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Aeropolis - the Crossroads of Opportunities

Aeropolis - the Crossroads of Opportunities


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C r o s s r o a d s o f O p p o r t u n i t i e s

Development Partnership<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> aggregates all the characteristics of a promising real estate development project:<br />

• Strategic Location<br />

Advantageously located at the intersection of two transport corridors which connect central and SE Europe.<br />

• Accessibility<br />

Located next to the A2 motorway, the approach road to the capital city of Ljubljana; the proximity of the Port of Koper;<br />

only a few hours drive away from major business centres in neighbouring countries; and lastly, an air link to European<br />

commercial and industrial hubs, make <strong>Aeropolis</strong> an excellent starting point for successful international business.<br />

• Profitability<br />

The exceptional location, flexible design concept and the current lack of facilities available at the airport, make <strong>Aeropolis</strong><br />

a prime, relatively low risk investment opportunity.<br />

Over the next ten years, <strong>Aeropolis</strong> Ljubljana, a city in<br />

its own right, will be built on 80 ha next to Slovenia’s<br />

central airport. Located at the strategically important<br />

intersection of two European transport corridors, this<br />

is one of the most ambitious development projects of<br />

national importance.<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> Ljubljana is the key development project of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., the company, which<br />

manages and develops the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Its proposal is to develop the airport’s<br />

commercial infrastructure and meet the needs for hotel accommodation, office space, commercial<br />

premises and logistics services, not currently available at the airport.<br />

• Contemporary Design<br />

Buildings in <strong>Aeropolis</strong> will be designed according to the most modern principles of profitability, cost-efficiency and sustainability.<br />

• Adaptability<br />

Planned on the principles of modular architecture, buildings in <strong>Aeropolis</strong> will allow occupiers to develop and shape<br />

space according to their needs.<br />

Developed in partnership between the property owner, Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., and the consulting group Ržišnik<br />

Perc, experts in real estate development, <strong>Aeropolis</strong> the master plan for <strong>Aeropolis</strong> is at a point, where potential investors<br />

can be invited to join in on the project. If necessary, plans can still be adjusted to suit the interests of prospective<br />

investors. Opened to all forms of business partnership - from granting of building rights to joint ventures,<br />

Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., will provide you with all the necessary investment support along with straightforward information<br />

about doing business in Slovenia.<br />

Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., is committed to putting <strong>Aeropolis</strong> Ljubljana on the map of most innovative and vibrant<br />

European airports.<br />

2 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Oslo<br />


Slovenia - the European Crossroads<br />

Riga<br />

Copenhagen<br />

Malmö<br />

ITALY<br />

Europe is a vibrant market and Slovenia is<br />

ideally located in its centre, at the crossroads<br />

of 5 th and 10 th Pan-European corridors.<br />


H4<br />

A3<br />


H5<br />

KOPER<br />

H6<br />



A2<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> Ljubljana<br />

KRANJ<br />


A1<br />

A1<br />


A2<br />


A1<br />

CELJE<br />

NOVO<br />

MESTO<br />

A1<br />


H2<br />

A4<br />

A1<br />

A2<br />

A5<br />

MURSKA<br />

SOBOTA<br />

H7<br />


The country lies between the eastern Alps and the northern tip of Adriatic sea,<br />

which extends almost into the middle of the continent, thus providing the cheapest<br />

naval route from Far eastern markets to Central Europe. The well developed<br />

traffic infrastructure, Port of Koper and Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport form a perfect<br />

logistics gateway for Slovenia-based companies to the key European markets.<br />

Large commercial and industrial hubs like Vienna, Munich, Milan or Budapest are<br />

just a few hours drive away. The distance between Port of Koper and Ljubljana Jože<br />

Pučnik Airport is about 130 kilometres.<br />

Slovenia has the highest GDP and the least corruption 1 among so called “new<br />

EU members” 2 . The country’s highly skilled, multilingual labour force and export oriented<br />

economy provide strong growth potential to foreign exporters and investors.<br />

