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Dispatches<br />

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Trailer SumoSprings go OEM<br />

20<br />

Doing business with South Korea<br />

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More than a HQ at Carthago<br />

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Spotlight on environmental products<br />

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Photo: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles<br />

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Dispatches<br />

Photos: Allfair<br />



■espite the ups and downs of<br />

D<br />

the last year and the perceived<br />

return to more normal sales<br />

and participation figures, the<br />

camping market remains a global<br />

phenomenon. We’ve seen it in Europe, North<br />

America, and now also Asia too, with the latest<br />

edition of South Korea’s premeire camping and<br />

RV exhibition, <strong>Camping</strong> & Picnic Fair, posting<br />

great results in 2023. The event took place at the<br />

KINTEX exhibition centre near the capital Seoul<br />

from 9 to 12 March and attracted more than<br />

69,000 visitors through its doors.<br />

Allfair, the show’s organiser, said: “The 2023<br />

<strong>Camping</strong> & Picnic Fair, the nation’s largest<br />

camping exhibition held on a large scale for the<br />

first time since lifting the obligation to wear indoor<br />

masks, was held successfully after COVID-19.”<br />

All in all, there were 134 camping brands<br />

showcasing at the event, covering an impressive<br />

22,580sqm of exhibition space. These brands<br />

were not only Korean, but many international<br />

brand names also exhibited alongside domestic<br />

favourites. Visitors to the event saw brands such<br />

as Snowline, Northpeak, KZM, Wimocamp, Wiwo<br />

Outdoor, Abenaki, Canvas Durango, Claymore,<br />

04 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />

Vango, SeaToSummit, Zempire, and Decathlon, to<br />

name just a few.<br />

The spring timing of the show works perfectly<br />

with the market in South Korea as it usually the<br />

start of the traditional camping season. According<br />

to Allfair, the warmer weather is the indicator<br />

for the start of the season and ignites a desire in<br />

Korean people to return to outdoor activities after a<br />

break over the winter.<br />

With camping still being a relatively modest and<br />

growing industry in South Korea, Allfair and others<br />

involved in the market are keen to help educate<br />

and inform new and returning participants about<br />

how to camp in a considerate and sustainable<br />

way. A statement from Allfair explained: “We<br />

continue practicing the ‘Being a Quite Good<br />

Camper’ campaign delivered by ‘Seji’ and ‘Somi’<br />

the official mascots of <strong>Camping</strong> & Picnic Fair, even<br />

after the event. We will try to make a place for<br />

communication and information for those who<br />

enjoy camping and beginners.” This campaign is<br />

not something new in the country, it was prevalent<br />

when the camping industry first began to receive its<br />

initial post-Covid boom when international travel<br />

was restricted, but it is clear that the country sees<br />

this as a viable and long-lasting tourism market for<br />

both domestic and international participants and<br />

the industry will do its utmost to secure its future.<br />

▲ The show continues to promote<br />

responsible camping to newcomers.<br />

11<br />

69,000<br />

22,580sqm<br />

134<br />

2.6%<br />

Years of the<br />

Visitors<br />

Of exhibition<br />

<strong>Camping</strong><br />

Increase in<br />

<strong>Camping</strong> &<br />

space<br />

brands exhibited<br />

exhibitors on<br />

Picnic Fair<br />

2022<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />

Photo: Tyler Casey, Unsplash<br />



■he RV and outdoor recreation industries in the United<br />

T<br />

States are fully supporting a new comprehensive policy<br />

package that has been reintroduced to Congress.<br />

America’s Outdoor Recreation Act has been described<br />

by the RV Industry Association and the Outdoor<br />

Recreation Roundtable as ground-breaking bipartisan legislation that<br />

will boost local and national economies and give more Americans<br />

greater access to green spaces and public lands and waters.<br />

Among other vital outdoor recreation friendly provisions, the bill:<br />

• Establishes proven partnership agreements to sustainably<br />

modernise campgrounds on federal lands.<br />

• Provides gateway community assistance for outdoor recreation<br />

businesses that supply accommodations, including campgrounds,<br />

through the use of financial and technical assistance programs.<br />

• Extends the federal land shoulder seasons to spread out demand<br />

and create more RV camping opportunities on public lands and<br />

within gateway community campgrounds.<br />

• Brings much-needed broadband/Wi-Fi to front country<br />

campgrounds to address safety issues and provide technologies<br />

that current and future visitors expect.<br />

America’s Outdoor Recreation Act<br />

is crucial to the RV industry and the<br />

wider outdoor recreation industry.<br />

It remains a significant factor in<br />

making sustainable improvements<br />

to our nation’s campgrounds<br />

and improving the experiences<br />

of current and future RVers. In<br />

addition, the Act provides greater<br />

access to the health benefits offered<br />

by the great outdoors and offers an<br />

economic boost to both the local<br />

and national economy. We call on<br />

Congress for its swift passage.”<br />

Craig Kirby,<br />

RVIA president and CEO<br />

06 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />



■wedish<br />

S<br />

outdoor and<br />

clothing brand<br />

Fjällräven has<br />

been voted<br />

as Sweden’s most sustainable<br />

brand in the Clothes and<br />

Fashion Brands category in<br />

the 2023 Sustainability Brand<br />

Index. The iconic brand, which<br />

also has a significant presence<br />

in the tent and camping market,<br />

won the title for the fourth year.<br />

Martin Axelhed, Fjällräven<br />

CEO, added: “Our vision is to<br />

be the most sustainable and<br />

premium outdoor brand in the<br />

world, so we’re delighted that<br />

consumers trust the Fjällräven<br />

brand and our efforts in<br />

driving sustainable innovation<br />

and placing strict regulations<br />

on ourselves to set new<br />

sustainability standards.<br />

“Swedish consumers are<br />

