.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

21 / May / 2020


Rory R.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

21 / May / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Alex C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 5, Year 6

21 / May / 2020

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