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Den 42. Nordiske Mejerikongres

The 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress

Af Anna Marie Thøgersen

I år er Finland vært for Den 42. Nordiske Mejerikongres, der afholdes 17.-19.

juni 2010 i Kongrescenter Verkatehdas i Hämeenlinna, Finland. Kongressproget

bliver engelsk, og foredragsholderne er 20 internationale mejerieksperter

med indlæg under fællestemaet: Nye Teknologier og Innovationer i Mejeriindustrien.

Kongressen byder også på socialt samvær og mulighed for at netværke

med mejerikolleger fra hele Europa.

I dette kongresnummer sætter vi fokus på mælken og mejerierne i Norden.

Vi er også glade for, at en lang række leverandørvirksomheder desuden har

ønsket at deltage med artikler om deres nyheder til mejerierne i Norden.

The 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress takes place in Hämeenlinna, Finland 17-19

June 2010. This year’s topics are: New Technologies & Innovations in the

Dairy Industry. In this special issue of Mælkeritidende the Finnish President

of the 2010 Congress; Mr. Kari Toikkanen welcomes all European dairy

people at the congress. We also focus on the milk and dairy market in the Nordic

countries. And further we are proud to introduce several of the dairy supplying

companies, telling about their latest news to offer the Nordic dairies. ■

4 Welcome at

the 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress

6 Milk & Dairies in the Nordic


7 Valio in Finland

9 TINE in Norway

10 Arla in Denmark and Sweden

11 Arla Ingman in Finland

12 Skåne & Milko

13 MS Iceland Dairies

14 KOLD college

15 MBM Faroe Islands

16 Bruker Optics Scandinavia

17 Thise & Naturmælk

18 Sealed Air Denmark

19 Norrmejerier

20 Vesla

21 Mammen, Them & Bornholm

22 Anhydro

23 Synnøve & Q-Meierierne

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24 VM Tarm

25 Bent Nygaard Elektronik

26 Tetra Pak

27 Carl J. Nielsen

28 Chr. Hansen

29 Keofitt

30 APV

32 DSS Silkeborg

33 Trelleborg

34 Danapak Flexibles

36 Cowi

38 Grunwald Nordic

40 DSM

42 Bila

43 NGI

44 Program for

The 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress

46 Kort fortalt

49 Personalia


Foreningen af

mejeriledere og funktionærer,

e-mail: fmf@maelkeritidende.dk

Dansk Mejeriingeniør Forening,

e-mail: dmf@maelkeritidende.dk

Redaktion og sekretariat:

Det gamle Mejeri

Landbrugsvej 65

5260 Odense S.

Postgiro: 400 5325

Tlf.: 66 12 40 25

Fax: 66 14 40 26

e-mail: info@maelkeritidende.dk


Tlf. tid dagligt kl. 8.00-16.00

(fredag dog 8.00-15.00)

Ansvarshavende redaktør og


mejeriingeniør Anne-Sofi Søgaard



cand. mag. Anna Marie Thøgersen.


markedsøkonom Bettina M. Nielsen.


Birgit Jakobsen.


Stillings- samt købs/salgsannoncer

kan leveres digitalt og må være

redaktionen i hænde senest torsdag

kl. 12.00, en uge før udgivelse.

Tidsskriftet udgives hveranden

fredag‚ undtagen dobbeltnumre i juli

og december‚ svarende til 23 nr./år i

et oplag på 1.700 eksemplarer (heraf

150 uden for oplagskontrol).


Danmark: 1.164- kr./år inkl. moms.

Europa: 1.428,- inkl. forsendelse.

Øvrige udland: 1.620‚- kr. inkl.



Mejeriernes og mejeriselskabernes

ledere og øvrige medarbejdere.

Mejeriingeniører, mejeriteknikere og

procesteknologer i ind- og udland.

Medlemmer af mejeriernes


Ansatte ved mejeribrugets


Medarbejdere ved universiteter og

øvrige forskningsinstitutioner samt

levnedsmiddel kontrolenhederne og

ministerielle embedsmænd.

Mange levnedsmiddelvirksomheder.

Mejeriernes leverandør- og servicevirksomheder


(Stud. tech. al/mejerilinjen og procesteknologstuderende/mejerispecialet

modtager bladet gratis).

Tryk / layout:

Jørn Thomsen / Elbo A/S

ISSN 0024-9645

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Eftertryk tilladt med kildeangivelse.


Welcome at the 42nd Nordic

Dairy Congress in Finland 2010

By Anna Marie Thøgersen

The congress topics

Mr. President could you please

shortly comment on why the Nordic

Dairy Council have chosen to focus

on this year’s congress theme: New

Technologies and Innovations in the

Dairy Industry.

The alternating Nordic Dairy Technology

Councils (Nordisk Mejeriteknisk

Råd, NMR) has for almost 90 years

arranged the Nordic Dairy Congresses,

and they have always focused on being

highly topical and actual in their

choice of the congress themes. Having

this in mind, the recent Congress Program

Committee decided on the 2010

congress headline, as the high results

and profits within the Nordic dairy industry

is primarily provided by: New

Technologies and Innovations.

20 professional


The congress includes 20 highly professional

presentations. Which one

is you especially looking forward to


My personal interest has always been

within fresh dairy products, and

therefore I am looking forward to attend

the topics about enzyme technology.

There is a special morning

session at Saturday the 19th of June

for that. If the practical hurry does

not disturb me, I will attend there.

The 42nd Nordic Dairy Congress takes place in Hämeenlinna,

Finland 17-19 June 2010. This year’s topics are: New

Technologies & Innovations in the Dairy Industry. The Finnish

president of the 2010 Congress, Mr. Kari Toikkanen outlines

his expectations for the upcoming event.

In English

What do you expect to gain by running

the congress in English?

During the past congresses we have

noticed some difficulties for the

translators, especially regarding the

technology. Furthermore, our Nordic

congress participants sometimes

have difficulties reading and understanding

their neighbouring Scandinavian


We have discussed the language

question several times in NMR, and

this year we decided to run the congress

in English. By doing this, we

can also invite lecturers and attendees

from both inside and outside the

Nordic countries.

Participants from Europe

From which countries and how

many dairy people have you invited

to join the congress?

So far our main marketing has been

targeted towards the Nordic countries,

but we are continuously spreading

our “message” and invitation to

the rest of Europe. In late March we

had mailed more than 10.000 congress

brochures in the Nordic countries,

and by now - in early April, we

have established a databank containing

more than 1200 specific e-mail

addresses of which more than 400 are

from outside the Nordic countries.

