Food & ingredients December 2022

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meets at





for collagen

in the

food &




8|9|10 Feb 2023

All in


Take part at the leading trade show

for the global fresh produce business.






Top 10 trends for the

food and beverage

industry in 2023


IFF excels in innovation

for a better world


Eco-friendly, energy

saving, hygienic:

efficient sanitisation with

microwave and radio

frequency systems by



Dehydrated potato market

sheds light on changing

consumer habits


Immune health still top

priority for functional

beverage consumers, but

other needs on the rise


Dubai World Trade Centre

and DMG events partner

to develop new portfolio

of global events for the

food sector


Lakidis offers highest

quality food machinery

The next issue

will be at




It’s really inspiring

and exciting!

At a time when global food crisis and

halts in supply chain are pronounced,

the flow of industry professionals to Dubai

makes it a fascinating event. We all know

what a fabulous fair Gulfood and Gulfood

Manufacturing are from the more miserable

times. They were very much successful even

amid the pandemic. Now, it is expected

that both fairs and their concurrent event

will be a hub of the industry to generate

unbelievably high trade.

Powering groundbreaking innovation

in the F&B Industry, Gulfood Manufacturing

2022 was the definitive destination to see

the future of food production – from

new ingredients and advanced

technologies to integrated supply chain

solutions and breakthrough developments

driving the industry forward. Gulfood

Manufacturing is certainly a venue to

straight up the FB industry.

The timing of Gulfood Manufacturing

and Gulfood have been set excellent.

November is a good time for

manufacturing techniques and materials

and February is the best time to push the

button for food and beverage production.

Any professional operating in the industry

certainly find what they need for buying,

selling, developing, getting inspired and

learning whatever they need to know.

We, Food & Ingredients International

magazine, a close follower of

international events, have just come from

Gulfood Manufacturing, where we saw

a huge interest in terms of quality and

quantity of exhibitors as well as visitors.

Gulfood Manufacturing was marvelous

as expected. The variety of products,

trendsetting displays, supporting events

and flow of every organized work were

all very professional. Now we will be at FI

Europe Paris. FI Europe is also expected

to be a fascinating venue for all players

of the food ingredients industry. FI Europe

visitors will have Food & Ingredients

magazine during the show.

We already set up for 2023, you will see

us in Gulfood Dubai, Fruit Logistica,

Interpack, Anuga, ISM, FI India, FI Europe

and many more…

I wish a healthy, happy and prosperous year

and lucrative business for all industry reps.


Hüseyin Ferruh IŞIK

on behalf of


Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık

İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Managing Editor (Responsible)







Sales Coordinator



+90 212 454 22 33

Technical Manager

Tayfun AYDIN


Graphics & Design



Digital Assets Manager









Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Caddesi No: 11

Medya Blok Kat: 1 P.K. 34197

Yenibosna - Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

Tel: +90 212 454 22 22 Fax: +90 212 454 22 93


Buttim Plaza A Blok Kat: 4 No: 1038

Bursa / TURKEY

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Yenibosna - Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

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Food Ingredients Turkey

Food & Ingredients Turkey

Create Delicious Better-For-You

Products with Sweegen

Consumers want delicious food and beverages with less sugar. Create

better-for-you products that meet consumer taste expectations with

Sweegen’s exclusive Nature-Based Sweetener Systems.

You Have a Choice. Choose Well.

Sweegen is a finalist in the

Fi Europe Innovation Awards 2022

Food Technology Innovation

Award category for our

Novel Bioconversion Process

for Production of Bestevia® Reb M.

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“Redefining Value”

heads Innova Market

Insights’ Top Ten Trends

for 2023, as consumers

adapt to a global costof-living

crisis in the

face of economic and

political volatility. With

budgets stretched and

supplies under strain,

brands need to be

flexible in action and

open in spirit to connect

with consumers,

while also taking full

advantage of rapidly

emerging technological


Top 10 trends for the food and

beverage industry in 2023

The eagerly awaited annual trends from food

innovation and insight specialist Innova are

based on wide-ranging global consumer

surveys. Coupled with comprehensive market

and new product data, they reveal not only

what is driving consumer decisions now, but

also ways in which brands and innovators can

successfully adapt to future realities.

Over the last year, cost and value for money

have become more important to more than half

of food and beverage consumers worldwide.

Today’s shoppers are increasingly exploring

money-saving strategies, such as choosing lower

cost items and cooking from scratch. But they

remain determined to sample new experiences,

ensure personal wellbeing and support

planetary health. There is more pressure on

brands and manufacturers to deliver value while

still meeting these wider public expectations.

“Redefining value throughout the food

and beverage industry will lead in 2023 as

consumers seek brands that listen, understand

and respond to their core values. They

want brands that provide quality, trust and


confidence via their product formulations,

communications and wider sustainability

actions,” highlights Lu Ann Williams, Global

Insights Director at Innova Market Insights.

In addition to a heightened demand for

competitive pricing, consumers have told Innova

they still seek nutritional value and expect a

continued shared responsibility for environmental

security. Meanwhile, younger generations who

have grown up in an inclusive digital age are

gaining greater influence, changing markets

and creating new opportunities. Against that

complex backdrop, here’s a taste of what

Innova’s Top Ten Trends show is in store for the

food and beverage industry in 2023:

1. Redefining value

Brands, innovators, producers and consumers

are wrestling with rising costs and greater

instability. Combating this requires a deep

understanding of where consumers draw the

line on compromise. Strategies such as simple

price increases, or flexible ingredient lists to

cope with supply chain fluctuations, can work

in the short term. However, brands need to be

open in their communication and clearly show

the benefits they are bringing.

Despite political and economic volatility

becoming the second biggest concern for

consumers in 2022, the health of the planet

remains the top global issue and financial

pressures are leading to an increase in ecofriendly

behaviors. Consumers tell Innova they

have reduced food waste and upcycled or

recycled more as part of their belt-tightening.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, brands

can achieve success through actions that

combine economic benefits with clear

health and sustainability goals.

2. Affordable nutrition

Over the past 12 months, 62% of consumers

have reported a noticeable rise in the cost

of their food and beverages. As a result,



see improvements in taste and texture, but

there is a huge appetite for culinary creativity

and worldwide flavor profiles. Two-thirds

of respondents to Innova’s global survey

expressed a desire to try plant-based versions

of traditional, local cuisines. The industry is

responding with a large increase in readymeal

offerings, while there is great scope for

expansion into meal kits and inventive recipe

combinations. Interest in underused ingredients

is also growing, creating opportunities to

introduce variation in flavor and nutrition while

simultaneously addressing supply concerns.

they are turning their attention to simple but

nutritious goods that are affordable. Key

behaviors include buying in bulk, opting for

private labels, cooking from scratch, reducing

spending on luxury items and purchasing

fewer items. Consumers are actively looking

for affordable ways to maintain a healthy

diet, offering brands many opportunities to

test their capabilities to new limits. To meet

the nutritional, environmental and economic

demands of consumers, manufacturers must

innovate to extract maximum value from raw

materials and the production process.

3. Generational push

Younger consumers, raised in an interactive

digital world, are creating trends and defining

what markets should be providing. For Gen

Z and Millennials, food and brand choices

are important signifiers of lifestyle, beliefs

and values. These demographics have a

strong voice and are used to sharing their

views openly and widely. While health is an

increasingly important purchase driver – as it

also is across older generations – novel and

international flavors are winning the hearts of

a young and experimental audience. These

consumers embrace the new and different,

while being extremely responsive to positive

engagement from brands.

4. Plant-Based: Unlocking a new narrative

The rapid rise of the plant-based sector

has, almost inevitably, hit some roadblocks,

necessitating a refocusing on consumer

demands for high quality, flavorsome products.

No longer merely a mimic, green gastronomy

will blossom as a standalone sector in 2023,

giving brands significant opportunities to

diversify and expand. Consumers still want to

5. Farming the future

Public curiosity for innovative technologies

such as vertical and regenerative farming

is increasing. As well as helping to maximize

flavor, nutrition and yield, these advances can

win consumer support where they are shown

to improve the quality and sustainability of

global food production. Today’s consumer

is increasingly invested in the source of food

as it ties in with major global concerns of

health, sustainability and waste. The welfare

of agricultural workers is equally important,

with 65% of respondents to Innova’s surveys

agreeing they would rather buy fruit and

vegetables from farmer’s markets than large

stores. Brands need to demonstrate how novel

production techniques are benefiting farmers,

people and the planet.

Commenting on the food and beverage

industry’s future direction of travel, Lu Ann

Williams reveals: “At Innova, we have seen a

considerable consumer demand for value

redefined throughout the supply chain, with

creative and flexible approaches to the use

of technology and reducing waste proving

pivotal. With financial concerns a dominating

factor, 2023 is a significant year for new

developments that answer these growing

demands. Based on our consumer and market

research, our Top Trends deliver insights to

support brands as they innovate and grow.”

Top Ten Trends for 2023, including opportunities

in the following areas:

6. Quick Quality

7. Devouring Digital

8. Revenge Spending

9. Unpuzzle Health

10. Positively Imperfect


Food ingredients industry meets

in Paris for FI Europe 2022

Leading ingredients trade show Fi & Hi Europe all set to welcome

more than 20,000 visitors from around the world.

Fi & Hi Europe returns to France this year. From December

6 to 8, the leading ingredients fair will be held for the first time

at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition centre. More

than 1,200 exhibitors - from leading ingredients manufacturers

to highly specialized startups - will present themselves in four

halls. The face-to-face exhibition will be complemented by a

comprehensive online offering. A broad conference programme,

as well as the renowned Innovation Awards and Startup.

Innovation Challenge, will complete

the trade show experience

In the heart of Paris, Fi & Hi Europe is set to

attract exhibitors and attendees from more

than 135 countries around the world. The

new Paris Expo Porte de Versailles location

is within walking distance of many hotels,

restaurants and bars, making logistics

easier and the event more visitor-friendly

than ever before. Many leading ingredient


manufacturers have already confirmed

their participation in Paris, including ADM,

Beneo, Brenntag, Cargill, DSM and Ingredion.

In addition to well-established companies,

many new players have also announced

their intention to present their solutions to

the industry. In addition, there will be more

country pavilions this year than ever before.

Digitally enabled event concept

This year, Informa Markets is focusing on

a technologically enhanced hybrid show

concept. The combination of online and

face-to-face events offers participants the

best of both worlds, including a wide variety

of live and on-demand content as well as

data-driven networking options. All exhibiting

companies have their own online profile,

allowing them to find relevant contacts,

network and set up virtual or face-to-face

meetings before the event. A smartphone app

also facilitates on-site lead generation.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors

and exhibitors from around the world to an

event that no one in the ingredients industry

should miss,” says Julien Bonvallet, Group

Brand Director at Informa Markets. “After Learn

months of restriction and uncertainty, many

people have a great need for face-to-face

meetings. But even those who prefer to

participate online can do so easily thanks to

our technical solutions.”

Multifaceted conference programme

The online event will begin on 28 November,

the week before doors open at Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles. It offers an extensive

conference programme covering the

hottest topics in the industry, with a focus

on plant-based nutrition, health & wellness,





and reformulation. In addition, interested

participants 28 Nov - 8 Dec will find 2022 a wealth 6 - 8 of Dec information 2022 on

From Anywhere Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles

application areas that are currently trending –

Online France

such as baked goods, snacks, dairy products

and dairy alternatives. Overall, the conference

programme includes more than 55 expert

sessions on-site and online, giving global

audiences access to invaluable knowledge.

The platform Fi Global insights provides a lot

of additional information as well as exclusive

reports covering the following topics:

• Protein

• Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

• Snacks, Backery and Confectionery

• Plant-based

• Sustainability

• Beverages


the biggest

EU ingredient event

this December

Market products in the spotlight

On-site, the New Product Zone in cooperation

with Innova Market Insights offers an

extensive selection of the most innovative

products, showcased alongside insightful

information. It features product innovations

from leading industry players and provides

the perfect opportunity to give new

ingredients the introduction to the market

more at that they deserve. A popular area for visitors

bit.ly/istmag and the press, this feature has become a

trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry.

