SHILL Issue 54

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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is this for mere mortals?


why do the ob

nfts work so well


you weren’t


coral tribe

ethical nft investing?

project seed

project seed


& more














So much to write. So little space.

Crypto Coral Tribe

Perfectenchlag looks closely at what

the Coral Tribe is offering #alpha

Probably Nothing

CredibleCrypto sounds the alarm. Are

you listening? #alpha

Metaverse Me

Looking at #Shill zine #alpha

Barndog & Whalesfriend

At it again with the latest news and

insights #alpha




Can mere mortals be part of this

behemoth? #alpha


Melis_Sol explains WHY OB works






UnPopular Opinion

JaburX uncovered - you need to know!



Why invest in Godz, what makes them

different? #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week


Project SEED

An introduction to this gaming project

for iPhone & Android #alpha





Welcome to issue 54 of #Shill zine - the most read Solana ecosystem

zine on the planet.

Each issue of #Shill is averaging 5000 views these last weeks since going

to a weekly release. Not the old 8500 views per week but respectable

none the less. Overall, the 54 issue set has managed to have over 215513

views. Staggering! Especially when you consider the sheer size of the

Solana space and how #Shill zine still has not managed to break through.

Case in point. A recent Twitter Spaces session I joined had about 12

people in it. Run by @SolVisitors the group was just chilling and talking

about upcoming mints. The top 5 mints that were mentioned #Shill has

never heard of BUT the stats presented showed that those upcoming mints

had 10k followers on Twitter. Untapped. @Solvisitors asked me up on

the stage and the listeners were astounded that a magazine like #Shill



Consider the effect a retweet has. Person A has 50 followers and

retweets about the zine. If just one of their followers view the zine

and decides to retweet to their 500 followers #Shill has managed to

cross the path of 550 new Tweeps. Untapped.

How much does all this cost? Probably about 3 seconds of your time.

Click ‘retweet’. Done.

What does #Shill stand to gain? Nothing really. Just fresh eyes on a

‘tranche’ of the Solana ecosystem that doesn’t get the recognition it


As I said in the Twitter Space the other day, #Shill zine’s goal for

2022 is to average 10k views/week. Too optimistic?

Issue 54 is jam packed once again. 100 pages of Solana goodness guaranteed

to improve your health and put a smile on your face. Alpha articles

that you have missed during the week. Over 54 NFTs, some you’ve never

seen before!

Fantastic NFTs from newcomers and mainstayers. Come on #frens show the

love. Hit the artists up on Twitter. Tell the writer’s you read their

articles. Give back a little!

Time to sit back. Grab a drink. Take your time to flick through the


THE Solana ecosystem zine is here to stay. It’s weekly. It’s free. It’s

archiving history. Are you coming along for the ride #anon?

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!



SHILL Issue #54

Keep your eye on...


Chonkee Monkee


Twitter: @CoralTribeNFT

Discord: discord.gg/B4MJcX72g9

Just like me, you all must have been enjoying the recent volume coming into the Solana nft

ecosystem. The hype and demand have been so strong lately that almost all the projects that

launched lately have done well in the secondary marketplace. To sustain that demand and volume,

there will be three big mints that are going to happen today, namely:- Crypto Coral Tribe, Female Remnants and

Floating Apes. One of them already has proven themselves in the past (Remnants) and the rest of the two are

showing great promise.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about Crypto Coral Tribe.

You must have heard this phrase a lot “we are here to change the space”, of course, an optimistic approach is

always a good to go thing but the one project that is going to change the trend with their approach and vision is

Crypto Coral Tribe.

This is not your usual community-associated, staking project with metaverse integration in its roadmap, rather

they are here going to leverage art and tech to invest in the natural world. Hence the name “Coral Tribe”.

Before we move ahead let me give the information about the mint:

Supply: 6565

Cost: 1.8

Time: 2 pm UTC (Presale) | 5 pm UTC (Public)

Let’s take a deep dive into their vision:

Roadmap: As I said above the main aim of the project is to protect 3000 coral reefs around 3 continents and

the main catalyst towards this vision is a Community Impact Fund which will be seeded with 50% of the mint


So how is this impact fund gonna work?

The time is working on releasing a beta dashboard of the Impact Fund. This dashboard will be made accessible to

all the holders and they will be able to see the collective impact of the CCT, proposal rounds, voting mechanisms

and holder rewards.

There will be different ways in which the impact fund will get utilised and as a holder, you have a vote in deciding

which proposal is the best to go for and in return the holders will get a share from the returns of the investment.


SHILL Issue #54

Some examples of how the impact fund is going to get utilised:

Digital Art: Here the main aim of the investment will be to support artists across disciplines contributing to the

well being of our planet. The artwork of these artists will go on a special 1/1 auction with the holders of Crypto

Coral Tribes getting exclusive access to it and a share in the revenue earned from the sale.