Up until now a little more than

100 dairy persons have signed-up for

the congress. Our target is to reach a

minimum of 200 participants, but I

am optimistic to welcome more than

300. But, we urge all our Nordic dairy

friends, colleagues and the congress

sponsors to spread the invitation to

join the Nordic Congress among their

client groups.

The social program

The Nordic Dairy Congresses include

a broad and interesting social program,

why do you find this so important?

During the congress presentations,

the participants are very busy. To offer

enough time for networking and

new contacts, the evening programs

create a natural possibility for socializing,

enjoy Finnish foods and also

get a little taste of our culture. ■

More information on:



Kari Toikkanen, NMR

president of the Nordic

Congress 2008-2010,

urge all dairy people

from all over Europe

to join the 42nd Nordic

Dairy Congress in

Finland 2010. You are

very welcome to contact

the president on

e-mail: kari.toikkanen@

valio.fi for forwarding

Congress Brochures or

more information.

NR. 8

NR. 8

Dairy products mean

healthy business

Health and Wellness is the strongest trend in the food industry today –

and nowhere is it stronger than in dairy. From low fat to probiotics to heart

health, the healthy dairy products lead the way. Consumers recognize

yoghurt, milk drinks and cheese as safe and natural products, and they

are hungry for more.

Chr. Hansen is the world’s leading supplier of healthy ingredients for

the dairy industry. We believe that a close partnership with our customers

is the natural forum for creating new and innovative solutions. Let’s meet,

discuss recipes and inspire each other on how to create tasty, healthy and

safe dairy products for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.


Chr. Hansen A/S - Bøge Allé 10-12 - DK-2970 Hørsholm - Phone: +45 4574 7474 - www.chr-hansen.com

Milk & Dairies in the

Nordic Countries

By Anna Marie Thøgersen

The largest and the smallest

There are huge differences between

the sizes and market orientations of

the Nordic dairies. On top of the scale

we find Arla Foods, the regions absolute

largest dairy possessing 6.3 billion

kg of milk out of the total annual

milk amount of 12 billion kg. Arla

Foods is too, very export oriented and

No. Country Dairy

The approx. 80 large and small Nordic dairies produce all

kinds of dairy goods sold on the home markets as well as on

several export markets. Yearly, the Nordic dairy farmers deliver

almost 12 billion kg milk. This is a little more than the total

milk amount produced in Italy, another great dairy-area.

markets more than half of the dairy

products outside the Nordic Region.

At the other end, we find one of the

smallest a yet the largest and only

dairy on the Faroe Islands, MBM

(Meginfelag Búnaðarmanna). MBM

has an annual milk intake of only 8

million kg, of which all are refined

into fresh dairy products and exclu-

Milk in



No. of





sively sold on the Faroese home market.

The Nordic giants

The Danish-Swedish dairy giant, Arla

Foods is by far the dominate in the

Nordic region, as the 7.600 highly efficient

co-operative dairy farmers and

their company produces, manufactures

and markets more than 50% of

the milk available in the region. In

the Nordic area, Arla Foods is present

in Denmark and Sweden and in Finland

as Arla Ingman. In Denmark the

company has around 90% of the milk

market. In Sweden and Finland the

percentages are approx. 60% respectively


Valio in Finland is the regions second

largest dairy company having

around 80% of the Finnish milk and

the home market for dairy products.

The yearly milk intake amounts 1.8

billion kg delivered by the company’s

10.000 primarily smaller family-run

dairy farms.

The TINE dairy in Norway is the

absolute dominant company in the

country, as TINE possesses 98% of

the total milk production. The yearly

milk amount delivered by the company’s

15.000 dairy farmers is almost

1.5 billion kg.



1 Arla Foods 4.200 3.800 26 7.600

2 Arla Foods 1.900 3.800 15 3.200

3 Valio 1.800 10.000 15 4.400

4 TINE 1.450 15.000 44 5.700

5 Skånemejerier 350 570 3 590

6 Milko 300 900 4 800

7 Arla Ingman 280 1.200 5 500

8 Norrmejerier 190 470 3 475

9 Falköping 140 190 3 80

10 MS Iceland Dairies 120 700 8 450

11 Synnøve Finden 100 - 2 220

12 Thise 87 87 1 120

13 Mammen 70 - 2 70

14 Q-Meierierne 65 500 3 85

15 Them 48 33 1 50

All Totals Top-15 dairies 11.100 36.550 136 24.340

Top-15 Nordic Dairies ranked in relation to yearly milk amount. The numbers are

based on the dairies annual reports from 2008 or 2009, or from the companies’


Medium-sized dairies

In between the large and small Nordic

dairies we find a handful of medium-sized

dairy companies, primarily

located in Sweden. To the

far-south Skåne Dairy is dominate

both on the Scanian home market

and by now also exporting dairy

goods to Denmark. Mid-Sweden we

can characterize as Milko-land, as the

country’s third largest dairy, Milko

is dominant. To the North we find

Norrmejerier producing and supplying

the region with all kinds of dairy


Also in Island and Norway two medium-sized

dairies are well-known;

MS Iceland Dairies produces and

supply the home market with all pos-

NR. 8



Scanima’s mixing expertise, in combination with Tetra Pak’s

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and fl exible production solutions than ever for a wide variety

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Tetra Pak Scanima A/S, www.scanima.com

Tetra Pak, and PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD are

trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group.

sible dairy products. Though buying

the milk from Tine, the Norwegian

dairy Synnøve Finden is an alternative

manufacturer and supplier of especially

cheeses on the home market.

Minor Nordic dairies

A large number of small dairies,

organized as private, co-operative or

one-owner farm dairies are scattered

all over the Nordic region. They

offer alternatives to the consumers,

as they manufacture a lot of special

dairy goods, often telling good stories

about the country life and the origin

of the foods.

These small dairies manufacture

different niche-products such as organic,

made from goat or sheep milk,

“handmade” or directly-from-thefarm

milk products. Due to the global

financial crisis and the consumers

more discount-oriented shopping,

many of these small dairies face hard

times, though. ■

Country Milk in

million kg

Denmark 4.600

Sweden 3.000

Finland 2.300

Norway 1.500

Iceland 130

Faroe Islands 8

Annual milk amount in each of the

Nordic countries.


Valio in Finland

Dairy production

The 1.800 million liters of raw milk

processed at the Valio Group dairies

is produced in Finland on approx.

10.000 family-owned dairy farms

that typically have 21 cows and 37

hectares of pasture.