known to place a particularly<br />

high value on sustainability,<br />

so to be acknowledged as an<br />

industry-leading brand in<br />

Sweden proves we’re going in<br />

the right direction.”<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />



■he time is now,<br />

T<br />

and the location<br />

is Scandinavia.<br />

At least that<br />

is the strong<br />

impression coming from the<br />

caravan and camping market<br />

in the region – spearheaded<br />

by the growth and success of<br />

Sweden-based campsite chain<br />

First Camp. Hot on the heels<br />

of recording its best ever year<br />

in 2022 with total revenues<br />

doubled to more than US$95<br />

million, the group recently<br />

announced that it has agreed to<br />

acquire one of Denmark’s most<br />

well-known camping chains<br />

CampOne. First Camp, which<br />

already owns nine different<br />

campsite destinations in<br />

Denmark, will be adding four of<br />

CampOne’s sites to its network,<br />

which between them bring a<br />

combined annual turnover of<br />

US$4.5 million. The remaining<br />

fifth CampOne destination<br />

in Assens Strand will remain<br />

under the ownership of Per and<br />

Gitte Blaabjerg but under a new<br />

brand name.<br />

First Camp CEO, Johan Söör<br />

(pictured), said: “CampOne<br />

has well-managed and<br />

popular destinations, and we<br />

are delighted that Per and<br />

Gitte have given us a vote of<br />

confidence by choosing us<br />

to take over their life’s work.<br />

They have done a fantastic job<br />

developing CampOne, and we<br />

will do our utmost to preserve<br />

their legacy and continue the<br />

development of the destinations.<br />

As usual, our future plans and<br />

developments will be based on<br />

input from the campsite guests,<br />

and it will be ‘business as usual’<br />

with retention of the CampOne<br />

brand name during the summer<br />

of 2023.”<br />

Learn more online at www.firstcamp.se<br />

08 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />

Photos: Dometic<br />

Find out more at www.dometic.com<br />



■or many in the industry, the idea that Dometic would<br />

F<br />

go big into the tent camping market was probably just a<br />

matter of time. And that time is now. The global RV and<br />

outdoor accessory brand recently revealed a huge range<br />

of compact camping tents for the European market<br />

ready to target the start of the 2023 season. Each tent in the three<br />

tent series is designed for quick and easy car camping and will also<br />

be constructed using a Redux recycled material. Each model will also<br />

benefit from Dometic’s AIR Frame technology helping to create a stable<br />

shelter and also making them easy to erect and take down.<br />

The three models are the Santorini FTK: a technical cotton tent with<br />

mesh windows and plenty of ventilation, the Reunion FTG REDUX:<br />

made almost entirely from recycled PET bottles and featuring a<br />

versatile two layer design for different climates, and the Pico FTC: a<br />

small and smart one or two-person tent that can be compacted down<br />

and carried as a backpack. Every one of this new collection is downsized<br />

from regular inflatable tents and they are light in weight, small in<br />

size and compact enough to be packed up to fit into a back of a small<br />

passenger car – a clear target market for Dometic. We don’t expect this<br />

to be the last foray…<br />

▲ Santorini FTK 4X8<br />

▲ Reunion FTG 4X4 REDUX<br />

▲ Picto FTC 1X1<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />



■he long-term future of the<br />

T<br />

caravanning and RV industry in<br />

Australia looks brighter than ever<br />

after the latest figures released<br />

from the Caravan Industry<br />

Association of Australia showed increases in units<br />

registered, local manufacturing, and exports in<br />

2022. According to the figures, almost 50,000 RVs<br />

were registered to the market last year while the<br />

number of locally produced units reached 28,031,<br />

which represents a 17.1 per cent increase on 2021<br />

and represents the highest figure since Cyclone<br />

Tracy in 1974. Imported RVs were recorded<br />

at 20,498 (8.36 per cent up on 2021), while<br />

Australian-made RVs exported achieved 9,568<br />

units (an incredible 229.93 per cent increase on<br />

2021), the CIAA says this shows the high regard in<br />

which Australian-made products are held around<br />

the world.<br />

▲ Australians are continuing their love affair<br />

with camping and caravanning.<br />

10 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />

CIAA CEO, Stuart Lamont, said: “There is no<br />

surprise that Australians continue to invest in<br />

industry product, since caravanning and camping<br />

remains one of the best value and accessible<br />

holiday options, especially for families.<br />

“Our industry through COVID was able to pivot<br />

and mobilise during challenging times, and now<br />

that labour and supply chain interruptions have<br />

minimised, we continue to see strong output<br />

particularly from local manufacturers.<br />

“Australia is renowned for producing rugged<br />

product suited to our stunning yet unforgiving<br />

terrain. With the ability to provide for urban<br />

escapism and the new workplace shift towards<br />

remote connection, the industry remains well<br />

positioned for anticipated strong consumer<br />

demand into the future.”<br />

While these figures are hugely encouraging,<br />

there is no time to get complacent according<br />

to Stuart and the CIAA. The body<br />

believes that the industry should now be<br />

examining the future of caravanning and<br />

working towards new innovations that will<br />

help create a low emission future.<br />

While global uncertainties and rising inflation<br />

continue to dampen consumer confidence more<br />

broadly, the caravan and camping industry<br />

remains optimistic regarding the future despite<br />

the headwinds and looks forward to continuing<br />

to build on the AUS$27 billion worth of annual<br />

economic value to the Australian economy.<br />

Stuart added: “These most recent figures<br />

only further fortify the recreational vehicle<br />

manufacturing sector’s position and importance<br />

as one of Australia’s largest remaining bastions of<br />

automotive manufacturing, a position by which we<br />

need to see continued support and partnership for<br />

in order to maintain,” said Stuart.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />



■ew research from online<br />

N<br />

campsite marketplace Pitchup.<br />

com shows that more than 50 per<br />

cent of its listed campsite owners<br />

in the UK are women. This is one<br />

of the highest figures across Europe, with women<br />

making up just 26 per cent of campsite owners<br />

in Germany, 28 per cent in Spain, 36 per cent in<br />

Italy and 41 per cent in France. The figures show<br />

that the campsite industry is an employment<br />

sector with generally good levels of equality,<br />

especially when compared to the manufacture<br />

and sale of camping units sector.<br />

Pitchup brand marketing manager, Brodie<br />

Farrow, said: “The feedback we’ve heard from<br />

site owners in the UK is that our sector provides<br />

enjoyable and often lucrative careers for women,<br />

so we’re glad to see that the results reflect this. In<br />

fact, our top earning campsite so far this year is<br />

owned by a woman, with sales topping £160,000.<br />

Pitchup itself is made up of 60 per cent women,<br />

many in senior leadership roles, of which we are<br />

very proud.”<br />

The campsite industry is a great place to work<br />

in, according to one woman taking the lead in the<br />

sector. Harriett Cunningham, owner of Benville<br />

Manor <strong>Camping</strong>, said: “We really got into it<br />

because of Covid. It’s not easy - you have to<br />

clean a lot of toilets and clear up a lot of rubbish<br />

- but it’s very sociable and so rewarding seeing<br />

how much people enjoy the experience you’ve<br />

created.”<br />

12 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />



■merican camping and outdoor<br />

A<br />

brand Sierra Designs has<br />

donated almost $60,000 worth<br />

of both gear and a percentage<br />

of web sales to good causes<br />

that help to increase accessibility to outdoor<br />

recreation since 2020. In that fateful year, the<br />

company revealed a new programme called<br />

Reach Out, which was designed to support<br />

a number of carefully chosen non-profit<br />

organisations committed to such causes. The<br />

scheme was a success, and will continue in<br />

earnest for 2023, with this year’s partners<br />

recently named.<br />

In addition to $2,000 in product donations<br />

and one per cent of web sales per quarter, the<br />

organisations Women’s Wilderness, LGBT<br />

Outdoors, Outdoors For All, and SoulTrak<br />

Outdoors, will each receive education, event<br />

support and a unique awareness campaign from<br />

Sierra Designs.<br />

Alexandra Black-Paulick, marketing manager<br />

for Sierra Designs, explained: “Sierra Designs<br />

was founded with the vision that all people<br />

deserve to have good gear for exploring the<br />

outdoors, regardless of their background or<br />

experience level. Our Reach Out program<br />

helps us fulfill that mission by partnering with<br />

organizations that are increasing access to the<br />

outdoors.”<br />

Women’s Wilderness strives to support girls,<br />

women, and LGBTQ+ people in accessing their<br />

power and improving their health through<br />

connections to the outdoors and community.<br />

LGBT Outdoors encourages and enables<br />

members of the LGBTQ+ community to get<br />

outdoors and connect with nature. Outdoors For<br />

All is a national leader in delivering adaptive<br />

and therapeutic recreation for children and<br />

adults with disabilities. SoulTrak Outdoors is a<br />

D.C.-based nonprofit organization that connects<br />

communities of colour to outdoor spaces.<br />

Learn more at: www.sierradesigns.com/reach-out<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />


NEC SHOW,<br />


RECORD<br />

Photos: NCC Events & David Guest<br />

■he trajectory of the caravanning and<br />

T<br />

camping market in the UK seems<br />

to only know one direction at the<br />

moment, and that is up. Despite the<br />

challenges of chassis supply and a slight<br />

drop-off in interest following the post-Covid boom,<br />

things seem stronger than ever in one of Europe’s most<br />

important markets. The proof? We’re once again writing<br />

about a record-breaking exhibition at the country’s<br />

National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. From<br />

21 to 26 February 2023, more than 108,000 visitors<br />

descended on the Caravan, <strong>Camping</strong> & Motorhome<br />

Show, which is a record number for the spring show.<br />

The show is one of two annual shows organised by NCC<br />

Events, with the other in October, and both shows have<br />

enjoyed record-breaking events in the last year in terms<br />

of attendance. The show occupied five halls and almost<br />

20 acres and was awash with camping and caravanning<br />

enthusiasts who, so <strong>Camping</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong> understands,<br />