Marine Conservation: This will be directly linked to expanding their research, infrastructure and networks to

increase the commercial viability of coral restoration operations. Here the holders will get free memberships to

go diving at marine reservations across the globe.

Sustainable Business Ventures: Here the main aim will be to save endangered coastal areas and support local

communities while promoting sustainable practices through permaculture farms, eco-home infrastructure and

renewable energy systems.

Staking: Since the community is going to be included in every decision of the project and they will get benefits

from these investments, there needs to be a utility token and $AQUA is the utility token of Coral Tribe.

Benefits linked to holding $AQUA are as follows:

1. When you stake your NFT, it will increase the weight of your vote in the impact fund which will later

decide how much return are you going to have from that investment.

2. Rewards purchased by holders through $AQUA can be linked to your CCT NFT- creating a mechanism for

increasing the NFTs’ value and rarity. Once the NFT is traded, any rewards tied to it will be passed on to

the buyer.

3. Each reward will be capped so only a limited number of people will have access to it — thus acquiring

rewards can be thought of as acquiring rare traits with unique utility.

4. $AQUA will be the exclusive bidding token for the 1:1 Super Corals auction (5 pieces total).

5. $AQUA will give access to the breeding of the Gen2 collection.

6. The team has planned a launch of Sustainable Merchandise designed by Christian Chegne, co-founder of

the CCT and former creative lead for Calvin Klein, Versace and others. $AQUA will give you the option to

buy this merchandise.

7. Nature Retreats: To build a strong bond among the community there will be some IRL experiences

organised by the project, the passes of which can only be bought via $AQUA.

Solarpunk Academy: Solarpunk is a movement that envisions a future where technology, clean energy and selforientation

come together to form a new civilisation.

The main aim of this academy will be to provide a series of art workshops with their artist, learning resources

around self-sufficiency and financial sovereignty, as well as hackathons supporting tech solutions to

environmental problems.

Metaverse Integration: Since the team has planned so many things to do in the real world, why not take the

vision to the virtual world as well. And as per the lite paper, they are fully ready for a metaverse integration

with the 3D rendered Crypto Corals produced by Darko Mitev — former producer for Disney, Netflix, Apple and


SHILL Issue #54


Art: This is one of the things that attracted me to the project. The art is inspired by avatars infusing futuristic

references with an indigenous art style of their artist João. It is a hybrid of coral reefs, wildness and technology.

All the art pieces are 1/1 with so much detail and top-notch quality. Not just the art but the video that they

posted on their Twitter and their website which they built to claim the tokens of them shows how professional

and hard-working the team is.

This is by far one of the best pfp worthy art in the Solana NFT Marketplace.

Engagement: If you are following Solana NFTs even on the sidelines, you must have heard about Crypto Coral

Tribes. They are the talk of the town for the past few weeks with everyone collaborating with them, tweeting

about them, making a thread about them and just simply appreciating the art of the project.

The team has a strong discord with around 36,000 members with 8,000 online members and they are clocking an

average of 1500+ reactions on their announcements and their sneak peeks.

Apart from Discord, their Twitter looks pretty strong as well around 45,000 followers. They have pretty active on

their Twitter with the videos, art sneak peeks and threads about the project and is getting an average of 700+

likes per post.

One more parameter of how strong the hype is, the tokens of a project with a supply of over 6500 are getting

sold for 2.5+ sol.

To conclude, I would say this is one of the strongest projects that has gone to mint in the past few months.

The team is doxxed with some pretty big names with vast experiences involved and has shown how professional

they are time and again.

The vision of the project is unique and strong as well, and it is something we don’t see on Solana every day.

The volume in the space is giving higher highs every day and in such conditions, a project like Crypto Coral Tribe

should do wonders.

I won’t recommend minting after buying a token because that will increase the risk by multiples. However, it is

upon you how much risk you are willing to take, just make sure you are good at mathematics.

I would rate the project 3.75/5 based on the fact that it has great art and a great team, the team has also

planned some great utilities but I will wait to see the perception the community forms of those utilities.

As always DYOR.

If you like my work follow me on:

Twitter: @perfectenchlag

Medium: medium.com/@GhosT4707

Phantom: xhjwU7E6TcaJxgHTrnryr5DbkqAiPi9KcpKewPcTCNN


SHILL Issue #54






@CredibleCrypto - 328.4k followers

Why are people hating on BAYC lol. Enjoy

the show and be happy for those who are

on the ride! The whole BAYC story is

incredible. Never jumped in but happy to

see others’ conviction paying off. This

is a story we will talk about for years

to come. Congrats to all BAYC holders

@DeGodsNFT - 72.6k followers

The DeDAO has acquired a

professional basketball team.