Valio Ltd has 15 production plants

in Finland scattered from Mid-Finland

to the South producing the company’s

milk, cheeses, yoghurts, butters,

ice cream, juice/ berry, milk

powders and demineralized whey

powders, baby-foods.

The primary plants for Valio’s

world famous cheese brands Finlandia

and Valio Emmental we find in

Toholampi and Vantaa. Two other

large plants are situated in Mid-Finland

in Haapavesi and in Lapinlahti,

and they produce cheeses like Oltermanni

and Edam.

The two largest Valio plants are Riihimäki,

just north of Helsinki and

newly built Seinäjoki in Mid-Finland,

and they totals a milk intake of 620

million kg, which is one-third of all

Valio milk. The employees at these two

dairies exceed 700 and the production

is milk, cream, fermented milk, yoghurt,

butter, powders, cottage cheese

Valio Ltd is by far the largest dairy in Finland, as the milk volume

of the company exceeds 80% of the total 2,300 million liters of

milk produced annually in Finland. Valio is the market leader in

all key dairy product groups in Finland and a world class pioneer

as developer of functional foods. The company has a net turnover

at 1.8 billion Euros and has an average staff of 4.400 employees.

Beside Valio’s Emmental, Baby

Muenster is a successful cheese brand.

(Photo: Valio)

and some of Valio’s functional foods;

LGG buttermilk and Evolus.


Approximately one-third of Valios

total milk volume is used for cheese

production and half of these are exported

mainly to Europe and USA

under brands as Finlandia, Valio’s

Emmental. Another successful cheese

brand is Baby Muenster.

Valio is regarded as a world market

pioneer within the functional foods

segment. LGG ® products (Valio Gefilus

® and Valio Kidius Gefilus ® ) and

Evolus ® are the company’s functional

product brands, and they are sold as

licensed technology.


Besides being the leading brand in

Finland, Valio is also well positioned

to the West in Sweden and to the East

in Russia and the Baltic States as well

as in the USA and China.

Valio Sverige AB is particularly

strong in value added products in the


President and

CEO, Pekka


(Photo: Valio).

lactose free and low lactose segments

with a 30% market share.

Valio has two production plants in

Estonia, one cheese packaging facility

in Belgium and a Customer Service

Center including production facilities

in Moscow. Valio is also positioned

within global sales in food ingredients.

International operations including

licensing encompass 65 countries

accounting for one third of the company’s

total turnover.

Turnover and employees

Valio Ltd. has a net turnover at 1.8

billion Euros, of which two-third

stands for domestic sales and the remaining

turnover from foreign subsidiaries

and exports.

Valio Group net turnover by product

group is in average: Fresh dairy

products 45%, butter and spreads

11%, cheese 32%, ingredients 5% and

others (e.g. juice, frozen foods) 7%.

The average number of employees

in Valio Group is 4.400, of those almost

3.700 work in Finland and the

remaining in Valio’s foreign subsidiaries.


Valio’s functional

Evolus® is sold globally

as a licensed

technology. (Photo:



Tine in Norway

Managing Director, Hanne Refsholt,

TINE BA. (Photo: TINE).

Dairy production

Although in somewhat much smaller

scale, the Norwegian dairy giant Tine

roots back to year 1881, and thus

the co-operative company can celebrate

its 130 anniversary next year.

The present 15.000 owners run dairy

farms that typically average 20 milking

cows, which total the annual milk

volume of 1.457 million liters of milk,

delivered to Tine last year.

Today Tine BA is present all over

the country and is organized within

five regional companies covering the

East, South, West, Middle and North

regions of Norway. The Tine Regions

run 44 production plants, five distribution

terminals and eight plants

producing other kinds of goods such

as sea food, juice and fruit products

and deserts.

During the years Tine has modernized

the dairy production, and at

present the company is building a totally

new and environmentally opti-

NR. 8

The Norwegian Jarlsberg is world famous. (Photo: TINE).

Next year, Norway’s largest dairy

company, Tine BA celebrates its 130 year

anniversary. The co-operative dairy handles

98%, or 1.457 of the total 1.500 million liters of milk produced

each year in Norway. In 2009 the company had a turnover at

18,9 billion NKK. Tine is by far Norway’s dominant player at

the home market within all dairy product categories.

Tine is owned by 15.000 dairy farmers and has an average

staff of 5.700 employees.

mized dairy plant in the South region

Jæren, Rogaland. This plant is scheduled

to be ready for operation in the

autumn next year and by then replacing

four older exiting plants in the region.

The new Jæren dairy is built

to handle 200 million liters of milk

a year.


During resent month, Tine has

launched several new dairy products;

a new fat reduced cheese, a new “Ja”

yoghurt with less sugar, and the very

first lactose free milk in Norway. Also

a new nutritious product “YT” for the

sports & health segment has been


Tine’s product portfolio includes

480 different dairy products on the

home market. Among several different

well-known domestic brands we

find, of course, The Tine brands, Litago

(for children), Biola (probiotic

yoghurts) and Piano (dairy desserts),

but also “Nå”, which is a selection of

ready-to-bake doughs for pizzas and

“Nå” dairy toppings. Furthermore

the world famous cheese brands

Jarlsberg and Norvegia are also sold

at the home market.

Subsidiaries and export

Besides being the leading brand in

Norway, Tine BA also runs subsidiaries

in Sweden, Denmark, UK and the

USA. Last year the foreign subsidiaries

had a total turnover of two billion


Internationally, Tine aims to reach

an export volume of 75.000 tons of

special cheeses within the next decade.

Last year Tine sold 11.400 tons

of Jarlsberg cheeses in primarily

USA, Australia, Canada and UK. The

company’s total dairy export volume

was 16.000 tons in 2009.

Turnover and employees

Tina BA had a net turnover at 18,9

billions NKK last year, of which almost

90% stands for domestic sales,

and the remaining outside Norway.

The dairy company has almost 5.700


Tina BA’s turnover by product is in

average: Fresh dairy products 33%,

butter and spreads 4%, cheese 33%,

ice cream 6%, juice and water 5%,

and the rest within other products

such as e.g. other convenience foods,

porridge products, and deserts. ■


Scandinavian and other foreign tourists

love the typical Norwegian “Myseost”.

(Photo: TINE).


Arla Foods in Denmark & Sweden

Arla Foods’ CEO,

Peder Tuborgh.

(Photo: Arla Foods).

Dairy Production

Arla Foods’ yearly milk intake in

Denmark is 4.2 billion kg and in Sweden

1.9 billion kg. The leading international

Danish-Swedish company is

owned by 3.800 milk farmers in Denmark

and 3.800 in Sweden. The Danish

milk farms have in average 125

milking cows, and in Sweden the average

is half this number.