Fi Europe Innovation Awards

The renowned Fi Europe Innovation Awards

will once again be adding extra value to

the trade show. With one exception, the

awards will only be presented among Fi

Europe exhibitors: The new “Food Training &

Education” category is also open to nonexhibitors.

This award is intended to recognise

a company, institution or organisation that

contributes to better consumer health,

for example, through an educational

initiative or a pioneering approach. The

“Sustainability Innovation Award” recognises

environmentally, economically or socially

sustainable approaches and practices in

the food and beverage industry. Companies

that create equal opportunities in the

work environment receive the “Diversity &

Inclusion Innovation Award”. The “Plantbased

Innovation Award” acknowledges

alternatives to animal products and is given

for the best ingredient or application. In

the “Sensory Innovation” category, the

Fi2235 Paris ads 206x276 mm.indd 1 24-06-22 10:49







award is for an ingredient or process that

improves 28 Nov the - 8 Dec overall 2022 sensory 6 - 8 properties Dec 2022 of

From Anywhere Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles

foods or beverages. The “Health Innovation

Online France

Award” honours an ingredient or process

that provides a health benefit. The “Food

Tech Innovation Award” goes to companies

that have developed innovative processes,

packaging or waste reduction solutions.

The decision as to who receives awards is

made by industry experts from the fields

of consulting, management, product

development and trade media. Prof. Colin

Dennis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of

the IFIS organization and member of the Board

of Trustees of the British Nutrition Foundation,

will again chair the jury this year. The winners of

all categories will be announced during Fi & Hi

Europe at a ceremony on December 6.


the biggest

EU ingredient event

this December

Award for innovative startups

The Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge

also enables young companies to present their

innovative concepts, products and ideas to

an international audience of experts, major

companies and sponsors. All companies

founded no more than five years ago are

Learn eligible to participate. They can apply in one

more at or more of the following categories:

bit.ly/istmag • Most innovative ingredient for food or


• Most innovative plant-based or alternative


Fi2235 Paris ads 206x276 mm.indd 1 24-06-22 10:49

• Most innovative processing technology

• Most innovative service, technology or digital

solution for the food and beverage industry

Finalists and winners will have access

to the Startup Lounge, where they can

present their products and solutions on the

Innovation Hub stage, and network with

industry representatives. Both the pitches

and the award ceremony will also be

streamed via the Fi Europe online platform

and remain permanently available.

Winners will have a choice of several

attractive prizes: A fully equipped booth

at Fi Europe next year, a comprehensive

online marketing package or an individual

mentoring programme. The latter

can be coaching, for example, or the

implementation of a pilot project, or it can

include access to corporate collaborations

and business accelerator programmes.

In addition to the Innovation Hub, visitors

will find the new Sustainability Hub at the

exhibition, which focuses on sustainable

food solutions along the entire value chain.

Here visitors will find information on food

waste, circular economy, regenerative

agriculture and many other topics. Finally,

the Women’s Networking Breakfast,

sponsored by DSM, Lunch & Learn and

other events are perfect for building a

professional network.


Transforming global food

production to maximize

food safety and minimize

food loss by making sure

Every Resource Counts.




IFF excels in innovation

for a better world

As a global brand in food, beverage, health,

biosciences and sensorial experiences,

IFF is an international collective of thinkers

who partner with customers to bring tastes,

experiences, ingredients and food solutions

for products the world craves.

We have recently had a chance to meet with

Helga Moelschl, VP, Regional President of the

brand in Dubai at their legendary stand in

Gulfood Manufacturing. Having a very high

traffic, with people hardly able to find place

to stand in the booth, we managed to sit

with Helga and talk about the internationally

acknowledged fame and success of IFF. Our

visit ended with an impressive naturalistic tour

which we had never experienced before. Full

text of the interview follows:

Helga Moelschl,

Regional President AMETI, Nourish, IFF


Esra Yalcin, Customer Experience Marketing Lead – AMETI,

at the event seminar discussed future disruptions and what’s next for food industry.

As a supplier of a wide range of products

such as food and beverage, fragrance, home

and personal care, and health and wellness,

IFF has been operating in various industries.

With our FB magazine, we would like to talk

only on the food and beverage part of your

company. What is your position in the FB

industry in your specialty area?

We are an international collective of thinkers

who partner with customers to bring tastes,

scents, experiences, ingredients and solutions

for food products the world craves. Our

legacy combines market-leading, innovative

businesses from across food, beverages,

health, biosciences and sensorial experiences

In a world filled with hunger for more, for better

and for healthier – we are here to nourish

it. We nourish by growing relationships with

customers of all shapes and sizes, fuelling

them with an end-to-end process and

comprehensive portfolio across categoriesbakery,

bars, confectionary, dairy, beverage,

culinary and snacks. We nourish by uniting

creativity and science to provide what’s

essential and beyond what’s expected.

do they bring in terms of health, environment

and sensorial experience. Food and beverage

(F&B) manufacturers are now required to

foresee evolving trends and how to better

meet changing consumer expectations.

IFF leverages PANOPTIC- a proprietary tool

that affords a 360°, outside-in and insideout

approach to deriving consumer insights.

It identifies the most impactful shifts and

dynamics shaping the short, mid and long-term

future of the food industry across categoriesbeverage,

dairy, snacks and bakery.

By enlisting external trend and foresight

partners, advanced analytics, in-house

experts, and proprietary research, the

PANOPTIC allows us to innovate and make

As a member of a global trend-setting brand,

how could you read the future trends in the

food industry?

Consumers today want to know what they are

consuming- that is the ingredients used in food

and drinks and what kind of value-addition



strategic decisions creatively through a

shared understanding of the most influential

trends re-shaping the world.

How do you cope with ever-changing

consumer needs? Is that the professionality

of your R&D department or do you have other

factors as well?

F&B manufacturers are looking for food

solutions which promise convenience and

value more than just single flavors, ingredients

and complex in-house formulations. They

need partners who are agile, commercially

savvy, and well-networked. Backed by our

PANOPTIC framework we study and let the

insights define the drivers for innovation and

concepts. Co-creation is an integral part of

the entire process as we work closely with

our customers end-to-end, to create marketready

solutions and recipes.

Our success is built on a foundation of research

and development, where our experts are

continuously working on expanding the portfolio

of flavors and ingredients, bringing in processes

that ensure the highest quality and delivery

systems. This entails PANOPTIC and IFF PRODUCT

DESIGN frameworks which offer not only strong

market insights to address customer needs, but

also end-to-end product design approach,

featuring an extensive portfolio which includes

flavors and colors, functional ingredients,

emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, enzymes and

inclusions for products across food categories.

Ultimately, IFF has a global network of food

scientists and technologists, and our broad

range of technologies across flavors and

ingredients help customers in all regions to

create products with improved nutritional

profiles, better taste and texture.


When we talk about sustainability, sensitivity

for the environment, and protecting our nature,

where does IFF stand at this point?

As reflected in IFF’s nature inspired zones at

the booth in Gulfood Manufacturing show,

we recognize importance of evaluating

environmental impact. We develop solutions

that are good for customers, consumers, and

the environment, because we know that this will

allow us to support wider net zero ambitions and

help customers realize their own ESG targets.

IFF has several innovation programs such as

RE-IMAGINE WASTE TM and Upcycle (showcased

in our Planet First Ocean AR zone), new plant

proteins that support the replacement of animalbased

products, antioxidants and antimicrobials

that extend shelf-life, and upcycled flavor

extracts like citrus that reduce food waste, are

just some of the many examples.

Is there anything that you would you like us to

highlight in the interview?

As a global industry leader, we recognize our

role as pioneers of food innovation. With our

expanded flavor & ingredient portfolio and

product design approach, we have merged

science & creativity into our entire process,

from conceptualization to commercialization

in collaboration with our customers. We

create new sensorial experiences for our

partners that are value optimized, enhance

nutrition, have local taste profiles and simplify

manufacturing processes— while evaluating

environmental impact.

Our strong market insights, consumer

mapping and a proper regulatory procedure,

further future-proofs our offerings and sets

trends that are aligned with and support

consumer needs where taste, health, nutrition

and well-being are concerned.



SAIREM’s MW and RF technology

is 100% electric and therefore

produces no CO2 emissions and

consumes 50% less energy

compared to traditional heat

treatment processes.

Eco-friendly, energy

saving, hygienic:

efficient sanitisation

with microwave

and radio frequency

systems by SAIREM

SAIREM, a world-leading

specialist in microwave

(MW) and radio frequency

(RF) industrial solutions

based in Lyon, France, will

showcase the company’s

sanitisation technologies

at FIE, Food Ingredients

Europe, from 6-8 December

2022. The company will

highlight innovative systems

which are suitable for

either decontamination of

ingredients such as powders,

spices, peppercorns,

flours, and nuts etc. or as

disinfestation of plant-based

food and ingredients such

as, cereals, soft wheat and

many more. Responding

to client needs, the French

company has developed

highly efficient processes

to produce ingredients that

are healthy, clean, and

fully compatible with the

requirements of organic

farming certification.

Chemical free destruction

of potentially contaminated


Decontamination with Sairem

RF and MW systems enable

the complete destruction of

mould, yeast, and bacteria,

without the use of toxic

chemical products. The use

of not allowed gas was one

of the most cited reasons

for product withdrawal

in Europe the last years.

This is a major advantage

for food processors and

suppliers serving the

health -and environmentconscious

consumers of

today. Sairem’s systems are

ideal for superfood trend

products and ingredients

to produce plant-based

protein alternatives. Valuable

ingredients such for example

nuts are treated with extreme

care, therefore resulting in

a high-quality end product

and reduction of 4-5 Log.

The efficient RF and MW

process, which only lasts a

Sylvain Tissier,

Business Development

Manager at SAIREM

few minutes, ensures that

each ingredient is quickly

and uniformly brought to

the required temperature.

As the processing time is so

short, there is no alteration of

the physical, chemical, and

organoleptic properties - all

product characteristics are

perfectly preserved. Other

successful applications

include peppercorns (3.4 Log

reduction) or maize starch

powder (6,87 Log reduction).

RF and MW technology

for disinfestation

from egg to insect

Many high-quality ingredients

are exposed to the risk of

contamination by parasites,

and in particular larvae,

moths, and beetles. By the

implementation of Sairem’s

RF and MW technology,

parasites and microorganisms

are deactivated

by short, homogenous

exposure to a microwave

field in a temperaturecontrolled

processing cavity.

For example, products

such as dates, whose high

sugar content makes them

particularly vulnerable to

moths and beetle larvae, the

speed of the process ensures

perfect disinfestation while

preserving all organoleptic



Sairem assigned French

technical institute ARVALIS

to conduct a study on the

effectiveness of weevil

eradication by applying

Sairem’s microwave heat

treatment. The treatment

tested had excellent

disinfestation results of adult

weevils and their offspring.

Fast, energy-saving,


The low maintenance

and cost-effective Sairem

systems can process large

amounts of product either in

batches or in a continuous

process in tunnels or the

patented tubular system.

MW energy efficiency

and volumetric heating

keep power consumption

at a lower level than

that of other processing

technologies. As Sairem’s

MW and RF technology are

100% electric solutions, they

have no CO2 emission and

consume 50 % less energy

compared to traditional

heat treatment processes.

SAIREM equipment:

innovation and versatility

in action

Not only does this

equipment provide a

speedy, efficient process, it

has the added advantage

of being very compact with

a small floor footprint that

saves space. It is extremely

user-friendly, offering easy

loading and unloading

as well as a colour touch

screen HMI, and a USB

and ethernet connection

for remote control. Apart

from daily cleaning, there

is no need for regular

maintenance, and it

complies with all hygiene

regulations and standards.

