Wilo brochure 2022

Protim supporting Wilo group to the digital future with BIM technology

Protim supporting Wilo group to the digital future with BIM technology

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Protim supporting <strong>Wilo</strong> group<br />

to the digital future with BIM technology<br />




Two buildings connected by the overhead<br />

passage are located in <strong>Wilo</strong>park, a modern,<br />

innovative industrial centre in Dortmund.<br />



Dimensions: 51,30 x 16,20 m<br />

Total area (net): 4546 m2<br />

Year of construction: <strong>2022</strong><br />

Investor: WILO SE<br />

General contractor: Hellmich group<br />

Location: Dortmund<br />

EE-LAB<br />


Dimensions: 44,58 x 43,83 m<br />

Total area (net): 2903 m2<br />

Year of construction: <strong>2022</strong><br />

Investor: WILO SE<br />

General contractor: Hellmich group<br />

Location: Dortmund<br />



The Dortmund-based world market leader<br />

and pump manufacturer WILO SE is<br />

converting its headquarters into the WILO<br />

campus.<br />

As part of this development, WILO SE<br />

plans to complete the master plan for the<br />

efficient consolidation of administrative<br />

and production areas on the traditional<br />

<strong>Wilo</strong>Park-Allee<br />

(formerly<br />

Nortkirchenstrasse). The aim is to secure<br />

existing jobs in the region and to create<br />

the basis for additional modern jobs in<br />

Dortmund. The further development and<br />

expansion of the company's premises in<br />

Dortmund is thus a clear commitment to<br />

the Ruhr region.<br />


To be future-oriented, flexible and adaptable and<br />



The concept aims to connect the two<br />

parts of the area as closely as possible<br />

and the function-related<br />

heterogeneous typologies and<br />

dimensions on both sides of the <strong>Wilo</strong>-<br />

Park-Allee. The subject of this service<br />

description is the design and<br />

construction of a new turnkey facility<br />

for use as an office and administrative<br />

building of the development. Directly<br />

related, is the new construction of the<br />

laboratory building EE-LAB, which is<br />

being built.<br />

The goal of the project is to achieve a<br />

functional and economical construction,<br />

taking into account the requirements of<br />

WILO SE to acquire. By this, its urban<br />

development, architectural and<br />

functional qualities, as well as energy<br />

and ecological quality, attach great<br />

importance to ecological sustainability.<br />

to be able to provide space for a broad product<br />

portfolio and production technologies of the<br />

future, a total area of 20 hectares was required for<br />

the new plant structure. For this reason, <strong>Wilo</strong><br />

decided not to simply expand and extend the<br />

traditional location.<br />



A S Y S T E M A T I C A P P R O A C H T O S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y<br />

In March 2021 <strong>Wilo</strong> achieved climate neutrality<br />

and received LEED Gold and DGNB Gold<br />

certification. The <strong>Wilo</strong> Group celebrated no<br />

fewer than three sustainability milestones<br />

during this time: The successful completion of<br />

TÜV certification as a “climate-neutral<br />

company in Dortmund” as well as the<br />

Leadership in Energy and Environmental<br />

Design (LEED) Gold certification award from<br />

the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and<br />

Gold certification from the German<br />

Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), both for<br />

the “Pioneer Cube” administrative building.<br />

The goal for this project is to be certified by<br />

DGBN Mix 18 (common certificate for the<br />

office building and EE-lab) and LEED v4 Gold<br />

(for each building separately).<br />

LEED<br />

LEED (Leadership in Energy and<br />

Environmental Design) is the most<br />

widely used green building rating<br />

system in the world. Available for<br />

virtually all building types, LEED<br />

provides a framework for healthy,<br />

efficient, and cost-saving green<br />

buildings. LEED certification is a<br />

globally recognized symbol of<br />

sustainability achievement and<br />

leadership.<br />

DGNB<br />

The DGNB certification system is<br />

considered the most advanced<br />

system of its kind in the world and<br />

is internationally recognized as the<br />

global benchmark for<br />

sustainability.<br />

The DGNB System is based on<br />

three fundamental factors:<br />

Life cycle assessment<br />

Holistic approach<br />

Emphasis on performance<br />




WHAT WE DO<br />

We work as subcontractors for the<br />

General constructor – Hellmich group –<br />

connect all subcontractors' solutions in<br />

one BIM model, with the support of<br />

consultants and experts involved in the<br />

project to come to the desired result.<br />

Modelling architectural part<br />

Modelling concrete structures<br />

Coordination of electrical and mechanical models<br />

Coordination and clash detection between disciplines<br />


All Ržišnik Perc solutions are designed with the customers’ success in mind. We strive to build<br />

long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships rather than focus on short-term business.<br />

Integrated design and construction management relies on the interdisciplinary and collaborative<br />

efforts of all parties involved on every stage of design, construction and operation.<br />