12 SHILL Issue #51



SHILL Issue #51



visit Grape Discord

#SHILL zine with Metaverse









SOLANA Gaming Update



Opensea - It was all speculation


20 SHILL Issue #51


Pay Attention To

First, about the Communi3...

It is a tool helping WEB3-focused businesses to organize their communities and leverage the sentiment

they have by giving NFT collections, blockchain games, Dapps, and metaverses innovative ways to engage

with their audience in places such as Discord, YouTube, Twitter, podcasts, or metaverses.

Communi3 offers multiple ways to help brands interact with their audience and has already onboarded

some notable clients like YGG, BigTime, SandBox helping them increase engagement 3x-4x with the the

features such as:

Gamification through questlines, badges, ranks, rewards, currencies, tiers, and digital storefronts designed to

engage community members online.

The creation of tools to manage community through workflows. Self-onboarding, payments, verification, marketplace,

management, and communication handled seamlessly through the online portal.

Activating the community to grow further through social media integration, allowing the most passionate fans to

get the word out.

Boring stuff like reporting for compliance issue

Communi3 brings into the Solana market multiple NFT collections, each with very different purposes

offering unique benefits to its holders:

Communi3 Labs

Mad Scientist

What are the Communi3 Labs NFTs, and why do people pay $100K for them?

Communi3 Labs is a utility based NFT collection that allows its holders to use the Communi3 software

for free.

If you’re not the WEB3-based project, the Labs NFT can still provide a lot of value. It allows holders to

rent their Labs to clients who use Communi3. So, the Labs is a great passive income play, and the income

you can potentially generate is quite substantial. On top of that, staking the Labs NFT for one year

will create a new, additional Labs NFT item.


SHILL Issue #54

Communi3 service costs between 5 to 15 thousand US dollars a month, and each NFT represents 5k

worth of services.

The Labs collection has 50 NFTs, 40 Gen 0 NFT, and 10 Gen 1. Each of them will be tied to the customer

using the product. This means that there will never be more NFTs than there are customers.

However, if you own the Labs NFT but aren’t the customer, you get a 100% monthly Communi3 fee,

meaning that one NFT can generate 5 thousand US dollars per month. To be eligible for the rewards,

you only need to stake it.

The collection will be sold in 2 waves, and the first wave has already ended. In 2 weeks, 25 out of 50

NFTs were sold generating 20900 SOL. Since the beginning of the launch, Lab NFTs held the floor value

of over 1000 SOL. At the time of writing, the single item on sale costs 1400 SOL.

Customer utilities:

Priority dev and features

Reduction of $5000 Saas fees

Inclusion of Laboratory DAO, which consists of crypto investors and the clients such as Solana, Big Time, YGG, The

Sandbox, Asteria Labs, Forte, Secret NFT, and many more.

Investor utilities:

Staking for revenue sharing of existing customers

Staking for generation of new laboratory NFTs after 12 months

Inclusion of Laboratory DAO

Mad scientists NFTs

Mad Scientists is the second Communi3 collection of 5001 NFTs. It will be minting on 2 of May for 2


SHILL Issue #54


The main reason for the mint is not to raise money, as the company has the funding secured already.

Instead, the project’s primary purpose is to create advocates and stimulate organic growth within the

WEB3 space for Communi3. At the same time, the Mad Scientists community will take part in the company’s

future success.

The holders will have access to the B2C tools that are yet to come this year, partner NFT collections,

whitelist opportunities, and 10% token $SCI allocation. The token will be launched by the end of 2022

or the beginning of 2023. Additionally, Mad Scientists will generate dividends in $SCI when staked.

The token will play an essential role in the Communi3 ecosystem. The demand for the $SCI will be

created as the Communi3 customers will need the token for future features and services such as animation,

dashboard access, whitelist software, etc. Also, each future customer onboarded will require to

burn a small portion of $SCI making it a deflationary token.

The art of the NFTs is created by 12 artists, randomly generated from 650+ unique items, and has its

distinctive style.

Who is behind Communi3?

The team of the project is fully doxxed. They do not hide faces, are very articulate about their ideas,

and freely express them in YouTube videos and many AMAs.

The core team is highly experienced and has a successful track record in building businesses. Founder

and CEO Brandon Byrne has been in community tech for 12 years, helped develop companies such as

Curse and Team Liquid, and raised more than $50m. Founder and President Andrew Ringlein has built a

SaaS technology company inside HP that was sold for $200m+. Founder and CTO Eddie Tsiao - been in

technology, dev-ops, and security for 20 years. Founder and CRO Erik Bryant has been in gaming and ad

tech for 13 years.

Communi3 has been developed for six years by now. Previously it was known as IMP, an Oakland-based

WEB2 startup that also does Influencer Generated Content (IGC), a programmatic software solution

to crowdsource video content to a 150k+ influencer network. The move to WEB3 was due to the lack

of project ownership within the WEB2 world. To the present date, they raised a total of 9 million US


The Communi3 Linkedin page says they have 41 employees, and they are also actively hiring developers.