Sylvain Tissier, Business

Development Manager at

Sairem, explains: “Sairem

systems are extremely

versatile and efficient. They

can be used for sanitising in

the role of decontamination

and disinfestation. We have

designed them to provide

fast and effective processes,

ensuring high-performing,

cost-saving results.”

SAIREM offers standardised

systems as well as systems

specifically adapted to

customer requirements.

Hall 4 Stand H105 Paris

6-8 December 2022




Established in 1979, PARKİM GROUP increases its business activities now dwelling into



PARKİM GROUP, manufacturing fragrances and

lotion pumps as well as distributing chemicals

under broad portfolio brings forward its more

than 50 years’ experience now to food industry.

The second generation director, MSc Chemical

Engineer İpek Müstecaplıoğlu explains the

investment process with these words:

“As we set out on this path, our goal was

to convey the professional vision of Parkim

Group to Parkim Flavor & Food Ingredients

through flavors production and food

ingredients distribution. As in every business

line, our claim is to serve our business

partners with a world-class service quality.“

Extensive market research

İpek Müstecaplıoğlu stated that they had

gone through a very long R&D and feasibility

process before starting this journey, and it

was very important for them to establish

the right team in this process. Today, we

work in coordination with our experienced

flavorists and also with the leading

international consultant professionals from

abroad. Production equipped with the

latest technology we have established. With

our facility and R&D laboratory areas, we

provide services to our customers on flavor

production and food ingredients.


International quality standards and regulation

Flavor production of Parkim Flavor&Food

Ingredients, takes place at the new Production

facility in Gebze Organization Zone. Considering

the sensitivity of Food in quality and certification,

our company acts within the scope of the FSCC

22000 food safety management system and

can submit the necessary documents such

as ISO, GMP, HALAL, KOSHER to its business

partners. The R&D team, which also follows the

constant update of the regulations, can provide

the necessary certifications according to the

demands of especially export and foreign

markets, and constantly supports its own team

with trainings in this regard.

Innovative touches to timeless flavors

Certain classic flavors of our company,

which has a wide flavor portfolio especially

in the liquid dessert group, stand out with

their innovative touches. Our vision here is to

modernize these flavors, which we can define

as timeless as a new player in the sector, with

strategies and trends that are in line with the

expectations of a newer generation. We aim to

bring innovation to your world by reconstructing

classic tastes with modern touches and to grow

together. At the same time, today, especially

the Z generation loves to experience and share

brand new experiences with innovative different

flavors. We are developing different flavors

such as aronia, passionflower, lychee, orange

blossom, sakura in line with this trend. We are

very happy to travel with them on their journey.

Integrative service to the food industry: Food

Ingredients Distribution

İpek Müstecaplıoğlu stated that they first

entered the sector with liquid flavors; Liquid

flavors appeal to the bakery, chocolate,

confectionery, ice cream and beverage

industries. Our forward-looking investments

continue rapidly and we aim to use different

technologies in time. In addition to our flavor

production, we try to meet these demands

by importing some food ingredients that

our customers use during production, by

keeping stocks and on the basis of exclusive

distributions. These consist of general and some

more qualified special food raw materials such

as sunflower lecithin, fibers, proteins.

At the same time, the concept of plantbased

is one of the new topics that have

entered our lives today. We bring special raw

materials suitable for this category and offer

them to our customers. Some of them are

pea protein, wheat fiber, natural antioxidants,

which can be used in vegan products, oat

concentrates that can be used in plant-based

milk production in the beverage industry,

sugar reduction. Raw materials such as

fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS), a prebiotic fiber

that enables the development of products

that support the healthy concept of the end

consumer. We are happy on behalf of our

country, especially because we contribute

to the use of prebiotic fiber instead of sugar

and sugar-derived products, which are now

generally accepted as harmful to health.



Dehydrated potato market

sheds light on changing

consumer habits

The value-added version of the potato is preparing to appeal to the palate

with its different varieties and colors. The dehydrated potato market

is creating a new alternative that is ready to make moves determined to

impress consumers in terms of flavor and health integrity, unlike other uses.

The process of drying and grinding starchy

root vegetables has been widely approved

around the world, mainly because of its

convenience and portability. Dehydrated

potatoes in particular find application in a

variety of end uses, making them a versatile

product. According to its shape, dehydrated

potatoes are available as flakes, sliced and

chopped pieces, and powder and granules,

which have a variety of different applications

in food processing and preparation.

Dehydrated potatoes are gaining popularity

as a food additive due to their thickening

and binding properties. Dehydrated potato

products have also gained popularity in

recent years as food additives, as they

add nutritional value to various foods. The

functional and nutritional properties of

dehydrated potatoes, combined with the

convenience factor, have led to its rapid

adoption, which has had a positive impact

on the growth of the global dehydrated

potato products market.

Dehydrated potato products are processed

food products made from whole, raw potatoes

that are cleaned, peeled, sliced, precooked,

cooled, cooked, mashed and either drum dried

into flake form or air dried into granule form.

Of the various forms in which dehydrated

potato products are available, the most

popular is potato flakes. The segment is

expected to expand at a moderate CAGR


of 4% in value. will remain

at the top of the table

throughout the forecast


Although the potato,

which has different types,

is widely used in the world,

it is generally in the

form of frying, but

the increasing

health awareness

completely changes

this perception. The

dehydrated potato type

is very popular thanks to

its non-fat structure and its

contribution to the alternative

snack market.

Purple dehydrated potatoes are very


Potato varieties used in many different types

such as agata, bintje, charlotte, desiree and

monalisa also come to the fore with their

colorful structures and flavors. The purple

potato, which is used in various parts of

Europe, has already

started to take its

place on the menus of

new generation snack


This potato interpretation,

especially served with

parmesan and truffle, is very

popular with consumers. It is

known that the red potato

is more popular in the

Americas, followed by

durabo and lady


Large food


continue their

production activities

without slowing down for dried

potatoes prepared through special

processes. Producers, prepared to meet the

demanded quantities regardless of large

restaurant chains and local restaurants,

started to expand their facilities and increase

their potato exports in this area.



Copyright: Glatt

Figure 1: Spray agglomeration, spray granulation, microencapsulation

and film, lipid and hotmelt coating give powders and liquids improved

properties for easier handling in diverse applications.

Fluid bed and spouted bed technologies

Optimising functional ingredients

for enhanced nutrition

Fluidised bed and spouted bed processes by Glatt offer manufacturers almost

unlimited possibilities in terms of optimised particle design and the functionalisation

of ingredients, the properties of which can be fine-tuned using spray granulation,

agglomeration, microencapsulation and film, lipid and hotmelt coating.

Consumer demand for fortified products is

constantly growing and has been well received

by end users. The form in which health-promoting

probiotics, dietary fibres or antioxidants are

consumed depends on both the preferences

and everyday habits of the individual. Whatever

the format, though, an universal requirement is

that functional ingredients must be stable during

storage, precisely dosed, dissolve quickly, are well

bioavailable or have a depot effect.


Fluidised bed and spouted bed processing is

ideally suited to the large-scale production

of these ingredients. In many branches of

the industry, these technologies are used to

agglomerate powders, dry liquid ingredients

into granules or pellets, encapsulate them in

microcapsules and, if required, encase them

in a functional coating (Fig. 1).

Fluidised bed principle

Both fluid bed and spouted bed technologies

are based on the principle of fluidising particles

using an upward-flowing process gas (Fig. 2, 3).

Also used to bulk dry a variety of materials, both

technologies make the process more efficient

by suspending the material to be dried and

exposing its entire surface to the process gas.

Spray granulation:

from liquids to granules in a single process step

Fluid bed spray granulation is an efficient way

to convert liquid raw materials directly into

free-flowing, compact and dust-free granules.

Spray granulation enables granule formation

and release control to be done in a single

step. This enables the drying of liquid food

additives - such as stabilisers, flavours, vitamins

or sweeteners - while precisely adjusting their

particle size, residual moisture levels and

solids content, resulting in round pellets with

excellent physical properties.


protection of volatile and sensitive

active substances

Microencapsulation is also based on the

principle of granulation. Valuable substances

that require special protection are often

present in powder or even liquid form. This

encapsulation process is used in particular for

products and ingedients for the food industry.

With the inclusion of an active substance in a

solid matrix, microcapsules provide an ideal

vehicle to control and protect vitamins, flavours

or polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), as well

as volatile essential oils. In the field of microencapsulation,

Glatt has conducted various

case studies on formulation and process

optimization strategies based on encapsulation

efficiency. Depending on the preferred principle,

based on the properties of the customer’s

active ingredients to be encapsulated, a wide

range of available technical equipment can

be customized in terms of cost, efficiency and

formulation properties.

Film, lipid and hotmelt coating:

functional surfaces

Fluidised bed spray coating is the method

of choice when the optimisation of product

properties involves, for example, controlled

release mechanisms, modifying the surface

structure for higher thermal and oxidation

Copyright: Glatt

Copyright: Glatt

Figures 2 + 3: Continuous fluid bed processing: pictured on the left is a top spray option

with four process chambers; on the right is a continuous spouted bed process with a bottom spray option.



stability and/or masking odours or flavours

associated with certain ingredients. Film or

hot-melt coatings are also proven solutions

that enhance important requirements such as

long-term stability, resistance to oxidation and

targeted release. A functional film coating

not only provides a smooth layer that makes

capsules easy to swallow, it also offers a

protective barrier against light and moisture.

Spray agglomeration:

perfect solubility and homogeneous mixtures

Spray agglomeration is used to convert

powdery raw materials into homogenous

easy-to-disperse (instant) products in a single

process step. The process involves spraying a

liquid into a fluidised bed and forming liquid

bridges between the colliding particles. The

liquid bridges are dried and solidified; as such,

the fine powder is transformed into coarser

agglomerates with a larger grain structure and

improved application properties. The stable

bonds reduce the risk of breakage and abrasion

during handling, processing and storage.

Certain formulations can be agglomerated

using water as the binding agent, which

generates sufficient liquid bridges by

moistening and partly dissolving the surface

of the powder. If harder, more stable

particles are required - as a prerequisite for

further processing, for example - this can

be controlled by binder substance viscosity,

process time and temperature profile.

Fluidised bed spray agglomeration is an

important process for substances destined

for solid dosage applications, such as vitamin

formulations and dried probiotics. Like minerals

and micronutrients, their particle structure,

moisture and bulk density must be adjusted

according to the application. When filling into

cans, capsules or sachets, or compressing into

effervescent tablets, reproducible product

properties such as blend uniformity, flowability

and particle size have to be ensured.

From benchtop to industry scale

Available at the company’s technology

centre in Weimar, Germany, Glatt offers a wide

range of laboratory and pilot plant for early

stage trials and testing. For new particle and

product forms, customers benefit from short

development times without having to invest in

new technology or additional personnel (Fig. 4).

State-of-the-art equipment provides a fast and

reliable way to obtain results for feasibility studies,

product requirements and sample quantities

for performance evaluation or marketing. In

addition, up to the plant commissioning stage,

Glatt offers contract manufacturing services that

fill any in-house production gaps and expedite

time-to-market. From initial idea to the finished

product or production plant, the company

provides a flexible and competent interface

throughout the entire value chain.

Further information including examples

for products and installed plants

in selected projects is available

on the newly designed Glatt website:


Figure 4: From the product idea to industrial production of functional powders,

granules and pellets including particle design, process development,

scale-up and plant engineering and implementation.

Copyright: Glatt



Tailored enhancing of your ProducTs

» Homogeneous and dust-free granules from powdery and liquid raw materials.

» Drying and shaping in just one process step by fluidized bed and spouted bed technology.

» Perfect determination of particle properties.

» Maximum options for functionalization.

» Protection of volatile and sensitive substances.

» More performance, stability and safety for application, handling and storage.

Glatt supports your product idea starting at the early stage of the product formulation and

the process development to the scale up and the final production.

