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Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs | Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert | Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage Arts and Entertainment Guide for GAY Palm Springs LGBT owned an operated, since 1994.

Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs | Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert |
Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage Arts and Entertainment Guide for GAY Palm Springs LGBT owned an operated, since 1994.


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<strong>April</strong>16<br />

th<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

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REPORTER: Adam EMAIL: adamsartexpose@gmail.com ADAMSARTEXPOSE’<br />



people. During the exhibit, the robot,<br />

ShyBot disappeared. The artist<br />

who created the robot, an Italian<br />

named Norma Jean, lost contact with<br />

the robot. There was speculation that<br />

it had been kid or (bot)napped. In July<br />

of 2018, an off-roader found ShyBot.<br />

Through a QR code on the robot Desert<br />

X was contacted and the robot was<br />

reunited with it’s artist creator solving the<br />

mystery of a disappearing art work.<br />

Other exhibits in the first show included a<br />

camouflaged house covered in mirrors<br />

The first Desert X exhibit began in<br />

February 2017. The concept emerged<br />

from the charitable organization Desert<br />

Biennial founded in 2915 to bring<br />

attention to the Coachella Valley’s<br />

unique environment by displaying<br />

artworks of emerging artists throughout<br />

the valley’s territory.<br />

that was built in the desert and reflected<br />

Themes for artists to consider included:<br />

the desert landscape surrounding it.<br />

immigration, tourism, gambling, climate<br />

change, and Native American culture.<br />

Participation in the 2019 exhibit included<br />

The first exhibit was participated in by<br />

13 artists from again throughout the<br />

11 artists from throughout the world. An<br />

world. The innovative phenomenon of<br />

autonomous vehicle known as SHYBOT<br />

the uniqueness of Desert X had drawn<br />

was programmed to stay away from<br />

continued on page 29<br />

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L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

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6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />


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Studio DOHC Launches<br />

A new podcast series from Desert Oasis<br />

Healthcare<br />

(<strong>April</strong> 3, <strong>2023</strong> – Palm Springs, CA) It was<br />

experiences about what has happened,<br />

while offering valuable insights on some<br />

of the actions being taken right now on<br />

dealing with COVID-19.<br />

Desert Oasis Healthcare believes in the<br />

power of education and information to<br />

promote good health and well-being.<br />

The aim of Studio DOHC is to keep<br />

DOHC patients and the community<br />

informed about the latest developments<br />

in the field of healthcare, and practices<br />

at DOHC.<br />

no <strong>April</strong> Fools’ Day prank when Desert<br />

Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) premiered<br />

a podcast on <strong>April</strong> 1 on its YouTube<br />

channel to its members, employees,<br />

and subscribers to its monthly e-blast<br />

newsletter.<br />

You are invited to stay tuned for<br />

upcoming episodes, some featuring<br />

guest speakers, to take a look at<br />

different topics to help you stay healthy<br />

and informed. If you like this first episode<br />

and would like to see more, please<br />

hit the Subscribe button and turn on<br />

notifications to get future Studio DOHC<br />

episodes in your news feed.<br />

About Desert Oasis Healthcare<br />

Formed in 1981 as one of the<br />

Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD and<br />

Associate VP of Population Health<br />

Integration joined Brian Hodgkins,<br />

PharmD and Executive VP of Clinical<br />

Operations to take a look back<br />

first medical groups in the desert<br />

with a half-hour conversation about communities of southern California,<br />

“COVID-19: Three Years Later.” As they<br />

have been doing weekly on the popular<br />

Joey English radio show almost since the<br />

start of the pandemic, Dr. Valenzuela<br />

and Dr. Hodgkins shared their personal<br />

10 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Married to the Slob<br />

