The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 10

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ISSUE 10 | JAN - FEB 2019

Described as “The next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,

The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. The Luxury

Network is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

The Luxury Network’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.


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Interior Design _ Exterior Achille Salvagni Design _ Architetti Stefano Righini

Interior Design _ Carlo Galeazzi

Exterior Design _ Stefano Righini

Interior Design _ Achille Salvagni Architetti

La Dolce Vita 3.0

Advanced Yachting Experience

La Dolce Vita 3.0

Advanced Yachting Experience

A brand of AZIMUT BENETTI Group



A brand of AZIMUT BENETTI Group

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A Message

From The Editor

Dear Valued Readers,

The year 2018 has been amazingly filled with luxurious and successful unique partnerships for us. To begin this

new year 2019, we are delighted to share with you the success of our global members and the whole The Luxury


The Luxury Network welcomed new members along to the group and we are hopeful that the year 2019 would

promise an exciting and wealthy year, with bountiful collaborations and limitless opportunities.

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to announce that The Luxury Network Magazine has bagged double

awards at the MPAS and APPA 2018: the Business/Professional Media of the Year award (online) and the Luxury

Media of the Year award (online). The Asia-Pacific Publishing Awards (APPA) and Media Publishers Association

Singapore (MPAS) Awards 2018 concluded in Singapore, held in One Farrer Hotel Grand Ballroom on Thursday,

8 November 2018.

We thank you for supporting The Luxury Network Magazine all throughout the

year 2018 and we will be more committed to finding ways to keep our publication

informative and interesting to satisfy our readers worldwide. From everyone at

The Luxury Network, we wish you a fantastic New Year.


Fares Ghattas

Global CEO,

The Luxury Network International


The Luxury Network International Magazine



ISSUE 10 | Jan - Feb 2019











Branche Landscapes

Luxury Chalets feat. Hot Tubs

MS Europa 2

TLN Singapore Evening of Indulgence

Rocco Forte Luxury Talk

TLN Lebanon Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Dinner

TLN Australia Drive Day

Vimed Cell

TLN UAE at The Heart of Europe

TLN International Magazine Wins Awards

39 42


Sir Michael Hill garden from our book: "Gardens of the Greats: Expression of Extraordinary People".

A garden is a reflection of who we are and gives us the inspiration to live a fulfilled life.

As Sir Michael Hill says ‘A garden creates harmony and balance in one’s life, and who does

not want that? But one needs to have an open heart and be open to feelings to get that.’

We create gardens that tell your story and are a partnership, a synergy of your aspirations

with our expertise.


+64 800 868 100



94 100

111 112 114

Exceptional leisure

spaces by 12 hay hill

Set in an imposing, six-storey building at the heart of

the most coveted postcode in Britain, 12 Hay Hill has

pioneered ‘club-working’ as a modern way to do business.

Conceived as a private members’ club for business, it is

the first to provide businesspeople with a high-specification

curated environment in which to meet, entertain,

base their enterprise and conduct business

alongside exceptional leisure space and five-star service.

In an age where technology is increasingly blurring

the line between work and leisure, it modernises

the very British concept of the private members’ club

as a hive of activity as well as leisure.

Its fast-growing membership comprises a diverse

community of industry leaders, influencers and innovators.

From finance to fashion, the club prides itself

on being a hub of inspiration where ideas are born and

nurtured, deals are signed and business excels and





Story and tradition

of the wine that

touches the sky

Childhood scents and sensations remain indelibly

imprinted in the human brain, and their

evocative power is as strong as the emotions

accompanying them.

Thus, it happens that the scent of a wine can

rekindle in people's hearts the romanticism of

past loves and experiences, in the melancholy of

what is no longer there, and in the hope of what

may still be. When Alberto Verde, founder of

Italian boutique winery Drengot uncorks his

bottle of Scalillo, he smiles, with his eyes lost in

a journey through time that brings him back to

when he was a child and ran through his grandfather's

vineyards. « This scent – he says - contains

what I was and what I am today. The song

of a muse you don't know and from whom you

can't escape, who speaks directly to your heart

and overwhelms you. It is this scent that has

dragged me here again, in my land of origin. ».

He spent his childhood helping his grandfather

to take care of his family's vineyards, immersed

in the breeziness and authenticity of a harsh

territory, that at the same time is generous in

giving itself unreservedly.

After that, Alberto leaves his own land, and chooses

to go far away to be able to start his projects

as an entrepreneur. But that insistent thought

never leaves him - the family vineyards and the

priceless treasure of a tradition that is likely to


«"I had been away from Aversa for several years

- says Alberto - my commitments, my job kept

me busy. Then, one day, I came back to visit my

family. It had been a very good year for Asprinio

and I went down to my grandfather's cellar to

see the fruits of a particularly favorable harvest.

There, the scent of Asprinio enveloped me. It

penetrated my mind and went down, straight to

my heart, making me feel a warmth and an

emotion that I hadn’t felt for a long time. In a

moment I saw myself as a child again. Me running

among the vines, during the wonderful


feast of the harvest, which here is sacrifice and

sharing. I heard my grandfather's words as he

told me about the importance of the various

phases of the cultivation of the vines. And at a

certain point I realised. Everyone had to be

able to experience such real and strong sensations.

Everyone had to know that priceless

treasure that waits patiently and opens up in

a silent and dark tuff cellar. The Drengot

adventure had officially begun in my mind.».

After that experience, Alberto decides to leave

everything and return to Aversa. He courageously

took over the reins of the family business

and renamed the old cellar with the

name of Drengot. The choice of such an

important name is deliberate: it refers to the

house of Rainulph, a Norman nobleman who

lived in the year one thousand, founder and

first count of Aversa. It is a message: starting

again from the roots to give strength and

vigour to a rare and precious product.

In starting up his business, Alberto makes a

specific choice: not to make compromises.

Asprinio is a white grape variety that has a

unique taste and organoleptic characteristics,

which depend precisely on the process of

ancient cultivation that, by now, almost no

one chooses to carry on.

For the high cost in terms of sacrifices and

work in the maintenance of the vineyards.

The Asprinio vines, in fact, have the peculiar

characteristic of developing in height, at 15-20

meters above the ground, "married" to poplar


This particular cultivation technique has very

specific effects. In terms of product quality

and plant care and management. It is an

ancient vocation that is very complicated to

manage and difficult to sustain in the modern

management of the vineyard. In fact, the average

harvesting costs are of at least three times

more than a normal harvest.

The grapes of Asprinio must be strictly

hand-picked. Only expert farmers are able to

carry out this operation. Each of them uses a

wooden ladder, the "Scalillo", about 15 meters

long and custom-built on a human scale. The

distance between the rungs, in fact, is calculated

on the basis of the height and weight of

the individual farmer, to allow him to climb

easily along the tall rows and have his hands

free to pick the bunches of grapes. The care of

the vineyards also requires the same commitment:

each farmer carries out the pruning by

hand, on the Scalillo. This results in the typical

"embroidery" of the vines and the binding of

the shoots. Only the Asprinio can lend itself to

this particular cultivation technique and, for

obvious reasons, there are only a few hectares

cultivated following the most ancient traditions

and very few people able to take care of


For this reason, it is possible to obtain a limited

number of bottles of pure Asprinio that

meet the right standards of quality, purity and


Each year, Drengot produces only about 7,000

bottles of Scalillo and 13,000 bottles of Terramasca.

That's why Drengot wines are exclusive

products that are hard to find.

Each bottle is a precious jewel to which this

unique and spectacular type of cultivation

gives birth. An environmental and cultural

heritage that Drengot has imposed itself to

protect and revive.


First Class Service at the Touch of a Button

First Class Service at the Touch of Button

Instantly connecting clients and staff for




and reliable



and staff for

discreet and reliable communication.

+44 (0) 20 8381 1338 • solutions@call-systems.com • www.call-systems.com

+44 (0) 20 8381 1338 solutions@call-systems.com www.call-systems.com

Private Residences

Private Residences



Private Members Clubs

Private Members Clubs

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality

Luxury Accommodations

Luxury Accommodations


Constantly breaking new ground in our quest for

excellence, De Dietrich is proud to present horiZone

Play. You can now be an expert by using a singe hob

for multiple different cooking methods, giving you

unprecedented taste sensations.

http://www.asia.de-dietrich.com/ DeDietrichAsia DeDietrich_Asia


Creators of luxury travel experiences and personalised concierge services

Let our travel

concierge guide

you to your next


Luxury travel concierge service for private and corporate clients

24/7 concierge support

Award winning agency

0844 809 0917 | +447974 479931






Natura Bissé Spa at The Village, Westfield London,

was born with a clear objective in mind: to

offer clients a complete and immersive Natura

Bissé experience. Every detail of this avant-garde space

dedicated to wellness and skincare has been designed

to convey the essence of the brand: from expertise and

results to luxury, sophistication and a five-star Forbes

accredited service.

Created by the Spanish architect Juan Trias de Bes, and

inspired by the brand’s Spanish roots, the interior design

is all about Mediterranean luxury and features noble

materials and warm colors reflecting Natura Bissé’s

commitment to quality and excellence.

Located in The Village, the luxury shopping area within

the Westfield London shopping center, which is now

the largest shopping mall in Europe, this new spa has a

total of 340 m2 distributed in different areas. A beautifully

designed Mediterranean oasis of absolute serenity

designed for visitors to immerse themselves in the

brand and enjoy results driven treatments and experience

the world renowned skincare products.

Natura Bissé Spa at The Village has three treatment

rooms, which each benefit from 99.9% pure air, free of

polluting particles, where customers can enjoy a wide

variety of luxurious and innovative facial and body protocols

to beautify and balance body and mind. The skincare

consultation area will offer bespoke skin diagnoses

and product recommendations. Natura Bissé has created

a complete menu of services that also includes a new

exclusive treatment developed especially for this new

spa location and The Village luxury shopper. The spa is

available for private hire for special events and beauty

gatherings and the world famous Natura Bisse bubble is

also available for treatments.


Veronica Fisas, CEO of the Natura Bissé company and daughter of the founder of the company, Ricardo Fisas,

said of the launch, scheduled for December 2018 : ”This first stand-alone spa represents a key milestone for

the company and an important step to consolidate our international expansion. We are delighted to open in

Westfield London, which we believe to be a hub for the global shopper and international traveler to London.

As the only spa in this retail destination we feel that customers come to Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield because

their malls provide the best retail experience. As a company, we want to be where like-minded brands understand

the consumer of tomorrow and know how to stay ahead of the commercial curve”

Keith Mabbet, Director or Leasing UK/Italy, Unibail-Rodamco-Rodamco-Westfield comments: “We’re very

exited that luxury skincare brand Natura Bissé will open its first global stand-alone spa at Westfield London

later this year. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen a staggering 62% increase in spend on health and beauty,

and well-being trends continue to prove hugely popular with our visitors. he new Natura Bissé Spa in he

Village, which itself was the first luxury precinct for any UK shopping centre, creates yet another unique

experience for our shoppers to enjoy.”



Become a Diplomatic Council member








At London & Capital, our partners play a key role

in looking after our clients and their investments.