were still keen to place orders and buy things, despite<br />

the current difficult financial climate. Many exhibitors<br />

seemed happy with the show, not just from a numbers<br />

point of view, but also from a financial return standpoint<br />

as well.<br />

14 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />

WHAT THE<br />


It’s been fantastic, a<br />

really positive Show.<br />

Great to see so many<br />

visitors here and sales<br />

have been very strong<br />

- in fact, both caravans<br />

and motorhomes have<br />

outperformed last year.<br />

We had a record day<br />

of motorhome sales,<br />

the best we have had in<br />

10 years. We are really<br />

pleased to see so many<br />

people here and it’s a<br />

really positive start to<br />

the season.”<br />

Ian Rawlings,<br />

sales director at<br />

Bailey of Bristol<br />

We have had<br />

a very good<br />

Show and it’s<br />

been busy -<br />

very busy! The<br />

opening of<br />

the Show has<br />

been very good<br />

and sales-wise<br />

we are above<br />

expectations<br />

so we’re very<br />

happy indeed.”<br />

Duncan Wildman,<br />

managing director at<br />

Wildax Motorhomes<br />

The Show has been<br />

very good, above our<br />

expectations. We came<br />

in thinking it would<br />

be difficult to replicate<br />

what we had achieved<br />

last year with the<br />

circumstances, but we<br />

have been delighted<br />

with the results - it’s<br />

been fantastic. Footfall<br />

has been very good; we<br />

have had it through all<br />

days of the week so it<br />

has been great to see<br />

that the enthusiasm<br />

is still out there.<br />

People are still clearly<br />

seeing holidays as an<br />

important part of their<br />

budgets.”<br />

David Williams,<br />

sales and marketing<br />

The Show was another<br />

success for the brand<br />

and sales. It is a<br />

pleasure to be here<br />

and not explain who<br />

we are, we are not a<br />

niche market anymore<br />

which also means there<br />

has been very good<br />

marketing from the<br />

industry. People are<br />

coming here looking for<br />

our exact models and<br />

then it’s only one more<br />

step until they buy at<br />

the Show. There has<br />

been a lot of people, so<br />

thank you to the NCCE<br />

for bringing so many<br />

people through the<br />

door. Attendance was<br />

great and we are going<br />

forward positively.”<br />

director at Auto-<br />

Slavica Sterk,<br />

Sleepers Group<br />

managing director at<br />

Adria UK<br />

16 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />

This has been lovely. Great<br />

crowd, lots of people and lots of<br />

positive vibes from our visitors<br />

and we are looking forward to<br />

coming next time.”<br />

Mike Lake, UK agent at Knaus:<br />

We have had a good response<br />

on all our new products with<br />

sales being very, very good.<br />

Overall, I am pleased with the<br />

sales and will definitely be<br />

coming back next year.”<br />

Steve Biggs, managing director at Isabella<br />

International <strong>Camping</strong><br />

The Show has been great, and<br />

we’ve had a lot of exposure and<br />

sales from the Show.”<br />

Dom Pemberton, sales and marketing<br />

executive at Tent Box<br />


No one can argue that caravans, motorhome, and<br />

campervans are still flying high in the UK, but the feelgood<br />

boom is not necessarily the same across the whole<br />

industry. In the tent market, the post-Covid drop-off<br />

has been a little more severe. The general consensus<br />

seems to be that many casual or first-time campers<br />

bought tents in the immediate aftermath of Covid but<br />

are slowly drifting away from the hobby, or simply<br />

don’t need to buy another tent anytime soon given<br />

how often they do it. With caravans and motorhomes,<br />

many of these purchases were ones consumers had<br />

been planning more seriously for some time, so they<br />

are more committed to the hobby. Newcomers have<br />

decided to upgrade, others who weren’t able to get the<br />

model they wanted due to shortages are happy to bide<br />

their time and are still entering the market now. The<br />

draw of campervans in particular still also seems to be<br />

attracting new people to the market even now, with a<br />

huge number of campervan converters present at the<br />

NEC. In the strange middle ground between these two<br />

sectors of the industry you have roof tents. A topic we<br />

have written about before, roof tents seem to be filling<br />

a gap in the market for a perhaps younger demographic<br />

with less to spend who want to enjoy the ‘vanlife’ style<br />

of camping. Roof tents give them an inexpensive way to<br />

try it out and also without having to change their vehicle<br />

in many cases. UK leader TentBox appeared to have a<br />

phenomenal amount of interest in its products, and if<br />

the UK follows mainland European, we can expect to<br />

see many more brands making their presence known.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Dispatches<br />



■ritish tent and camping brand<br />

B<br />

OLPRO is looking forward<br />

to increasing its operational<br />

capacity and growing its business<br />

after successfully securing a<br />

£1,075,000 investment from the Midlands<br />

Engine Investment Fund (MEIF), an equity fund<br />

managed by Midven.<br />

OLPRO has been on a steady growth trajectory<br />

for the past six years, more than tripling its<br />

turnover in that time by utilising a sales strategy<br />

that supplies leading retailers in the UK such as<br />

Halfords, Argos, B&Q, The Range, and Wayfair,<br />

as well as selling direct to end consumers<br />

through its own successful website. The<br />

acceleration of the company’s growth was helped<br />

by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused an<br />

expansion of the camping market – an estimated<br />

42 per cent of England’s adult population<br />

went on a camping or caravanning holiday<br />

between 2018 and 2021, 38 per cent of those<br />

were newcomers. The company plans to add 10<br />

team members to its staff by 2025 across sales,<br />

marketing, customer services, and warehousing.<br />

OLPRO managing director Daniel Walton<br />

said: “OLPRO is fast becoming the recognised<br />

go-to brand for stand out camping and<br />

campervan equipment. As a British-designed<br />

and innovative brand, we’re now selling into<br />

more countries as OLPRO products have<br />

become more readily available. This funding<br />

allows us to invest further into the team, our<br />

product development, and to hold more stock so<br />

we can cover demand.”<br />

18 www.campingtradeworld.com

Dispatches<br />



■he caravan and motorhome<br />

T<br />

industry is watching the EU<br />

Commission with great interest<br />

at the moment. Changes are<br />

afoot with the rules surrounding<br />

driving licences, specifically changes to the B<br />

driving licence and applicable weight limits as<br />

part of its 4th Driving Licence Directive. So, why<br />

is this big news? Well, one of the key changes<br />

could be an extension of the B driving licence to<br />

cover driving weights of up to 4.25t instead of the<br />

current 3.5t, which would obviously open up a<br />

much wider market of consumers for the caravan<br />

and motorhome industry. But, like anything<br />

litigious, it’s not straightforward. There is some<br />

debate about whether the extension of the<br />

weight limit will have to be linked to two years<br />

of previous licence possession, there may also<br />

be trouble for the industry catching up making<br />

chassis to fit this weight classification if the new<br />

law doesn’t cover all existing vehicles. Countries<br />

including Germany, France, Bulgaria and Finland<br />

are supporting the extension of the licence, while<br />

the European Commission has determined that<br />

there could be environmental benefits to the<br />

change. They have also ascertained that there is<br />

not a significant or urgent road safety problem<br />

surrounding RVs.<br />

The draft of this new legislation is set to go<br />

to the European Parliament and it is possible<br />

a decision may be made on it this year with<br />

possible implementation in 2025. Naturally the<br />

European Caravan Federation (ECF) and other<br />

national association bodies will be coordinating<br />

representation in Brussels to ensure the interests<br />

of the caravanning industry are adhered to.<br />

The ECF has requested this extension for many<br />

years and says it would remove the disadvantage<br />

of those who only have a B driving licence. For<br />

now, we watch and wait.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Doing Business With...<br />