Marriage of Inconvenience is Must Stream TV!<br />

By Skip Shefield<br />

Marriage of Inconvenience<br />

stars Jason T. Gaffney and<br />

David Allen Singleton as two<br />

strangers in a witness<br />

protection program who<br />

must pretend to be happily<br />

married in order to hide their<br />

identities from the<br />

dangerous people who want<br />

them dead.<br />

Owen (Gaffney) is a messy<br />

dropout with anger issues<br />

and Franklin (Singletary) is<br />

an English professor who<br />

prides himself on his<br />

attention to detail. Now,<br />

living together as Mr. and<br />

Mr. Fulton, they find they<br />

have little in common except<br />

they’re gay and they detest<br />

one another; a perfect recipe<br />

for non-stop laughs!<br />

New episodes of Marriage of<br />

Inconvenience streaming now<br />

on Dekkoo.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


The Deep! On Our Surface<br />

UCR Extension<br />

For details visit<br />

www.moval.org/berc.<br />

overcome objections and fears, and<br />

what interviewers are seeking.<br />

HSS Hiring Info Session<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 20<br />

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. English<br />

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Spanish<br />

Please join us for an information session<br />

on how to become an In-Home<br />

Supportive Services Caregiver.<br />

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)<br />

Public Authority is actively recruiting<br />

for more caregivers to join the registry.<br />

Following a brief presentation,<br />

computers will be provided for you to<br />

begin the self-registration process.<br />

Apprenticeship Info Session<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 17<br />

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.<br />

Learn about the different apprenticeship<br />

opportunities that consists of paid, workbased<br />

learning and enrollment into UC<br />

Riverside Extension Coursework.<br />

Think Together Job Fair<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 20<br />

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.<br />

Join Think Together for an in-person<br />

hiring event at the BERC. Take<br />

advantage of this opportunity to gain<br />

experience and benefits by becoming<br />

a team member. Think Together delivers<br />

nationally recognized after school<br />

programs, early learning, enrichment,<br />

and school improvement in over 400<br />

schools in California.<br />

Interview Skills<br />

Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 18<br />

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.<br />

To see all of our upcoming events<br />

Join the BERC for our signature Interview please see our calendar or visit our<br />

Skills Workshop and learn tips on how website at www.moval.org/berc.For<br />

to land your next career opportunity. more information please email<br />

This workshop is designed to help you berc@moval.org or call 951.413.3920.<br />

learn effective interviewing skills, proper In Our Sky<br />

interview etiquette, and how to stand<br />

out from other candidates. We will share <strong>April</strong> 15 to <strong>April</strong> 29: Lyrid meteor shower<br />

how to emphasize your skills, how to<br />

12 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

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Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast<br />

About this event<br />

We invite you to be with us at this essential community event as we celebrate<br />

Harvey Milk’s life and legacy. Join community and business leaders and others<br />

who support equality and justice for all at this 11th annual celebration of<br />

Harvey Milk. 1200 are expected to attend!<br />

In the eleven years the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast has been presented,<br />

nearly 2,400 youth and 7,000 adults have been inspired by featured speakers,<br />

including civil rights champion Dolores Huerta, Cleve Jones, California State<br />

Assemblymember Mark Leno, Judge Vaughn Walker, founder of the National<br />

Black Justice Coalition Mandy Carter, and Mayor Annise Parker.<br />

Tickets<br />

Sponsorship<br />

Download forms<br />

Sponsorship /<br />

Tickets<br />

By Mail <strong>2023</strong><br />

Checks only<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />



Mondrian presents some mystery in what he was attempting to convey in his art. The hardedged<br />

geometric shapes are filled with only the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. He has<br />

stated that achieving a macro level of reduction in his overall design composition was his attempt<br />

with his art to find the ultimate genesis of art and life. The primary colors, red, yellow, and blue,<br />

are the colors of the light spectrum that are used to create all other colors in art pigments. The<br />

reduction of shapes outlined in black lines filled with primary colors was his attempt to find the<br />

cellular level of visual art.<br />

My appreciation and recognition of his efforts bring me to combine Mondrian’s macro-level<br />

designs with the organic, sensuality and allure of the male body to contrast with Mondian’s<br />

reductionist efforts. In this painting in which I have titled “Stretching with Mondrian”, I have the<br />

model stretching his body over the background of a Mondrian design.<br />

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Vol 27 Issue 08 <strong>April</strong> 16 th<br />

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Cathedral City<br />


The Barracks<br />

Runway<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

AMP Sports Lounge<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot Springs<br />