Arrange an introduction

To speak to a member of the team please call

T +44 (0) 207 396 3200 or

send an email to invest@londonandcapital.com


Issued by London and Capital Asset Management Limited (LCAM). LCAM is authorised and regulated by the: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),

12 Endeavour Square, Stratford, London E20 1JN. FCA firm reference number: 143286. Registered in England (No. 02112588)

LET US MAKE A commitment TO


Cocooned in 265 acres of beautifully manicured fairways

set against the dramatic backdrop of the Dubai skyline, Address

Mongomerie, a luxury golf resort, is where weddings vibrantly

come alive. From stellar venues and exquisite cuisine to breathtaking

photo opportunities, this is where celebrations, whether

modern or traditional, turn into memories that last… forever.






Powerful. Beautiful. The master of its domain.

No two Rolls-Royce Phantoms are the same.

Your Phantom is One of One.

Unique has no rival

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Singapore

Eurokars Group of Companies

29 Leng Kee Road, Singapore, 159099

Tel: +65 6475 3113


Making real estate an

art form since 1938

Kay & Burton is a real estate agency that has turned

marketing homes into an art form, bringing the perfect

balance of service and expertise to every property in our care.

Located in Melbourne, Australia and established in 1938,

Kay & Burton has evolved into the progressive agency it

is today by staying at the forefront of property and digital

marketing technology.

@kayandburton | #YourHomeOurArt

South Yarra | +61 3 9820 1111

Armadale | +61 3 9086 1111

Hawthorn | +61 3 8862 8001

Brighton | +61 3 9592 6522

Portsea | +61 3 5984 4744

Sorrento | +61 3 5984 4744

Redhill | +61 3 5989 1000

Finders | +61 3 5989 1000









Sky Sports Golf Commentator and Former Pro-Golfer,

John E. Morgan is set to bring his expertise to the

only golf course in the Maldives from 15 to 28 February


Maldives, – Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives,

is delighted to announce its partnership with Sky

Sports golf commentator and former pro-golfer, John

E. Morgan, for a two week residency from 15 to 28 February

2019. John, who has played alongside legends including

Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Fred Couples, is

well known for his participation in the Open Championships,

European Tour and PGA Tour. The talented golfer

will be teaching guests during the two week residency

and sharing his expertise on how to strike a hole in one

in this paradisiacal setting.

The Golf Residency with John E. Morgan at Shangri-La’s

Villingili Resort & Spa has been designed for golf enthusiasts

of all levels and ages to enjoy whilst on property.

Guests can take advantage of the resort’s impressive

nine-hole, par three and four golf course. Nestled

on seven and a half hectares of land at the southern

end of Villingili Island, the course is the only one of its

kind in the Maldives and has been designed with coconut-palms

lining the fairways and stimulating challenges

and vistas throughout. Guests are invited to perfect

their technique through group classes and one-on-one

sessions where John will share both his expertise and

love of the sport.

Fun tournaments and activities will be hosted throughout

the two week residency, including Beat the Pro

sessions during which guests are invited to try to hit

a drive closer to the hole than John, albeit with him

using only one hand. Golf enthusiasts also stand the

chance of winning the first-ever Mount Villingili Challenge

by competing to strike a fish food golf ball into

the turquoise azures of the Indian Ocean the furthest.

Afterwards, guests can celebrate with a tailored Dine by

Design experience atop Mount Villingili, toasting their

golfing triumphs as they admire tropical views of the

golf course and ocean beyond.


Commenting on his upcoming residency, John said:

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to

paradise and share my love of golf with guests at the

renowned Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa. I’m looking

forward to helping seasoned players improve their

game and to introducing beginners to the sport, perhaps

for the very first time. There will be lots of fun

events taking place over the two weeks which I’m sure

guests will enjoy!”

Other activities available at Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort

& Spa include tennis, diving, snorkeling, coral planting,

Maldivian night fishing and exploring the neighbouring

islands and local village communities by bike.

The partnership with John E. Morgan is part of the ongoing

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa “Masters in

Residence” programme, intended to bring experts from

around the world in the fields of arts, sports, wellness,

to name a few. This platform provides guests with the

opportunity to engage with a scope of Masters of the

world, in one of the most idyllic settings. Previous Masters

include Royal Ballet trained dancer, Karis Scarlette,

celebrity personal trainer and fitness influencer, Faisal

Abdalla, meditation and mindfulness expert, Jody

Shields, former multiple Grand Slam winner and former

number-one tennis player, Jim Courier and the highly

regarded marine biologist and underwater photographer,

Uli Kunz. The resort also runs a training programme

in partnership with LUX Tennis to offer guests

personalised private tennis lessons and discovery sessions

with qualified and experienced tennis professionals.

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa will be welcoming

internationally acclaimed Zumba master, Steve

Boedt, during the upcoming festive season.

Guests can book the Stay & Play with John E. Morgan

package which starts from US$920++ (approx. £700) per

person/night, including:

• One on One personalised golf session with John E.

Morgan for 45 minutes

• Two golf workshops with John E. Morgan – one hour

group sessions

• One beat the pro session with John E. Morgan – one

hour group session

• Tea & Tee – A round of golf for two persons, followed

by an afternoon tea at the golf course

• One Dine by Design experience for two persons on

Mount Villingili, the highest summit in the Maldives,

overlooking the golf course, including wine pairing

• A 60 minute Golf massage – A Deep Tissue Acupressure

Massage, stimulating specific points to improve

blood circulation, help relieve muscle knots and pain, as

well as increase range of motion.

• Yoga session with Master Dr. Pooja, perfect for stretching

muscle after a round of golf

• Daily breakfast buffet at Javvu restaurant

Available from 15 – 28 February 2019 over a minimum

stay of five nights. Terms & conditions apply.

For more information and reservation:

Tel: +960 689 7888, slmd@shangri-la.com



Escape Every Day

Enduring but timeless, every COAST bag is hand-made in New Zealand using the highest

quality fabrics and components, including Sunbrella ® brand fabric and waxed cotton.

COAST invite you to view their range of canvas luggage, luxury beanbags, natural textiles

and leather accessories online and at our exclusive retailers across the country.


coastnewzealand.com Telephone +64 9 354 4552


Life One Degree Better

With the largest selection of yachts for charter

in Singapore at your fingertips, planning your dream

destination has never been easier.











+65 6305 9676 sales@one15life.com

#01-01, 11 Cove Drive, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497


Sir Michael Hill garden from our book: "Gardens of the Greats: Expression of Extraordinary People".

A garden is a reflection of who we are and gives us the inspiration to live a fulfilled life.

As Sir Michael Hill says ‘A garden creates harmony and balance in one’s life, and who does

not want that? But one needs to have an open heart and be open to feelings to get that.’

We create gardens that tell your story and are a partnership, a synergy of your aspirations

with our expertise.


+64 800 868 100


Selamlique Istanbul is distributed in Qatar by International Foodstuff Group (IFG)

Email: selamlique@ifg.com.qa Mobile: +974 6674 9933 Tel: +974 4037 3287

Firefly Collection

Luxury chalets

featuring hot tubs

with stunning views

Chalet No 14, Verbier

Chalet No. 14 has undergone a

multi-million-pound transformation

by its current owner into

a chic and contemporary luxury ski

chalet, styled by London’s leading

interior designers. You’ll find handmade

bespoke furniture, beautifully

finished Italian stone bathrooms

and a stylish 10m swimming pool.

The crowning glory is the decked

terrace, where you can relax in the

hot tub, sip champagne and take in

the spectacular view.

Chalet N, Lech

A truly 6* residence with a 6* view,

Chalet N is perched proudly above

the sophisticated Austrian resort

of Lech and overlooks the villages

of Oberlech and Lech in the valley

below. Soothe tired legs in the stylish

sunken hot tub on the terrace

whilst you admire the towering

snow-covered mountain peaks.

Inside this luxury ski-in chalet is

an extensive dedicated spa with a

swimming pool, two saunas, a hammam,

plunge pools and more. With

such outstanding spa facilities and

a large team of dedicated staff,

Chalet N is the ultimate relaxation



Chalet M, Morzine

Perched high above Morzine, Chalet

M is a luxury ski chalet designed

to exploit its extremely enviable location.

As you lie back in your hot

tub you can enjoy a fantastic view

over the whole of Morzine as well

as the slopes of Pleney and Nyon.

The terrace is large and has a fire

pit to keep you warm once you

are out of the hot tub so you can

continue soaking up that view all

evening. This luxury chalet in Morzine

also has a sauna, hydrotherapy

shower and a massage treatment


Chalet Mont Tremblant, Meribel

Set in a large garden close to the

centre of Meribel, Chalet Mont

Tremblant has the ultimate outdoor

space to relax, surrounded

by tree-covered mountains. The

sunken hot tub is elevated above

the rest of the deck and swimming

pool, maximising your vantage

point over the trees and rooftops.

The outdoor swimming pool allows

you the same view whilst you

wind down with a few post-skiing

lengths. This luxury ski chalet in

Meribel also has a hammam and

massage area for the ultimate relaxation




Chamois Lodge, Courchevel 1650

This luxury ski-in/ski-out chalet

in Courchevel 1650 enjoys magnificent

slope views from the hot tub.

Relax in the bubbles with a glass

of champagne as you watch skiers

shoot past with rocky peaks and

tree dotted hills beyond. If you feel

like staying dry, the same view can

be enjoyed from the balcony above.

There are further spa facilities inside,

including a sauna and massage

treatment room.




(REF. 616)



PANERAI.COM • 800 -726 3724

Hotel de Rome, Berlin

Munich, The Charles Spa


Irene Forte Skincare is founded by Irene

Forte, beauty entrepreneur and wellness

director of the Rocco Forte Hotels group.

Passionate about wellness and leading a

healthy lifestyle, Irene is a fresh voice in the

wellness and spa industry.

Her family originates from Italy and she has

spent a lot of time there since a very young

age. She first stepped foot in Sicily in 2003

to visit the site that would soon become

Rocco Forte’s Verdura Resort. Six years

later, the resort opened its doors and Irene

spent almost a year working there. She fell

in love with the people, the culture, the food

and the breath-taking nature of the island.

Irene realised that Sicily’s rich ingredients

and the bounty of Verdura’s organic farm

made for the perfect base for a skincare

line. Inspired by Sicily’s authenticity and

beautiful nature, she knew she wanted to

create a nutritious skincare line that was

sustainable in its entire life cycle. She was

also influenced by Sicilian handicrafts,

wanting to ensure that her products were

hand-manufactured and that her treatments

focussed on the power of touch.

Irene has worked closely with Dr. Francesca

Ferri of EffegiLab and her team of biologists

and dermatologists in Trento, Italy. After

three years in development, she has launched

a range of highly advanced formulas, using

the finest Mediterranean and organic

ingredients. Irene Forte Skincare is a

multi-benefit, natural and sustainable

skincare brand, inspired by Sicily and

handmade in Italy. It is the Mediterranean

diet for your skin.

The line is imbued with active ingredients

grown on the organic farm at Rocco Forte

Hotels’ Verdura Resort – organic olive

oil, nuts, plants, herbs, fruits and flora –

compounded with oligomineral water from

Sicily’s mountainous Madonie Regional

Natural Park. With recyclable glass, 100%

recycled paper, vegetable and soya based

inks, Irene Forte Skincare is sustainable in

its entire lifecycle.