Photo: Minku Kang-la, Unsplash<br />



■he camping and RV industry in South<br />

T<br />

Korea is still in its relative infancy<br />

compared to many others around the<br />

world. Culturally, camping and RVing<br />

have not always been hugely popular<br />

pastimes for Koreans, but as with many other places,<br />

interest in them has increased significantly since the<br />

travel restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic were a<br />

thing. Of course, that’s now consigned to history, but<br />

the interest in spending leisure time in the outdoors<br />

has remained – people are keen to discover ways<br />

in which they can enjoy camping and the outdoors<br />

via traditional tent camping, campervans, and even<br />

towable caravans and RVs. There is a willingness<br />

shown at both the consumer level and the trade level<br />

to grow and develop the camping and RV sector in<br />

South Korea – proof of which can be seen with the<br />

growing attendances at various shows (up to 20,000<br />

attended the Busan Korea <strong>Camping</strong> Car Show in<br />

2022), and also by the fact the Korea Recreational<br />

Vehicle Industry Association (KRVIA) recently sent<br />

a delegation of 13 staff to Germany to tour some<br />

of its famous motorhome and caravan brands and<br />

learn more about one of the most highly-developed<br />

and successful RV markets on the world stage. The<br />

KRVIA signed a partnership to work more closely<br />

with Germany’s CIVD as a result. The potential in the<br />

Korean market might be modest but it is certainly a<br />

country moving in the right direction with a sharp eye<br />

on its future.<br />

20 www.campingtradeworld.com

Doing Business With...<br />



The main industry body in South Korea that is<br />

worth knowing about is the Korea Recreational<br />

Vehicle Association (KRVIA). This body was<br />

established in order to help nurture and grow<br />

the RV industry in the country and help expose it<br />

to a wider audience through industrial research,<br />

technological cooperation and more. Its members<br />

comprise manufacturers, retailers, and importers in<br />

the RV industry, who all support the organisation<br />

and reap benefit from its existence. As with the RV<br />

industry as a whole in South Korea, the organisation<br />

is relatively young, having only been founded back<br />

in 2015. It conducts a wide range of surveys, studies,<br />

and educational programmes within the industry<br />

that further develop its aims. It also collaborates with<br />

international bodies from different countries around<br />

the world to form strategic alliances and share ideas<br />

in order to help benefit the overall RV industry. Learn<br />

more online at www.krvia.org<br />


Capital: Seoul<br />

Population: 51,000,000<br />

Dial code: +82<br />

Prime Minister: Yoon Suk-yeol<br />

Official languages: Korean<br />

Time zone: UTC+9<br />

Currency: Korean Republic won<br />

Internet domain: .co.kr<br />


GDP: US$1.7 trillion nominal<br />

GDP per capita: US$33,500 nominal<br />

GDP growth: 2%<br />

Main export partners:<br />

China<br />

ASEAN<br />

USA<br />

EU<br />

Hong Kong<br />

Main import partners:<br />

China<br />

USA<br />

EU<br />

ASEAN<br />

Japan<br />

▲ The KRVIA visited Germany last year.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Doing Business With...<br />


▲ The <strong>Camping</strong> & Picnic Fair is a great indicator of South Korea’s market strength (pic: Allfair).<br />

A trend that has appeared in the Korean camping<br />

market in recent times is the creation of ‘RV Stations’,<br />

which is a scheme run by the KRVIA to allow camping<br />

car accommodation in streets of rural villages across<br />

the country. It is a similar idea to the example of French<br />

‘aires’, and it is hope that it will help to encourage more<br />

people to think of RVing as an accessible way to travel<br />

around the country and enjoy domestic holidays. It<br />

is also aimed at increasing tourism money that goes<br />

into less popular rural areas as well as improving the<br />

infrastructure in those places too. A statement by the<br />

KRVIA said: “Based on the active promotion of these<br />

RV stations and their advanced infrastructure, we plan<br />

to activate the promotion of RV station infrastructure<br />

in other towns to establish the right travel culture<br />

for users who have difficulty travelling in RVs due to<br />

the ban on parking and anchoring, and to establish<br />

a mutually beneficial platform for agricultural towns<br />

that actively cooperate with RV stations to increase<br />

tourism and economic benefits.”<br />


One of South Korea’s most important events within<br />

the camping industry is the <strong>Camping</strong> & Picnic<br />

Fair, which takes place each March at the KINTEX<br />

exhibition centre about 23 kilometres outside<br />

of central Seoul. The show has been operational<br />

since 2013 and has grown significantly in that<br />

time, successfully navigating the challenge of the<br />

coronavirus pandemic. Over the past 10 years, the<br />

show has attracted more than 760,000 visitors and is<br />

one of the most influential shows in Asia for not only<br />

consumers but also trade and industry professionals.<br />

You can learn more about the show via it’s English<br />

language website: campingfair.co.kr/eng<br />

Another show of interest is the Suwon RV Show,<br />

which takes place at the Suwon Convention Center<br />

in September each year. This show is run with<br />

organisational help from the Korea Recreational<br />

Vehicle Association (KRVIA).<br />

22 www.campingtradeworld.com

Doing Business With...<br />



Sungwoo Motors<br />

A well-known campervan and motorhome converter<br />

that produces clean and modern designs based on<br />

combustion engine and electric vehicles.<br />

D<br />

www.sungwoomotors.co.kr<br />

Airvan<br />

An expert in towable RVs that follow the European<br />

caravan style, Airvan is a forward-thinking company<br />

with a wide range of models.<br />

D<br />

www.airvan.co.kr<br />

Mount River<br />

A premium provider of camping furniture and<br />

accessories that is well-known throughout Korea for<br />

its minimalist designs.<br />

D<br />

www.mountriver.co.kr<br />

Meliti<br />

Producer of tents, tarps, and camping accessories<br />

that follows traditional modern Korean design style<br />

and reasonable prices.<br />

D<br />

www.mountriver.co.kr<br />

Marre<br />

A trailer tent manufacturer that makes modern and<br />

stylish models under the Manggoo brand – with a<br />

unique aesthetic and features.<br />

D<br />

www.marre.co.kr<br />

Compaks RV Korea<br />

A manufacturer and converter based in the south of<br />

the country that produces caravans, motorhomes and<br />

trailer tents.<br />

D<br />


Creator of larger, luxury motorhomes such as the<br />

famous Emperor, STARMOVIL is a major player in<br />

the industry.<br />

D<br />

www.compaksrv.co.kr<br />

www.starmovil.co.kr<br />

GER<br />

A small, independent producer of trailer tents that<br />

feature large footprints, light weights, and good<br />

versatility for campers.<br />

D<br />

www.ger.co.kr<br />

GCTRV<br />

A company that represents many global brands<br />

in Korea, such as Alde, Lippert, Dometic, Truma,<br />

Powrtouch, and more.<br />

D<br />

www.gctrv.co.kr<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Sector Spotlight:<br />