Glatt. Integrated Process Solutions.

Immune health still top priority for

functional beverage consumers,

but other needs on the rise

Immune, gut and heart health continue as

important concerns for functional beverage

consumers, while beauty and sports

performance are on the rise, according to new

research by Kerry, the world’s leading taste

and nutrition company.

Kerry surveyed over 10,000 consumers from

18 countries across North America, South

America Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa

and Australia to learn more about their

changing priorities and preferred ingredients

in functional and fortified beverages.

The research found that immune support is

still the highest health priority for consumers

and is a particular focus not only in the US

and UK, but also across developing markets

including Guatemala, Brazil, South Africa,

the Philippines and India.


A total of 53% of global consumers are

interested in beverages containing ingredients

specific for immune support but want to see

science-backed ingredients, citing vitamin

blends, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics

as the top ingredients on their radar. Although

the overall taste experience is vital, the

primary focus of consumers is on the nutritional

impact of these products and the quality of

ingredients used in them.

Need states differ by age and life stage

- implying a need for customised and

personalised solutions, with the research

indicating a holistic need to improve inner

and outer wellness. Consumers are also more

proactive and have come to understand the

link between long-term health and nutrition

and achieving their beauty goals. A desire to

address weight management, heart health,

muscle recovery, energy, endurance and bone

health all point to a desire for all-round wellness.

A preference for beverages supporting skin

and hair beauty was more pronounced in

several developing markets (such as the

Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, India,

Poland, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala)

and continues to be a priority in leading

markets including the US and UK. New product

launches containing collagen have risen by

19% over the past four years and products

containing biotin have risen by 14% during the

same period (Innova, 2022).

research, a total of 86% of consumers stated

they would pay a premium for food and

beverages with added functional benefits.

“Consumers today have compounding need

states. While their top priority need states

remained consistent over the years, there

is growing focus on balance - balancing

beauty with digestive support, immunity with

sports performance, as consumers seek their

personalized idea functional and fortified

solution. To win in this space, manufacturers

need to create products that support top

concerns such as immune, digestive, cognitive,

joint and heart health, and include sciencebacked

functional ingredients to increase

credibility. Kerry can transform your idea into

a market leading functional beverage or

supplement, with a toolbox of solutions and

ingredients from botanical extracts to sciencebacked

ingredients like Wellmune ® and

BC30 to help your brand innovate across a

broad number of consumer need states.”

Meanwhile, products geared towards sports

performance, muscle recovery and endurance

are also no longer the preserve of athletes;

they are high on the agendas of many

thousands of “weekend warriors” who are keen

to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Potential for innovation

With the global functional beverage market

predicted to grow at 10.49% annually,

reaching nearly $200 billion by 2026 (Food

Institute 2021), there is ample opportunity to

innovate in this space.

Commenting on the findings, Soumya Nair,

Global Director of Consumer Research and

Insights at Kerry said: “A significant opportunity

exists in the functional and fortified space, with

the conventional line between supplements

and beverages blurring. According to our



Strict limits for aromatic mineral oil

hydrocarbons (MOAH) approaching

Nutriswiss edible oils already exceed the future purity standard.

As a result of its own sourcing and innovative

processes, Nutriswiss, the Swiss market leader

for speciality and organic edible oils, already

converts contaminated oils into safe food.

In-house laboratory analyses show MOAH

values close to the detection limit after

refining. After alarming investigation results

published by the non-profit organization

Foodwatch 1 , the EU Standing Committee on

Plants, Animals, Food and Feed has defined

a level at which foods should be withdrawn

from the market. The guidance values are

expected to be transferred into applicable

limits by the member states from 2023.

For oils and fats, the EU Committee specifies a

MOAH guidance value of 2 mg/kg. In addition,

it sets an MOAH value of 0.5 mg/kg for dry

foods with a low fat/oil content (up to 4%)

and up to 1 mg/kg for foods with a higher fat/

oil content (more than 4%). 2 Several scientific

studies indicate that aromatic mineral oils are

potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic. 3 4

MOAH in edible oils such as rapeseed or palm

can originate from different places, such as

tire abrasion, exhaust gases or machine oil.

In the Nutriswiss laboratory, a comprehensive

key figure profile is created for each oil before,

during and after processing. This clearly shows

that the self sourced materials are significantly

less contaminated on arrival at the plant than

standard market goods, which is also reflected in

the MOAH values. In supply chain management,

Nutriswiss relies on long-term contractual

partners, logistics in ISO containers according

to food grade standards, and its own controls to

ensure the highest raw material quality.


Gentle refining

For the removal of MOAH, Nutriswiss does not

use time- and temperature-intensive processes.

Instead, the experts rely on physical treatment

using modern distillation technology followed

by mild deodorization. In this way, the formation

of process contaminants is prevented,

whereas MOSH/MOAH, pesticides, polycyclic

hydrocarbons (PAH) and plasticizers such as

DEHP are significantly reduced. Michel Burla,

CEO of Nutriswiss, says: “A fixed limit value for

MOAH is long overdue because contaminants

have no place in any food. The EU guideline

values now provide the political framework

that we already adhere to on a voluntary basis.

Regardless of the new regulations, we take our

responsibility very seriously; the oils and fats that

leave our plant are safe to eat.”


1. https://www.foodwatch.org/fileadmin/- INT/mineral_oil/documents/Foodwatch_Mineralo__l_Report_2021_ENGLISH_03A.pdf

2. https://www.eurofins.de/food-analysis/food-news/food-testing-news/eu-guideline-for-moah-infoodstuffs/

3. https://www.efsa.europa.eu/de/efsajournal/pub/2704

4. https://www.efsa.europa.eu/de/supporting/pub/en-1741



Dubai World

Trade Centre

and DMG

events partner

to develop

new portfolio of

global events

for the food

and hospitality


The new partnership to build on a stellar

portfolio of business and consumer events

to take the 30-year legacy of shows

like GULFOOD and The Hotel Show to

new markets. DWTC establishes KAOUN

International, a wholly owned subsidiary to

serve as its international events organising

business. Inaugural Saudi Food & Beverage

Show & The Saudi Food Manufacturing Show

to be held in June 2023, in Riyadh.

KAOUN International, the newly incorporated

event organising company of the Dubai World

Trade Centre (DWTC) and dmg events, the

wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and

General Trust plc (DMGT) an international

portfolio of information, media and events

businesses, announced the signing of a joint

venture agreement to develop an international

portfolio in the food and hospitality sectors.

The newly formed company, KAOUN

International, is built upon DWTC’s formidable

record of organising industry-leading events

that have helped establish not just the UAE

but also the Middle East region, as a top

destination for major international business

Matt Denton, President, dmg Events

Trixie LohMirmand, CEO KAOUN International,

EVP Dubai World Trade Centre


events. Its portfolio of over 20 business and

consumer events, spans across sectors such as

technology, food and hospitality, sustainability,

broadcast and satellite, automotive, talent

development and leisure marine.

As its first international market expansion,

the new joint venture will launch The Saudi

Food & Beverage Show& The Saudi Food

Manufacturing Show in Riyadh from June 20-

22, 2023. The inaugural event will be affiliated

to GULFOOD Global, the world’s largest go-to

event brand trusted by the global F&B industry.

The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia will be rebranded

for September 2023 to include the broader

hospitality, HORECA and interiors markets. dmg’s

existing food and hotel events in South Africa will

also move under the new joint venture.

“The dmg & KAOUN International partnership

combines market leading food and beverage

industry events with international infrastructure

and an existing hotel and hospitality

portfolio.” dmg President Matt Denton said.

“Having grown our regional and international

operations significantly in recent years, dmg

clearly shares KAOUN International’s view of

high-growth opportunities in the region”.

“Developing new markets and providing access

for our global food and beverage business

community to emerging growth markets is

our collective focus,” Trixie LohMirmand, EVP

DWTC and CEO KAOUN International, added.

“Working together, dmg & KAOUN International

will leverage our existing complementary

experience, networks and brands to create

a synergistic portfolio of food, hotel and

hospitality events that offer far greater

opportunities within targeted geographies.”

“Our market leading events have become

centres of excellence in the food, hotel

and hospitality markets and will continue to

act as the gateway to the wider region,”

noted Matt Denton.

Outside of Dubai, dmg & KAOUN

International together will create more value

for their customers, providing them with a

reliable global partner bringing its proven

level of expertise and professionalism to a

host of new and emerging markets.

Embassy Representatives and

Trade officials in Saudi at announcement

of The Saudi Food Show Launch.



AK Gıda performed

a taste show at Gastromasa

Ak Gıda; With the brands İçim, Président

and Masterini, took part in the International

Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference.

The catering and cooking workshops

prepared with İçim, Président and Masterini

products by the pastry master Chef Sedat

Yaman attracted great attention from the

conference visitors and participants.

Ak Gıda, which produces the most milk and

dairy products in Turkey and is the largest

producer of the sector with its 6 factories,

participated in the VII. International

Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference

and hosted gastronomy professionals and

enthusiasts with its Président, Masterini and

İçim brands at its booth.

The delicious treats prepared by Chef Sedat

Yaman with cream, cottage yoghurt and

cheese varieties, and workshops such as

cheese-filled pasta, butter croissant, and

filled chocolate made with herbal cream

were the focus of attention of conference

participants and booth visitors.

Ak Gıda supported and participated in the

VII. International Gastromasa Gastronomy

Conference that was organized with the theme

of “Sustainability & Bio-Diversity” this year.

Ak Gıda Marketing Director Selin Dora Falay

stated that as Ak Gıda, they continue to develop

quality, nutritious and delicious products in

line with the needs of their consumers and

environmentally friendly packaging in line with

the sustainability principles through their R&D

activities and she continue:

“Our new brand, Masterini, which we

have just introduced to the out-of-home

consumption market, and İçim and Président

brands for consumers also took place. We

find such events beneficial for both industry

professionals and future chef candidates as

well as consumers. Our chef Sedat Yaman

gave tasting shows all day long at our booth

and we saw that cooking is becoming a

passion for more and more people. We will

continue to explain the different usage areas

of our products with such events.”


BENEO reduces specific

energy consumption while

increasing production

capacity of chicory root fibres

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of

functional ingredients, is demonstrating how

supply security and sustainability can go hand

in hand. While increasing global capacity for its

prebiotic chicory root fibres by 30%, thanks to a

90 million Euro investment into its production plant

in Pemuco, Chile, it is reducing specific energy

consumption by 35% at the same time.

Fonksiyonel bileşenlerin önde

gelen üreticilerinden biri olan

BENEO, tedarik güvenliği ve

sürdürülebilirliğin nasıl el ele

gidebileceğini gösteriyor. Şili,

Pemuco’daki üretim tesisine yaptığı

90 milyon Euro’luk yatırım sayesinde

prebiyotik hindiba kökü liflerinin


BENEO, hindiba kökü liflerinin

üretim kapasitesini

artırırken spesifik enerji

tüketimini azaltıyor

küresel kapasitesini %30 artırırken,

aynı zamanda spesifik enerji

tüketimini de %35 oranında azaltıyor.

Tüketicilerin sindirim sağlığı,

bağışıklık, bağırsak mikrobiyomu

ve bunun genel sağlık üzerindeki

yararlı etkisi konusundaki farkındalığı

As consumer awareness of digestive health,

immunity, the gut microbiome and its beneficial

effect on overall wellbeing continues to grow, so

does the demand for BENEO’s prebiotic and natural

chicory root fibres. Alongside this, present times

demonstrate the rising importance of saving energy

today, and for future generations. To deliver a secure

supply of chicory root fibre, while also keeping



sustainability front of mind, BENEO’s capacity

increase is accompanied by steps that allow it to

reduce specific energy consumption by 35%.