Irene Forte Skincare is free from skinunfriendly

parabens, paraffins, colourants,

sodium laureth sulfate and abrasive

fragrances. Expect natural, vegetarian

ingredients, innovative formulas and deeply

effective, targeted results.

All skincare products are available at


Frankfurt, Villa Spa




Rocco Forte Wellness addresses complete

enrichment and unity of physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual health – together,

a Forte Life – fusing proven, pioneering

science and technology with inherited

wisdom and an affinity with nature across

Rocco Forte Spas, Nourish and Fitness.

All Rocco Forte Spas are inspired by the

Mediterranean heritage and Rocco Forte

Hotels’ Verdura Resort. Rocco Forte Spas

merge Irene Forte Skincare, mindful

design, multi-seasoned healing techniques

and signature spa treatments for a truly

restorative experience.

More information:


Berlin, De Rome Spa




Villa Spa is the perfect place to escape

the hustle and bustle of the city. A team

of highly qualified therapists provide

effective and luxurious face and body

treatments, using the finest products

of Irene Forte Skincare. The four level

spa has an beautiful outdoor courtyard

garden, eight treatment rooms

including one double treatment suite, a

beauty salon, a 15 metre indoor pool, a

jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna, a steam room, a

relaxation suite, a state-of-the-art gym

with the latest Technogym equipment

and a fitness studio.

Villa Spa

Kennedyallee 70

60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tel +49 69 717 12-1160




The Charles Spa is the ultimate urban

spa experience. The retreat in the heart

of the city is an oasis to calm down and

relax. Enjoy an array of treatments,

tailored to individual needs, and carried

out by expert therapists. Choose from

the Irene Forte Skincare treatments,

facial and body treatments or massages

inspired from different parts of the

world. Swim in the 15 metre long

pool, relax in the Finnish sauna and

aromatherapy steam bath or exercise

in the gym with the latest Technogym


The Charles Spa

Sophienstrasse 28

80333 Munich, Germany

Phone +49 89 544 555-1160




De Rome Spa was once a vault where

jewels and gold were stored. Walking

into this secret gem induces instant

relaxation and serenity. The team of

highly qualified therapists provides

effective luxurious face and body

treatments, using also the new products

of Irene Forte Skincare. It’s the perfect

place to escape the pace of city life with

its six treatment rooms, a relaxation

area, the 20 metre indoor pool, a Finnish

sauna, a aromatherapy steam room, the

state-of-the-art gym and its seasonal

rooftop terrace.

De Rome Spa

Behrenstrasse 37

10117 Berlin, Germany

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The EUROPA 2 combines the highest standards with special

moments and relaxation, giving you the freedom to make your

dreams come true – in style, relaxed and personal.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is the oldest cruise line in the world, yet it’s unlikely

you’ve ever heard of the company, or its ship EUROPA 2, which has held

the title ‘world’s highest-rated ship’ every year since its launch. So, what

is it that makes this Hamburg-based cruise line the best kept secret in

the world of cruising? We chatted with its International Brand Ambassador

Jonathan Beaumont to find out.

Jonathan, why haven’t we heard more about

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises before?

Well up until a few years ago it was only operating cruises for

the German speaking markets but that changed six years

ago when its first international ship EUROPA 2 was launched.

Hapag- Lloyd Cruises’ founder Albert Ballin actually invented

the concept of cruising back in 1891, so the cruise line has

been doing this for a while now!

EUROPA 2 is a German cruise ship so what can people


I say to people think of all the good things Germany is

known for, German engineering, precision, design, attention

to detail, that’s what you get with its flagship EUROPA 2.

Why do we buy German cars, kitchens and appliances?

Because we know they’re the best. With EUROPA 2 you’ll find

the very best that Germany has to offer on board.


Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH,

Ballindamm 25, 20095 Hamburg, Germany,



Free phone: 08000 513829

(English-speaking hotline)

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What did you do onboard that’s different from other lines?

We wanted to create a space that was more like a contemporary

boutique hotel rather than a cruise ship. Everywhere

you go you’ll notice how much light and space there is. The

ship feels stylish and elegant in a very modern way. We also

worked to make sure the ship never feels full even when it is.

What language is spoken on board?

EUROPA 2 is a bilingual ship and all crew speak both German

and English fluently. In fact, most of the guests do too. I know

people have often wondered if they’re going to be able to

mix with people on board and then are surprised to find we

attract a very well-travelled clientele who love nothing

more than switching into English for a good chat. All staff

members have to be fluent in English.

Cruising tends to fall into two camps, those who do cruise

and those who vow they never will. How do you reach

those who say cruising is just not for them?

It’s a good question and one the entire cruise industry keeps

asking! The fact is most who do take a cruise love it and

then continue to do it but it’s important to do your research

and choose the right ship. I think it’s fair to say most of our

guests are not those who would do just any cruise, they

cruise with us because what we do is very different. Our

guests are very varied in their holiday choices and they

might do a two-week cruise with us in the spring, rent

a villa in Tuscany in the summer and then ski in Gastaad

in the winter. They’re well-travelled and very cultured.

A lot of cruise lines in the ultra-luxury sector have switched

over to the all-inclusive model where everything is included

in the price. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises don’t offer this. Why is


It’s not for us. We attract the type of clientele who want to

be able to order a bottle of Château Mouton-Rothschild and

who don’t mind paying for it, so we want to give them that

choice. We have one of the largest wine and spirit collections

at sea ranging from around 20 euros a bottle to 1,000 euros

so there really is something for everyone and we carry over

40 varieties of gin on board.

What about destinations, where does EUROPA 2 cruise to?

Everywhere! No two years are the same. EUROPA 2 traverses

the world and we are always looking for emerging destinations

which we can build into our itineraries plus being a small

ship we are able to visit places larger ships cannot.

What makes EUROPA 2 special for you?

For a luxury ship I love that it’s so casual, yet so chic on

board. We don’t do formal nights but guests do make an

effort to look nice for dinner. I love the caviar nights that

are held on every cruise. Then there are the little things that

happen quite spontaneously that really leave you with special

memories such as the time we were cruising off the coast of

Brazil and the captain saw a couple of small fishing boats.

It turns out they had just made a huge catch, so the head

chef and the hotel manager took boats out to see them and

bought everything! It was so wonderful to see them jumping

up and down with excitement. Then there was the time we

were cruising in the British Virgin Islands and we dropped

anchor at this tiny island with the most beautiful beach. The

ship organised a party with free-flowing champagne and

a barbecue and there was a band playing as we swam. The

year before last I finally managed to cruise into New York

on the transatlantic voyage and seeing Manhattan appear

in the distance like a tiny dot just getting bigger and bigger

was really exciting. The ship had flown in a band from New

York and as we entered they started playing New York, New

York and the champagne corks started popping and people

were getting really emotional not just because we were

arriving into New York, but because the ship had made it

such a memorable event.

So, what’s next for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises?

Well 2019 is going to be a busy one for us. We have our two

new expedition ships being delivered, HANSEATIC nature in

April and for the international markets, HANSEATIC inspiration

in October. We were pioneers in the field of expedition cruising

and have seen a huge surge in those wanting to visit the Arctic

and Antarctic regions. They are certainly on my list to visit.


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The Beach House

New Zealand’s leading helicopter company Heletranz is

taking the classic summer beach day to the next level with

its Kawau Island Heli-Dining Package.

Be whisked away from the Heletranz Heliport and fly over

the clear blue waters of the Hauraki Gulf before landing at

Vivian Bay, where you’ll feel the sand between your toes as

you stroll to the best restaurant on the island – The Beach


On arrival at The Beach House, relax and let the day go by as

you enjoy sparkling wine and a three-course fine dining menu

in the boutique restaurant’s beautiful courtyard (or beside

the open fire in winter). The menu is carefully curated using

ingredients from the garden and local producers, providing

a dining experience that truly stimulates the senses.

With sea views from all angles and an intimate, stylish

setting among native bush, The Beach House is the perfect

place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with

no roads and no cars, just the sounds of birds and the sea.

Once thoroughly rejuvenated, you’ll board the luxurious

Heletranz helicopter to be transported back to reality.

For more information, visit heletranz.co.nz.



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Small Luxury Hotels of the

World (SLH) has announced

Canaves Oia Suites in Santorini,

Greece, as Hotel of the Year

at the SLH Awards 2018. A blissful

blend of island tradition and architectural

inspiration, the hotel has

been described as ‘very nearly perfect’

and is one of seventeen hotels

in SLH’s 500+ strong portfolio of

independently minded hotels that

were honoured with top distinctions

this year. The awards highlight

excellence in everything from

dreamy designs and breathtaking

suites, embracing social media, the

environment and the local community.


Villa Carlotta

Casa Angelina

Three new accolades were introduced

to the SLH Awards 2018 including

Dreamiest Design Hotel

which was won by Liostasi Hotel

& Suites in Greece, Most Independently

Minded Experience

which was awarded to Orania.Berlin

and Best Family-Friendly Hotel

which was discerned to Gaya Island

Resort in Malaysia.

Many of the categories were voted

for exclusively by members of

SLH’s loyalty programme, INVIT-

ED, and luxury travel agents. These

included The Sukhothai Shanghai

(City Hotel of the Year), Blanket Bay

in New Zealand (Country House

Hotel of the Year) and Canaves Oia

Suites (Resort Hotel of the Year),

which was then put forward for the

ultimate recognition by SLH’s panel

of experts – Hotel of the Year.

Meanwhile, Cap Rocat in Mallorca,

The Tokyo Station Hotel in Japan

and Porto Zante Villas & Spa

in Greece were all deemed by SLH

guests and agents to have the best

spa, restaurant and suites respectively,

and Casa Angelina Lifestyle

on the Amalfi Coast was voted Most

Romantic Retreat.

Member hotels were also invited

to submit entries to applaud their

own innovation and high levels of

service, judged by SLH’s panel of


• Ka’ana Resort in Belize received

the Caring Luxury Award based on

its outstanding green credentials,

its use of local amenities and its

contribution to the local community

through the creation of scholarship

funds, bathroom rehabilitation

projects and an environmental program

• Alvaro Herrera Gomez, Front Office

Manager at Hacidenda Zorita

Wine Hotel & Spa in Spain was

awarded the Hotel Hero Award, for

demonstrating bravery and dedication

to guests during difficult times

• Olive Boutique Hotel in Puerto

Rico received the Most Instagrammable

award based on its beautiful

Instagram (@theoliveexperience)

Abba Resorts Izu

Hacienda Zorita




Canaves Oia Suites

shots featuring accentuating blue

hues and neutral colours that perfectly

communicate the luxury feel

of the hotel

• Canaves Oia Hotel in Greece was

awarded Best Hotel Video for “Canaves

Oia —Where Time Stops”

showcasing a unique cinematic

style and engaging narrative that

depicts the hotel as a timeless holiday


SLH’s Mystery Inspectors also had

their say based on their experiences

whilst staying at each and

every one of SLH hotels over the

last twelve months, with Hotel Villa

Carlotta in Sicily coming out top

based on a combination of guest

reviews, inspection scores and

overall quality rating.