Photo: Bart van Overbeeke<br />



■eing kinder to the environment is<br />

B<br />

something each and every company<br />

should be paying some attention<br />

to, as even just the smallest change<br />

can make a big difference. It comes<br />

naturally to the brands, companies, and participants<br />

in this industry, simply because without a thriving<br />

and healthy environment, it doesn’t have a future.<br />

However, it has become one of those things that’s<br />

so easy to stick on the selling points of a product or<br />

mention in your marketing without actually backing<br />

up the claim that the environmental product category<br />

has become quite noisy and those companies that do<br />

outstanding things have become less impactful.<br />

Talking about eco or environmental products is<br />

quite broad stroke, as there are countless product<br />

types that could be considered to be under this<br />

umbrella. There are many tent brands out there,<br />

such as Vango, Nemo Equipment, and Terra Nova<br />

to name just a few, seeking to make their products<br />

from recycled or less damaging materials. The same<br />

could be said of other outdoor gear such as sleeping<br />

bags or clothing, where brands like Sierra Designs<br />

and Patagonia not only make their products from<br />

recycled materials wherever possible but also ensure<br />

that the supply chain is as efficient and sustainable<br />

as possible. A product can be described as an<br />

‘environmental product’ if the way in which it is made<br />

is better for the environment, it is not only down to<br />

the materials used.<br />

Energy products is another area where more<br />

environmentally conscious products are being<br />

24 www.campingtradeworld.com

Sector Spotlight:<br />


created all the time. There is a boom in solar<br />

panels for tent and RV camping, as well as a strong<br />

movement towards longer lasting and more efficient<br />

LiFePO4 batteries. Natually anything that uses<br />

electricity cannot be considered truly green, but that<br />

depends on whether the way in which you charge<br />

it is sustainable. The increase in interest for people<br />

to camp off-grid more often and away from power<br />

sources has helped to drive the increase in different<br />

sustainable ways of generating power.<br />

Perhaps one of the biggest industry issues when<br />

it comes to the environment is the fact that the<br />

large majority of RVs are combustion engine, often<br />

operating on diesel. This is partly a technological<br />

restraint, but also there has been a little reluctance<br />

from car and vehicle providers to go fully into<br />

alternative markets. However, we are seeing a few<br />

more electric RV options becoming available, which<br />

will only improve as technology gets cheaper and<br />

more readily available. However, the building process<br />

for these is not great for the environment, despite<br />

their zero emission running. Other fuel alternatives<br />

are being looked at, so this remains a rather large<br />

elephant in the room for the caravan and motorhome<br />

industry. It is one, however, that is being taken more<br />

and more seriously by more and more of the big<br />

brands, so trickle down is sure to come.<br />

▲<br />

Sierra Designs Night Cap sleeping bags<br />

are made from recycled water bottles.<br />

Top 5 countries with highest Google search<br />

interest for ‘eco camping’<br />

Cyprus<br />

Photo: Sierra Designs<br />

Ireland<br />

Portugal<br />

Belgium<br />

Netherlands<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Sector Spotlight:<br />


Photo: VWCV<br />

▲ The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a window into the future of electric-powered campervans.<br />


The camping and caravanning industry has<br />

definitely been ahead of the curve in the eco<br />

movement compared to many other industries,<br />

because many of its participants care deeply<br />

about the nature that they love to spend their<br />

free time in. One of the main ways in which the<br />

industry has tried to do its bit is with how things<br />

are manufactured. In tents and tent camping<br />

equipment especially, the use of recycled or more<br />

eco-friendly materials has become so commonplace<br />

that it’s now unusual if it’s not mentioned in a<br />

product’s USPs. Besides just what things are made<br />

of, it’s also how they are made that is important.<br />

Many companies have gone more public with the<br />

ways in which they have tried to reduce waste<br />

or use less energy when it comes to creating<br />

their products – something that consumers are<br />

definitely more switched on to than ever before.<br />

In the RV and caravan market, it is a little<br />

different but still important. The constant interest in<br />

electric RVs shows that these consumers are keen to<br />

discover ways in which they can conduct the hobby<br />

in a more sustainable manner. Portable power is a<br />

great example of this trend, with many power packs<br />

coming complete with solar panels, and solar panels<br />

in general enjoying a boom. There has also been a<br />

surge in products that reduce waste or allow you to<br />

camp off-grid without consuming anything for long<br />

periods of time. The trend for being more eco is all<br />

encompassing and it’s here to stay.<br />

26 www.campingtradeworld.com

Sector Spotlight:<br />



Vango<br />

British tent company that is well known for its Earth<br />

Tent range, which are high-quality family tents made<br />

from recycled materials.<br />

D<br />

www.vango.co.uk<br />

Goal Zero<br />

A leader in sustainable power for people in the<br />

outdoors, Goal Zero has a wide range of products that<br />

help people use power more responsibly.<br />

D<br />

www.goalzero.com<br />

QOOL<br />

A German cool box company that produces a smart<br />

and long-lasting cooler that is made from at least 25<br />

per cent recycled materials on the outer.<br />

D<br />

www.qool-products.com<br />

Vaude<br />

A manufacturer of sleeping pads made from<br />

sustainable materials, they meet the ecological<br />

stanbdards set out by the Green Shape label.<br />

D<br />

www.vaude.com<br />

Nemo Equipment<br />

A camping company known for its commitment to<br />

the environment, it created a new OSMO material<br />

that is PFC/PFAC-free and made from recycled yarns.<br />

D<br />

www.nemoequipment.com<br />

Sierra Designs<br />

American camping giant Sierra Designs is known for<br />

its Night Cap sleeping bags made from recycled water<br />

bottles and for supporting inclusivity organisations.<br />

D<br />

www.sierradesigns.com<br />

Bergans of<br />

Norway<br />

A company<br />

whose entire<br />

existence is based<br />

on sustainable<br />

products and<br />

a sustainable<br />

supply chain that<br />

makes for less<br />

waste.<br />

D<br />

www.bergans.com<br />

Klean Kanteen<br />

One of the forerunners in being eco. Klean Kanteen<br />

is climate neutral, a 1% for the planet donator and<br />

certified B Corp.<br />

D<br />

www.kleankanteen.com<br />

Jackery<br />

Another portable power station brand that has a big<br />

focus on solar power and generating energy for its<br />

batteries in a sustainable way.<br />

D<br />

www.jackery.com<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Ad Feature<br />


▲ Trailer SumoSprings are now standard equipment on the Brinkley RV Model G toy-hauler.<br />