At its Pemuco plant in Chile, BENEO conducted an

analysis of the whole production process to identify

any areas where energy efficiency could be

improved. Based on these findings, it has upgraded

existing processing equipment and invested in new

technology, such as new evaporation systems,

which not only reduces the energy required, but

also ensures energy is used in the most efficient

way possible. This investment into new technology

also allows for improved process continuation,

as it means equipment can be cleaned without

interruption of the overall process, which in turn

results in further significant energy savings.

Guillermo Fernandez, Head of Manufacturing at

BENEO in Chile comments: “At BENEO, ensuring

reliable and consistent delivery to our customers

goes hand in hand with taking steps towards more

sustainable and environmentally friendly production

processes. This also means that for every investment

the highest level of energy efficiency is applied.

Therefore, the significant reduction of specific

energy consumption at our chicory root fibre plant

in Pemuco is an important milestone for us.”

Globally, consumer interest in prebiotics continues

to grow and has already seen an increase from

51% in 2018 to 61% in 2022. İ To cater for this rising

demand, BENEO will open a new refinery line in

Pemuco, Chile, by the end of this year, leading

to a 15% increase of its total chicory root fibres

capacity. This will be followed by an additional

15% increase due to be completed next spring,

resulting in a total increase of 30%. While

ensuring a secure supply of chicory root fibres,

sustainability is kept front of mind for BENEO as it

aims to further reduce its overall CO2 emissions.

Chicory root fibres (inulin and oligofructose) are

the only plant-based prebiotics. According to the

artmaya devam ettikçe, BENEO’nun

prebiyotik ve doğal hindiba kökü

liflerine olan talep de artıyor. Bunun

yanı sıra içinde bulunduğumuz

zaman, enerji tasarrufunun bugün ve

gelecek nesiller için artan önemini

göstermektedir. Güvenli bir hindiba

kökü lifi tedariki sağlamak ve aynı

zamanda sürdürülebilirliği ön planda

tutmak için, BENEO’nun kapasite

artışına, spesifik enerji tüketimini

%35 oranında azaltmasını sağlayan

adımlar eşlik ediyor.

BENEO, Şili’deki Pemuco tesisinde,

enerji verimliliğinin iyileştirilebileceği

alanları belirlemek için tüm üretim

sürecinin bir analizini yaptı. Bu

bulgulara dayanarak, mevcut

işleme ekipmanını iyileştirdi ve

yalnızca gereken enerjiyi azaltmakla

kalmayıp aynı zamanda enerjinin

mümkün olan en verimli şekilde

kullanılmasını sağlayan yeni

buharlaştırma sistemleri gibi yeni

teknolojilere yatırım yaptı. Yeni

teknolojiye yapılan bu yatırım,

ekipmanın genel süreç kesintiye

uğramadan temizlenebileceği ve

dolayısıyla önemli ölçüde daha fazla

enerji tasarrufu sağlayabileceği

anlamına geldiğinden, daha iyi bir

proses devamlılığı sağlar.

Şili’deki BENEO Üretim Başkanı

Guillermo Fernandez şunları söylüyor:

“BENEO’da müşterilerimize güvenilir

ve tutarlı teslimat sağlamak,

daha sürdürülebilir ve çevre

dostu üretim süreçlerine doğru

adımlar atmakla birlikte gider. Bu

aynı zamanda her yatırım için en

yüksek düzeyde enerji verimliliği

uygulandığı anlamına gelir. Bu


nedenle Pemuco’daki hindiba

kökü lif fabrikamızda spesifik

enerji tüketiminin önemli ölçüde

azaltılması bizim için önemli bir

kilometre taşıdır.”

Küresel olarak, prebiyotiklere olan

tüketici ilgisi artmaya devam ediyor

ve 2018’de %51 olan talep, 2022’de

%61’e yükseldi. İ BENEO, artan talebi

karşılamak için bu yılın sonunda

Şili’nin Pemuco kentinde yeni bir

rafineri hattı açacak ve bu toplam

hindiba kökü lif kapasitesinde

%15’lik bir artış daha sağlayacaktır.

Bunu, önümüzdeki baharda

tamamlanacak ek bir %15’lik artış

izleyecek ve toplamda %30’luk

bir artış sağlayacak. Hindiba kökü

liflerinin güvenli bir şekilde tedarik

edilmesini sağlarken, genel CO2

emisyonlarını daha da azaltmayı

hedefleyen BENEO için sürdürülebilirlik

ön planda tutulmaktadır.

Hindiba kökü lifleri (inülin ve

oligofruktoz) tek bitki bazlı

prebiyotiklerdir. Uluslararası

Probiyotikler ve Prebiyotikler Bilimsel

Birliği’ne (ISAPP) İİ göre, bunlar

kanıtlanmış çok az prebiyotiklere

aittir. Hindiba kökü liflerinin bağırsak

mikrobiyotasındaki bifidobakteri

bolluğu ve bağırsak fonksiyonu

parametreleri üzerindeki olumlu

etkileri, bilimsel kanıt hiyerarşisinde en

güçlü metodoloji olarak kabul edilen

meta-analizlerle yeni bir sistematik

literatür taraması ile yakın zamanda

gösterilmiştir. İİİ BENEO’nun prebiyotik

lifleri Orafti ® Inulin ve Oligofruktoz

doğaldır, GDO içermez ve temiz

etiketlidir ve çok çeşitli yiyecek ve

içecek uygulamalarında kullanılabilir.

International Scientific Association for Probiotics

and Prebiotics (ISAPP), they belong to the very few

proven prebiotics. The positive effects of chicory

root fibres on bifidobacteria abundance in gut

microbiota and on bowel function parameters

have recently been demonstrated by a new

systematic literature review with meta-analyses,

considered the strongest methodology in the

hierarchy of scientific evidence. İİ BENEO’s prebiotic

fibres Orafti ® Inulin and Oligofructose are natural,

non-GMO and clean label, and can be used in a

wide range of food and drink applications.


HealthFocus International, Global Trends Report 2018, 2022


Nagy DU, Sándor-Bajusz KA, Bódy B, Decsi T, Van Harsselaar J, Theis S & Lohner S (2022) Effect of chicoryderived

inulin-type fructans on abundance of Bifidobacterium and on bowel function:

a systematic review with meta-analyses. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

Published 14 July 2022, DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2022.2098246


HealthFocus International, Global Trends Report 2018, 2022


International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics


Nagy DU, Sándor-Bajusz KA, Bódy B, Decsi T, Van Harsselaar J, Theis S & Lohner S (2022) Effect of chicoryderived

inulin-type fructans on abundance of Bifidobacterium and on bowel function:

a systematic review with meta-analyses. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Yayın Tarihi:

14 Temmuz 2022, DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2022.2098246



Lakidis offers highest

Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Greece,

LAKIDIS SA company is a constantly growing

brand. As a reliable producer of integrated

solutions in the field of food machinery for over

57 years with a global network of around 30

agencies that distribute Lakidis Food Machinery

and a great number of customers worldwide,

Lakidis SA supports the processing of meat,

poultry and fish products. The company also

supports and provides solutions for industries


quality food machinery

The company’s sales team

works with customers’ team

from beginning to the end

to understand their needs,

define a budget and develop

balance between quality -

production and costs. This

way the customer gets what

they really require and what

is the most ideal for them.

such as petfood, snacks, puff pastry, sauce &

dips, baby food, fruit and plant-based products.

R&D development, production and assembling

take place in private owned facilities, thus

enabling compliance with the highest quality

standards. Its vertical production unit ensures

that it has full control over the production

processes, accurate timing and maintain

quality standards throughout all stages.



The production takes into account all known

industry standards and goes far beyond that.

Reliability, ease of use and compliance with

the highest hygiene standards are the special

features of the Lakidis products.

The manufacturing of the company’s various

codes starts with the selection of exclusive

raw materials, runs through each stage with

precision & consistency robot welding, CNC

processing, glass blasting (surface treatment),

and electric & electronic assembly.

Recommending the appropriate machine

for each customer’s specific requirements is

something Lakidis takes great value in. The

company’s sales team works with customers’

team, from start to finish, to understand

their needs, define a budget and develop

balance between quality - production

and costs. As a professional approach

and respect to the customer, the Lakidis

team is always close by and ready to help

with meetings, video calls and technicians

training when required. From the first spark of

inspiration to implementing a solution, Lakidis

is committed to excellence in everything

they do. Because this is what they say:


More information the company

can be attained at: www.lakidis.gr,

14th Old National Rd., Thessaloniki-Veria,

Greece, +30 2310 722772, +30 2310 722367,



Sayhun, a sought-after name

in water and beverages

Producing a wide variety

of beverages and selling

professionally in domestic

and foreign markets with

“Sayhun” brand, the

company has its strict

rules and principles for

guaranteed success and

customer satisfaction.

“Sayhun Group Bottlers” LLC is considered

one of the most advanced company in the

field of drinking water and beverages. As

the concentrate of the water is an a high

quality and modern production line meets

international standards International company

Pepsi Co concluded contract in production its

products. Nowadays “Sayhun Group Bottlers”

LLC obtained international certificate SGS for

its drinking water and beverages. As a matter of


fact beverages are produced from European ingredients

and controlled every step of production. The capacity

of the factory is considered about 12 million bottlers

per month. The Factory produces drinking water

Trade Mark “Sayhun” with mineralization

149 mg in 0.5, 1.5, 1, 5 and 10 bottle liter and

beverages in 5 kinds of taste Trade Mark “WF”.

`Production of carbonated and noncarbonated

soft drinks, carbonated and

non-carbonated treated with ozone)

drinking water in PET packaging. The

volume begins from 0.5 l, 1l, 1.5l, 5l and

10l. Three modern production lines TM “KHS”

(Germany) are activated at this factory.

Nowadays, “Sayhun Group Botllers” LLC

exports its products to the countries CIS. One

of these days, it is going to export to the countries of

Asia, Middle East, Europe and Turkey.



Sayhun with Pepsi Co

The goals for the short period:

1. Establish new additional

water hole

2. Take part in all international


3. Establish Trade Houses

in 50 countries

The goals for the long period:

1. Produces mineral water

in a high mineralization

2. Full modernization of production

line in producing juice beverages

3. Establish factories

at neighbored countries

“Sayhun Group Botllers” LLC invites

all buyers - companies of the world

who is strongly needs in purchasing

drinking water and beverages. We

are ready to export at any amount

without delay and with proper prices.

Our logo: “Purity of Pleasure”


F İSTANBUL will bring all sector

stakeholders together at İstanbul

Save the date F İSTANBUL 2023 on your calendar, where more

than 1000 food industry stakeholders from 40 countries will

exhibit their products at İstanbul Expo Center on 12-14 July 2023!

F İSTANBUL 2022 was held with the

participation of 268 companies representing

over 300+ brands from 21 countries and more

than 5500+ professional buyers attended

from 96 countries especially Europe, CIS,

North Africa, and the Middle East.

F İSTANBUL will bring all sector stakeholders

together at İstanbul Expo Center on 12-14 July

with 4 concurrent exhibitions in 2023. Food

and Beverage Exhibition in hall 2-4, Food

Processing, Ingredients and Packaging

Exhibition in hall 6-7, Shop Design and

Franchising Exhibition in hall 5 and Confectionery,

Nuts and Dried Fruit, Snacks Exhibition in hall 8

will take place at F İSTANBUL 2023.

Türkiye food and beverage industry exports

total 13.28 billion dollars

According to foreign trade data, in the first

7 months of 2022, exports of the food and

beverage sector increased by 18.6% compared

to the same period of the previous year and

reached 13.8 billion dollars. In this context,

F İSTANBUL 2023 will create an important

channel for all manufacturers and intermediary

companies that want to reach “value added

export” in the sector in the growing Turkish

market with the business volume it creates. F

İSTANBUL 2023 will bring together the industry

with professional buyers from Europe, Central

Asia, Africa, and Middle East markets.