And finally, the annual award to

recognize a significant newcomer

to the SLH family this year was

designated to Domaine Misincu in

Corsica. Since opening in July 2017,

the hotel has received an unprecedented

level of interest, press coverage

and reservations.

Jean-Francois Ferret, CEO of Small

Luxury Hotels of the World said:

“As curators of the most individual,

intimate and intense hotel experiences

around the world, we

are delighted to celebrate these

exceptional hotels that showcase

our independently minded ethos in

such distinct, diverse and delightful


The full list of winners and shortlisted

finalists is as follows:

• Hotel of the Year

Canaves Oia Suites (Greece)

• City Hotel of the Year

The Sukhothai Shanghai (China)

Shortlisted Finalists – Le Narcisse

Blanc Hôtel & Spa (France); Nimb

Hotel (Denmark)

• Resort Hotel of the Year

Canaves Oia Suites (Greece)

Shortlisted Finalists – Stein Eriksen

Residences (USA); ABBA Resorts Izu


• Country House Hotel of the Year

Blanket Bay (New Zealand)


Stein Eriksen


Cap Rocat

Shortlisted Finalists – Les Sources

de Caudalie (France); The Fish (UK)

• Best Newcomer Hotel Award

Domaine Misincu (France)

Shortlisted Finalists – Cape Fahn

(Thailand); The Trident Hotel (Jamaica)

• Mystery Inspectors’ Excellence


Hotel Villa Carlotta (Italy)

Shortlisted Finalists – Sublime Samana

Hotel & Residences (Dominican

Republic); Hotel Villa Ducale


• Dreamiest Design Award

Liostasi Hotel & Suites (Greece)

Shortlisted Finalists – Hotel Lilla

Roberts (Finland); TwentySeven

Hotel (Netherlands)

Sublime Samana

• Hotel Hero Award

Alvaro Herrera Gomez, Hacienda

Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa (Spain)

Shortlisted Finalists – Marc Dobbels,

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa (St



• Caring Luxury Award

Ka’ana Resort (Belize)

Shortlisted Finalists – DasPosthotel

(Austria); Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok


• Best Gourmet Experience Award

The Tokyo Station Hotel (Japan)

Shortlisted Finalists – Pädaste

Manor (Estonia); The Dylan Amsterdam


• Best Hotel Video

Canaves Oia Hotel (Greece)

Shortlisted Finalists – Keemala (Thailand);

Carpe Diem Santorini (Greece)

• Most Instagrammable

Olive Boutique Hotel (Puerto Rico)

Shortlisted Finalists – Canaves Oia

Hotel (Greece); Keemala (Thailand)

• Most A-List Suite Experience

Porto Zante Villas & Spa (Greece)

Shortlisted Finalists – 137 Pillars

Suites Bangkok (Thailand); Villa

Spalletti Trivelli (Italy)

• Most Sensational Spa

Cap Rocat (Spain)

Shortlisted Finalists – Lefay Resort

& Spa Lago di Garda (Italy); Esperanza

Resort & Spa (Lithuania)

• Most Independently Minded Experience

Orania.Berlin (Germany)

Shortlisted Finalist – Minos Beach

Art Hotel (Greece)

• Most Romantic Retreat

Casa Angelina Lifestyle (Italy)

Shortlisted Finalists – Le Narcisse

The Sukhothai Shanghai

Blanc Hôtel & Spa (France); Baros

Maldives (Maldives)

• Most Family-Friendly Hotel

Gaya Island Resort (Malaysia)

Shortlisted Finalist – Nobu Hotel

Ibiza Bay (Spain)

For more information or to make a

booking visit www.slh.com or call

0800 0482 314.

Porto Zante Villas & Spa

The Fish


ALBA 1836

Italian Restaurant

since July 2014



Is waiting for you!


1 8 3 6


Italian Restaurant

fine food & wine

ALBA 1836 is an Italian

Fine Dining Restaurant

located in the heart of the

city, but nestled away in

the charm and tranquillity

of Duxton Hill.

Situated in an exquisite

white colonial building,

expect to find the definitive

of elegance coupled with

traditional Italian cuisine

and an innovative twist.

ALBA 1836 Restaurant • 28 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089610

www.alba1836.com.sg • +65 6222.2048 • alba@alba1836.com.sg

“It’s being able to enjoy an

exclusive sun terrace

with sea views and

a superior room”



Star Prestige has a wide range of benefits designed to offer guests

an exclusive experience at Iberostar hotels.

With Star Prestige, our guests will stay in superior rooms with

the best views and facilities. They are also granted access to private areas

such as sun terraces with open bar included; and they can also enjoy special

services like private check-in, late check-out or Premium Wi-Fi.

Enhance your Experience



Avcair Joins The Luxury Network Australia

Avcair Founder and CEO Michael Cooke is a 4th

generation pilot, making him part of Australia’s

oldest flying family. Michael’s Great Grandfather,

Lionel held the Licence #11 issued in Australia,

and with this Michael was destined to be born with the

jet fuel ingrained within him.

Avcair provides unsurpassed luxurious, private and

corporate jet travel, both national and internationally.

Avcair also prides itself on aircraft management, this

together being the holistic package for luxurious travel,

aircraft sales, acquisition and brokerage. Flying privately

with Avcair guarantees unrivaled comfort and

luxury. With the cohesive, dedicated and highly efficient

team, we can cater to your specific needs at a

very bespoke level. Our concierge service can arrange

all ground transportation, off-site clearances and the

ability to board minutes before take-off which ensures

efficient management of your time.

We are all about meticulous attention to detail. We

offer exceptional and individually personalised service

to our clients together with our commitment to

providing the greatest experience. This further translates

to the highest level of client safety, security and

reliability. With Avcairs’ culmination of passion, rich

history and aviation expertise we ensure our client’s

private aviation experience is exclusively first class.

We look forward to working together within the Network.




Spirit of the Sea

Joins The Luxury

Network Germany

The Luxury Network Germany is delighted to welcome

luxury yacht charter service Spirit of the

Sea to their elite members portfolio. Travelling

on your own yacht stands for utmost freedom and exclusivity.

Spirit of the Sea thrives to make this unique

experience as enjoyable and individual as possible for

their charter clients by offering a made-to-measure

“worry free” charter product.

Their long-standing history of their own charter experiences

combined with the realisation of the – sometimes

extravagant – requirements from their sophisticated

clientele qualifies Spirit of the Sea as a very

valuable partner for the discerning traveller who is

seeking excellent service.

“Services with the extra touch of finesse give the client

the important feeling to be perceived as an individuum.

After competent advice and detailed planning, the

guests of Spirit of the Sea will have the peace of mind

that – once they go on board – they will experience a

delightful time ahead according to their personal ideas

and preferences.

This is a priceless constellation which plays an increasing

role in the high-end sector to differ from the

competition. With their exciting product and philosophy

Spirit of the Sea will be an attractive co-operation

partner for our network members”, stated Silvia Herrmann,

CEO of The Luxury Network Germany.

“We are very proud and happy to be part of such an

important network and we are very much looking forward

to working together. It is our goal to extend the

spirit of very private, exclusive and highly individual

charter travels to more yachts in our inventory” added

Holm & Dirk Nehrig, Directors of Spirit of the Sea.

About Spirit of the Sea

Spirit of the Sea is a yacht charter service, based away

from the mass tourism in Croatia. With its 3 experienced

crew members (captain, chef and hostess) it offers

to its sophisticated clientèle in the high-end luxury

market segment not only an outstanding service

on board but also a large insider expertise and knowhow

along with various services during the individual

pre-planning of each tour. The Spirit of the Sea travel

experience starts for the guest already with the planning

and could include pick-up in a private jet if required.

Time out at its best by Spirit of the Sea!




World Famous

Italian Winery

Drengot Joins

The Luxury

Network Germany

The very unique wine maker Drengot with its long-standing history expands its reputation and brings it

closer to the German market. In the exclusive circle of The Luxury Network members club the company’s

philosophy will be shared in valuable co-operations and also endorsed to the members pre-selected top

clients of true connoisseurs. This fine rare wine in limited quantities of only 7000 bottles per year will exactly

meet with the expectations of a sophisticated clientèle and may be enjoyed the same as the wonderful sparkling

wine of the same provenience.

The fantastic story of this vineyard is part of the enjoyment of this outstanding product and sharing it in special

moments with special people will create unforgettable experiences. This is what the The Luxury Network and its

members are standing for,” comments Silvia Herrmann, CEO of The Luxury Network Germany.

“Being part of The Luxury Network is an honour, and certainly a source of inspiration to give life to important

projects and collaborations to help Asprinio achieve the acknowledgment it deserves, an exchange of value that

will undoubtedly allow us to forge longlasting and interesting partnerships. “adds Alberto Verde, Founder of


About Drengot

Drengot is a boutique winery based in Aversa, Southern Italy, that has chosen to be the guardian of an exceptional

territorial and cultural identity. Its mission is to make known to the whole world a unique product, made

by respecting a method of cultivation that has fallen almost into disuse: the “Alberate Aversane” (Aversa tree


The Asprinio vines are cultivated together with poplar trees. In this way, they extend their branches towards the

sky, managing to climb up to 15 meters high. It is there, at those altitudes, that the grapes ripen, embellishing

themselves with an unparalleled flavour and colour that only such a distance from the ground can give them.

The Aversa trellises are a spectacle of rare beauty: bright and elegant green tapestries embellish the landscapes

of the agro-aversano landscape. A scenario that cannot be admired anywhere else in the world.

The grape harvest and care are carried out exclusively by hand. Skilled winemakers, known by the name of

“spider-men”, climb on handmade wooden stairs. Each staircase is perfectly suited to the physicality of a single

winemaker. The distance of the pegs is calculated on the basis of the length of the leg, to allow the “spider-man”

to make the most agile movements, at dizzying heights.

Drengot wines are the result of an ancient art, handed down for centuries and are made using only Asprinio

grapes. For this reason, given the scarcity of vineyards cultivated according to tradition, it is possible to make

only a few bottles of pure Asprinio that meet the right standards of quality, purity and taste. This is why Drengot

wines are exclusive products that are difficult to find.

Today, Drengot has the responsibility to preserve a precious, centuries-old heritage and to donate to its consumers

wines that no one else has.




The VIP Sydney Joins

The Luxury Network Australia

The Luxury Network is delighted

to announce our newest

member, The VIP Sydney.

The VIP Sydney is recognised as

Sydney’s premiere contact for direct

access to Australia’s VIP lifestyle

services and personalised

packaged experiences.

From private jets, restaurant reservations

and personal chauffeurs,

through to helicopter journeys, gift

arrangements and everything in between,

there is no request too or

large or small for the VIP Sydney.

In the few short weeks that the VIP

Sydney have joined our network,

they are already working closely

with some of our members. These

include Spark Communications,

The Australian Turf Club and a

Touch of Spice who have reached

out to the VIP Sydney to provide

luxury and bespoke experiences for

their clients.

We are pleased to let you know that

as a benefit to all of TLN members,

The VIP Sydney is offering to waive

the initial concierge fee.