Playoffs Sports Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />


Eagle 501 Bar<br />

Rio Azul<br />

Tool Shed<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom<br />

Resorts<br />

CCBC<br />

Triangle Inn<br />

Descanso<br />

All Worlds Resort<br />

Desert Paradise<br />

Resort<br />


RESORT & SPA<br />



Shopping<br />

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Gear<br />

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Gay Mart<br />

Did We Miss<br />

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Let us know<br />

For all Gay and Gay<br />

friendly Bars Resorts<br />

and Lodging<br />

Directory<br />




Warm Sands District in central Palm Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At the<br />

Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice is yours.<br />

Historic Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

senses, with a special flair for Southern (California)<br />

hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

We carry only the finest quality leather and fetish<br />

goods, gym wear, toys and furnishings, all designed<br />

to get you off and make you look good while you’re<br />

doing it. gearleather.com<br />

650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

offrampleathers.com New and used leather and<br />

fetish/BSDM gear.<br />

Alterations and repairs handmade item by Paul.<br />

Great selection of consignment items. 650 E. Sunny<br />

Dunes Rd., Unit 3,Palm Springs, CA<br />

We thank our advertisers that support all community media!<br />

Please thank them by shopping with them regularly!<br />

continued on page 16<br />

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DAVE MAY<br />



760-327-4849<br />


Free tech tips for Seniors<br />

Every 2 seconds, another person becomes<br />

a victim of identity theft. Select a top-rated<br />

identity theft protection service & know you’re<br />

protected no matter what.<br />

will@99buckweb.com<br />


Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and<br />

unwanted items. Garage clean outs.<br />

Red 760-288-6956<br />

Directory<br />


Family DeAnza Desert Sun Resort<br />

Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Sea Mountain Luxury Nude Resort and<br />

Spa Hotel DHS<br />

SOCAL Nude beaches which are also<br />

called “free beach”, or “clothingoptional”.<br />

Blacks Beach Nude Beach in San Diego<br />

is located just north of La Jolla Shores<br />

and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs.<br />

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach<br />

Corona Del Mar is one of California’s<br />

best nude beaches.<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.Org<br />

Palm Springs Gay<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert<br />

760 272-5553<br />

Palm Springs Pride<br />

Pspride.Org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert<br />

760-424-8014.<br />

20 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

26620 Saddle Dr.<br />

Idyllwild, CA 92549<br />

(951) 659-2696<br />

Located less than a<br />

mile south of downtown<br />

Idyllwild, Bluebird<br />

Cottage Inn offers cozy<br />

economical rooms, to<br />

independent cabins.<br />

continued on page 20

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Welcome!<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

3601 E. Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs<br />

Demuth Community Center<br />

God’s Love &<br />

Good Works.<br />

760.327.3802<br />

www.bloominthedesert.org<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

Facebook<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />


YouTube<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />

Zoom Mass every Saturday at 4:30.<br />

Call or 442-282-8389 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

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Idol’s First Out David<br />

David Hernandez Reflects on Life in New Song<br />

By Ben Benson<br />

David Hernandez rose to fame in<br />

2008 competing against David<br />

Archuleta on the seventh season<br />

of American Idol.<br />

He was voted off the show when<br />

he was outed as gay and a<br />

former stripper. It led to a<br />

downward spiral of drugs, bad<br />

relationships and emotional<br />

turmoil.<br />

This month, Hernandez returns<br />

with “When It Rains, It Pours,” his<br />

new track about life’s struggles.<br />

“The song is about feeling alone<br />

and building walls that you think<br />

are protecting you but only work<br />

to further isolate,” he explains. “It<br />

is important to acknowledge that<br />

you are struggling and to share<br />

your feelings with those you trust<br />

most. Allowing yourself to be<br />

vulnerable is the key to<br />

connectivity.”<br />

Visit: www.OfficialDavidHernandez.com<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />



Directory<br />


Thursday nights VILLAGEFEST takes place<br />

in downtown Palm Springs on Palm<br />

Canyon Drive every. villagefest.org<br />

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum<br />

760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs Aerial Tram<br />

760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum<br />

760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands<br />

760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


AAP - Food Samaritans (760) 325-8481<br />

Eisenhower HIV Clinic (760) 834-7930<br />

Borrego Health (Stonewall Medical<br />

Center) Cathedral City 760-507-3310<br />

Veterans Records https://vetrecs.<br />

archives.gov/VeteranRequest/home.<br />

html for vet or family or with written<br />

authorization.<br />

Lgbt community center<br />

760-416-7790 thecenterps.org<br />

American cancer society<br />

800-227-2345<br />

Coachella Valley sexual assault<br />

(760) 568-9071<br />

Desert Legal aid: 760-832-9770<br />

Stonewall democrats:<br />

desert-stonewall.org<br />

Desert winds freedom band<br />

760 776-2700Gay artists -760 835 0727<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.org<br />

Palm Springs Gay<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert<br />

760 272-5553<br />

Send your community listings<br />

to will@desertdailyguide.com<br />

DAP/ DOCK Clinic (760) 992-0492<br />

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As the Earth passes through debris left<br />

behind from comets and asteroids,<br />

which is why Meteor showers occur<br />

at around the same time each year.<br />

The Lyrids originate from the comet<br />

Thatcher, which orbits the sun about<br />

every 415 years. This is one of the oldest<br />

recorded showers, with observations<br />

dating back to 687 B.C.E., writes Daisy<br />

Dobrijevic for Space.com.<br />

For the best stargazing, find a dark area<br />

between moonset and sunrise. Lie flat<br />

on your back with your feet facing east<br />

and look up at the sky, according to<br />

NASA<br />

<strong>April</strong> 15 to May 27: Eta Aquarid meteors<br />

This shower is known for its fast meteors<br />

that leave long, glowing trails. Eta<br />

Aquarid meteors can travel at about<br />

148,000 miles per hour into Earth’s<br />

atmosphere, according to NASA. Their<br />

radiant—or the point from which they<br />

appear—is the constellation Aquarius.<br />

These meteors come from the comet<br />

Halley, which completes an orbit<br />

around the sun about once every 76<br />

years and is projected to make another<br />

appearance in 2061<br />

These meteors are best viewed in the<br />

Southern Hemisphere, but they can also<br />

be seen north of the equator at a usual<br />

rate of about 10 to 30 per hour in good<br />

conditions. Try looking up during predawn<br />

hours on or around the peak.<br />

continued on page 26<br />

In Our Stars<br />




Julien’s Auctions and Turner Classic<br />

Movies (TCM) present an exclusive<br />

collection featuring over 1,400 iconic<br />

items from over 100 years of pop culture<br />

history to be presented in “HOLLYWOOD:<br />


Highlights include John Travolta’s<br />

Saturday Night Fever white suit,<br />

Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and the<br />

Temple of Doom steel machete and<br />

a rare headdress from the lost 1917<br />

Cleopatra film this auction takes place<br />

live Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 22nd and Sunday,<br />

<strong>April</strong> 23rd in Beverly Hills and online at<br />

JuliensLive.com Julien’s Auctions 257 N.<br />

Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 17th – Friday, <strong>April</strong> 21st<br />

<strong>2023</strong> (11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time)<br />

Free to the Public<br />

In The Universe<br />

Nuclear fusion’s ‘holy grail’ In mid-<br />

December, scientists at the Lawrence<br />

Livermore National Laboratory<br />

announced the first nuclear fusion<br />

experiment that created more energy<br />

than had been used to start it!<br />

The release of ChatGPT in November<br />

offered a glimpse of a future where<br />

computer-generated prose can provide<br />

the answers to a seemingly infinite<br />

number of questions. It just occurred<br />

to me that the opposite of Artificial<br />

Intelligence is …Real Stupid.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