Date : 12-14 July 2023

Sub Events : F Istanbul- Food and Beverage Exhibition (Halls 2- 4)

F Istanbul - Confectionery, Nuts and Dried Fruit, Snacks Exhibition (Hall 8)

F Istanbul - Food Processing, Ingredients and Packaging Exhibition (Halls 6 - 7)

F Istanbul - Shop Design and Franchising Exhibition (Hall 5)

Visiting Hours : 10:00- 18:00 (12 July 2023, openning time 12.00)

Venue : İstanbul Expo Center, Yeşilköy

Web-Site : https://www.f-istanbul.com/

E-mail : july@f-istanbul.com

Organizer : Federal Fuar ve Kongre Yönetimi Limited Şirketi


Aqua Dominus offers

environmentally friendly

waters effortlessly

and at less cost

Access to quality potable water is now a red alert

in many societies. At this point, Aqua Dominus ensures that you

no longer see quick and easy access to water as a luxury.

Aqua Dominus offers pure and

environmentally friendly water, obtained

with simplicity and minimal costs.

Access to quality drinking water is on red alert

in many countries today.

The possible water crisis is pushing large

companies around the world to adopt

alternative ways of using water resources.

In view of this situation, the Italian company

Aqua Dominus Technologies, has proposed

itself to the market by offering a new water

culture, and ensuring that access to quality

water is quick and easy, and no longer

considered a luxury.

The company has signed up to a series

of projects and initiatives, which, while

respecting nature, enhance its sustainability,

it distributes, mainly in Europe, a significant

quantity of innovative products and

equipment in the water sector.

Aqua Dominus, which can be defined as

a young and dynamic company, sets itself,

through its industrial production, aims to

optimise the use of water resources.

Innovative equipment: technologically

sophisticated, but simple and practical to use,

making drinking water clear, pure and healthy.

Aqua Dominus, began to establish itself in

the sector in the early 2000s by proposing the

new experience of purified drinking water,

adapted to one’s tastes and needs, directly at

the point of use.

This proved to be a new and pleasant

experience for users!

The Brand, which has developed with a new

and special focus on growing environmental


issues, aims to make a

contribution to the development

of an increasingly recyclable

and sustainable world.

It offers environmentally friendly,

practical, safe and affordable


A unique opportunity to step into the

future and reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Plastic containers and bottles are increasingly

causing visible damage to the entire planet.

Dispersed in the environment they only

degrade over 400 years or more.

According to some research, the average time

a plastic bottle is used is only 15 minutes, and

consider that about 1 million are sold every

minute in the world !

Researchers Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser, of

Oxford University, have established that only

9% of these are recycled, 12% are incinerated

and the rest end up in the common waste or in

the ocean waters.

All this causes only one thing:

the massacre of the planet.

Sometimes it takes centuries for the waste we

throw away in nature to dissolve and become

inert, mixing with soil, air and water.

For this reason, natural water resources are in a

critical condition and people are increasingly

at risk of drinking unsafe water that can

threaten their health.

Furthermore, it is known that

worldwide, water suitable for

consumption is being rapidly

depleted, and that only 3% of

the available resources are being

properly utilised.

Preserving and conserving

adequate water reserves for future

generations therefore seems almost

impossible in the current situation.

Although some countries make serious

investments in this regard, this is not enough

to eliminate the problems of unconscious or

inconsiderate water consumption and the use

of plastic bottles.

All these dangers force us to consider that

purification systems are now absolutely

indispensable, and it is an undeniable fact

that the use of such equipment will have

to be further developed in the future: to

protect nature, protect our planet and build a

healthier tomorrow for all of us.

Individual water treatment will be a safe

investment for the future.

In light of the research carried out and the

data that has emerged, Aqua Dominus

Technologies has been committed to this,

offering specific sustainable and ecological

products for some time now.

The company, which favours systems that

provide targeted solutions to such problems,



already offers more than 50 products using this

technology, and continues its research and

development studies for further production

alternatives on a daily basis.

In this context, the food and ho.re.ca. sector are

among the leading industries in terms of drinking

water consumption, so the economic factor is

certainly not of secondary importance either.

According to a careful assessment of the

market, for example, the daily requirement

of water for sale in an average restaurant

is about 250 litres, which if met with bottled

water will produce in a single year: 60,000

plastic bottles, the consumption of 10 tonnes

of oil to make them, and over 2.7 tonnes of

CO2 released into the air.

In addition to the damage to the environment

and our health, if we consider the cost of

purchasing, storing and refrigerating this water,

we can at that point, without a shadow of

a doubt, state that on-site water treatment

systems are much cheaper than any other

method, as well as safer.

The company, which we questioned, stated

that it intends to reach all major European

cities with additional outlets, and announced

that it will contact and inform customers

directly to inform them of the possibility of

using these alternative tools.

The Aqua Dominus managers, think that in the

future there will be a ‘water purifier’ in every

home, to be used like the other appliances

now present in every home: such as ovens,

dishwashers or other electrical appliances,

and they are thinking of integrating this new

system with many others.

Already today, the Aqua Dominus catalogue

presents more than 50 models of devices as well

as accessories for them, all made of stainless

steel, glass and other materials, which in addition

to being all certified, are fully recyclable several

times over and suitable for various needs.

It has been observed that those approaching

such systems for the first time and savouring

the quality of purified, cooled and carbonated

water to their taste, decisively choose and

prefer these products.

Pure and good-tasting!

Communities that desire quality water can,

with this equipments, quickly access healthy

water thanks to the purification processes.

The water that passes through the microfilters

and subsequent treatments, is as clear as

spring water and pleasant in taste.

All potentially harmful chemicals, microbes

and bacteria, turbidity, colour and odour

are removed. At the same time, the water is

softened by reducing its salt content, a unique

choice for a healthy future.

The brand offers water produced with different

techniques and equipment, offering several

product lines, which are explained:

purified water in elegant and refined

containers of the finest crystal-clear glass,

customised to their needs.

This line includes equipment capable of

delivering up to 280 litres/hour of treated and

chilled water.

Top Commercial

The commercial line, preferred above all by

medium and large enterprises, is also used by

commercial companies, law firms, gyms, etc.,

which make corporate welfare and modernity

an added value.

It is also offered to consumers with equipment

for work groups in facilities with a small number

of employees and collaborators. Finally,

Domestic Line

Intended primarily for private homes, and

preferably for use in kitchens.

Where they are used, in addition to drinking

water, for any other kitchen use: tea, coffee,

steaming etc.

These treatment systems remove contaminants

from the water, particularly those originating in

and coming from the aqueduct network.

They produce water distinctly suitable for

human consumption, avoiding the short or long

term risk of possible negative health effects.

Aqua Dominus offers environmentally friendly,

practical, safe and cost-effective equipment.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the onsite

water treatment system is much more

convenient, compared to others, as well

as safer, which is why Aqua Dominus is

committed to initiatives to publicise and

disseminate these systems to consumers.

The company, which intends to ensure its

presence in all major European cities with

additional outlets, has announced that it

will put in place information systems aimed

directly at its potential customers.

A representative of the company stated that

A.D. will continue to work in the most favourable

way to optimise the use of water resources,

and he is of the opinion that water treatment

systems and equipment will be massively

present in the coming years in our homes,

workplaces, restaurants and hospitality sector.

While we live in the midst of a critical period for

the environment, which we will surely drag

on with its effects for at least the next 30 years,

we can help safeguard our planet and our future

by including water treatment systems in your life.

Professional Line

which allows those who use water as a

commercial product, to serve their customers


Ulusoy Un



largest flour


Ulusoy Un, which was established in 1969 and

has turned into one of the few food companies

in Turkey today, makes a name for itself with

its 4 production facilities and exports to 91

countries in 5 continents. Ulusoy Un, Turkey’s

only and largest flour producer traded in the

Stock Exchange, has increased its production

capacity 4.5 times, its equity 9 times, the

number of employees 3.5 times, and its exports

2.5 times, from the date of its public offering in

November 2014 until the first half of 2022.

According to 2014 data, Ulusoy’s shareholders’

equity increased from 162 million TL to 1 billion

440 million TL in the first half of 2022, the number

of employees increased from 199 to 701, the

number of days of wheat processing increased

from 900 tons/day to 3925 tons/day, and its

exports from $42,96 million to 42.96 million.

Ulusoy Un, has the largest and most digital

flour production facility in Turkey, with the 50th

Year Production Facility, which it established in

Samsun Organized Food Industry.

Making a statement on the subject, Ulusoy

Un Chairman of the Board Dr. Eren Günhan

Ulusoy said, “Our activities in the food

sector, which started with Ulusoy Gıda in

1969, continued in the industry with the

establishment of Ulusoy Un in 1989.

Today, Ulusoy Un’s three factories with a total

wheat processing capacity of 3925 tons/day in

4 production facilities: 2085 tons/day in Samsun,

400 tons/day in Çorlu, 640 tons/day in Aydın and

800 tons/day in Ankara. and silos, warehouses

and free zone warehouses with a grain storage

capacity of more than 300 thousand tons.


As Ulusoy Un, we made 3 important moves in

terms of investments in the post-IPO period.

The first is our 50th Anniversary Production

Facility, which we have just established in

Samsun Food Organized Industrial Zone. We

have completed the production lines part of

the project by commissioning the 4th and

last unit of our 50th Anniversary Production

Facility, which we commissioned in December

2019 in the first phase, in June 2022. The

second important step is to have a storage

capacity of 169 thousand tons in our 3 licensed

warehouses in Çelikli/Kırıkkale, Alaca/Çorum

and Yozgat/Sorgun. The third important step

was the acquisition of Söke A.Ş. We are the

company with the largest consolidated flour

production capacity in Turkey at the moment.”

“We aim to be Turkey’s largest agricultural

industry and food company in 2029”

Hygiene conditions at the 50th Year

Production Facility, which was designed using

the latest technology, were brought to the

highest point and turned into Turkey’s most

digital and exemplary factory. Stating that his

claims are to have a production facility with

the highest standards in food in the world, Dr.

Ulusoy Un, that is Turkey’s

largest flour producer and

only publicly-traded flour

company, increased its

wheat processing capacity

from 900 tons/day to 3925

tons/day with its 50th

Year Production Facility,

which it established in

Samsun Organized Gıda

Sanayi. Ulusoy Un, which

has increased its wheat

processing capacity by 4.5

times since its public offering

in November 2014, aims to

become Turkey’s largest

agricultural industry and

food company in 2029.

Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy,

Board Chairman of Ulusoy Un



Eren Günhan Ulusoy pointed out that Ulusoy Un

is the only flour company traded in the stock

market in Turkey and shared the following:

“Ulusoy Un went public on 20.11.2014 and its

shares started to be traded in Borsa Istanbul.

With Ulidaş Tarım Ürünleri Licensed Warehousing

Joint Stock Company, which was established

on 27.02.2015 as a 100% subsidiary of our

company, an investment has been made in the

licensed warehousing system, which we can

consider as the future of the agricultural sector.

Currently, it continues its licensed warehousing

activities with a total capacity of 169,000 tons

in 3 regions, 42.000 tons in Çorum/ Alaca,

67.000 tons in Yozgat/Sorgun and 60.000 tons in

Kırıkkale/Çerikli. Our subsidiary named ROLWEG

SA was established in Geneva, Switzerland on

15.03.2018, with 100% of its capital owned by

Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ. On 18.09.2019,

Alfaway Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, flour sales

and marketing was established with 100% of

the capital belonging to Ulusoy Un Industry and

Trade AŞ. Our company purchased all of Söke

Un shares on 11.01.2022.”

Underlining that they currently have the

most innovative facility in the flour industry,

Ulusoy stated that their goal is to become

Turkey’s largest agricultural industry and food

company in 2029.

“Turkey is a country with alternatives even if it

doesn’t have a corridor mission”

The Eurasia President of the International Flour

Industrialists and Grains Association (IAOM),

Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy also drew attention to

the fact that Turkey has become the world’s


Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy,

Board Chairman of Ulusoy Un

grain hub with the grain corridor. Ulusoy said,

“The most critical aspect of this corridor is

its contribution to the world’s wheat supply.