Slovenia Key facts:<br />

Area: 20,273 sq km<br />

Population: 2 million<br />

Capital: Ljubljana (population app. 330,000)<br />

Language: Slovenian, with Italian or Hungarian<br />

in ethnically mixed regions<br />

EU Member State: yes<br />

Currency: Euro (€)<br />

GDP (PPP) per capita 2008 3 : € 22,500<br />

International domain suffix: .si<br />

Country calling code: +386<br />

1<br />

According to a study which was carried out in 2008 by Transparency International, a non-governmental organisation<br />

that studies corruption statistics, Slovenia ranks 26th in the list of least corrupt countries in the world.<br />

2<br />

The twelve countries that joined EU in 2004 or later.<br />

Lisbon<br />

Dublin<br />

La Coruña<br />

Madrid<br />

London<br />

E 70<br />

Paris<br />

Amsterdam<br />

Brussels<br />

Luxembourg<br />

Bern<br />

Vilnius<br />

Minsk<br />

Berlin<br />

Warsaw<br />

E 55<br />

Kiev<br />

Prague<br />

V. corridor<br />

Vienna Bratislava<br />

Salzburg<br />

Budapest<br />

Ljubljana Zagreb<br />

Chisinau<br />

E 70<br />

Venice<br />

Belgrade<br />

Bucharest<br />

250 km<br />

Sarajevo X. corridor<br />

Podgorica<br />

Sofia<br />

Varna<br />

Rome<br />

Skopje<br />

500 km Tirana<br />

Thessaloniki<br />

Athens<br />

Ankara<br />

3<br />

Source: Eurostat 2009<br />

4 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Ljubljana Joźe Pućnik Airport<br />

Oslo<br />

Helsinki<br />

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport offers<br />

a scheduled direct connection to<br />

more than 30 destinations in Europe.<br />

The number of passengers and cargo doubled within the last decade and the airport is<br />

in a process of continuous transformation, becoming an important regional distribution<br />

and logistics centre. Significant numbers of passengers and goods from Western Europe<br />

pass through the airport on their way to the south-east of the continent and onwards to<br />

their destinations in the Far East.<br />

Copenhagen<br />

Stockholm<br />

The first stage of airside expansion comprised a new terminal I, the construction of terminal<br />

II is just about to begin. Once completed, the airport will meet the forecast increase<br />

in passenger demand but not all the expectations in terms of commercial services<br />

the modern airport users expect.<br />

It is essential that beside modern airside operations, airport provides facilities, which<br />

shorten routes, save time, and offer space for different commercial activities. A commercial<br />

centre that would fill this gap is therefore vital for airport’s success.<br />

Dublin<br />

Birmingham<br />

Manchester<br />

London<br />

Paris<br />

Amsterdam<br />

Brussels<br />

Prague<br />

Frankfurt<br />

Vienna<br />

Munich<br />

Zurich<br />

Ljubljana<br />

Budapest<br />

Warsaw<br />

Moscow<br />

Kiev<br />

Sarajevo<br />

Belgrade<br />

Bucharest<br />

Barcelona<br />

Podgorica<br />

Tirana<br />

Pristina<br />

Skopje<br />

Ohrid<br />

Istanbul<br />

Athens<br />

6 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


<strong>Aeropolis</strong> - the Crossroads of Opportunities<br />

Welcome to the year 2021.<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> bustles with<br />

business life, travellers and<br />

freight traffic.<br />

In <strong>Aeropolis</strong>, all is close at hand: excellent travel connections,<br />