home are eligible for scholarships for<br />

ages 8-17.<br />

JFS Desert Launches Campers Program<br />

Application Period for Valley Youth<br />

(Palm Springs, CA) <strong>April</strong> 11, <strong>2023</strong>…<br />

Jewish Family Service of the Desert<br />

(JFS) is excited to announce they will<br />

make attending camp a reality for local<br />

children who may otherwise not be<br />

able to attend this summer through its<br />

Campership Program. The application<br />

period is Now Open!<br />

“Summer camp programs may be out of<br />

reach for some families in the Coachella<br />

Valley, whose child would benefit from<br />

such an opportunity because of limited<br />

financial resources,” says JFS Desert’s<br />

Director of Community Outreach<br />

Julie Hirsh. “Our Campership Program<br />

provides needs-based scholarships up<br />

to $1,000 to local youth who desire to<br />

attend either a day or overnight camp.”<br />

Camps, including, but not limited to<br />

leadership, academic, cultural and<br />

sports, provide youngsters with growth<br />

and development opportunities.<br />

The JFS Campership Program is available<br />

to residents of the Coachella Valley, and<br />

scholarships are awarded on needsbased<br />

criteria. Day camp scholarships<br />

are available for kids from 5-17. Camps<br />

involving overnight stays away from<br />

A complete application must be<br />

submitted and received at least 60<br />

days prior to the start of the camp<br />

and applicants must request financial<br />

assistance from the camp itself as well as<br />

additional potential sources of support.<br />

The requests for other financial<br />

assistance must be documented and<br />

submitted along with the Campership<br />

Program applications.<br />

VISIT<br />

jfsdesert.org/campership-program/<br />


Hirsh encourages families interested in<br />

the program to reach out to her at (760)<br />

325-4088, ext. 103, with any questions<br />

or to discuss if a specific camp they are<br />

considering, would be a good fit.<br />

“First-time applicants will be given<br />

priority,” Hirsh says, “and we hope to<br />

help as many families as possible.”<br />

To support, donate or volunteer for JFS,<br />

visit www.JFSDesert.org or call us at 760-<br />

325-4088.<br />

About JFS<br />

Celebrating its 41st Anniversary, JFS is a<br />

non-sectarian agency founded on the<br />

Jewish principle of “Healing the World”<br />

(Tikkun Olam), serving and embracing<br />

the entire community.<br />

26 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

continued on page 27

Cover Story: Genre: Evocative Pop,<br />

Adult Alternative, AAA<br />

Location: Los Angeles, CA<br />

Latest release: Live from the Chapel<br />

(10th indie release)<br />

Palm Springs Show LIVE!<br />

*Featuring Monique Citro (Yo Yo Mo) on<br />

cello!<br />

Seating is limited, so grab your tickets in<br />

advance at:<br />

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gregorydouglass-live-at-the-palm-springscultural-center-tickets-569958450067<br />

Gregory Douglass evocative pop sound<br />

blends “Rufus Wainwright’s opulent<br />

musicality and Justin Timberlake’s<br />

accessible soulfulness” (OUT Magazine).<br />

NPR’s Morning Edition coined him “one<br />

of New England’s best-kept secrets.”<br />

He has shared the stage with artists<br />

including Jason Mraz, They Might Be<br />

Giants, Regina Spektor, Shawn Colvin,<br />

Patty Griffin, and Anais Mitchell, among<br />

others.<br />


Gregory Douglass<br />

LIVE at the Palm Springs Cultural Center<br />

Saturday, May 6, <strong>2023</strong> | 7:30pm<br />

2300 East Baristo Road<br />

Palm Springs, California 92262<br />

(760) 325-6565<br />

https://psculturalcenter.org<br />

Gregory’s original songs are emotional,<br />

heartfelt, and soulful. His evocative<br />

pop sound blends “Rufus Wainwright’s<br />

opulent musicality and Justin<br />

Timberlake’s accessible soulfulness”<br />

(OUT Magazine). NPR’s Morning Edition<br />

coined him “one of New England’s<br />

best-kept secrets.” His song “Alibis”<br />

was featured on season one of Netflix<br />

original series The Rain. Listen at https://<br />

www.gregorydouglass.com/epk<br />

Gregory’s song “Alibis” was featured<br />

on season one of Netflix original series<br />

The Rain, which sparked a fast-growing<br />

international following of his music.<br />

With ten (10) studio albums<br />

independently released, Gregory’s<br />

songs have reached millions of<br />

listeners digitally, and his videos have<br />

amounted to more than a million views<br />

on his YouTube channels. According to<br />

Pandora’s co-founder, Tim Westergren,<br />

Gregory is one of the top independent<br />

artists on Pandora radio today.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Sorry<br />

Print Only Print Only<br />

Vintage Image suitable for framing. 5x8<br />

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attention from a diversity of areas.<br />