SHILL Issue #54

Is Mad Scientist a good investment?

Communi3 is a unique project, and people are noticing it. Over the past weeks, the community and

peoples’ interest increased dramatically, and none of this happened through engagement farming. Over

80 thousand people follow the project on Twitter, and the posts have high engagement. Discord is also

very active, there are almost 80 thousand verified members, announcement reactions are high. Discord

Alpha chat groups have a lot of conversations revolving around the project, and people are waiting for

the mint, many of them to hold the Mad Scientist NFT instead of flipping for profit.

The platform is already built, has a track record of increasing engagement in 3x-4x, and has onboarded

huge clients from the WEB3 world, who see the product as an excellent investment despite the 5 thousand

US dollars monthly cost. For example, after implementing the product, the P2E project Big Time

replaced ten people and significantly increased social media engagement.

That is also just a beginning for Communi3, as the creative, experienced, and driven team is constantly

building. Seeing the team’s success, the community can expect meaningful results in the future as well.

SHILL Issue #54








Missed out on @okaybears? Graphic designer here trying to break down the genius of their branding and how to

spot another branding play like this early on.

Complimentary palette

They made sure that the color palette they used would complement the bg and traits. Looks easy on the eyes.

You won’t see any ugly clashing colors here:

Okay Bears

Consistent branded assets

Branding 101–have a brand guide and stick to it. Notice how their use of fonts, colors, and logo look consistent

all throughout their materials. They even included a blueprint fur trait from the blueprint on their website


SHILL Issue #54



Branding is all about being able to tell your story effectively to your audience to invoke a response. They do this

well by world-building through art and consistent messaging. From their communication style, tone, and to their

hashtags! #wagbo #weareokay

SHILL Issue #54


Okay Bears


Love that #OkayBears’ rare traits are unique from other #nft collections. They’re bringing something new to the

community. No solana viper glasses here!


SHILL Issue #54

We’re seeing that branding is becoming more important in the new meta. You’re buying into an experience and

a community when you buy a pfp and good branding is part of that. Shows that a project is putting in the effort.

What else do you think helped them catch hype?

SHILL Issue #54







Who would’ve thought? @Jaburx is dead and we bring him back to life. It’s time to open the pandora box

about Guilherme Jabur. A thread.

Jabur needs no introduction, he is the most shameless scammer in Solana

who rugged 3 collections (known until now), being fully doxxed using

that credibility to raise funds then to scam left and right whenever he

had a chance. He launched @NoiaDucks @solanaDBS @theoctopusart.

@NoiaDucks raised 1000 sol. He promised 51% royalties of a new

marketplace called @intersectNFT, he rushed it & got hacked because

the private key was found in the source code (bad CTO), many NFTs were

stolen and it failed. To date he hasn’t given the keys to the community.

Days after mint, he bought a DAA used today as pfp by his company

@SolaLandHQ, held in Jabur’s wallet. DyNxpjEJnLHo5bmNKVmkBYWZB781TXYy5haV9Jf99jaq Holds a

Legendary Noia, 174 SDB, a Boryoku (ex-pfp) and the Ape, the last 2 NFTs represent 99% of the wallet



SHILL Issue #54

He launched @SolanaDBS, he said he was ONLY an advisor, but he wasn’t because he received 5333 sol

from mint + Royalties from SDB royalty wallet 9Z2YcpKL5epEtw4k3rp1gVjoCnGas7TKDkb14vfedAkv

Interesting to know how an “advisor” receives 100% of mint funds + royalties.

The project did not progress over time and Jabur claimed not to have any responsibility for being just

an advisor, but again he wasn’t! He received all mint funds and is just washing his hands from the

responsibility once he took the money and let the project die.

He loved the idea of launchpads and started offering marketing services and launching tech for projects

after SDB launch, which will be used by him to obscure project mints to his benefit (more on this later).

He comes with a new launch @theoctopusart as “advisor”.

By checking Octopus Royalty Wallet: HnS4a3CUqbdkW5rmQSbwrJyVpeSYFyipCFCGbr33Uoz7 IHnS4a

sends 3593 sol from mint to: BamJ46QcPNdR8cB7G9FekxBGvSyCWu62xjziVXHfzXpd He did this in 20

transactions, (BamJ4) later sent 33% or 1196 sol to Jaburs Wallet (DyNxp), sure an“advisor”.

SHILL Issue #54


The project did not progress over time and he claimed not to have any responsibility for being just an

advisor, again. These projects presented websites with cool designs, fuzzy words & no real features,

multiple similar projects launched through Solaland, very suspicious.

Trying to find the needle in the haystack, his w(DyNxp) receives 6050 sol in multiple transactions from

6WTAavJk9PuheNqkjTdBegrMdCdhTribxsmhA9FdiD6H This is Solaland wallet due to the amount &

frequency of transactions from this wallet to Jaburs & Solaland partner projects.