■ven when you have a fantastic<br />

E<br />

product, the road to success is not<br />

always straightforward. If business<br />

was as easy as just having a great<br />

product, a lot more people would<br />

be good at it. But it’s not. It’s about telling the<br />

story about your product well, proving that it does<br />

what you say it can do, and also cultivating strong<br />

relationships with the key stakeholders in the<br />

markets you want to have success in. These three<br />

things (and much more) are the reasons why Trailer<br />

SumoSprings from SuperSprings International have<br />

enjoyed a steady climb to the top in the RV industry.<br />


After several years of impressing users with their<br />

performance in the RV world, it was only a matter<br />

of time before a major towable RV brand wanted<br />

in. Brinkley RV were the ones with the foresight to<br />

listen to what SSI had to say and truly understand<br />

the benefits of Trailer SumoSprings – and as a result<br />

they have signed an exclusive OEM partnership<br />

with SSI that will see Trailer SumoSprings become<br />

standard equipment on the newly released Model G<br />

toy-hauler. The agreement sees two companies who<br />

prioritise creating the ultimate customer experience<br />

combine to help make a product that is already<br />

28 www.campingtradeworld.com

Ad Feature<br />


standard equipment across many motorised RVs and<br />

motorhomes become standard equipment on towable<br />

RVs for the first time.<br />

SSI president, Adam Weisner, explained: “This<br />

announcement is a big deal. In many ways, Trailer<br />

SumoSprings have been a personal project for me as<br />

it was the first product I experienced when I joined<br />

back in 2018. The first time I towed my trailer with my<br />

family, we were stunned at the difference. I knew then<br />

this product would become something really special.<br />

“Nate and I have been talking for several years, so<br />

when he called me last summer and told me about<br />

how Brinkley RV was innovating the experience, I<br />

was in. In a market where towables can sometimes<br />

be built as cheaply as possible, it’s refreshing to see<br />

a brand truly investing in a customer experienced<br />

focussed, high-quality, data-driven product.”<br />

Meanwhile, Brinkley RV’s co-owner and operating<br />

partner, Nate Goldenberg, added: “This is the type<br />

of partnership that makes sense for us. When I first<br />

spoke with Adam years ago, I knew we shared a<br />

passion for the customer experience and creating<br />

things that stood out from the crowd. When we<br />

launched Brinkley, I knew I wanted SSI and the<br />

Trailer SumoSprings product to be part of the story.<br />

This is an unmatched suspension solution for trailers<br />

and we’re really proud to be the first to bring this type<br />

of journey to the OEM level.”<br />

▲ Trailer SumoSprings are ‘an unmatched suspension solution for trailers’.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Ad Feature<br />




Trailer SumoSprings vs. Original Equipment Springs<br />

Frame Acc Z (g) % Difference<br />

36.3%<br />

0.0%<br />

-50.0%<br />

-100.0%<br />

-67.2%<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8<br />

-43.3%<br />

-54.0%<br />

-71.4%<br />

-78.1%<br />

-91.3%<br />

68%<br />


IN G-FORCE<br />

-150.0%<br />

■ Difference (G%)<br />

-176.9%<br />

OVER<br />

100%<br />




Vertical Displacement Difference (inches and %)<br />

462%<br />

0.20<br />

0.10<br />

0.00<br />

-0.10<br />

-0.20<br />

-0.30<br />

-0.40<br />

-0.50<br />

Vertical Displacement Measurements (inches)<br />

-0.34<br />

0.05<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8<br />

-0.18<br />

0.14<br />

0.11 0.13<br />

-0.36<br />

0.18<br />

-0.43<br />

■ Average OE Displacement<br />

■ Average SumoSprings Displacement<br />

0.02 0.02<br />

-0.41<br />

-0.26<br />

0.10<br />

4.50<br />

4.00<br />

3.50<br />

3.00<br />

2.50<br />

2.00<br />

1.50<br />

1.00<br />

0.50<br />

0.39<br />

■ Difference (inches)<br />

■ Difference (%)<br />

114%<br />

0.31<br />

177%<br />

0.34<br />

150%<br />

0.49<br />

135%<br />

0.23<br />

0.45<br />

105%<br />

0.43<br />

105%<br />

0.36<br />

139%<br />

462%<br />



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8<br />

30 www.campingtradeworld.com


On average, Trailer SumoSprings reduce g-force<br />

vibration in a trailer by more than 68 per cent. They<br />

also offer 100 per cent higher than average vertical<br />

displacement at every interval. How do we know this?<br />

The SSI team put their products through their paces<br />

at the NaviStar Proving Grounds in New Carlisle,<br />

Indiana – a former Studebaker testing track that<br />

was constructed in the 1920s with a rich history of<br />

performing objective tests of vehicles and accessories<br />

and add-ons. The SSI team knew that they needed<br />

some independent, real-world data to back up their<br />

claims about Trailer SumoSprings, and they got that<br />

and then some at NaviStar. But that alone wasn’t<br />

enough. Putting the products in the hands of every day<br />

RV users was essential to help further the message.<br />

Successful YouTuber Jerry Neal runs a channel<br />

called iLoveRVlife. When he first heard about Trailer<br />

SumoSprings, he had the feeling his prayers had<br />

been answered. A true RV veteran, Jerry had seen<br />

rough roads practically shake his old 5th wheel trailer<br />

Ad Feature<br />


to death. His background as a large infrastructure<br />

engineer led him to believe that Trailer SumoSprings<br />

were worth a shot.<br />

“I was so confident in this product that I put a full<br />

glass of water on the table inside our camper and<br />

drove it down the road,” explains Jerry. “My wife,<br />

Joan, was not as sure about it and let me know I’d be<br />

cleaning it up myself. But sure enough when I pulled<br />

over and when to check on it, it was in the same<br />

place. I thought that was pretty incredible.”<br />

If a glass of water stays in place on bumpy roads<br />

in a trailer with this modification, then imagine how<br />

beneficial it is to the rest of the RV. The lifespan of<br />

almost everything in it increases exponentially.<br />

So, it’s easy to see why a company as large and as<br />

focussed on the customer experience as Brinkley RV<br />

would want to get Trailer SumoSprings as standard<br />

on its trailers. But that revelation, which is going to<br />

help thousands of RVers journey better, may never<br />

have happened without the right back-up behind the<br />

scenes from SSI to their winning product.<br />

Learn more at www.superspringsinternational.com<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Company Profile<br />