If you wish to learn more about the

VIP Sydney or about this great offer,

please contact Karim Gharbi at





Christie & Co, Luxury Property Concierge joins

The Luxury Network Australia

Christie & Co. Real Estate is

full service luxury property

concierge with offices based

in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne,

servicing investors globally with a

strong focus on interstate Australia,

China, Taiwan, Thailand, & Vietnam.

While we may be young, our team

operates with over 10 years combine

market experience, more than

$100 million in property sales, assistance

in over 100 project developments

and 350 private investors

portfolios managed with repeat

purchasers. With our outstanding

98% settlement rate you can be

confident in our teams guidance

tailored to each specific investor.

Our standards are always client expectation,

service and commitment.

While most agent service stops after

sale, our relationships are lifetime,

with continuing service through

every aspect of a clients property


Our established relationships within

the industry are unmatched, giving

investors direct access to Australia’s

leading developers, prestige projects,

builders, international property,

private lenders, and gratefully

now your brands.

Our recent successes have brought

forward many new ventures, one

of which we are most proud is our

new team of experts guiding high

net worth oversea investors seeking

SIV Migration visas for their

families and assisting with their

minimum $5 Million dollar economic

injection meant to create a

boost in the Australian economy.

Together with this network we hope

to achieve a larger sense of family

and trust.




Motorclassica Joins

The Luxury Network Australia

The Luxury Network Australia

is delighted to welcome it’s

latest member, Motorclassica

to The Luxury Network.

Motorclassica stands on the world’s

stage as Australasia’s largest and

most prestigious concours d’elegance

and exhibition of classic and

new exotic and prestige cars and

motorcycles. In this it’s 10th year,

Motorclassica draws an affluent

and engaged audience from around

Australia and abroad for three days

in celebration of the motoring lifestyle.

Hosted in the world heritage-listed

Royal Exhibition Building

and its surrounds, more than

500 vehicles mix with fine food and

wine, cinema, educational displays

and more than 100 trade exhibitors.

Key features for 2019 include the

annual outdoor club sandwich activation,

gourmet food and wine, VIP

Lounge, automotive auction, tributes

to Bentley, Alvis, Citroen and

Abarth and special guest ambassador,

Sandra Button, the Director of

the prestigious and world-leading

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

in California, USA.

For more information and bookings

visit www.motorclassica.com.au or

contact Event Director Paul Mathers

at pmathers@etf.com.au.





The Swiss-based leaders in cell therapy focused on

long-term health and wellness.

• Our clinic is situated in Germany (right on the border

of Switzerland and France) and is encircled by the natural

beauty and serenity of the Black Forest.

• We offer time-saving, safe, effective and pain-free

cell therapy for rejuvenation, anti-aging, detox, pain,

infertility and the treatment of chronic conditions.

• Our cell therapy treatments address the root cause

of health problems (at cell level) rather than treating

the symptoms.

• We believe that, just as it is important to invest in

your future financial security through investments

and retirement planning, it is essential to invest in

your long-term health to ensure that you maintain a

good standard of living for years to come.

• We have more than 40 years’ experience in cell therapy.

• Quality, safety, privacy and security are our priority.

• All of our senior medical experts have at least 25

years’ practical medical experience (excluding their

time in education and training).

• All of our doctors are German born, raised and educated

(with degrees from German universities).

• Our service combines the latest in cell therapy technology

and treatment approach with superior client


• Our clients are primarily ultra-high net worth

(UHNW) and high net worth (HNW) individuals who

network in political, royal, entertainment and business


What is the VIMED CELL experience?

The concept behind our boutique clinic is that only

patients who know each other are treated at the same

time. This means that a patient will never meet another

patient who is unknown to them at our clinic.

There are no waiting rooms, the days of a patient’s

consultation and treatment are reserved for them


• Patients can receive treatment in reasonably sized

groups of family or friends.

• Each patient will have a dedicated team serving them

over their entire treatment period. This eliminates any

communication or handover issues.

• Our approach is a holistic one. Our medical team have

a broad understanding of the human body rather than

limited knowledge of a particular medical subfield.

• Our medical staff are not placed under the same time

pressures as those working in public clinics and hospitals.

We spend as much time as necessary talking to

our patients about their concerns, health problems

and medical history for a greater understanding of

their unique case.

What is the standard procedure?

• We do not offer any standardised treatments.

• We look at every case as unique and formulate a

treatment programme to fit the needs of the individual


• Our treatments, which are valued between €25,000

and €50,000 are conducted over a period of 3 to 5

days depending on the therapy required.

Where does VIMED source stem cells?

• We use our patients’ own, fresh stem cells.

The body will always accept the own, fresh material

and not fight against it.

• We use autologous stem cells (a CD34+ sub-type)




which is a repairing cell found in the bone marrow.

• We use a patented laser technique to mobilises

the stem cells from the bone marrow, into the blood

stream - where we source the cells. This does not require


• Due to our patented technology, we are able to source

the human stem cells without an invasive operation –

the procedure is completely pain-free.

• Because CD34+ cells have the highest repairing

mechanism, the therapy is not only effective but quick.

• One of the cells used for our treatment can repair

up to 60,000 ill cells before settling back in the bone

marrow where it was before being released into the

patient’s blood.

When should someone consider VIMED CELL’s anti-aging/rejuvenation


• While the signs of aging generally start to show at

around 35 (earlier for smokers), the internal process

begins a lot earlier at about 25 when our bodies begin

losing the ability to constantly generate new cells.

• Poor functioning of damaged cells results in symptoms

such as decreased energy, memory loss, mood

swings, poor concentration, fatigue, wrinkles, age

spots, aches and pains, hair loss, insomnia and reduced

sex drive – just to name a few.

• It is important to start considering anti-aging/rejuvenation

from as young as 25 years old.

• Our anti-aging/rejuvenation treatment restores the

health of damaged cells, slowing down the aging process

and addressing numerous aging related issues

which results in a healthier, natural appearance and

better quality of life.

When should someone consider VIMED CELL’s pain


• For those dealing with chronic pain, doctors will often

recommend surgery.

• We believe that surgery should be only be considered

as the very last intervention, if nothing else has helped.

• Surgery comes with a number of undesirable side

effects and limitations following treatment – this includes

the long-term use of post-op medications and

long recovery periods.

• Our pain treatments, however, are an extremely effective

alternative to invasive surgeries and has been

very successful in reducing the pain experienced by

our clients and - in most cases - has eliminated it

completely, leaving them pain-free.

• Our pain treatment is effective in treating chronic

pain anywhere in the body including the hip, knee,

shoulder, back and ankle.

• Treatments are not just a short-term fix for pain

management but also aids in improving the overall

health and wellbeing of our patients.

When should someone you consider VIMED CELL’s

fertility treatment?

The term ‘infertility’ is used to describe when a couple

have been unable to conceive a baby after trying

for at least a year.

• Couples who have not been able to conceive after

trying for this period, those who are experiencing issues

with potency, sperm quality or ovulatory disorders,

as well as those who simply want to ensure that

their bodies are producing the highest quality eggs

and sperm, should consider our fertility cell therapies.

• It is crucial to analyse both the male and female in

cases of infertility.

• We always conduct a premium medical check-up on

both the man and woman.

• With a success rate of more than 70%, we have helped

a number of couples in their quest for a healthy and

happy pregnancy (against all odds).


Travel that

moves you

Wherever your path leads, Niquesa Travel

can take you there. With insider access to the

globe’s most exclusive people and places,

we tailor bespoke itineraries for those

seeking enrichment and enlightenment.

Be inspired at niquesatravel.com

or call +44 (0) 203 829 80 80

Image courtesy of Bombardier.


a promise not made lightly


ExecuJet offers the full range of business aviation services including aircraft management, charter, completions

consulting, maintenance and fixed-base operations services. Located in six regions, ExecuJet offers a truly global

service adhering to stringent safety standards. So you can just fly – while we look after the details.

MIDDLE EAST: Dubai | Istanbul | Riyadh

T +971 4 601 6300 | enquiries@execujet-me.com | www.execujet.com





The Luxury Network

Australia Champagne

and Wine Tasting Event

The Luxury Network Australia were delighted

to invite their members along to indulge in a

Champagne and wine tasting at The Work Club

Supreme Court on November 1st.

We had the pleasure of Former Wallaby, David Lyons of

French Vine, guiding us through a tasting of artisanal

French Champagnes and wines. A personal favourite

was the stellar biodynamic Le Clerc Briant Brut Reserve.

French Vine is a new luxury wine destination,

ranging from some of France’s oldest wine houses to

its most exciting young wine makers.

French Vine’s wines were beautifully paired with the

vibrant and contemporary canapés by award winning

Chef, Matt Bates. Elite Chefs Sydney offer high-end,

exclusive chefs services for private dining, catering

and bespoke events.

The Jazz tunes, French Champagne, delicious food and

great company made for the perfect evening.




The Luxury Network New Zealand Celebrates

in True Style for Melbourne Cup festivities

In the event, that stops two nations

– Tuesday, saw the Melbourne

cup in full vigour at Augustus

Bistro in Ponsonby.

In collaboration with luxury jewellery

manufacturer Partridge Jewellers

and elegant Messika Paris,

members of The Luxury Network,

along with esteemed guests were

hosted to notable fine dining.

Champagne, and decadent canapés

on arrival, ensured a day of filly

themed festivities.

Partridge Jewellers reputation is

the result of six generations of experience.

With stores throughout

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

and Queenstown, the company is

committed to bringing customers

the very best quality and value jewellery.

Messika Paris ladies jewellery is the

epitome of modern elegance. The

creations are a tribute to femininity

and paint a portrait of “The Woman”

who wears each art form, in accordance

to the overarching vision.

Worn by icons within the fashion

industry like Beyonce and Cara Delivigne

– Messika Paris is available

exclusively at Partridge Jewellers.

The most well-known annual thoroughbred

horse race was livestreamed

from Flemington Racecourse

to the central hub of one

of Auckland’s premium establishments,

seeing punters alike in complete

cup day spirit.




The Luxury Network UK Celebrates

its 5th Anniversary

The Luxury Network UK, the

private membership club is

delighted to announce its

fifth birthday. They are celebrating

their expertise in amplifying brands

and businesses for success, and the

achievements of their members.

The luxury industry has undergone

major changes during recent times.

Economic uncertainty and geopolitical

crises, rapid digital transformation

and fast-evolving consumer

preferences are creating a new

competitive and challenging landscape,

which The Luxury Network

is helping clients to navigate.

The Luxury Network boasts a team

with experience working with best

in class luxury brands, headquartered

in London, the world’s luxury

capital. Boasting 28 offices worldwide

and a network of over 500

brands, the network is the next

generation of marketing for premium

brands; they specialise in forging

unique partnerships, which give

their members the edge in targeting

pre-qualified high-net-worth

clients across the world.

Members join this exclusive club

to anchor their brand in the luxury

space, building brand awareness

and creating powerful affinity

activities with like-minded luxury

professionals. Members share clientele

and activations to support

business development and client

retention. Through industry seminars

and networking at director

and owner level within the luxury

sector, they gain access to peer

group intelligence.