Solaland’s wallet received 5,893 sol distributed in 538 transactions, of which 4606 sol were transferred to

Jabur’s wallet, approximately 78% of Solaland profits. Jabur claimed that he only owned 10-15% of the

company. But the blockchain says otherwise, it doesn’t lie.

Why is it important to prove that Jabur owns Solaland? Because he uses the company to launder the

money Solaland offers services for staking, airdrop tools, bots, discord verification tools, offering all-in

one ponzinomics needed for a project.

I can’t say for sure how many collections he’s released, but it’s a little strange to see SEVERAL solaland

customers with the same roadmap, over and over. My guess is that there are more projects of his than

we think of. Let’s see his next project launch I know it’s his.

There was this project @DeRug_NFT that rugged through his launchpad, he offered new art to derug

the project, but later this project died and never used the art he proposed to derug. (post is from web


Oh look @RichPanthers_ is minting soon! https://richpanthers.com

-Do you recognize the prior NFT in the post from Jabur? -What is that at the bottom of their website?

What a coincidence that @SolaLandHQ is a launching partner.

So this is how it works

Jabur creates new collections, mints and negotiates with himself the value of Solaland services.. and

receives approx. 78% of this amount in the form of profits from Solaland, based on prior historical revenue

share out of Solaland’s wallet (6WTAa). Funny how he claims to own 10% of Solaland and that’s what he

has shared with projects he rugged he was publicly associated, when the blockchain tells otherwise. He

used to personally manage all these social media accounts, so I wouldn’t trust a thing these accounts

postFunny how he claims to own 10% of Solaland and that’s what he has shared with projects he rugged

he was publicly associated, when the blockchain tells otherwise. He used to personally manage all these

social media accounts, so I wouldn’t trust a thing these accounts post.

This is how now Jabur launches NFT projects and converts the mint into profit without associating the

collection with his name.

@jaburx since then has deleted the profile to get rid of all the evidence that was in there that connects

him with all his rugs in the space.








In this thread we will explain the GODz project. We will also answer questions like: Why invest in GODz? What is

$MYTH? What does the future hold? What differentiates us? How can I get involved?

With every NFT project you want to find something you can proudly claim as your own. With a project like ours

who have a long-term vision this is especially important. That’s why we’ve spent over 5 months developing 300+

unique traits and 17 1:1’s.

The GODz currently have 2 utilities. The 1st is an incubator, a full service platform which offers assistance in

branding, marketing, dev, tokenomics, consultation, launch and long term assistance. A portion of all projects

launched via godz can be purchased using $MYTH


SHILL Issue #54

The second is a game platform where 50% of all revenue gets distributed to DEMONz holders. GODz will have the

opportunity to mint the DEMONz for free using $MYTH… But we havnt made it easy. You’ll need to use $MYTH to

unlock certain NFT’s to be eligible to mint DEMONz.

SHILL Issue #54


What is $MYTH?

$MYTH is the currency used in the GODz ecosystem. All GODz receive 5 $MYTH per day and once you save up

enough $MYTH you can mint a portion of the NFT’s we launch via our incubator. Currently we have 30+ projects

looking to launch through the incubator.


Our tokenomics are realistic and sustainable long term. There will be real outside revenue coming in through the

incubator, game platform and licensing that will bring ongoing value to the $MYTH token. Our utility ensures

we’re here to stay.


We aim to spur innovation and creativity within the Solana ecosystem and we will accomplish this by giving

strong teams the support they need to succeed in this space. We’ve built connections and longterm partnerships

to support all projects launched via godz


With a team of 16 our eyes are not set on the coming weeks, but the coming months and years. Long-term

through the incubator we aim to create a pocket of successful projects on sol that are well connected, share

resources, and progress the Web 3.0 industry forward.


SHILL Issue #54

Future 2.0

Our web3 incubator and campaigns will be positioned towards big brands who are looking to enter the web3

space and find a specialised team who can provide that service for them professionally. We’ve seen brands such

as Playboy, Lamborghini & Pepsi do this already

Want to get involved?

We’re publicly doxxed founders and if you want to get involved and join the GODzfam you can scoop a seed godz

off secondary or join our main sale on the 30th of march at 7pm UTC.

SHILL Issue #54















Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Dust Labs, Everseed Elixir sold out, Chippies & Invokers Elves coming soon, and more.


Solana continues to be set on fire by $DUST as soon it appears there will be even more utility for the

token with the announcement by Dust Labs. Citing upcoming experiments, tools, games and art, while

only accepting $DUST, perhaps the decision to DeadGod or not to DeadGod isn’t so simple anymore?