hotel accommodation, conference halls,<br />

offices, a variety of services and a modern logistics<br />

infrastructure.<br />

In the business district <strong>Aeropolis</strong> pulses under the<br />

entrepreneurship of the next generation. Efficiency,<br />

adaptability, profitability. The flexible office concepts<br />

can be arranged to meet your specific needs. You<br />

rent a meeting room today, an office with a secretary<br />

tomorrow.<br />

After work relaxation is also provided for; awaiting<br />

you is a shopping mall with a street-level services,<br />

interesting restaurants and speciality shops. The surrounding<br />

countryside with beautiful mountains<br />

offers a variety of outdoor activities including golf,<br />

trekking and cycling.<br />

Proximity to the airport, the number of passengers with<br />

substantial purchasing power and its metropolitan atmosphere<br />

will make <strong>Aeropolis</strong> a premium location for<br />

doing business, especially for:<br />

• hotel and catering services,<br />

• logistics and distribution,<br />

• high-tech companies,<br />

• banks and insurance companies,<br />

• offices and agencies,<br />

• congresses and fairs,<br />

• regional branches of airline companies,<br />

• small businesses and start-ups,<br />

• retail and entertainment,<br />

• leisure, fitness and recreation (golf),<br />

• other street-level services (drugstore, hairdresser, etc.).<br />

Once the number of companies starts to increase, it will<br />

cause a chain reaction by attracting more consumers<br />

which will encourage new tenants to move in... a trend,<br />

which might potentially influence the price of properties<br />

in the years to come.<br />

Master planning and architecture: <strong>Protim</strong> Ržišnik Perc<br />

8 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Master Plan<br />

N<br />

Legend<br />

Commercial Area<br />

Parking Lot<br />

Bus Station<br />

Parking Garage<br />

Petrol Station<br />

Regional Road<br />

Communications<br />

Centre<br />

Train Station<br />

Conference<br />

Activities<br />

Business<br />

Activities<br />

Hotel<br />

Air Traffic Control<br />

Service<br />

Cargo<br />

Wholesale and<br />

Retail Trade<br />

Passanger<br />

Terminal<br />

Energetics<br />

Logistics and<br />

Storage<br />

■ Hotel<br />

• gross floor area: 25 000 m 2<br />

• parking spaces: 360 (or more)<br />

• floors: 5 above ground<br />

■ Business Center<br />

• gross floor area: 26 000 m 2<br />

• parking spaces: 750 (or more)<br />

• floors: up to 5 above ground<br />

■ Business Park<br />

• gross floor area: 79 000 m 2<br />

• parking spaces: 900 (or more)<br />

• floors: 3 above ground<br />

■ Logistics Park<br />

• gross floor area: 27 000 m 2<br />

• parking spaces: 335 (or more)<br />

• floors: 2 above ground<br />

10 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Traffic<br />

Motorway access, a planned<br />

railway connection, intelligent<br />

land-use and international<br />

airport within walking distance -<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> will be accessible from<br />

everywhere.<br />

ENTRANCE – PASS<strong>ANG</strong>ERS<br />

“A”<br />


“B”<br />


“C”<br />


KAMNIK<br />

N<br />

Kranj<br />

Šenčur<br />

Brnik<br />

A2 - Vodice<br />

By relocating the current access road to the north, the <strong>Aeropolis</strong><br />

area will gain it’s final form. Separate entrances for passenger<br />

traffic (A) and (B) and cargo (C) will ease traffic congestion,<br />

shorten distances and save time. The planned underground railway<br />

access will expand the airport’s gravitation area and leverage<br />

its logistics and distribution services. Public transport will<br />

be improved through the new rail and bus communication centre.<br />

It will be directly connected to the airport terminal through<br />

an underground passage.<br />

ŠENČUR<br />

Medvode<br />

The new traffic facilities will increase the passenger and cargo<br />

capacities thus creating conditions for further commercial<br />

development.<br />


KRANJ<br />

A2 - Brnik<br />


Ljubljana<br />

12 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Time Plan<br />

The implemintation of the four<br />

key projects in <strong>Aeropolis</strong> is<br />

about to begin.<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> will radically change the appearance of the current airport. The<br />

pace of development will follow the market situation, hence the construction<br />

phases may also overlap. The traffic infrastructure will take place alongside<br />

the development of the main sections of the project. The construction of<br />

Terminal II is just about to begin; also forecast is a new access road, a railway<br />

connection, the rail and bus communication centre and several parking lots.<br />

Phase 1<br />

2012<br />

Construction Phase 1 (7 ha)<br />

The first phase of the <strong>Aeropolis</strong> development incorporates<br />

the buildings that can be linked to the<br />

existing access road. At the moment, what the airport<br />

lacks most is a business-congress centre and<br />

nighttime facilities, which is why construction of<br />

the hotel and congress centre is taking priority. In<br />

addition to constructing buildings that fall within<br />

the framework of airside activities, further enlargement<br />

of the logistics park is anticipated.<br />

Construction Phase 2 (7 ha + 17 ha)<br />

Current Situation<br />

2009<br />

Phase 2<br />

2015<br />

The relocation of the existing access road and the<br />

completion of Terminal II will dictate the pace of the<br />

expansion in this phase. Along with the increased<br />

road traffic capacity a further expansion of the logistics<br />

centre is foreseen. The new bus station and a<br />

parking garage will be built and initial works in the<br />

business park will take off.<br />

14 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Construction Phase 3 (7 ha + 17 ha + 11 ha)<br />