In Denmark Arla runs approx. 26

processing plants situated all over

the country. In Sweden the number

is 15 dairies, located in the southern

part of the country. Among the largest

plants we find the relatively newly

built Danish cheese factory in Taulov

(producing 27.500 tons a year)

and the Swedish milk powder plant

in Vimmerby (yearly milk intake 380

million kg).

After the Danish-Swedish dairy

merger in 2000, Arla Foods tried to

create a single culture in the company.

But by now the company is trying

to highlight the strengths of each

country and the differences between

Denmark and Sweden in terms of the

company’s history, product range and


Arla Foods is the fifth largest dairy in Europe. The company

is owned by 7.600 Swedish and Danish milk farmers. Arla

Foods has a global milk amount of 8.7 billion kg. In Denmark

and Sweden the annual milk production is based on 4.2 billion

kg respectively 1.9 billion kg. The remaining milk amount

of 2.6 billion kg (out of the total 8.7 billion) relates to Arlas

subsidiaries in UK, Holland and Finland.

Arla Lurpak® is the brand for butter throughout the world.

(Photo: Arla Foods).


Arla has some of the world’s bestknown

dairy brands: Arla ® , Castello ® ,

and Lurpak ® (The Lupak brand

though, is owned by all Danish dairies).

The three strategic brands are

use as: Lurpak ® for butter throughout

the world, Castello ® for specialty

cheeses, and Arla ® which covers the

company and many other brands, including

e.g. Apetina ® , Ko ® , Buko ®

and Kærgården ® .

Arla Foods priorities the areas

of health, taste and organic products,

and actually the company is the

world’s largest supplier of organic

dairy products, and the Harmonie ®

range includes almost 100 different

organic products!

Another focus area is developing

powdered whey proteins, and Arla is

a world leader within these special

ingredients. Last year Arla opened a

state-of-the-art new ingredient application

centre, where customers are

invited to co-operate.

Arla Foods worldwide

The Danish-Swedish dairy giant has

production in 13 countries and sales

offices in further 20. Arla’s core markets

are Sweden, Denmark, Finland,

the UK, Germany, the Netherlands

and Poland. In all mentioned countries

Arla runs production plants - except

in Germany. Germany however

is one of the dairy’s largest export


Turnover and employees

In 2009 Arla Foods had a global net

turnover at 46.2 billon DKK of which

20% was in Sweden and 19% in Denmark.

Of the remaining 2009 turnover

the Arla UK accounted for 26%.

Other primary markets are Holland,

Germany, Finland, USA, the Middle

East and Asia.

Arla Foods net turnover by product

is in average: Fresh dairy products

44%, cheese 25%, butter and spread

13%, powders 12% and 6% within

other products.

Globally, Arla Foods has 16.200

employees, of which the Danish

staff counts 7.600 and the Swedish

3.200. ■


Arla Castello® brands the company’s

specialty cheeses. (Photo: Arla Foods).


Arla Ingman produces cheeses in

Finland as well as imports cheeses from

Denmark. (Photo: Arla Foods).

Dairy production

Almost 1200 local farmers deliver a

little more than two-third of the total

280 million liters of milk to Arla Ingman.

The remaining milk volume is

bought from the Finnish dairy Valio

or imported from Sweden. The company

head office is located in Sipoo,

just North of Helsinki.

Arla Ingman has local production

facilities from North to South in

Finland. In Sipoo we find the largest

dairy producing milk, fresh fer-

NR. 8

Nature’s Taste

Dairy Fruit A/S offers our customers Nature’s Taste, by

developing and offering healthy and good tasting products.

We believe in looking forward, using our technical and

innovation skills.

Dairy Fruit’s expertise:

• Clean label

• Health and quality

• Environmentally awareness

• Organic

• Nature guides our innovation

• Joint working partnerships ... The driving force behind today’s

new developments

• 30 years experience of providing custom solutions, using our

team of experts to inspire creation

• Working together we can design your next product based on …

… Nature’s Taste

Arla Ingman

in Finland

Finland’s second largest dairy, Arla Ingman has since 2008

been 100% owned by Arla Foods. The company target is to

reach a stronger position as supplier of goods to the retail

trade and food service sector at the Finnish home market.

mented milk products, juices, desserts

and butter. To the North at

Kuusamo Dairy the company produces

approx. 4.000 tons of cheese

a year. Another Arla Ingman dairy is

situated in Lapinjärvi. The company’s

co-operating dairies are located

in Hämeenlinna and Suonenjoki with

productions of primarily fresh milk,

cottage cheese and butter.

Turnover and employees

Arla Ingman’s home market share is

approx. 23%. The company’s turnover

by product is in average: Milk and

fresh dairy products 64%, cheeses

31% and butter 5%. The cheeses are

partly produced in Finland and partly

imported from Denmark, primarily

the brands Arla Castello ® and Arla

Apetina ® .

Arla Ingman’s net sales are approx.

300 million Euros, and the Finnish

dairy company has a staff of 500 employees.




Phone: +45 66 13 13 70 • WWW.DAIRY-FRUIT.COM


Skåne Dairy in Sweden

Dairy production

Skåne Dairy is an independent dairy

company owned by 572 members in

the Southern part of Sweden, Scania.

The owners delivered 353 million

kg milk in 2009. So, Skåne Dairy is

a relatively large but still local milk

producer with processing plants in

Malmö, Kristianstad and Lunnarp.

The company produces a complete

palette of dairy products, among

those the cheese brands Herrgård,

Präst and Grevé, but also a wide

Milko in Sweden

Last summer Milko introduced the “Milk

Handshake” giving the milk farmers

extra payment. (Photo: Milko).

Dairy production

Milko operates four plants located in

Östersund, Sundsvall, Karlstad and

Grådö, producing milk, Swedish sour

milk, juice, yoghurt, butter, soft whey

cheese, soft and hard cheeses and

powdered milk. Some of the Milko

brands are also marketed in other

parts of Sweden. Milkos main purpose

is to offer consumers high qual-

In 2009, Skåne Dairy, Sweden’s second

largest dairy company achieved the

best economic result for years: 3 billion

SEK. In 2008 though, Skåne Dairy was

facing economic de-route due to fierce

competition on the home market.