SHILL Issue #54

Long have I traversed the Gobi Desert in search of the ever elusive Elixir to no avail. Little did I know all

I had to do snag one from Everseed, a new studio established by veterans of Riot Games that’s building

an MMO on Solana. Their Genesis Mint runs all week and official token are tradable starting on April


At this point, I feel we’ve seen all the types of utilities for NFTs that are possible but then comes Chippies

with their Natural Language Process and Machine Learning tech that will analyze the text used in

NFT communities on Twitter and give a resulting hype score. Could this be the next great tool in Solana

NFT or is it the alternate origin story for Skynet and the elimination of the human race?

Invokers Elves

The Skinny: InvokersNFTs are Stakeable, Playable & Tradable. 5,000 InvokersNFTs yield 10 $IV Daily

through our In-House Staking platform, playable in the upcoming Invokers MMORPG. InvokersMMO is

a Play2Earn MMORPG built on #Solana. Players will be able to complete quests, fulfill campaigns and

enjoy a PvE & PvP environments.

Why we’re paying attention: Invokers Team are all hardcore gamers, with previous experiences in

Games monetization, Performance marketing and Game development. Invokers’ Founder, Sam, has

successfully established and exited 2 Digital Marketing agencies focused on optimizing Game mechanics

when it comes to Monetization & User acquisition.

Mint Date: April 30th, 2022 Mint Supply: 5,000 Price: 1 SOL Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvokersNFT

SHILL Issue #54



Rooted head


Project Seed gaming ecosystem built on Solana is one of the first to include a game studio, DEX, NFT

Marketplace, and Wallet.

Introducing Project Seed

Project Seed is a GameFi Metaverse Ecosystem built by a AAA Game Studio to provide a mobile-focused

blockchain platform that utilizes proprietary Multi-Chain Hybrid Technology and integrates key project

components such as Game Hub, GameFi, Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO), ESports, and

the Growth Program all in one platform. It aims to rival the traditional gaming experience with high

quality and real-life-like games that utilize blockchain technology to reward users for their participation,

thereby appealing to both the crypto and non-crypto savvy audience.

Source: Project Seed Twitter

Project Seed revolutionizes the blockchain gaming industry by eliminating entry barriers as playing games

on the platform requires no cryptocurrency knowledge and zero initial investment. Through this barrierless

entry platform, Project Seed believes that the GameFi space has the potential to drive the mass

adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

The Project Seed Metaverse

Project Seed is a hybrid all-in-one platform that integrates traditional gaming with blockchain technology.

In this platform, users can play and simultaneously earn rewards for their participation in activities (Token

staking, NFTs, etc.) in the ecosystem, which the company terms ‘Proof of Play.’ Project Seed aims to

operate across different blockchains providing users the flexibility to use their tokens and Non-Fungible

Tokens (NFTs) as they see fit.

The Project Seed Metaverse broadly comprises five main components:

• Game HUB

• GameFi


• ESports

• Growth Program


SHILL Issue #54

Source: Project Seed Whitepaper

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these facets of the Metaverse.

Game Hub

Project SEED’s technologically-advanced Game HUB enables games in the ecosystem to implement multichain

and cross-platform exchanges, which allows players to make transactions across the Project SEED

ecosystem. The project also introduced Cross-Platform NFTs.

Most of the Project SEED Metaverse NFTs can be used in all Project SEED Studio games and Project SEED

Growth Program Partners’ games across the ecosystem. This cross-platform functionality will provide

these NFTs with a significant boost in use-cases and value in the long run. The NFTs will also be forward

and backward compatible throughout the ecosystem.

Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain: Game Tokens such as SHILL and O2 (Outland Odyssey) and NFTs are designed

for Multi-Chain use in supported chains such as Solana, BNB Chain, etc. Project SEED Ecosystem will also

support Cross-Chain interactions; it implies that Chain A Token Holders will be able to transact with the

users from Chain B.

Source: Project Seed

SHILL Issue #54


Project Seed intends to develop games to target the following gaming genres in its Game Studio:

• Role-Playing Game (RPG)

• Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG)

• Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

• Battle Royale First Person Shooter (FPS)

• Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

• Fighting Games

• Arcade-Style Flight Action Games


Project SEED’s GameFi provides all players access to its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform, which

enables facilitates token staking, transferring, and minting. It’s an intersectional territory between

blockchain-based gaming and decentralized finance, giving users the most flexible financial powers while

also enjoying a seamless gaming experience at the same time.

In order to appeal to a wider audience, Project Seed provides In-Game and Off-Game DeFi access to all

players. Traditional gamers can execute DeFi-related actions within the application itself without having

to use the Web3 application, and seasoned Crypto players can connect to the Web3 application for the


Source: Project Seed Whitepaper

Project Seed’s GameFi ecosystem comprises three main elements: NFT Cross Chain Bridging, DeFi tools,

and the Marketplace. For DeFi activities, the project offers tools such as Vaults and SEEDex.