Further development of <strong>Aeropolis</strong> will take place in accordance with the anticipated<br />

growth of air traffic due to the increase in the volume of transported passengers and<br />

cargo. The need for increased capacities on all levels will also dictate the expansion of<br />

projects which have already been started; a possible upgrading of the Business Centre, the<br />

Business Park will take its final form, and the Logistics Park may also expand significantly.<br />

Construction Phase 4 (7 ha + 17 ha + 11 ha + 7 ha)<br />

A railway connection will round off the new Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Public transport<br />

will be organised within the framework of the new communications centre, increased<br />

traffic throughput and the accessibility of the airport will be mostly reflected in<br />

a further enlargement of the logistics centre.<br />

Phase 3<br />

2018<br />

Phase 4<br />

2021<br />

16 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


More Than a Hotel<br />

Within an architecturally<br />

impressive hotel-conference<br />

complex, you’ll find a small<br />

city, complete with a myriad<br />

of attractive services.<br />

project has to offer within the framework of the current development plan. However,<br />

the final shape and content will be defined by the tenant and may completely change.<br />

Accomodation facilities and conference areas are currently lacking the most at the airport<br />

hence construction of the hotel is a top priority. Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., is already<br />

preparing the necessary documentation required to start with the construction works.<br />

SHOPS<br />


Floor Plan<br />

The flexible interior concept allows the tenant to<br />

phase the construction as business grows and to<br />

develop various complementary services. A modularly<br />

conceived three-wing building with five above<br />

ground floors is planned for the 30 000 m 2, plot, covering<br />

more than 25 000 m 2 of gross floor area. Two of<br />

the wings will be realized by 2011, the third to be built<br />

later in accordance with the development and needs<br />

of the airport.<br />






48 places<br />

SAUNA<br />

POWER<br />


HOTEL<br />



ROOMS<br />






GUESTS<br />


The complex will contain, along with a 168 bed hotel,<br />

a conference centre and an area with a wide range of<br />

short-term ready-to-use office spaces. Do you need<br />

an executive office suite or a meeting room for an appointment<br />

with a business partner who only has a few<br />

hours until departure? At the <strong>Aeropolis</strong> hotel you’ll be<br />

able to rent one.<br />

The above suggestions for the hotel are just to show<br />

prospective investors the myriad of possibilities the<br />

Section<br />


18 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Business Park<br />

N<br />

Are you planning on constructing your<br />

own representative office building? May<br />

we suggest a building plot in a first-class<br />

location in a distinguished neighbourhood<br />

with an international business flavour?<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> Business Park is for companies who value excellent links to international<br />

traffic. Especially, if they want to build their reputation along with their<br />

representative office.<br />

A 50 000 m 2 of land next to the new access road is designated a low rise area with<br />

60 % green spaces, hence the name Business Park. The construction of threestorey<br />

buildings is anticipated on individual building plots of about 2 500 to<br />

4 000 m 2 , with the parking spaces on the basement floor. The contemporary architecture,<br />

an international atmosphere and excellent traffic links will be of interest<br />

to successful small and middle sized enterprises, and some larger corporations.<br />

Retail and entertainment activities will take place in the eastern part of the Park.<br />