The UK is fast becoming the most

affordable luxury market in the

western world

Despite market uncertainty due to

Brexit, there have been few complaints

from retail brands in London,

where the fall in the value of

sterling has had tills ringing with

overseas visitors spending heavily.

Compared with China, prices in the

United Kingdom are on average 22

per cent cheaper.

Chinese arrivals into the U.K. have

now increased by a massive 58%

since 2014 with a projected 46%

growth in the next 5 years; China

now makes up 23% of tourist spend

on luxury goods in the UK, followed

by the U.S. at 13%, and the Middle

East at 12%. Luxury shopping

continues to be a status symbol

for wealthy tourists with the total

spend increasing by 41% in the last

5 years.


The United Kingdom is fast becoming

the most affordable luxury

market in the western world, and

London retains its mantle as the

centre of the retail world, with all

major brands maintaining flagship

stores in the capital. Meanwhile,

domestic luxury customers are reducing

their shopping abroad due

to unfavourable exchange rates and

spending more at home instead.



Sales in the U.K. have historically

been driven by the growth in luxury

cars, designer leather goods,

accessories, and beauty. However,

it is expected that categories such

as luxury hotels, and other luxury

services in the hospitality sector to

increase in importance as consumer

continue to look towards more

luxury experiences over ‘things.’

Sunseeker Adding ‘Wow’ Factor

with Alexander James Interiors

For The Luxury Network, one of the

most successful brand collaborations

to date has been between Sunseeker

London Group and Alexander

James Interiors, the award-winning

luxury interior design firm, which

now dresses all Sunseeker yachts

at boat shows around the world, including

Cannes, Southampton, Genoa,

and Monaco last month. When

a client saw the very first boat they

had dressed, they wanted to buy it,

so long as they could have all the

interiors. With boats selling for between

£3 to 5 million, it has proven

to be an exceptionally fruitful

relationship, and since joining The

Luxury Network three years ago,

Alexander James Interiors says that

the network accounts for between

50 to 60% of their marketing activity

for a fraction of their marketing


Sunseeker’s Group PR, Marketing

& Events Director Alexandra Harrison,

remarked: “The Sunseeker

London Group have been members

of The Luxury Network for

four years. Helena’s passion for

connecting like-minded brands is

exceptional and through her introductions,

we have made many superb,

beneficial connections.”

Managing Director of The Luxury

Network London and Global Head

of Business Development, Helena

Warren, the luxury expert with the

superlative matchmaking skills for

high-end brands commented: “The

rude health of the luxury sector

has led to a demand for increasingly

sophisticated sales techniques to

promote products and services in a




fiercely competitive market; we excel

in affinity marketing, which isn’t

a new concept, but an arguably unrivalled

approach to accessing new


We want our clients to stay ahead

of their peer group, so we are constantly

innovating, and we are excited

to be celebrating our fifth

birthday and our members successes

with the launch of additional

new services, including brand and

business development, event planning

and management, and marketing

planning and delivery, including

management of social media.”

The network is currently also developing

stronger ‘category verticals’

to maximise membership exclusivity,

focusing on luxury goods,

luxury services, finance, hospitality

and property.


Euromonitor International Identifies

the Luxury Market’s Key Disruptors

Fflur Roberts, Head of Luxury

Goods Research at Euromonitor

International, the world’s leading

independent provider of strategic

market research remarked on

the luxury market’s key disruptors:

“Global luxury goods sales edge

closer to US$ 1 trillion and is set to

reach almost US$93bn in the UK in

the next 5 years.

From 2018 to 2030, despite Brexit

uncertainty the number of highnet-worth

individuals in the U.K. is

expected to rise by 74% to reach

302,000, hailing largely from China,

India, the Middle East, and

Africa. The U.K.’s interest in luxury

also shows no signs of slowing

down but going forward, the focus

will be less on wealth and more

about mindful luxury. Wise brands

will incorporate a wellness and

ethical angle into their products

and services to drive consumer

interest. Materialism as a determinant

of status will persist in the

short-term but with a visible shift

towards experiences, and establishing

and maintaining empathy

will be the most powerful way to

create emotional connections with

luxury consumers.”

A Reason to Celebrate

With the market fast evolving and

Brexit on the horizon, The Luxury

Network, the invitational members

club, offers extraordinary partnership

event and collaboration

opportunities, so brands not only

navigate any unforeseen headwinds

but are propelled and elevated,

giving members a reason to




The Luxury Network Germany Year-end B2B

Meeting 2018

In the heart of Frankfurt, The Luxury Network Germany

and the Kameha Suite invited all members

to the Year-end Meeting. This great location with

its palatial premises provided perfect conditions for a

creative day which fully revolved around new exciting

Affinity projects for the forthcoming year.

After the review of all successfully realized TLN activities

in 2018, followed by the introduction of new

members and co-operation partners, networking talks

were in full swing at a delicious lunch and had been

continued in the afternoon very engaged during the

round table workshop.

The Luxury Network team will proceed as usual with a

productive co-ordination, facilitate co-operations and

implement the event management within the network.

Already today the TLN event calendar 2019 promises

again many interesting experiences for the top clients

of their TLN members!




The Luxury Network Qatar Hosts

a Breast Cancer Awareness Event

On October 30, 2018, The Luxury

Network Qatar hosted

an event to raise awareness

about Breast Cancer at Luminous

Espresso Industry in West Bay. This

event is in parallel to October being

the breast cancer awareness


The Luxury Network Qatar’s Director,

Mohamad Doughan, enthusiastically

presented the event to a

big number of VIPs and influencers

who were present during the night.

Maysam Al Saady, a Cancer survivor,

delivered a truly inspirational

speech about her fight and showed

that she had overcome breast cancer.

Health expert Dr. Inna Gaponko

presented some preventive ways on

how to avoid acquiring Breast Cancer

throughout this modern age.

Moudi Al Harbi, a talented and

award-winning Qatari designer,

presented an Abaya trunk show,

while La Boutique Blanche, the luxury

clothing boutique for women

showcased some glamorous evening

wear dresses. Both designers




presented their best creations from

their exclusive 18/19 collections.

Gifts were given out to guests

through a raffle draw from Moudi

Boutique, La Boutique Blanche, Hair

Couture Salon, Raw Me Qatar and

Kia Motors. The Luxury Network

members San Benedetto and Lavazza

provided gifts for some lucky

attendees, as well. The event was

a great success with the support

of Luminous Espresso Industry, La

Boutique Blanche, Hair Couture,

Moudi Boutique, Bella Flora, Al Attiyah

Motors and Trading, Lavazza,

San Benedetto, Raw Me, Selamlique,

ADMC, Pate Sucre, LES, and LTMG.




The Luxury Network Singapore Evening of Indulgence

On November 8th, 2018 The Luxury Network Singapore’s

valued member brands, Kwanpen, Caratell,

and De Dietrichjoined forces once again to

support Mercedes-Benz’s prestigious She’s Mercedes

networking evening – initiative aimed at empowering

women. As music from AV One’s award-winning sound

system contributed to setting a relaxed yet elegant

ambiance, the event was indeed a great opportunity

to introduce our newest member.

hyacinth red metallic which lured the party newcomers

in for a quick glimpse – to say the very least. Meanwhile,

car enthusiasts could not resist hopping in for a

closer look of the vehicle’s intricate features and luxurious


Kwanpen seized the opportunity to exhibit the meticulous

care and expertise absolutely needed to perfect

Launched in 2015, She’s Mercedes

is a global initiative aimed at empowering

women – showing how

they can provide mutual support.

Comprising of networking events,

a print magazine, and a digital

hub, this “Inspiration Circle”

boasts the attendance of exceptional

women from various fields

and industries. As such, each of

the collaborating brands cordially

invited their female VIP clients,

some of whom enjoyed the

intimate company of their family

and friends. This exclusive invitation

was further extended to a

select few clients of our esteemed

member, ONE15 Luxury Yachting.

Hosted at Mercedes-Benz Center,

the event offered guests an

opportunity to test drive not only

the new CLS, but also the Mercedes

AMG models. The party

then kickstarted, where guests

immersed themselves in the vivid

ambiance of the lounge!

The newly launched Mercedes

-Benz CLS 450was showcased in




their handmade bags. One of their craftsmen ran a live

inking demonstration, and attendees could try inking

the edges of the product. This interactive experience

was popular among ladies and gentlemen alike!

Caratell’s enchanting display of bespoke jewelry was

overseen by the brand’s very own designer and founders.

While guests had the privilege to inspect gemstones

under a jewelry telescope, they also gained insight into

identifying and valuing these precious stones.

The spread of food and drinks on offer was a gustatory

pleasure for the palate. De Dietrich successfully

charmed the guests yet again with their catering

effort, led by Chef Alexandre Lozachme of Fleur De

Sel. Featuring the brand’s highly-innovative portable

kitchen appliances, Lozachme engaged guests with his

live cooking station. Stunning French-inspired canapés,

such as marinated scallops with black truffle,

classic smoked salmon blinis, and homemade caramel

bourbons, were served up butler-style. And of course,

with the continuous support of our partner Corner-

Stone Wines, our guests indulged in bottomless Perrier-Jouët

Grand Brut Champagne, Chateau Le Gay

Pomerol wine, and chilled Peroni Premium Beers.

AV One made sure to satisfy our auditory senses by

bringing in Burmester and Dynaudio sound systems.

The former traces its origins back to Germany and is

reputed for its unparalleled sound quality and technological

innovation. It comes as no surprise that

Burmester is, in fact, an official partner of Mercedes!

Likewise, Dynaudio has long been admired for its

state-of-the-art facility in Denmark. With their aesthetic

designs, the speakers rendered the perfect

complement to the lounge’s deluxe décor.

We are honored to be part of this the She’s Mercedes

initiative. We look forward to witnessing this platform

flourish and are thrilled for future collaborations!




The Luxury



Luxury Meets




On November 21, 2018, The

Luxury Network Singapore

hosted its inaugural “Luxury

Meets Diplomacy” Cocktail

Reception, a series of events that

strives to nurture the organisation’s

synergy with the Diplomatic


While the networking event was

graced with the presences of various

Ambassadors to Singapore, we

also enjoyed the company of our

esteemed DC and TLN Members,

as well as other highly-respected


Bar Nebula at ONE15 Marina Club’s

venue rendered a perfect complement

to the luxe party, as it

overlooks the Marina and yachts

docked at Sentosa Cove. The cocktail

reception would not have been

a roaring success without the collective

support of our Members

and Partners: ONE15 Marina Club,

ONE15 Luxury Yachting, ONE15

Life, Bird in Hand Wines, Peroni,

Print Lab, JWalking Studio Photography,

and Michael Toh Photography.

Irene Ho, CEO of The Luxury Network

Singapore, paid tribute to

TLN Magazine’s recognition as the

best Business/Professional Media

of the Year and Luxury Media of

the Year at the MPAS Awards Gala

2018. A spotlight was also shone on

our newest Members: Social Media

Agency i2icreatives and Audio

Brand Burmester distributed by AV


Guests gained insight into some

of TLN Singapore’s anticipated

events and business objectives for

the coming years. Highlights include

the Inaugural Ambassadors’

Spouse, Socialites & Business for

Social Good Cocktails in 2019 and

the confirmed partnership in Japan,

which is set to take effect in

June 2019. A sneak peek into the

prospective partnership in Cambodia,

Indonesia, and Vietnam was

also given. Yet, the heart of this curated

speech is to shed light on the

incentive behind the “Luxury Meet

Diplomacy”: to present enthralling

business opportunities for HNWIs

who are blasé about typical luxury


Henceforth, “Luxury Meets Diplomacy”

will be The Luxury Network

Singapore’s flagship event. In fact,

the date for the next one has already

been fixed at March 25, 2019!