Vaults offer users the ability to stake tokens and earn rewards. They were designed to maintain a balance

between demand and supply in the SHILL token ecosystem while maximizing utility for the tokens. A

portion of Project SEED’s community token supply is allocated for Staking Rewards and LP Staking Rewards.

This system provides incentives for holders who have supported the project from its initial stage.

There are two types of vaults:

• Single Token Vault: Users can stake the community tokens for rewards in these vaults.

• LIquidity Token Vault: Users can convert and stake community tokens for liquidity tokens and vice-versa


There are two staking options such as flexible staking and locked staking. With flexible staking, users can

unstake their tokens at any time. In locked staking, the tokens are locked for up to 12 months, and users

are rewarded based on the length of the staking period.


SHILL Issue #54

Source: Project Seed Whitepaper

SEEDex (Project Seed’s Decentralized Exchange) was built for the implementation of AMM (Automated

Market Making) built on the blockchain to enhance a fully decentralized CLOB (Central Limit Order Book).

CLOB is the backbone of the AMM Mechanism to provide high-speed trades and access to on-chain

liquidity on multiple DEXs.

Project Seed also offers users an in-game and a web-based marketplace where they can buy, sell, and

rent NFTs. The in-Game marketplace offers ease of use primarily for non-crypto users who want to

conveniently buy, sell, rent, or lend NFTs without leaving the game. However, the in-game marketplace

will exclusively offer Project SEED Ecosystem NFTs and Partners NFTs. Web-based marketplace targets

seasoned users and can be used when they are not online in the game or with a larger screen size for

better navigation and browsing. Web-based marketplace offers Project SEED Metaverse NFTs, Partners

NFTs, as well as other collectibles NFTs.


Project Seed was conceived with the idea to integrate a strong governance mechanism in order to

empower the community and the players. Community token holders who stake their SHILL tokens are

eligible to participate in the governance program––this includes proposing and voting on the game

development. However, SHILL token holders who do not stake their tokens will only be eligible to vote on

the proposed development done by others. They have the right to vote but not propose new projects.

DAO participants can vote on the following:

• Game Development

• Asset Library

• Equipement Development

• World Advancements in Games

• Blockchain features and developments

• Use of Community Treasury

Growth Program

Project Seed aims to drive growth through collaborations and partnerships. It offers upcoming developers

access to its assets library, marketplace, blockchain, and server backend to simplify and expedite the

SHILL Issue #54


most expensive parts of game development so that they can focus on the design aspects such as game

building, game mechanics, game design, level design, control, combat, gameplay, marketing, and business

development. Grow program will include but is not limited to incubation, grants, and the SEED Launcher.

SEED Launcher is a launchpad platform to help GameFi projects raise funds and help the community find

quality GameFi projects to invest in.


Over the past few years, the ESports market has distributed over $500 million in prize money and has

a growing fanbase of 250 million. This growth and clout present an opportunity for platforms such as

Project Seed to have access to this wide pool of influencers for its broad strategy of mass adoption. Project

Seed plans to enter ESports tournaments and partner with interested companies for the development

of games for ESports. The plan is for this to drive popularity and growth among the non-crypto gaming


$SHILL Token

SHILL token is Project Seed’s primary utility token for use across the entire ecosystem for trading, staking,

or voting (DAO). Players can use SHILL as a native currency in Project SEED’s game universe as the payment

method, store of value, and as a standard of deferred payment. They can also use SHILL to purchase ingame

items, pay rentals, and earn SHILL directly by playing. It is a multi-chain token that operates on a

mint-and-bunt model to balance the circulation and total supply.

SHILL token can be used for the following applications in the ecosystem:

• DAO Governance: SHILL token holders can vote on Project Seeds’ developments and future projects. They

can also send proposals to the DAO for new projects and interesting ideas if they stake their tokens.

• Staking: SHILL Token can be converted to real money and distributed based on Proof-of-Play. Besides APR,

stakers will receive a limited NFT drop by the system every season.

• NFT Crafting: NFT minting will require players to burn SHILL tokens. This process intends to maintain

healthy game economics and token supply balance.

• NFT Marketplace: The tokens can be used to purchase or rent NFTs on the marketplace.

• Dungeon Creation: Token holders can create their own dungeons for other players to play (farm), where

they could earn from other players who play (farm) in their dungeons as loot materials. Each dungeon has

a unique ID that is attached to the blockchain.

• Item Enhancements: Players can enhance their game items (minted as NFTs) to improve their statistics

and skills. Just like minting, every enhancement requires players to burn SHILL tokens.

• Zeds: In Outland Odyssey, players interact with their beasts, called Zeds. They can use SHILL tokens to

evolve their Zeds to higher levels and skills and get a leg up in the game.