20 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Business Centre<br />

The pulse of modern working life<br />

is mirrored in the glass façades of<br />

the <strong>Aeropolis</strong> business centre.<br />

Floor Plan<br />

The Business Centre building plot comprises 22 000 m 2 . According<br />

to urban spatial planning requirements up to 26 000 m 2 of<br />

gross floor area can erect in the quarter.<br />

The Business Centre complex will be made up of three buildings.<br />

Each consists of three to five above the ground storeys, arranged<br />

around a central courtyard that may include roof cover.<br />

Since each building stands on its own plot (from 2 500 to 4 000 m 2<br />

in size), construction of separate, individual properties can be<br />

developed in phases. The initial phase anticipates the construction<br />

of two buildings with some 17 700 m 2 gross floor area. Of the<br />

1000 anticipated car parks, the majority are located in the belowthe-ground<br />

storey. The construction of multi-storey basement is<br />

also possible.<br />

The Business Centre is a perfect place for all kinds of business<br />

services, offices and high-tech companies. On the ground floor<br />

you’ll find restaurants, speciality shops, bars and other streetlevel<br />

services.<br />

Section<br />

22 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Logistics Park<br />

The demand for comprehensive<br />

logistics services by far surpasses<br />

what is on offer in Slovenia.<br />

There is a lack of a suitable logistics and distribution facilities<br />

from the Port of Koper to the Austrian frontier, which makes<br />

<strong>Aeropolis</strong> Logistics Park essentially a commercial opportunity.<br />

This was first felt by the company DHL, which is why their distribution<br />

centre already operates at <strong>Aeropolis</strong>. There is considerable<br />

interest on the part of logistics companies to follow the<br />

example.<br />

N<br />

Moreover, the large area of about 86 000 m 2 enables tenants to<br />

carry out a wide range of logistics concepts. Investors can acquire<br />

individual building plots from 2 500 to 4 000 m 2 to build<br />

their own logistics facilities. The construction of multifunctional,<br />

rentable storage areas for the market is also possible.<br />

In <strong>Aeropolis</strong> logistics activities are planned over a gross floor<br />

area of 27 000 m 2 in one- to two storey buildings. It is expected<br />

that an additional gross floor area of 80 000 m 2 will be spread<br />

across the rest of the airport.<br />

24 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


In Harmony with the Environment<br />

Do You Feel the Opportunity?<br />

Everyone can benefit from the airport development.<br />

At Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., we have decided to consistently follow<br />

the principles of sustainable development, considering environmental<br />

problems and the interests of local communities as<br />

being on an equal level as the economic, technical and aesthetic<br />

perspectives of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.<br />

We will continue our commitment to the local community and<br />

its social and cultural agenda, by supporting different events,<br />

activities and programmes to make people see that living near<br />

an airport can also be of benefit to them.<br />

We strive to protect against noise, handle energy carefully, and<br />

care about keeping the environment clean. We are active in the<br />

field of health; we contribute also to the development of knowledge<br />

and education. We expect that this will be of even more<br />

importance in the coming years as the development of the airport<br />

will inevitably collide with the interests of the local population.<br />

In line with civil initiatives, we will promptly deal with problems<br />

and find the optimal, sustainable solutions.<br />

Buildings in <strong>Aeropolis</strong> will be constructed on the principles of<br />

passive energy. Even now we carefully monitor the energy consumption<br />

of the heating and air-conditioning systems. The fact<br />

that a large proportion of the parking spaces will be situated on<br />

basement floors will have a positive impact on the total amount<br />

of green areas provided, allowing for the creation of well designed<br />

open spaces.<br />

In cooperation with specialists in the field of energetics, we are<br />

looking into the production and storage of renewable energy to<br />

fulfil the needs of <strong>Aeropolis</strong>.<br />

The railway connection will reduce the dependence of the airport<br />

on road traffic; it will relieve the pressure on the roads and<br />

consequently, also the environmental impact. The airport will be<br />

better connected with Ljubljana, which will benefit not only the<br />

airport users, but also the local population.<br />

At the moment, about 2000 jobs are supported by airport activities.<br />

The number will slowly increase along with the planned expansion.<br />

We expect at least another 3000 people to work in <strong>Aeropolis</strong>;<br />

the local population will also benefit from a significant<br />

increase in indirectly connected occupations, mainly in services<br />

and tourism.<br />

26 More about the project: www.aeropolis.si<br />


Aerodrom Ljubljana, d. d.<br />

Zg. Brnik 130a<br />

SI-4210 Brnik-Aerodrom<br />

Damjan Franetič<br />

Project Manager<br />

damjan.franetic@lju-airport.si<br />

T +386 4 20 61 000<br />

F +386 4 20 21 220<br />

www.creatim.com<br />

w w w . a e r o p o l i s . s i

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