The Luxury


New Zealand

Hosts A toast

to Summer

In the lead up to Summer, and

warmer months – The Luxury

Network invited members to

celebrate in true seasonal style with

luxury lifestyle brand Coast New

Zealand, together with inspirational

Branché landscapes.

Beginning the evening with Champagne,

and canapes – the event progressed

as a roaring success, as an

ode to the appreciation of outdoor

living areas and the time we spend

in the garden.

Coast New Zealand offered a pre-

Christmas preferential pricing, whilst

Branché Landscapes presented their

newly released book – “Gardens of

the Greats”, a celebration of local

and international philanthropists

and their gardens.

The ultimate coffee table book;

guests were privy to the inspiration

behind some of the world’s greatest

gardens and their conception.

With intriguing personal narratives

which are beautifully woven together

surrounding the simple love

for nature and art. The stories surrounding

the passion for gardens

allow for an understanding of the

curator – from modest to majestic,

a reflection of personality, values,

and aspirations.

Offering the ultimate luxury outdoor

living experience – COAST

New Zealand, was established after

the need for a luxury lifestyle brand

that reflects the laidback lifestyle

of New Zealand. Starting out as a

specialist supplier to super-yachts

- COAST ensures that this niche

aspect is still part of their business

today, doting time, materials and

methods in the reserve of luxury

yacht building to their product offering.

Ensuring that their known contemporary

design and style is carried

across all aspects of COAST designs.

The combination of the two brands

on the evening allowed for a successful,

insightful and inspiring

night had by all members and guests.




The Luxury Network Germany Hosts Exclusive

Rocco Forte Luxury Talk

Following the spectacular launch

event at the Munich hotel The

Charles, this extraordinary podium

discussion of the Rocco Forte

Luxury Talk, revolving around luxury

topics, was continued in October

at the Berliner Hotel de Rome.

Champagne by Pommery, the trendiest

new German Mineral Water

MINUS 181, the rapid Lamborghini

Urus in front of the hotel’s entrance,

the ambiance and exquisite

cuisine were as selected as the list

of more than 86 top-class guests

and Executives of the luxury market.

They all spent this evening for

the like-minded with interesting

discussions, delicious culinary delights

and were inspired by exclusive

product showcases.




The definition of luxury from various

different views left a lot of

space for individual interpretations.

Lasting emotional brand experiences

were as well in the focus

of the talk as changing values notably

with regards to the generation

of the Millennials, forcing luxury

brands to invent themselves partly

or entirely new. The challenges

not only lie in the digitalisation

and new ways of communication

but also in the changing target

groups and their demands. Besides

the new positioning of the brands

in the field of communication it is

important that the development of

new target compatible products of

an ongoing high standard but they

also need to be fun, sustainable and


Luxury brands who are not adjusting

their alignment to these changes

will not endure on a midterm


At the Social Get-together there

were thoughts, opinions and business

cards exchanged whilst experiencing

live the outstanding

sound of the Steinway Spirio from

the exclusive Sunburst Collection,

a self-playing piano of the highest

concert quality and homage to the

rock legends of this world, limited

to 69 pianos worldwide. Truly an

evening by The Luxury Network!




The Luxury Network Lebanon

Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Dinner

Balsamat Charity, in partnership with Diplomatic

Council, and The Luxury Network Lebanon,

hosted its annual charity dinner, to raise awareness

on breast cancer on October 25, 2018, at Pitchblack,

The Bridge Lebanon.

The Luxury Network Lebanon was proud to be a Major

Supporter of this absolutely wonderful cause.

The acclaimed media figure, Ms. Youmna Sherry, presented

the event, while Mr. Said Hariri delivered the

opening speech.

To officiate the cause of the evening, H.E Fares Ghattas,

Head of Mission for Diplomatic Council in the Middle

East and The Luxury Network Global CEO, highlighted

the importance of early breast cancer detection and

requested all the attendees to do the necessary checkups

regularly to prevent it from happening.

Ms. Youmna Sherry kept the room lively all throughout

the evening! Mrs. Amal Chouman Sulaiman announced

that the Balsamat Charity team is wearing pink this

October to support the cause and they will be holding

a fundraising drive for breast cancer awareness.




The evening was styled with glitz and glamour, photographers

all around, live music, and a sit-down

3-course dinner, including premium drinks and champagne.

An auction was held for 2 lavish items: Diamond

Ring by Caratell and a painting from artist Ferial Barbir.

The event was successful with the support of the

business sponsors and generous contributors.




The Luxury Network Singapore Supports

Oneberry Ambassadors’ Cup 2018

The Luxury Network Singapore, together with

our Members and Partners, namely, Diplomatic

Council, Caratell, Peroni, CornerStone Wines,

Alba 1836, Base Entertainment, De Dietrich and The St

Regis Singapore supported the Oneberry Ambassadors’

Cup 2018 held early November 2018.

This year’s Ambassadors’ Cup marks the 19th Anniversary

of the event, proudly sponsored by Oneberry

Technologies. As Changi Sailing Club’s Signature Event,

the Regatta sees boats from Raffles Marina, Marina at

Keppel Bay, One Degree 15 Marina and SAFYC coming

from halfway across the island to take part.

Angler in 1st place and eventually taking line honours

with Chilean Ambassador Mr James Sinclair on board.

Justin Lean’s Invictus flew the European Union flag,

taking 2nd place in clinical fashion. Paul Kendall’s Jong

Dee made a few critical decisions amidst the challenging

wind conditions on the return, which allowed her

to cross the line 3rd and ultimately win the prestigious

19th Ambassadors’ Cup after corrected time with Hungarian

Ambassador H.E. Istvan Szerdahely on board.

Defending Champions Zanzibar return home empty

handed this year, missing out on 3rd place by a slim 15

seconds to Brazil and their hosts, Born in Fire – skip-

With a total of 57 boats on water, it was a grand sight

to behold from the Jetty, as the crew commence their

preparations for the start. Atul Sinha’s Meraki and Paul

Kendall’s Jong Dee got a little too excited before the

horn went, having to turn back after starting a few seconds

too early. The light North-Easterly breeze took

all 25 yachts in the Ambassadors’ Division on a shortlived

gentle sail down the coast of changi – only to be

met with a strong weather system coming inland from

above Tekong.

Despite trailing the leaders at the beginning, Jonathan

Mahony’s Zanzibar did well to catch up, rounding North




pered by Pascal Radue. Also separated by seconds, Invictus

maintained their 2nd position after handicap –

just 24 seconds behind Jong Dee and 17 seconds ahead

of Born in Fire…. close racing indeed!

A similar situation arose in the Non-Ambassadors’ Division,

as the boats in 3rd-5th place were separated

by mere seconds, with NTU Sailing’s Just A J (Norway)

emerging the best of the rest – 21 seconds ahead of

Mackson Chia’s Swannee (Korea). As only Bapsy (Sri

Lanka) and Sky Bird (Poland) finished the race within

the time limit, the former helmed by ex-Olympian Siew

Shaw Her’s Bapsy fittingly triumphed over Edwin Low’s

Sky Bird on handicap.

27 hulls on the start line made it an impressive start for

the Trimaran Division – as Abra Ca Deborah Too established

on early lead on the first stretch. Gary Curtis’s

Miss Visayan sailed well to eventually claim line honours

but surrendered overall victory on corrected time

to Deborah Barker’s Abra Ca Deborah Too. Graham

Horn’s Jaza Toocompleted the podium in 3rd.

A baffling u-turn by Quack after the start was the only

blemish on late-comer Scott McCook’s race, as Quack

sailed superbly single-handed to sneak ahead of Jeremy

Nixon’s Bad Influence on the return leg, securing victory

in the Beach Catamaran Division. Philippe Girardot’s

Hobie 16 took 3rd in the 3-strong fleet. For the 3rd year

in a row, Stefan Vidan’s Firefly won in the Cruising Catamaran

Division, well ahead of Mark Richard’s Pawmark

(Cambodia). The Cruising Catamaran Division were

sorely missing regulars Ximula, Katrianne and Annette,

due to various schedule conflicts / commitments. We

look forward to their return next year!

As always, it did not take long for sailors and diplomats

to get the party started, with Après-Sail Drinks

and Snacks brimming with South American flavours to

welcome sailors back from the afternoon’s race. The

Evening’s festivities were graced by Guest-of-Honour

Mr Albert Chua, Permanent Secretary (Environment &

Water Resources). Fueled by the free-flow of Tiger Beer,

sumptuous dinner buffet by Coachman Inn Restaurant

and smooth tunes from the EuroAsia Band, participants

danced the night away in what was yet another night of

unbridled revelry.

The success of this Event would not have been possible

without the strong support from Title Sponsors Oneberry

Technologies, Gold Sponsors Yanmar & Chong

Lee Leong Seng (CLLS), supporting sponsors Power

Partners Pte Ltd, Kaefer Prostar, Cosmosteel, Casillero

Del Diablo, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore and new

sponsors The Luxury Network Singapore + Diplomatic

Council (The Global Think Tank).

The evening brought further great news for the event as

Oneberry and Yanmar committed their support for the

20th Ambassadors’ Cup next year. Thank you all Sailors

and Sponsors for being a part of what is now without

doubt the biggest Sailing-Social Event in Singapore.


w w w . a s c o t s a n d c h a p e l s . c o m

Abu Dhabi Bahrain Doha Dubai London





The Luxury Network Australia Drive Day with

Weltmeister, Kay & Burton and Noah Australia

On Friday October 26 guests from Kay & Burton

and Noah Australia enjoyed a drive day to Yering

Station in the Yarra Valley experiencing a

selection of 14 superb vehicles from Weltmeister the

Porsche Specialists.

Vehicles included a Porsche GTS, Porsche Cayenne

GTS, Porsche Macan, Classic 911 models including a

Porsche Targa along with a Ferrari California, McLaren

and Mercedes GT.




Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix

Launch Event

Sydney, October 10th 2018 –

Vacheron Constantin transformed

the iconic Restaurant

Hubert into a luxurious jazz theatre

to launch the Fifty-six collection.

100 influential guests were invited

to experience Fiftysix at a dinner

which included a special performance

by Australian singer songwriter

Megan Washington.

For Vacheron Constantin, Fiftysix

collection pays tribute to the 1950’s,

a time marked by easy to wear and

elegantly designed watches. From

the automatic movement to the

glass box crystal or the distinctive

lugs design, a specialty of the

Maison, the Fiftysix brings back

the best of this period while fully

embracing the present time and

the modern expectations of high

watchmaking lovers.