• Merchant Benefits: SHILL stakers are granted Merchant Benefits; they are given greater room to list their

items on the NFT marketplace with cheaper fees. Merchants can promote their products on the front

page of the NFT marketplace through Merchant Advertisement Program. All advertisement fees are paid


Source: Project Seed Whitepaper


SHILL Issue #54

SHILL Token is distributed via several methods such as early token sales, staking rewards, Play-to-Earn

rewards, community grants, and community rewards. A total supply of 1,000,000,000 SHILL tokens is

maintained with a non-programmatic deflationary policy and dynamic issuance.

SHILL Token Value Accrual: In the Project Seed’s GameFi ecosystem, 5% of transactions fees in the NFT

marketplace is allocated for the following:

• 60% for Project SEED development

• 30% for community treasuries

• 10% for charities

A 0.25% fee is charged when users trade on the SEEDex. Portions of this fee are allocated for liquidity or

staking pool and for rewarding liquidity providers or SHILL stakers.

Outland Odyssey

It is the first of many games launched on the Project Seed Metaverse. It is an action RPG that allows

players to explore and survive in a dying metaverse. In the game, the players can hunt, capture, and train

creatures called ‘Zeds’ as they try to bring the metaverse back from the brink of destruction. Despite its

condition, destruction is not imminent, and the characters are still hopeful that the world can be saved.

It’s an uplifting theme about adventuring to save the world. The core gameplay loop will revolve around

combat against wild Zeds. The player will pick a quest from town and be spawned into a procedurally

generated map. Outside combat, the game revolves around exploration and crafting. The players can use

the materials earned from defeated Zeds to craft new gears and unlock new cities/lands to explore. The

game is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Source: Project Seed Medium

02 token: It is the in-game token on Outland Odyssey. It was created to help users navigate and enjoy the

gameplay. O2 Token will be distributed by methods of SHILL staking rewards, play-to-earn rewards, and

community rewards.

‍Team Background And Funding

The key members of the Project Seed team are as follows, along with their relevant backgrounds:

• Liko Subakati, CEO - Over a decade of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development,

turning a small company into a multi-million company in net revenue. Angel Investor with investments

in dozens of blockchain-related projects. Worked for Binance as a Community Manager and SEA Angel

Manager before moving to Crypto.com as Community Manager for Indonesia.

• Alex Setiawan, CTO - Seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries. With over

two decades of experience building software at Boeing, TripAdvisor, and Lexus. Extensive experience in

planning, implementing, and supporting complex infrastructures and technical solutions.

SHILL Issue #54


• Baskoro Hadi, CSO - Worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for six years as a 3D and SFX artist

for games such as Transformers, Scooby Doo, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Also worked at the Vriday

Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and managed a team of programmers and artists

to develop applications and games.

• Mohammed Elelu-Bashir - Creative director of APCL’s projects team that built Concost, Upuzzle, and other

noteworthy software. Served as advisor to Abitnetwork with direct growth impact on user base by 800,000

and sourcing of $1.2M capital investment. Notable experience at Binance and a community manager at


• Dinh Thi Thao Trand - Starting as a journalist in the No.1 financial newspaper in Vietnam and later moving

onto SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity, Foundation, Trang has made important

contributions to Binance in its early days of entering the SEA market.

Project Seed closed its private seed funding of $3.1 million on November 1, 2021. Tier 1 investors of Huobi

Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Cipholio, Solana Capital, and BlackEdge Capital allocated this fund towards the

game. Additionally, other venture capital firms like Basics Capital, UG Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, and

Minted Lab were part of the 30+ firms that invested in this round from over ten countries.

Recent Developments

The project’s roadmap update released on April 18 reveals the aspects that the team has been working

on. Within the aspect of game design, the team has completed the UI mockup of Zed inventory, skill

and player control design confirmation, and tested the combat formula. For the UI/UX, the team has

continued developing its in-game map, the quest and popup menus, and UI for item upgrades and

companion Zed. In terms of in-game metaverse art and animation, the team has finished the various

texture and cliff/camp changes and is working on the Hunter Heaven Farm, Retopo cliffs model, and

Model Hunters Heaven Sign.

On the more holistic “blockchain” aspect, the team has worked on the Solana minter, BNB Chain

marketplace, a new website, and “unity to blockchain” integration.

Concluding Thoughts

A look at Project Seed’s community is an indication of its reach in the crypto gaming ecosystem. Project

Seed’s GameFi ecosystem has over 157.6k Twitter followers, over 92k Telegram members, and over 18.5k

members on Discord.

GameFi is growing extremely quickly both on the BNB Chain and Solana. Project Seed has placed itself in

an appropriate manner with its reach over two separate blockchain communities and the backing it has

received from premier venture capital firms in the space––especially considering that the project will be

expanding its gaming product suite and expanding across multiple blockchain networks.

Find more about Project Seed here:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Youtube |


SHILL Issue #54

SHILL Issue #54



















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