But Swedish consumers’ protests on

facebook and export of Scanian dairy

products to Denmark saved the company.

range of specialties. E.g. farm milk,

lactose-free products, yoghurt with

real vanilla, dessert cheeses from

Stafva Herrgård, a new acidulated

milk assortment, and the functional

food ProViva in different flavors and

variations. Also organic dairy products

from the partly owned farm

dairy, Hjordnära is promoted by the

Scanian dairy.

Turnover and employees

In 2009, Skåne Dairy had a turnover

Milko is a co-operative company owned by 900 farmers

delivering around 300 million kg of milk a year. Milko is

Sweden´s third largest dairy company and operating in Mid-

Sweden. The turnover is approx. 2.6 Billon SEK.

ity milk and dairy products coming

from local farms. Further, the company

is very protective towards their

owners in order to continue life in the

Swedish countryside.

The Milk Handshake

It is economically very tough times

for milk farmers - also in Sweden,

and that´s why Milko last summer

introduced the “Milk Handshake”.

On behalf of this arrangement

Milko raised the retail price on

the Milko “Landscape Milk” with an

extra Swedish crone. As the consum-

Skåne Dairy produces a broad range of

traditional and specialty dairy products

as Lactose Free. (Photo: Skåne Dairy).

of almost 3 billion SEK and a workforce

of 585 employed. The company

primarily operates on the home market,

but has a small subsidiary handling

cheese sale at the Finnish market.

Last year, the Skåne Dairy closed

a deal selling fresh milk products to

the Danish retailer giant Dansk Supermarket.

In Denmark too, the Skanian

company owns one-third of the

private dairy, Løgismose. ■


ers were very willing to pay more to

support their local dairy, Milko could

give the milk farmers 7 million SEK

extra in December 2009!

Turnover and employees

Milko had a turnover of almost 2.6

billion SEK and a workforce of 800

employed. The company primarily

operates on the home market, producing

and selling dairy products

mainly in Mid-Sweden. Milko also offers

products from other co-operative

dairies. ■



MS Iceland Dairies

MS Iceland Dairies

MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan)

is a cooperative organization that

includes more than 700 of Iceland’s

family-run dairy farms. MS Iceland

operates eight dairy plants situated

throughout Iceland, and the company

employs a staff of 450. The two main

dairy plants within MS Iceland are

located to the South in Selfoss and

North in Akureyri.

Dairy products

The Icelandic dairies produce a broad

and complete range of dairy products

and in a variety hardly known in

any other minor country. Just within

cheese production some 100 varieties

are produced, an incredible figure

given that only a few dairies are responsible

for their production, serving

a market of only 285,000 people.

MS Iceland Dairies centers on

milk production and the making of

high-quality skyr, cheeses, butter,

NR. 8

MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) is the dominant

dairy in Iceland with approx. 90% of the 120 million kg milk

produced in the country each year. The much smaller dairy

Mjólkursamlag KS co-operates with MS to a certain extent.

The Icelandic dairies produce a very wide range of dairy products making the

country self-sufficient within this food segment. One dairy product, “Skyr“, has

even turned out to be a successful export product. (Photo: MS Iceland Dairies).

and other dairy products. Most of

the dairy goods are consumed on the

home market.

The world famous Skyr

But one Icelandic product “Skyr“,

has won good reputations and gained

fine export rates in e.g. the USA and

UK. Also in the other Scandinavian

countries Skyr is known and welldemanded,

as for instance the Danish

dairies Thise and Norwegian Q-

Solution Sales Manager søges

Salg af automatiseringsløsninger til

mejerisektoren indenfor mælk:

Meierierne are producing Skyr on license

from MS Iceland Dairies.

Skyr (pronounced skeer) is a product

unique to Iceland with a smooth,

rich flavor and creamy thick texture.

The product is low in fat, but high in

calcium and protein content and thus

attractive to all consumer segments

- also within sports and healthiness.

Skyr is produced as natural and with

various kinds of fruits and berries. ■


• Det vil være en fordel med en mejeriteknisk uddannelse

• Du har salgserfarring indenfor mejerisektoren

• Det at være arbejdsom og arbejde målrettet er

nogle af dine styrker

besøg os på www.bila.dk


Participating in

International Courses

KOLD college

All educations and courses at Kold

college are linked by the concept

“from soil to table”.

Kold college was founded in 1889

as part of Dalum Agricultural College.

In 1979 the college was separated

from the agricultural college

and established as an independent

dairy college, named Dalum Technical

College. The college got its own

board and its own principal, and focused

on covering all educations from

soil to table.

In January 2004 Dalum Technical

College merged with the horticulture

college Soehus. The merger was

named Dalum Education Centre, but

since December 1st 2008, the name

has been KOLD college.

KOLD college

• Employs approx. 170 staff members, of

which 110 are lecturers with vocational or

academic backgrounds.

• Approx. 1,100 full time equivalent students

and course participants.

• Each year approx. 4,500 students attend

educations or courses.

• Buildings covering 38,000 square meters.

The international aspect

To keep the teachers up to date, it is

very important to offer possibilities

to participate in various international

activities. Thus last year, through

the Leonardo program, eight of the

By Bjarne Vagn Larsen, Vice Principal,

and Sten Holmgaard Sørensen,

Educational Coordinator, KOLD college

dairy section teachers went on study

trips to experience new trends within

dairy production. The teachers visited

dairy companies in Norway, Sweden,

Finland, Holland and the United


At Kold’s Dairy Training Centre the

international aspect has played a major

role for years and is an integrated

part of the daily work. Numerous

courses and contacts worldwide bring

inspiration to the college.

Yearly, Kold college arranges a

number of tailor-made courses for

Danida and international companies.

And, through the years Kold college

has participated in a number of international

training activities for lecturers

teaching dairymen, processing

technologists and in-service courses.

Lecturers have been stationed at educational

institutions abroad for periods

of a few days to several weeks.

Two exiting up-coming


Ice-Cream: In co-operation with

the European dairy organisation AE-

DIL, Kold college is - for the first time

ever, running a course within “Ice

Cream Making” in our Dairy Training

Centre. Kold college is responsible

for the program of practical and theoretical

education and training within

this up-coming course, which is dedicated

for small and medium sized ice

This autumn KOLD college offers two

exiting and international courses within

“Ice Cream Making” and further a one

month training course in “Theoretical

Educations at KOLD college

Agriculture, horticulture (green-

house - and landscape gardener), animal

keeper and forestry.

Catering (chef, waiter, butcher and


Dairy technology (dairyman and

dairy operator).

Technical gymnasium (tree year pre

university study course).

Academy (laboratory technologist,

process technologist (specializing in

food, dairy or processing), and Service

economist (specializing in hotel

and restaurant, service management,

event and tourism).