Because when the products produced in

Ukraine cannot reach the world, it is not

possible to maintain the balance. Thanks to the

corridor, a very important step was taken for

this balance. Turkey has given the whole world

an opportunity to overcome this food crisis.

Among the countries to which products are

shipped from the grain corridor, Spain ranks first

with 1.8 million tons, and Turkey ranks second

with 1.3 million tons. Turkey both acted as the

guarantor of this agreement and procured

a significant amount of products from this

corridor. During the closure period, there were

negotiations with other alternative supply

countries. Although Turkey is not a corridor, it is

a country with alternatives. This year’s harvest is

better than last year thanks to the rains.

Turkey hosted the Joint Control Center (JCC),

which controls the ships to be loaded and

loaded in Ukraine. With the continuation of

the agreement after November 19, Turkey

will continue to play a leading role. In fact,

there is also the use of Turkey as a transit point

where products are downloaded, stored and

resent, as envisaged in natural gas. With a

licensed warehouse capacity of 8.5 million

tons and a storage capacity at ports, Turkey

has a sufficient infrastructure to do this. Turkey

can take on such a role in a situation where it

is not sure about the corridor.”



Türkiye’nin lider kuru üzüm işleyicilerinden Osman Akça, TOMRA Food’un

teknolojilerini Türkiye’de kullanan ilk üretici olmuştu. Osman Akça, iş birliklerinin

25. yılını kutlamak ve geleceğe yönelik gelişmeleri görüşmek üzere

TOMRA Gıda yönetim ekibini Manisa’daki tesislerinde ağırladı.

Türkiye kuru üzüm işleyicilerinden

Osman Akça, 25. yıl iş birlikleri

dolayısıyla TOMRA Food

yöneticilerini tesisinde ağırladı

Türkiye’nin kuru üzüm ihracat liderlerinden

Osman Akça A.Ş., ürünlerinin kalitesi ile

sektörde özel bir konumda bulunuyor. Osman

Akça, en yüksek standartları sağlamak

üzere sensör tabanlı ayıklama makineleri ile

gıda güvenliğini ve kalitesini en üst düzeye

çıkarırken gıda israfını azaltan TOMRA Food’un

teknolojilerine yatırım yapıyor.

Osman Akça A.Ş. Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi Osman

Göksan ve Osman Akça A.Ş. Genel Müdürü

Yalçın İskeçeli’nin ev sahipliği yaptığı ziyarette

işleme süreçleri ve iyileştirme çalışmaları

üzerine detaylı görüşmeler sağlanırken TOMRA

yöneticileri, işleme hattını yerinde izledi.

Firmanın Manisa’da bulunan Kuru Üzüm İşleme

Tesisi ve Aydın’daki Kuru Meyve Fabrikası’nda

kurulu toplam 14 adet TOMRA optik ayıklama

makinesi, operasyonların verimliliğine katkı

sağlıyor. Konu ile ilgili açıklamada bulunan

Osman Göksan; “1970’li yıllarda başladığımız

kuru üzüm ve kuru meyve ayıklama alanındaki

faaliyetlerimizi 3 nesildir geliştirerek ileriye

taşıyoruz. Operasyonlarımızı, ürün kalitemizi

ve iş hacmimizi kesintisiz şekilde arttırırken

yanımızda TOMRA Food gibi optik ayıklama

sistemlerinde dünya lideri olan güvenilir

bir çözüm ortağı bulunmasından oldukça


memnunuz. En yenilikçi teknoloji ve makineleri

ile dünya standartlarının üstünde bir kalite

yakalamamıza destek olmalarının yanı sıra

hızlı satış sonrası hizmetleri ile de her zaman

yanımızda oluyorlar,” dedi.

Manisa Saruhanlı’daki Osman Akça Kuru

Üzüm İşleme Fabrikası’nda 2020’de 20 bin ton

civarında olan üretimlerinin 2021 yılında 25 bin

tonlara çıktığını belirten Osman Göksan; “2021

yılında Türkiye’de kuru üzüm ihracatında iyi bir

yıl geçirdik. Ülke ihracat hacmimiz, bir önceki yıl

230 bin ton iken 2021 yılında 255 ton civarında

tamamlandı. Bu süreçte yine bizim için en

önemli konu ürün kalitemizi rakipsiz şekilde

sunmaktı. Bu nedenle 2021 yılının başında

TOMRA’nın yeni sunduğu TOMRA 5C optik

ayıklama makinesini de hattımıza ekledik. Ürün

kalitemizi rakipsiz sürdürmemizin yanı sıra üretim

kapasitemizi de arttırarak ihracat müşterilerimizi

yüzde 100 korurken yüzde 20 oranında

Avrupa’dan yeni müşterileri portföyümüze

katmayı başardık,” şeklinde açıkladı.

TOMRA Food İşlenmiş Gıda Başkanı Ken

Moynihan ise; “TOMRA Food, 80 ülkede gıdanın

farklı alanlarında ayıklama,sınıflandırma ve

paketleme faaliyetlerini sürdürüyor. Türkiye ise

kuru üzüm ihracatında dünya lideri ve Osman

Akça da bu pastada özel bir paya sahip. Kuru

üzüm üretiminde ülke sınırlarını kalitesi ile aşan

Osman Akça, Türkiye’deki ilk TOMRA Food

makinesinin kurulumunu gerçekleştiren firma.

Bu nedenle iş birliğimiz, her zaman çok özel bir

yere sahip. Türkiye’nin lider olduğu bir alanda

alanının liderlerinden Osman Akça ile bu kadar

uzun yıllardır çözüm ortağı olabilmek bizler için

gurur kaynağı,” diye belirtti.

“Yüksek kaliteli ürünlerimiz ile pazardaki

rekabette öne geçiyoruz”

Osman Göksan, gıda sektöründe global olarak

yaşanan sorunlara değinerek; “Dünyada

gıda sektörü her zaman beklentilerin yüksek

olduğu yegane sektörlerden biri. Hacim, kalite,

satın alınabilirlik, güvenilirlik, sürdürülebilirlik

gibi konularda beklentiler hep çok yüksek

ve bu kriterler, tüm gıda üretim süreçlerini

etkiliyor. Böyle bir tabloda en güvenli ve

kaliteli ürünü sunarken rekabet gücünüzü ve

karlılığınızı da sürdürmeniz gerekiyor. Bu da

ancak operasyonlarınızı otomasyon ve son

teknolojiler ile destekleyerek mümkün oluyor.

Gıda işlemede stabil bir kalitenin korunması

ve geliştirilmesinde insan iş gücünün kısıtlı

kaldığı çok fazla adım bulunuyor. Optik

ayıklama makineleri ile ihracatta beklentileri

en yüksek olan müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarını

karşılamamız mümkün oluyor. Ayrıca ayıklama

teknolojilerine yaptığımız yatırım, daha verimli

ve kontrollü üretim planlamaları yapmamızı

destekliyor,” dedi.

Ken Moynihan, TOMRA Food’un müşteri odaklı

yaklaşımının, üretim taleplerini karşılamak üzere

müşterilere yakın olmak için çok çalışmak

anlamına geldiğini belirterek; “Gıda üreticileri

ve işleyicileri, teknolojiye daha fazla yatırım

yaparak ürünlerini kusursuz sunmaya ve rekabet

güçlerini arttırmaya çalışıyorlar. Osman Akça,

bu anlamda alanında dünyada örnek bir

firma. Son olarak ayıklamayı daha verimli,

daha etkili ve daha düşük maliyetli hale getiren

en yeni teknolojileri sunduğumuz TOMRA 5C

makinesinin kurulumunu Manisa’daki tesislerinde

gerçekleştirmiştik. Bu makinemiz, kuru meyve ve

kabuklu yemiş sektöründeki en büyük zorlukları

ele almak üzere geliştirildi,” dedi.

TOMRA 5C optik ayıklama makinesi

TOMRA 5C optik ayıklama makinesi, mümkün

olan en iyi yabancı madde ayıklama

performansı için sektörde lider sensör

teknolojilerini, makine öğrenimi ve büyük veri

analiziyle birleştiriyor. Yüksek çözünürlüklü lazerler

ve yeni nesil sensörler, TOMRA 5C’nin diğer

makinelerle görüntülenmesi mümkün olmayan

en küçük kusurları algılamasını ve analiz etmesini

sağlıyor. Bu makinenin bir diğer avantajı da

temizlik ve bakımı kolaylaştıran, iş gücünden

tasarruf sağlayan hijyenik tasarımı oluyor.

Osman Göksan,

Osman Akça A.Ş. Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi



Mettler Toledo participated

in 7th International

Food Safety Congress

Organized by the Turkish Food Safety Association, the 7th International

Food Safety Congress, which brings together the Ministry of

Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Health, the relevant public

institutions, universities, professional organizations, sector representatives

and civil society organizations at Grand Cevahir Hotel Convention Center

on 3-4 November 2022, held with wide participation and interest.

Mettler Toledo, 7. Uluslararası

Gıda Güvenliği

Kongresi’nde yer aldı

Gıda Güvenliği Derneği tarafından düzenlenerek, Türkiye ve

dünyadan gıda sektörünün paydaşlarını ve uzmanlarını bir araya

getiren Uluslararası Gıda Güvenliği Kongresi’nin 7.’si İstanbul Grand

Cevahir Hotel Kongre Merkezi’nde geniş bir katılımla gerçekleştirildi.

The 7th International Food Safety

Congress was held with the motto

of “Safe food for now and future’’ at

Istanbul Grand Cevahir Hotel Congress

Center on November 3-4. During the twoday

Congress, 23 foreign and 48 local

speakers made their presentations in 3

main and parallel sessions.

Uluslararası Gıda Güvenliği Kongresi’nin

7.’si “Bugün ve Gelecekte Güvenli Gıda”

mottosuyla 3 – 4 Kasım tarihlerinde,

İstanbul Grand Cevahir Hotel Kongre

Merkezi’nde gerçekleştirildi. İki gün

süren Kongrede 23 yabancı ve 48 yerli

konuşmacı 3 ana oturum ve paralel

oturumlarda sunumlarını gerçekleştirdiler.




Hassas tartım ve ölçüm ekipmanlarının,

dünya çapında lider üreticisi ve servis

sağlayıcısı Mettler Toledo Türkiye Ölçüm

Aletleri’nin Ürün Kontrol Sistemleri Bölüm

Müdürü Uğur Tuncer kongrenin ilk gününde

Gıda Güvenliği ve Gıda Analizi alanında

Hall – C’de “Gıda Güvenliğinde Yabancı

Maddeyi Tespit Etmede Metal Dedektör

mü, X-Ray Kontrolü mü, İkisi Birlikte mi?”

konusuyla ilgili bir sunum gerçekleştirdi.

“Gıda Güvenliğinde Yabancı Maddeyi

Tespit Etmede Metal Dedektör mü, X-Ray

Kontrolü mü, İkisi Birlikte mi?”

Mettler Toledo Türkiye Ölçüm Aletleri’nin

Ürün Kontrol Sistemleri iş Birim Müdürü

Uğur Tuncer konuşmasında, “Gıda ve

ilaç sektöründeki ürünlerin kalitesi ve

güvenilirliği, fiziksel kirleticileri nihai

üründen uzak tutmak için kalite ve üretim

süreçlerinde uygulanan özen düzeyi

ile doğru orantılıdır. Koruma ve kontrol

ekipmanı seçimi, ürün kalitesi, ürün

güvenliği ve tüketici güveni üzerinde

önemli bir etkiye sahiptir. Üreticilerin

değerlendirmek durumunda kaldığı

sorularının en önemlilerinden biri, bir metal

dedektör sistemi mi, bir X-Ray mi yoksa her

ikisini birden mi kullanılması gerektiğidir.