T H E M O S T D E M A N D I N G P A R T O F T H E P R O J E C T<br />

The architectural model is the basis for all<br />

other disciplines, that is why it is the most<br />

demanding and responsible part of work.<br />

If something goes wrong in the<br />

architectural model, the cost of changes is<br />

too high, as it affects every other project<br />

party.<br />

The very first challenge is that another<br />

company did the initial project. From the<br />

time of submission of the conceptual<br />

design, a lot of changes happened, that<br />

have to be implemented in a new design.<br />

One of the significant modifications was a<br />

complete change of the structural schema<br />

- from the precast concrete system to a<br />

monolithic type. High demand on the<br />

market for prefabricated concrete panels<br />

did not allow the construction to be<br />

finished on time.<br />

The architectural model is in Revit based<br />

on the template and according to the<br />

investor standard. The model of LOD 350<br />

will be delivered at the end of the detailed<br />

design phase.<br />


Our role is to provide formwork and<br />

reinforcement shop drawings first to the<br />

proofer for verification and then directly<br />

to the construction site.<br />

The main challenge is the high speed of<br />

changes (change in the construction<br />

type, architectural plans or MEP systems).<br />



One of the peculiarities of this project is<br />

the high groundwater level. In<br />

collaboration with other structural teams<br />

taking part in the project, our structural<br />

engineers implemented a solution for a<br />

waterproofed connection of the existing<br />

building concrete structure to the new.<br />

The solution for the construction of a<br />

waterproof concrete foundation slab was<br />

implemented in the project. The problem<br />

solved there was a high heat release<br />

during the hardening process that could<br />

cause concrete cracking in large areas.<br />

Also, based on the preliminary design and<br />

calculations provided by Hellmich, our<br />

structural team developed the Vierendeel<br />

beam for eight meters-long cantilever.<br />

The main challenge in this project is<br />

the high speed of changes<br />

An additional level of complexity was<br />

added by the fact that construction<br />

started before the design phase was<br />

finished. That is why, all the changes that<br />

are happening, are important to<br />

implement and communicate with other<br />

participants as soon as possible.<br />

Apart from the fast velocity of work<br />

demanded, we have structural puzzles to<br />

solve in this project.<br />



C R U C I A L P O I N T S O F M E P I N T E G R A T I O N<br />

Integrating MEP model with the structural and<br />

architectural solutions is a sensitive task. Some of<br />

the crucial points that need consideration for<br />

MEP BIM integration include – space allocation<br />

during the design phase, fulfilling spatial<br />

requirements for MEP systems and individual<br />

equipment etc. Even though we are not the main<br />

MEP systems designer, we play a substantial role<br />

in coordinating them all in one model.<br />

We collect drawings and models in different<br />

formats from 4 design companies. The goal is to<br />

coordinate them between each other and<br />

architectural and structural parts, as well as<br />

provide an optimal solution for the building. That<br />

is all while constant changes in design are<br />

happening and construction of the building is<br />

ongoing.<br />




Project coordination and clash detection are<br />

critical parts of the integrated BIM design<br />

process. At this point, all the inconsistencies and<br />

problems are coming out. It is a necessary<br />

process because several models are integrated<br />

into one BIM model. In the case of the current<br />

project, the high complexity of the systems and<br />

a big number of participants could cause<br />

multiple bigger and smaller mistakes,<br />

discovered only during the construction.<br />

More than 20 different design companies are<br />

involved in this project. They all use different<br />

software and must be coordinated in the same<br />

model to avoid all possible conflicts during<br />

construction. We coordinate in Navisworks and<br />

communicate weekly with all project teams.<br />


Accurate engineering design<br />

documentation<br />

Fewer iterations during the construction<br />

phase<br />

Better coordination and collaboration<br />

between teams<br />

A streamlined and integrated approach<br />


P R O T I M R Ž I Š N I K P E R C<br />

Protim is an independent consulting and design<br />

company that guides clients through all phases of<br />

construction, from the first designs to the final<br />

construction of the facility and optimization of<br />

operations. We advise the investor, represent him in<br />

negotiations with contractors, ensure transparency of<br />

procedures and bear full professional responsibility in<br />

all phases of the project.<br />

Our own personnel provides integrated management of<br />

expert, technical and organizational tasks given by the<br />

demanding investment processes. On investors´ behalf,<br />

we take care of coordination, optimization and<br />

supervision of the investment process, which is brought<br />

about as a result of unambiguously defined<br />

responsibilities of all participants. A constant<br />

information flow proves essential here, which sets the<br />

conditions for wise and timely decision-making.<br />

Significant time and, primarily, cost savings and the<br />

achieved quality of an optimized construction are the<br />

products of our project management approach that<br />

creates added value.<br />


H E L L M I C H<br />

The Hellmich Group covers the entire value chain of<br />

services in the construction and real estate sector. For<br />

more than three decades, their main focus has been on<br />

the classic general contractor business. In this area,<br />

Hellmich is primarily active in large-scale projects in<br />

the retail, logistics, industrial and hotel sectors.<br />

W I L O G R O U P<br />

<strong>Wilo</strong> is a premium supplier of pumps and pump<br />

systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning,<br />

water supply and wastewater disposal around the<br />

world. The extensive product portfolio ranges from<br />

high-efficiency pumps designed for houses, apartment<br />

blocks and public and commercial buildings, via special<br />

pumps, agitators and wastewater treatment solutions<br />

for water management, to specific products and<br />

solutions for industrial applications or flood control.<br />


Protim Ržišnik Perc d.o.o.<br />

Poslovna cona A 2<br />

SI-4208 Šenčur<br />

protim@r-p.si<br />


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