Profession Bachelors (Dairy, Labo-

ratory, Food, and Process Profession


In-service tailor made training and


cream producers within the AEDIL

member states. Preferably, the participants

have basic knowledge within

ice cream making and within English


The AEDIL-team at KOLD urges

the participants to bring their own

ideas of ice cream products and concepts!

The “Ice cream making” course

takes place at Kold college in the autumn


Dairy Production: This autumn

2010, Kold college also arrange a one

month theoretical and practical Dairy

training course. The course will be

held in English and encompass the

following subjects: Milk treatment,

and production of various dairy

goods as fermented and special products,

cheese, butter, ice-cream and

milk powder. The one-month course

also includes laboratory control of

milk and dairy products. A detailed

program for this course is available at


For more information, please contact:

KOLD college, Landbrugsvej 55,

5260 Odense S, Denmark, phone:

+45 6313 2043, fax: +45 6313 2044,

educational coordinator Sten Holmgaard


shs@koldcollege.dk ■

and Practical Dairy Production”.


MBM at the Faroe Islands

Dairy production and import

In 1977, MBM was established for all

the Faroe Islands in order to supply

the 45.000 inhabitants with fresh milk

and to ensure dairy product sales on

the Faroese market. MBM is located

in Torshavn in buildings housing both

production and sales. In 1997, the

dairy facilities were modernized and

doubled in square meters.

MBM produces a range of approx.

40 different dairy products. The

main products are various milks, several

different yoghurts natural and

NR. 8

MBM is the only dairy at the Faroe Islands, and yet it is also amongst the

minor dairies in the Nordic region with only 8 million kg of milk delivered

from the co-operatives 30 milk farmers. Today, the Faroe Islands are almost

self-sufficient regarding fresh dairy products from MBM.

The high standard of Danish dairy and food technology

is recognised and appreaciated worldwide. Kold college

has played an important part in developing and maintaining

this exellence. Our international activities focus

on the integration of food education and are based on

our fundamental concept “from soil to table” .

fruit based, and juices plus a minor

amount of butter.

MBM keeps the Faroe Islands almost

self-sufficient with fresh products,

a smaller amount though are

imported from mainly Denmark. Also

all cheeses sold on the Faroese market

is imported, as this is cheaper

than an in-land production.

More than a dairy

MBM is shortened for Meginfelag

Búnaðarmanna (The Milk Farmers

Dairy Organization). MBM does not

MBM produces a

range of approx.

40 different and

primarily fresh

dairy products

plus some butter,

too. (Archive

photo: MBM).

limit its activities to the production of

dairy products. Since 1987 the MBM

also runs MBM-Fodder, and this

company supplies the farmers with

e.g. fodder and fertilizers. ■ AMT

Kold college offers tailor-made courses for the global

dairy sector and food industry.

We houses the only dairy college in Scandinavia: The

Dairy Training Centre of Denmark, which specialises

in courses in dairy technology • laboratory techniques

• maintenance of dairy equipment • environmental

engineering • energy saving • quality control

management • the operation of dairy plants.

Our mission is to continue the to expand our international courses and contacts. Please contact os for futher information.

landbrugsvej 55, dK-5260 odense s • t: +45 63 13 20 43 • cvr-nr:86572028

Koldcollege.dK • Koldcollege@Koldcollege.dK


New Advanced Analytical Systems for the Scandinavian Dairy Industry

Bruker Optics Scandinavia

By Troels Aamann,

Dairy Technician

and Account

Manager, Bruker

Optics Scandinavia

Multipurpose Analyzer

Bruker Optics offers a range of the

most advanced analyzing equipment

and systems, and to the Scandinavian

dairy sector we especially recommend

the MPA FT-NIR analyzer.

With the Multi Purpose FT-NIR

Analyzer: MPA, dairies have a complete

solution at hand. The modular

and compact instrument is easy

to operate, and if wishes for new applications

arise, extra sampling tool

can be added. The robustness of the

instrument allows it to be used in the

laboratory and at the factory floor.

All optical components installed in

the MPA are permanently monitored

by the online diagnostic system,

PerformanceGuard, which makes

sure that the spectrometer operates

correctly. A status light on the control

panel and within the OPUS software

informs the user of the current instrument

status. Whenever a component

is out of specification, the user is

notified immediately.

The more complex modern foods become

the more advanced analyzing systems

the dairy and food industry require.

Bruker Optics’ Multi Purpose Analyzer,

MPA FT-NIR offers various measurements

options, and is an ideal tool for

sophisticated method developments.

Recently the US based analyzing expert Bruker established

the subsidiary Bruker Optics Scandinavia, headquartered in

Stockholm and operating throughout the region to serve the

Nordic meat and dairy sectors, one of the most important food

clusters in the world.

A set of starter calibrations is available

for an efficient implementation

of the Bruker Optics spectrometers

into the dairy quality control routines.

Milk and dairy products

FT-NIR spectroscopy is fast and accurate

for quality control of milk and

dairy products. Bruker Optics offers

solutions for the analysis of solid,

semi-solid and liquid samples in the

laboratory as well as in the process.

The analyzers ensure control of the

traditional quality parameters such

as fat, protein and dry matter as well

as more complex analyses for contents

of enzymes, special proteins

and protein bindings.

Avoid food scandals

Modern foods are very complex, and

each product contains a wide range

of different ingredients, not least various

types of convenience and fast

foods. The more complex the products

become the more advanced analyzing

systems is required. Also

food tampering should be avoided.

Just remember the Chinese Melamin

scandal where several thousands

of children became deadly sick after

drinking milk poisoned with Melamin.

If you add Melamin to milk, the

content of the otherwise valuable

milk proteins will falsely and dangerously

show higher.

Bruker Corporation

The Bruker Corporation was founded

50 years ago. Right from the beginning

Bruker has been driven by one

single idea: To provide the best technological

solution for each analytical

task. Today, more than 4,000 employees

worldwide are working on

this permanent challenge at over 90

locations on all continents.

Bruker Corporation, headquartered

in Billerica, USA is the parent company

of two divisions: Bruker Energy

& Supercon Technologies and Bruker

Scientific Instruments. Bruker Optics

is placed under the last mentioned division.

Bruker Optics Scandinavia

Bruker Optics offers FT-IR, NIR, Raman,

TD-NMR, TeraHertz spectrometers

and imaging spectrographs

for various markets and applications.

Bruker Optics employs 500 and has

R&D and manufacturing centers in

Ettlingen, Germany and The Woodlands,

USA, technical support centers

and sales offices throughout Europe,

North and South America and Asia.