Throughout the evening a series of

Fiftysix installations and one to one

areas were revelled to guests giving

them the opportunity to view and

try the collection in a 1950s jazz-inspired


Highlights on the evening also included

a KRUG and caviar bar by

our member, Simon Johnson, as

well as a whisky tasting by The Balvenie.

And we loved it!

The new Fiftysix collection is available

from 1st September 2018 at all

Vacheron Constantin boutiques as

well as across the Maison’s authorised

distributor’s network.




Fashion Meets Art With Tracie Eaton:

A Luxury Worthy Cause

Premiering in Australia, the Angels with Wings International Couture Runway Show created by Neva Weber

founder of Dressed AU are bringing body art to Australia in a form never seen before on a runway. Guests will

witness Gold Coast local artist,

Tracie Eaton paint World Champion

Paralympic Gold and Silver medalist

Kelly Cartwright at Peninsula C,

Central Pier Docklands, Melbourne

on October 25.

This will be the first fashion runway

to have a Paralympian model, Kelly

Cartwright, strutting downthe runway

in a unique couture body paint


Ms Eaton says, “It is great knowing

that what I am creating with Kelly is

not only breaking new ground, but

setting the expectation for all that

we can be as fabulous as we choose

to be.” “The theme of the evening is

futuristic so I am creating a design

for Kelly that will have her looking

partially robotic, partially human.”




This sci-fi nature theme will transform Docklands into a futuristic wonderland. “We are creating something very

unique here, something that has not been seen before and that is super cool. Body art is only one part of the vision,”

Ms Eaton says.

Intricate designs, visual art and textures will be showcased throughout the event, merging the barriers between

fashion and art.

“My involvement with a couture fashion event is a great opportunity to showcase the fusion of art and fashion.

Fashion in itself is so highly creative, and I am thrilled to be able to add further creativity to that by integrating

body art into my couture design,” she says.

Guests will be mesmerised as they watch the theatrical runway come to life. Promising diversity and beauty, the

models will don exquisite couture pieces symbolising that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

The proceeds from the Angels with Wings event will be donated to Mercy Ships – an international organisation

who operate hospital ships in developing nations to deliver free healthcare services. This aid is offered to people

of all walks of life regardless of gender, race or age.

Ms Eaton will be creating a live painting during the Media launch, prior to the Runway Show, that will be donated

to the live auction, due to take place on the night of the event.

“Fashion is meeting art big time, and it is an honor to be a part of this fabulous event” she says.

The Gold Coast is bringing something new to not only Melbourne, but Australia. Neva (Dressed AU – creator of

show) and Tracie Eaton are both from Gold Coast. That is just wonderful.

To have your personalised art experience, please visit www.tracieeaton.com




Valet Private is now Beluga

Luxury Travel

The Luxury Network member,

formerly known as Valet

Private, is delighted to announce

that they have joined the

Beluga Luxury Group and will now

operate as Beluga Luxury Travel.

This is an exciting development

that will incorporate the business

into the Group’s management of a

number of luxury assets both here

in Australia and overseas.

This change to Beluga Luxury Travel

will not affect their day to day

operations, however they will have

a new email address and office

phone number – all of which are

noted below.

They look forward to continuing

to work with our members to create

amazing travel experiences for

their clients.




Office Phone

+61 02 9157 1963




Qatar Airways Offers

Triple Qpoints in Australia

Fly with Qatar Airways and earn

up to triple Qpoints*. For a limited

time, Privilege Club members

can earn triple Qpoints in Premium

Class and 50% bonus Qpoints

in Economy Class. Book any Qatar

Airways flight between 15 October

and 31 October 2018 for travel between

15 October 2018 to 30 April

2019. For example SYD-LHR return

in Business Class will fast-track you

to Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold

tier which is the equivalent of a oneworld


To be eligible for the bonus Qpoints,

register by 31 October 2018 or at

least 24 hours prior to travel, whichever

is earlier. To register, simply log

in to your membership account and

select “My offers” from the dashboard


Not a member yet? Enrol now via


*Terms and conditions apply. Please

review at the time of booking.




The Luxury Network Australia Members

Networking Function Aboard Superyacht Sahana

What a night on-board the stunning & luxurious

120ft Superyacht Sahana for The Luxury

Network Australia members. Boarding the

yacht outside the iconic Sydney Opera House, guests

were then escorted upstairs where they were treated

to a Beluga Vodka bar where the Martinis were a real


Guests were then invited to indulge in the delicious

caviar tasting with Caviar Expert, Lisa Downs, from Simon

Johnson. Guests were spoilt for choice sampling

the finest Siberian, Russian and Beluga caviar.

All the crew on-board Superyacht Sahana managed

the evening beautifully to ensure a seamless and enjoyable

evening for all of our guests.

It was the perfect summer twilight cruise.






Fen Chiew Blue and White Flower 53%

Exclusively avaliable in Harrods



sing l e m a lts t h at

r ewrit e t h e r ule bo o k



Everyone is unique with different health concerns and lifestyles.

VIMED CELL uses patented cutting edge technology to source your own fresh, healthy

repairing stem cells to address your very specific needs and concerns. With a highly

personalized treatment plan VIMED CELL is targeting the root cause of the issues holding you

back from living your best life.

The Global Leader of non-invasive stem cell treatments

VIMED CELL uses it`s patented technology to draw powerful stem cells out of the bone

marrow without surgery. The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free, comparable to a blood

test, and is only available at the specialized VIMED CELL Health Center on the border to


Invest in your health for your future

Providing time-saving, safe and pain-free stem cell therapy that addresses the root cause of

long-term health and wellness issues, VIMED CELL is a global leader in cell therapy with the

ethos that, just as it is important to invest in your future financial security, so too should you be

making provisions for your long-term health and wellbeing.

VIMED CELL www.vimedcell.com +41-788484701 @vimedcell




TLN UAE’s Heart of Europe

Luxury Extravaganza

As the sun began to set over the UAE, Dubai’s finest posed on the shore with the new Rolls-Royce Dawn and

Wraith and then climbed aboard yachts to set sail for The Heart of Europe on the Dubai World Islands.

The Heart of Europe project is ambitiously developing 13 hotels on six man-made islands, the worlds first

Floating Seahorse Villas and boast the most exclusive second homes, the Sweden Beach Palaces, priced at over

100 million AED each and the site of The Luxury Network’s Extravaganza for the evening.

After a tour of the Floating Seahorse villa’s and the wonderment of the underwater bedrooms, guests transferred

to the island and stepped onto the beach, following the enchantingly lit jungle trail to the magnificent 25,000sqft

Sweden Beach Palace, where they were greeted by the inviting sounds of the Red Bull DJ, Red Bull Organics

Mocktails and delectable canapés by Ravioli and Co. With over 50 News outlets snapping pictures of the city’s

elite as they wandered through the expansive island palace, guests encountered luxury showcases by Al Bait

Sharjah, Natura Bissé, Evoke International, ExecuJet, Claviger, Coveti, Baravia Fashion and Whyte. Influencer

Paris interviewed brands and celebrities alike, live streamed by Red Monkey and a special appearance by Safia

El Omary was captured by McAwesome, 404 and Nurovcom photographers and videographers. Flowers by Stem

Stories dotted the venue over four floors, including the glass encapsulated rooftop, and guests were refreshed

with Voss water throughout the evening. Press and Media were also treated to a press conference launching the

new Hi Dubai TV series, meeting the 20 most influential women in Dubai, featured in the series, which begins

airing on Zee TV and Dubai One channels in January 2019. With over 360 patrons in attendance, the island oozed

with luxury, basking in the light displays and fire torches surrounding the infinity pool overlooking the water.

With a night full of influencers and movers and shakers, the night ended with a luxury gift bag from Gold Collagen

and unforgettable yacht trip back to the mainland, reality and maybe one last look at the Dawn and Wraith Rolls

Royce’s vigilantly awaiting Dubai’s jet-setters as they set foot back onshore.


Under The



Under The


The Luxury Network International Magazine

Wins 2 Awards at the MPAS & APPA 2018

The Luxury Network International Magazine successfully

won two awards at the MPAS & APPA

2018: the Business/Professional Media of the

Year award (online) and the Luxury Media of the Year

award (online). The awards were received by TLN International

Global CEO, H.E. Fares Ghattas and quoted

during the ceremony, “We are very honoured to receive

both awards proving that we are leaders in the

luxury space and aiming to always achieve better. TLN

International Magazine aims to open up unique and

extensive knowledge and information in the luxury industry

while we deliver our best service to meet the

diverse needs and interest of our readers and advertisers.

Today is a proof that we are a marketing force

of upscale brands who want to capture the attention

of the public.”

The Asia Pacific Publishing Awards (APPA) and Media

Publishers Association Singapore (MPAS) Awards

2018 concluded in Singapore, held in One Farrer Hotel

Grand Ballroom on Thursday, 8 November 2018. Now

on its 12th year, the MPAS Awards lauds local publications

and individuals for their remarkable contribution

in pushing for relevant content and campaigns and

embracing innovation in the media industry. The APPA

Awards is organized for the first time for Asia Pacific

region’s media brands. It was judged by a range of veterans

in the creative sector, public relations and media


The Luxury Network International Magazine is your

gateway to the latest news in the world of luxury;

keeping you abreast of the latest luxury products, services,

and trends globally. It is officially recognized as

the print and digital publication of the world’s leading

luxury affinity marketing group, The Luxury Network.


Under The




Under The





NEW FOR 2019

Experience a fulfilling and enriching

New Zealand journey that will be deeply

personal. Peel back the layers of local

culture and discover a place unspoiled by

mass tourism.


Develop your fitness and wellbeing

while practising yoga amidst some

of New Zealand’s most stunning

scenery. Enjoy an experience that

will connect you with nature, soothe

your soul, and immerse you in a

sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

Our curators make sure everything is running smoothly behind

the scenes to ensure you can relax and enjoy your trip.

We design experiences for those who desire new adventures

with all the details carefully overseen by an expert planner.

Visit our website to find out more.




A timeless heritage hotel, moments from Covent Garden

Call + 44 20 7781 8888 or email london.reservations@rosewoodhotels.com



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The Luxury Network has been recognized by the British media as ‘the world’s leading

luxury affinity marketing group’ and one of the most innovative formulas for the

development of new businesses between luxury brands which share the same values,

customers and target audience. We build meaningful business relationships and connections

in the HNW and UNHW space with over 28 global offices and 500 exclusive

member brands worldwide.

With over a decade of experience in the international luxury industry facilitating access

to new high-net-worth individuals, our team has developed thousands of strategies for

countless companies. The importance of top-end strategic alliances for financial success

is indisputable and yet most companies don’t have the time or the resources to

create such ongoing business relationships.

We are armed with the right connections to help you form new business alliances with

many other luxury brands, to reach each other’s HNW pre-qualified private clients, and

showcase your brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C sales or private client

events. You will get the opportunity to entertain your clients and invite your prospects

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The Luxury Network’s team will perform as your extended marketing arm to orchestrate

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For more reasons to join The Luxury Network, please visit our website testimonials

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A smooth flight experience isn’t achieved by chance, it is designed with intention.

Bombardier’s relentless pursuit of innovation brings forth a family of aircraft

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The result is one of the smoothest rides in business aviation.

Something only found on a Bombardier business jet.


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