One of the popular installations of this<br />

show was created by a local artist,<br />

Casey, who created a virtual rainbow<br />

of rainbow-colored rebar signifying the<br />

culture and color of this diverse area<br />

titled, Cactus Hugs.<br />

The 2021 Desert X was one of the few<br />

art exhibits during the last year of the<br />

Covid lockdowns. This show provided<br />

safe viewing of unique artworks in the<br />

open air. A noted entry in this show is<br />

titled Indian Land. It consisted of large<br />

letters similar to the Hollywood sign in LA,<br />

It was created by the Alaska artist. Tlingit<br />

Unangax and was located near the<br />

Tram exit on Highway 111.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Desert X runs from March<br />

to May 7 and includes exhibits by 13<br />

international and U.S. artists is water,<br />

not from the absence of water in the<br />

desert but the memory of water and<br />

the circulation and changes brought<br />

about by water and its requirement to<br />

maintain life...The lead photo by artist<br />

Gerald Clarke a university professor and<br />

Cahuilla tribal leader, titled Immersion.<br />

This installation near the Tram exit on<br />

111 is inspired by early basket weaving<br />

and American board games and invites<br />

viewer-participants to walk through<br />

the installation to understand a new<br />

way of viewing and understanding the<br />

environment. Desert X <strong>2023</strong> continues to<br />

bring about the creative ideas of artists<br />

to enhance and appreciate the desert<br />

landscape.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />





10, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Feb. 28, <strong>2023</strong> – INDIO, CA – The Rock Yard concert series at<br />

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino returns to the famed outdoor<br />

stage for the <strong>2023</strong> season with a stellar line-up of the country’s<br />

best tribute acts and cover bands.<br />

The FREE concert series kicks off on Friday, March 10 with<br />

Journey tribute band, Don’t Stop Believing and cover band<br />

Almost Famous opening the show.<br />

The Rock Yard outdoor venue features a recently expanded stage<br />

in an amphitheater-style setting where music revelers can enjoy<br />

exciting concerts with state-of-the-art sound systems. This<br />

season features tributes to iconic rock bands such as Van Halen,<br />

Journey, AC/DC, and Metallica along with fan favorites like the<br />

Beastie Boys, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode.<br />

Free live music starts at 7:30 p.m. every Friday and Saturday<br />

night. Beer and fun drink specials that are often themed to the<br />

bands that are performing are offered weekly.<br />

LINE UP:<br />

APR 21 – Fortunate Son (CCR/John Fogerty tribute) w/ The<br />

Refills<br />

APR 22 – Mick Adams and The Stones (Rolling Stones<br />

tribute) w/ Triple 7<br />

APR 28 – Twisted Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac tribute) w/ Titans<br />

of Rock<br />

APR 29 – Motley Inc. (Motley Crue tribute) w/ Almost<br />

Famous<br />

May 5 — Red Hot Cholo Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers<br />

tribute) w/Pandora’s Rock<br />

May 6 — Smooth Sounds of Santana (Santana tribute) w/<br />

C4<br />

May 12– Genesis Family Album (Genesis tribute) w/212<br />

Band<br />

May 13 — Led Zeppagain (Led Zeppelin tribute) w/ Electric<br />

Ash<br />

May18 — Academy of Music Showcase student bands w/<br />

Steel Rod<br />

May19 — Deepest Purple (Deep Purple tribute) w/ Thank<br />

You Drive Thru<br />

May 20 — The Long Run (Eagles tribute) w/ Saints of Las<br />

Vegas<br />

May 26 — Wanted (Bon Jovi tribute) w/ Steel Rod<br />

May 27 — Queen Nation (Queen Tribute) w/ Brobots<br />

June 2 — George Michael Reborn (George Michael tribute)<br />

w/ Deeper Stills<br />

June 3 — Rag Dolls (Aerosmith tribute) w/ Titans of Rock<br />

Sept. 16 — El Chicano<br />

Nov. 11 — Puddle of Mudd<br />

For more information, contact Fantasy Springs Resort Casino at<br />

(800) 827-2946 and online at www.FantasySpringsResort.com<br />

Guests must be 18 years or older to rock out.<br />

30 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

ADDICTED &<br />



L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


32 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

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