Bruker Optics Scandinavia has

seven dedicated employees headquartered

in Stockholm, and we are

fully supported by Bruker Optics and

the R&D center in Germany. ■


NR. 8

Two Danish Organic Dairy Pioneers

Thise & Naturmælk

Naturmælk produces

several organic goods

and also a biodynamic

Demeter milk. (Photo:



Thise is a co-operative organic dairy

founded in 1988, and owned by 87

farmers delivering 85 million kg milk.

Turnover 2009: 500 million DKK.

The staff counts 120 employees producing

85 different dairy products

within milk, fermented products,

cheeses and butter. For many years,

Thise Dairy has co-operated with the

MPA Multi Purpose Analyzer for the Dairy Industry

Total analysis ragning from

farm milk …

Thise produces a wide range of organic dairy goods,

some are exported to Sweden. (Photo: Thise).

The co-operative dairies, Thise in Northern Jutland and

Naturmælk to the South, are two exclusive organic companies.

high-end food-retailer, Irma, developing

exiting new products sold under

the Irma brand.

The Thise brand too, is highly reputed

throughout Denmark, and

around 80% of the total production

is sold at the home market, while

the remaining 20% is exported. Last

year, Thise established a Dutch subsidiary,

Vechtenaar for cheese production

from organic Thise milk.


The organic dairy Naturmælk was

founded in 1994, and is owned by

30 dairy farmers producing approx.

Multi Purpose Analyzer


Bruker Optics Scandinavia


33 million kg milk annually. Turnover

2009: 206 million DKK. As one

of the only dairies in the Nordic Region,

Naturmælk produce and market

biodynamic Demeter milk. Furthermore,

Naturmælk is one of the pioneers

experimenting with different

kinds of healthy fodder given to the

milking cows. On this behalf the dairy

launched a special “Hay-Cheese” two

years ago.

Naturmælk employs a staff of 55

and produces a full palette of 32 different

organic dairy products loved

by consumers all over Denmark. ■


… to all kinds of dairy


Contact Troels Aamann

Phone.: +45 21 85 08 94



Dramatic Time

and Cost Savings

TINE BA, Norway’s largest producer,

distributor and exporter of dairy

products, has recently integrated a

new Sealed Air packaging solution at

its Elnesvågen plant. This has led to

spectacular results in terms of packaging

efficiency for the 6,000 tons

of the famous Jarlsberg cheese produced

at the plant each year. TINE

Elnesvågen replaced one of its existing

two Cryovac ® packaging lines

with the new Cryovac ® L65 bag loader

and VS96DC packaging machine with

controlled vacuum. The new line has

almost tripled capacity, from three to

eight cheeses per minute. This meant

that they could reduce the number of

shifts from two to one, thus ensuring

major time and cost savings.

Boosting capacity

The new Cryovac ® L65 bag loader

runs alongside the old line, a tried

Producer of the famous Norwegian cheese Jarlsberg almost

triples its packaging capacity, thanks to a new automated line

from Sealed Air Cryovac.

By Helle Andersen, Communications Manager North & West, Sealed Air Denmark A/S

Plant Manager Kjell-Ove Risan with one

of the world famous Jarlsberg.

and trusted Cryovac ® NS40 bag

loader and vacuum machine and a

ST12 shrink unit. The new solution

offers a total capacity of 11-12 cheeses

per minute, compared with six previously.

The large 10 kg wheels of premium-quality

Jarlsberg have been

packaged in specially commissioned

Cryovac ® shrink bags since 1999 and

TINE has been impressed with the

bags’ ability to keep the cheese fresh

for many months.

Distinctive branding

A huge advantage of the Cryovac

shrink bags is that the cheese no

longer needs to be waxed - a feature

the processors cutting up the cheese

wheel had requested. It is however

important to keep the distinctive

bright Jarlsberg logo that was previously

embedded in the waxing. The

solution: coating the wheel with several

layers of plastic, with a paper

logo sandwiched in between. When

the Cryovac shrink bag is removed

and the wheel cut into up to 60 small

units, the Jarlsberg logo is still clearly

visible, a huge marketing plus.

Time-honoured traditions

Jarlsberg is named after the county

where an earlier version of the cheese

was made at the beginning of the

19th century. Its present incarnation

is due to research by a team from the

Agricultural University of Norway,

back in 1956, on how to make a soft,

medium-fat cheese with holes. This

white cheese is loved the world over

- and not just for its holey appearance.

Top-quality milk goes into a secret

recipe to create a unique, sweet,

slightly nutty-flavoured cheese, which

is matured for months and turned by


TINE Elnesvågen, situated near

the town of Molde in western Norway,

is one of the bigger plants in the

TINE group, with 70 employees and

an annual turnover in 2009 of about

350 million NOK. The plant is specialized

within four different types

of Jarlsberg; 10 kg wheels for export,

whey cheese, spicy white cheese and

rindless Jarlsberg for pizzas.

Sealed Air Corporation

Cryovac ® is a registered trademark of

Cryovac Inc., a subsidiary of Sealed

Air Corporation. Cryovac Packaging

and Cryovac Food Solutions are

business units of Sealed Air and global

leaders in innovative flexible and

rigid packaging materials, systems

and services for a wide range of food


Sealed Air has more than 3,000

employees around the world. The

company is dedicated to permanently

improving its environmental performance

and strives for safety and

environmental excellence, while also

ensuring that plastic food packaging

is more efficient than ever. For

more information, please contact the

author: Helle.Andersson@sealedair.

com ■


Västerbottensost® from Norrmejerier.

(Photo: Norrmejerier).

Dairy production

Norrmejerier is an independent dairy

company owned by 473 active members

in the Northern part of Sweden,

Norrmejerier operates three plants

located in Umeå, Luleå and Burträsk.

The owners delivered 192 million kg

milk in 2009.

Norrmejerier produces dairy products

such as milk, yoghurts and

cheeses. Some of the well-known

brands are Västerbottensost ® ,

Verum ® , Gainomax ® (energy milk

and Bars) and JOKK ® fruit juices.

NR. 8


Norrmejerier is the fourth largest dairy in Sweden, and as the

company name refers to, the co-operative dairy is located in

the Northern part of Sweden. The 2009 Annual Report showed

excellent figures: Total milk intake 192 million liters delivered

by the 473 milk farmers.

The company also produces and markets

different organic and lactose free

dairy products.

Turnover and employees

Norrmejerier had a turnover of almost

1.8 billion SEK and a workforce

of 475 employed. The company primarily

operates on the home market,

producing and selling dairy products

in the Northern part of Sweden.