Bazı durumlarda metal dedektör sistemi net

bir kazanan olmakla birlikte, X-Ray kontrol


sistemlerinin de fark yarattığı durumlar

söz konusudur. Bazı durumlarda her iki

çözümünde sunduğu avantajlardan dolayı

seçim yapmak mümkün olmamaktadır ve

bazen en güvenilir çözüm, her iki teknolojiyi

de üretim hattında farklı yerlere kurmak


Bu durumda bir fayda matrisi düzenleyebilir

ve hangilerinin uygulamanızla eşleştiğini

görebilir veya sorunu bir dizi soruya

indirgeyebilirsiniz. Soruların cevapları

genellikle sizi doğrudan bir teknolojiye veya -

olası bütünleşik çözümlere yönlendirmelidir.

İki teknoloji arasında, herhangi birini

seçebileceğiniz kesişen bir fayda alanı

vardır. Bu durumda, hangi teknolojinin

daha iyi olduğu değil, sizin özel

uygulamanız ve bütçeniz için hangi

teknolojinin en uygun olduğu sorusudur.


Uğur Tuncer, Business Area Manager PI

(Product Inspection) at Mettler Toledo Türkiye,

which is a leading global manufacturer

of precision instruments and services for

use in laboratories and manufacturing,

shared information on the subject of “Metal

detector, X-Ray or Both When Checking for

Foreign Matters in Food Safety?” in the field

of Food Safety and Food Analysis in panel

hold in Hall-C of the congress.

“Metal detector, X-Ray or Both When

Checking for Foreign Matters in Food Safety?”

Uğur Tuncer, Business Area Manager PI

(Product Inspection) at Mettler Toledo

Türkiye said, “The quality and safety of food

and pharmaceutical products depends

on the level of due diligence exercised

during the production process, in order to

exclude physical contaminants out of the

finished product. The choice of protection

and inspection equipment has a significant

impact on product quality, product safety

and consumer confidence. Of the inspection

choices manufacturers face, a key one is

whether to install a metal detection system,

an x-ray inspection system, or both.

In some circumstances metal detection is

a clear winner; in others x-ray inspection

comes out on top. But not everything is

quite so clear-cut. Often there is not much

to choose between them. And sometimes

the most reliable solution may well be

to install both technologies in different

locations on the production line.

Metal detection and x-ray inspection offer

differing capabilities. In some ways that -

makes choosing between them simple.

You can lay out a grid of features and see

which ones match your application or

you can reduce the problem to a series

of questions. The answers to the questions

should generally lead you to straight to one

technology or the other.

But neither approach is infallible. There

is an area of overlap between the

two technologies where you could


Satın alma maliyetlerini düşünürken,

metal dedektör sistemi her zaman daha

uygun fiyatlı çözümdür. Ancak, bir ürünün

geri çağrılmasının ve tüketici güveninin

kaybolmasına yol açan itibar kaybı -

maliyetlerinin, onu koruyacak ekipmanın

maliyetlerini kolayca gölgede bırakabileceğini

akılda tutmakta fayda var,” dedi.




choose either one. Then it’s not so much a

question of which technology is better, but

which technology is most appropriate for your

particular application and budget.

When thinking about purchase costs, metal

detection is invariably cheaper. However, it is worth

bearing in mind that a product recall, and the

costs of a damaged reputation leading to loss of

consumer confidence, could easily dwarf the costs

of the equipment that would have protected it. said.

The participation of more than 400 people,

including foreign guests from 18 different countries

Organized under the coordination of the

International Association for Food Protection

(IAFP) together with the Ministry of Agriculture

and Forestry and the Ministry of Health, the 7th

International Food Safety Congress, which was

organized with the related public institutions,

universities and professional organizations from

many countries, sector representatives and nongovernmental

organizations, was held with the

participation of more than 400 people, including

foreign guests from 18 different countries. The

Congress, which was postponed for 2 years due

to the effects of the pandemic process, was the

first face-to-face congress held in its field after the

pandemic process. In the congress, where global

problems related to food safety and the current

situation were discussed in detail, a very productive

information sharing environment was created

between domestic and foreign participants.

In addition to academicians and representatives

of the food industry, the Ministry of Agriculture

and Forestry, which is authorized on food safety,

participated in the Congress with a qualified

participation. The congress, which included the

European Food Safety Authority EFSA, the EU Health

and Food Safety General Directorate DG Sante,

the European Food Information Council EUFIC and

the Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI, as well as

various local and foreign universities and company

officials, was concluded with enthusiasm.

In the 7th International Food Safety Congress,

many important topics such as food safety

communication strategies, ways to combat

food fraud, climate change and mold toxins,

artificial intelligence, sensor technologies,

industry 4.0 relationship, new food processing

technologies, micro and nanoplastics, current

problem areas. It was discussed.

Samim Saner, the President of Turkish Food Safety

Association stated that the final declaration of

the 7th International Food Safety Congress will be

published comprehensively as soon as possible,

in addition, interviews with the speakers during

the congress will be shared on the social media

accounts of the association, the results will shed

light on all actors of the food community from

different perspectives and he thanked all the

speakers, participants and sponsors.

18 farklı ülkeden katılan yabancı

konuklar da dahil 400’den fazla

kişinin katılımı

Gıda Güvenliği Derneği

koordinatörlüğünde, Uluslararası Gıda

Güvenliği Kurumu (IAFP-International

Association for Food Protection) ve

Tarım ve Orman Bakanlığı iş birliğinde;

meslek odaları, sektör dernekleri,

üretici birlikleri, tüketici örgütleri

gibi gıda zincirinin her aşamasını

temsil eden 36 kurumun varlıkları ve

katkıları ile düzenlenen 7. Uluslararası

Gıda Güvenliği Kongresi’ne 18 farklı

ülkeden katılan yabancı konuklar

da dahil 400’den fazla kişinin katılımı

ile gerçekleşti. Pandemi sürecinin

etkileri nedeniyle 2 yıl ertelenen

Kongre, pandemi süreci sonrasında

alanında gerçekleştirilen ilk yüz yüze

kongre niteliğindeydi. Gıda güvenliği

ile ilgili küresel sorunların ve mevcut

durumun detayları ile ele alındığı

kongrede yerli ve yabancı katılımcılar

arasında oldukça verimli bir bilgi

paylaşım ortamı oluştu.

Akademisyenler ve gıda sektörünün

temsilcilerinin yanı sıra, Kongreye

gıda güvenliği konusunda yetkili olan

Tarım ve Orman Bakanlığı nitelikli

bir katılım sağladı. Konuşmacılar

arasında Avrupa Gıda Güvenliği

Otoritesi EFSA, AB Sağlık ve Gıda

Güvenliği Genel Müdürlüğü DG

Sante, Avrupa Gıda Bilgi Konseyi

EUFIC ve Küresel Gıda Güvenliği

İnisiyatifi GFSI gibi kuruluşlar ile çeşitli

yerli ve yabancı üniversitelerin ve de

firma yetkililerinin bulunduğu Kongre

coşkulu bir biçimde tamamlandı.

7. Uluslararası Gıda Güvenliği

Kongresinde gıda güvenliği

iletişim stratejileri, gıda hileleri ile

mücadele yolları, iklim değişikliği

ve küf toksinleri, yapay zeka, sensör

teknolojileri, endüstri 4.0 ilişkisi, yeni

gıda işleme teknolojileri, mikro ve

nanoplastikler, güncel sorun alanları

gibi pek çok önemli başlık ele alındı.

Gıda Güvenliği Derneği Başkanı

Samim Saner, 7. Uluslararası Gıda

Güvenliği Kongresi’nin sonuç

bildirgesinin en kısa sürede kapsamlı

bir şekilde yayınlanacağını, ayrıca

Kongre boyunca konuşmacılarla

yapılan röportajların da dernek sosyal

medya hesaplarından paylaşımlarda

bulunulacağını çıkan sonuçların

gıda camiasının tüm aktörlerine farklı

açılardan ışık tutacağını kaydederek,

tüm konuşmacı, katılımcı ve

sponsorlara teşekkür ettiğini bildirdi.





6 - 8 Dec 2022

From Anywhere Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles


Online France

Ingredients will showcase

its innovations at Fi Europe

28 Nov - 8 Dec 2022


FrieslandCampina Ingredients will return to Fi Europe 2022

(6-8 December) to share expert insights and formulation

know-how to make your next nutritional innovation a success.

Here’s a taster of what to expect on stand 7.2J20

as shared by FrieslandCampina Ingredients:


the biggest

EU ingredient event

this December

A fresh take on plant-based indulgence

Visit the FrieslandCampina Ingredient stand

or the New Product Zone to discover how

your brand can tap into consumer demand

for healthy indulgence. Discover which

tasty formats health-conscious consumers

want most and explore our two-brand new


plant-based protein applications – a tasty

more at

chocolate RTD and high protein pudding,


built using our innovative Plantaris Pea

Isolate 85 A. Specifically designed to offer

enhanced powder handling, great tasting

applications and 25g of high-quality protein,

including 2g leucine, per portion!

Fi2235 Paris ads 206x276 mm.indd 1 24-06-22 10:49

Making gut health convenient

Explore the growing gut health market and

the possibilities to create convenient, ontrend

gut health supplements – such as

gummies, powders, pills and capsules – with

our new Biotis GOS-OP High Purity. Delivering

a higher concentration of GOS – typically

94% – than other prebiotics this ingredient

makes prebiotic supplement formulation

easier than ever. Meet the team to learn

more about the gut health, benefits that

Biotis GOS-OP High Purity is proven to support.

Expert Insights

Join FrieslandCampina Ingredients’

specialists for expert insights into how to

make your next nutritional product a success.

Find your next innovation opportunity now

with FrieslandCampina Ingredients – visit us

on stand 7.2J20.


Bartek brings new 28 Nov product

- 8 Dec 2022

From Anywhere


Innovations to Fi Europe

Bartek Ingredients is bringing new innovations

for beverage and gummy manufacturing to

the European market December 6-8 at the

Food ingredients Europe trade show in Paris.

The company is highlighting EasyAcid Malic

Solution, a liquid malic acid ingredient, and

Pecmate Pectin Enhancer, an ingredient

that simplifies formulation and production

processes when using pectin in gummies.

“As a supplier to beverage, confectionery,

and nutraceutical companies across the

globe, Bartek knows that innovation begins

alongside our customers and addressing

their challenges,” said Mohammad Emami,

Bartek’s Director of Marketing and Business

Development. “That is why we closely

follow consumer trends and manufacturers’

challenges, so we can offer customised

solutions specific to these challenges.”





6 - 8 Dec 2022

Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles


• Eliminates dust created during use

of malic acid.

• Significantly reduces the possibility of

blending errors.

Pecmate is developed for brand owners and

contract manufacturers developing gummies

and other products that use pectin, which

is harder to work with and less forgiving

than alternatives like gelatin. It provides the

following benefits:

• Prevents pre-gelling during production.

• Holds pH in the proper range, allowing

gummies to stay fluid and set up properly

when acid is added.

• Creates a greater range of workability for

pectin formulation than the limited range

when working with pectin alone.


the biggest

EU ingredient event

this December

Bartek’s network of global distributors serves

Learn more than 40 countries across the globe.

more at The company is committed to its position as

EasyAcid is specially developed for beverages, bit.ly/istmag the world’s largest malic and fumaric acid

sauces, dressings, and other liquid-based

producer, ensuring the highest quality and

applications with the following benefits:

optimal service to the market.

• An economical alternative to dry malic acid

delivering the same sour and pH management Any attendees interested in EasyAcid,

• Simplifies production by eliminating the need Pecmate, or any of Bartek’s other ingredients

to dissolve malic acid.

can visit the company at booth 7.2C71.

Fi2235 Paris ads 206x276 mm.indd 1 24-06-22 10:49




28 Nov - 8 Dec 2022

From Anywhere



6 - 8 Dec 2022

Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles





more at



the biggest

EU ingredient event

this December

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