More than<br />

just a HQ…<br />

■A motorhome is a very emotive product. People<br />

A<br />

spend weeks or even months of their lives inside one.<br />

Therefore, it is vital they have ample opportunity to see,<br />

feel, and test the product before they purchase.” Seems<br />

an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how few<br />

companies offer a genuine way to do this with no pressure on time or<br />

obligation to buy. These are the words of Tobias Reutlinger, team leader<br />

international marketing at premium German leisure vehicle brand<br />

Carthago. So, how does this leading brand achieve what Tobias says<br />

above. The answer lies in its rather innovative headquarters…<br />

32 www.campingtradeworld.com


Opened in 2013, Carthago City in Aulendorf, Germany,<br />

is the company’s state-of-the-heart home that does a<br />

little more than the average HQ. As well as the brains<br />

of the Carthago and Malibu operation, Carthago<br />

City hosts a huge exhibition area, a full sales team,<br />

and a service centre. And it’s still growing – around<br />

2,000 additional square metres have been added<br />

to the premises since it was built (which by the way<br />

took an impressively fast 12 months). The first and<br />

most obvious benefit of such a facility is the firstclass<br />

working conditions for staff. The modern and<br />

clean spaces provide staff with everything they need<br />

to thrive such as excellent transport links, the most<br />

up-to-date internal systems, an on-site restaurant<br />

Company Profile<br />


known as ‘carthagusto’ that prepares fresh food daily,<br />

as well as many opportunities for training and further<br />

development. They can even enjoy discounts on<br />

renting motorhomes, which is not only a nice perk but<br />

also allows them to become experts in the products<br />

they are dealing in.<br />

“Carthago City is also strongly committed to<br />

sustainability and the region itself, explains Alexander<br />

Wehrmann, Carthago’s head of communication, PR<br />

and strategic marketing. “We have e-charging stations<br />

for bikes and cars. We have an efficient sustainability<br />

management to waste as few resources as possible<br />

(rainwater collection, a sawing machine that produces<br />

little waste, etc). The ingredients of our company<br />

restaurant are locally sourced. We also work closely<br />

▼ Carthago City is much more than just a motorhome production line.<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Company Profile<br />


▲ The ethos of Carthago founder Karl-Heinz Schuler (red glasses) is “This can be done better.”<br />

with suppliers and service providers from the region<br />

and have educational partnerships with schools and<br />

universities in the area. Every year, we offer young<br />

people a variety of training and study opportunities.<br />

“The region Upper-Swabia in the South of Germany<br />

in which Carthago City is located is also a big plus. It<br />

is not far to Lake Constance and the Alps. We work<br />

where others go for their holidays...”<br />


The initial idea behind Carthago came from founder<br />

Karl-Heinz Schuler saw a converted campervan while<br />

studying in Germany in 1979 and thought to himself:<br />

“This can be done better.” That ethos has stayed with<br />

the company as it has grown and is a large part of the<br />

thinking behind Carthago City. It is designed to be an<br />

experience for people to visit, not just a showroom.<br />

You can see how motorhomes are made, you can test<br />

them extensively, you can imagine them as if they are<br />

yours, and you can see the people behind the products.<br />

You can even take a factory tour in multiple languages<br />

to see behind the scenes of the entire company. This<br />

kind of insight is particularly important given the slowly<br />

changing demographic of the motorhome market.<br />

The future is bright, but in order for Carthago to<br />

continue in its “this can be done better” attitude,<br />

it has had to modernise and digitise the way it<br />

communicates. New target markets want to be<br />

34 www.campingtradeworld.com

addressed differently – more emotionally and showing<br />

the benefits of the product before simply the facts and<br />

figures. Because of this Carthago staff actively take on<br />

the role of an advisor rather than a salesperson in order<br />

to help people get the right motorhome for their needs.<br />

“Fortunately, we were quick to catch up with the<br />

times and updated our online channels (social media,<br />

website, YouTube) at an early stage,” Tobias continues.<br />

“At the moment we are working very hard on<br />

transporting the experience that our customers get<br />

from our products to the web. We are also focussing on<br />

both the northern and southern European markets, to<br />

give each what it requires.”<br />

Company Profile<br />



There’s no doubt about it that the industry is in a very<br />

interesting phase at present. Alongside those new<br />

demographics, the travel world is still readjusting after<br />

Covid, there’s still a war going on in Europe, and there<br />

are still huge problems with chassis supply.<br />

Tobias concludes: “Despite all this, the industry<br />

continues to develop very positively. The demand is<br />

unbrokenly high. This change is precisely what makes<br />

our industry and our work so interesting and exciting.<br />

We can now set the course for the future. And we as<br />

the Carthago Group are convinced that we are very<br />

well prepared for this.”<br />

▼ Carthago is futureproofing itself by working hard to engage with new demographics.<br />

D www.carthago.com<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


Making Contact<br />


CUB<br />

This contemporary teardrop<br />

caravan describes itself as being<br />

heavy on features yet light on<br />

weight – a claim that’s easy to<br />

back up considering it’s only<br />

640kg. Made on an AL-KO<br />

galvanised steel chassis with<br />

full mains and water hook-up<br />

connections, this may be a mini<br />

caravan but it has everything you<br />

would expect. Inside the fully<br />

upholstered bed and backboard<br />

benefits from a thermal curtain<br />

set, mounted 19in TV, interior<br />

spotlights, and Webasto heating<br />

system. There’s even a wellequipped<br />

kitchen at the rear.<br />

D<br />

www.lioncaravans.com<br />

ROBENS<br />


Featuring an offset construction technique –<br />

a no-waste, weight-saving foam prolfile – to<br />

enhance performance and reduce waste, the new<br />

Robens Polarshield sleeping mats are ideal for<br />

camping in all conditions. Available in single<br />

(80cm) and double (120cm) sizes, the mattresses<br />

are made with a clever bonding technique that<br />

allows a static material to be used for their inner<br />

walls. As this does not deform under pressure it<br />

improves inflation/deflation speeds as less air<br />

is required to achieve the right comfort levels. It<br />

also enhances stability at the edge of the mat.<br />

D www.robens.co.uk<br />

36 www.campingtradeworld.com

Making Contact<br />


LITE 2.0<br />

The brand-new TentBox Lite<br />

2.0 is packed with upgrades and<br />

improvements on the original.<br />

Now featuring two skylights,<br />

dual layer memory foam<br />

mattress, a foot-friendly ‘flatstep’<br />

ladder and a new rainfly<br />

design with fewer poles, to take<br />

it up and down in seconds. The<br />

fabric cover is also brand-new,<br />

made from matte black Cordura<br />

that won’t fade over time, and<br />

secured with industrial strength<br />

YKK zip and buckles. Expect<br />

new, premium quality fittings,<br />

special extras and some nifty<br />

accessories throughout.<br />

D<br />

www.tentbox.com<br />



German heating expert Pundmann produces<br />

three different variations of its effective<br />

mobile parking heater, which is a perfect<br />

addition for campervans, roof tents, small<br />

shelters and tents. The three versions mean<br />

you are able to choose between using diesel,<br />

an AGM battery, or a LifePO4 battery as its<br />

energy source, giving great flexibility. The<br />

relatively light weight of the unit means it<br />

is easy for one person to pick up and move<br />

and the remote control gives quick and easy<br />

control of the output.<br />

D<br />

www.pundmann.de<br />

www.campingtradeworld.com<br />


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