Other Swedish dairies

Other well-known Swedish dairies

are Falköping Dairy (approx. 140 million

kg milk yearly) and Gefleortens

Dairy (approx. 40 million kg milk


Besides producing a range of different

fresh dairy products and

cheeses, Falköping also owns and

operate an ice cream factory, Kling


Gefleortens is located just north of

Stockholm, and the dairy produces a

range of traditional as well as organic

fresh milk products. ■



Vesla A/S

The Specialist in Dairy Flooring

By Stefan Duedal

Sydbøge, Engineer,

Factory & Sales


Vesla A/S

Dairy Flooring & Consulting

During the last two decades we have

established our expertise within developing

the right floorings for our

customers’ specific needs and using

the most appropriate methods to lay

the flooring. We do everything from

renovation to implementation of total

flooring solutions with insulation,

reinforced concrete and surface covering.

For the dairy sector Vesla specifically

offers our polyurethane floorings:

Vespucrete RT. This flooring is

a polyurethane cement covering that

is used in areas with high durability

requirements and in high moisture

and wet environments such as

in dairies. The Vespucrete RT system

has a non-skid surface and the flooring

withstand high temperatures, and

is resistant to cleaning chemicals and

heavy traffic.

Today, Vesla also offers to install

pre-fabricated truck-protection as

well as painting systems of security

stripes in production and stock buildings

at very favorable prices.

Our customers familiar to handle

the Vespucrete RT, often lay the

flooring by their local craftsmen following

the Vesla guidelines. Regard-

Vesla is one of the leading Nordic contractors for seamless

flooring. We operate and offer our expertise within various

business sectors - and amongst those the Nordic dairies.

In Denmark several large dairies have chosen Vesla as their

specialist flooring contractor.

ing new customers within the European

dairy sector, Vesla offers our

flooring consultancy.

Iceland and Poland

Vesla is the preferred supplier of

floorings to all leading Danish dairies.

However, Vesla also operates all

over Europe and during the recent

year we have e.g. implemented the

Vespucrete RT flooring at dairies in

Iceland and Poland.

Poland is a relatively new market,

and our customer is a dairy owned

by the German company, Hochland.

In Iceland we have supplied several

dairy plants with Vespucrete RT floorings

and even with seamless wall coverings,

which are easy cleanable and

thus hold high hygienic standards.

Special solutions

We are always on the outlook for new

solutions to ease and improve the

every-day production of our customers.

Lately, we have developed a special

product in cooperation with the

Danish expert within drainage systems,

Blücher Metal A/S. The material

contains ingredients, which

strengthen the drain areas around

all kinds of water outlets in e.g. dairy


Vesla A/S

• Vesla was founded in 1986 and is

a specialist in seamless industrial

flooring using epoxy, polyurethane

or special cement as binders. The

company operates throughout Europe

and has 70 employees.

• In 2009 Vesla was divided in two

subsidiaries: Vesla Gulvteknik is

a contractor, laying floorings and

other coverings, and Vesla Coating

produces existing and develops

new covering products.

• Vesla operates within several industrial

customer sectors such as:

Food, dairy, brewery, chemical and

pharmaceutical industries.

• Please visit www.vesla.dk to learn

more about the dairy flooring expert.

Vesla is a leading European contractor

of seamless and hygienic dairy

floorings that withstand chemicals, high

temperatures and heavy traffic. We are

confident that our broad experience is of

interest to all Nordic dairies.


The privately owned Danish dairy,

Mammen runs two dairies of which the

Drøsbro plant is fully renovated due to

the old and traditionally Danish dairy

architecture. (Archive photo).


Since 1978, Mammen has been a private

dairy company, owned by the

Staunsbæk family, now by the second

generation in charge - and the

third involved. Mammen operates

two plants; one in the village, Mammen

and the other in Drøsbro. The

later has been fully renovated due to

the old traditionally Danish dairy architecture


Mammen produces and markets a

broad range of yellow, white and blue

cheeses on the home market as well

NR. 8

Mammen, Them & Bornholm

Ranked as number 3, 4 and 5 on the Danish top-10 list of

dairies, we find Mammen (70 million kg milk), Them (48

million kg milk) and Bornholm (44 million kg milk).

as several export markets. The Mammen

cheeses have won numerous

championships for high quality and

great tastes.


The co-operative Them is a highly

modernized dairy with state-of-the

art technology behind the company’s

very broad range of 25 different yellow

cheeses. Them is a typical local

dairy situated in the scenic “Søhøjlandet”

in Mid-Jutland, and all the

dairy farmers within a 30 km radius

around the company.

The tasty Them cheeses are primarily

sold on the Danish home market,

but a smaller amount is also exported

to e.g. Sweden and Germany.


Since 1972, Bornholms A/M has

been the only dairy company on

Bornholm. The co-operative dairy is

owned by all the local milk farmers

on the island.

Bornholms A/M produces a very

wide range of dairy products, primarily

sold on the local market, but

some are also marketed in the rest

of Denmark, especially different yoghurts.

Furthermore the dairy staff

produces ice cream products. Last

but not least Bornholm A/M has no

less than twice won the world championship

for its world famous and delicious

St. Clemens Danablu cheeses.


The Specialist in Dairy Flooring!

Vespucrete RT Polyurethane Seamless Cement Flooring for Dairies

Hygienic • Chemical Resistant • Withstands High Temperatures & Heavy Traffic

Vesla A/S • Fabriksvej 12 • DK-6920 Videbæk • Phone +45 97 17 32 66 • www.vesla.dk


Sustainable Solutions

for Tomorrow’s Generations

By Svend Bøjgaard,

Senior Process


Anhydro A/S

The success of many sustainable solutions

depends on the product and

the required capacity. Thus the potential

savings of water, energy and

chemicals varies from case to case.

In general, however, savings between

20 and 30% can be expected, making

a particularly positive impact on

energy-intensive milk-based powder

production. In special cases savings

can be as much as 50% and on some

of our current projects, total annual

energy, water and chemical savings

will exceed 1 million Euros.

While investment payback times

are typically short, ranging from six

months to three years, some solutions

may require a longer-term investment

horizon of up to five years.

Cross-process savings

Some of the solutions are based on

what Anhydro calls cross-process energy,

water and chemical savings. An

example of this is using energy recovered

from the evaporator at the CIP

or dryer plants.

As a result, Anhydro’s approach

to sustainability is not limited to

evaporation and drying processes.

It also involves all related processes

and utility connections as potential

sources of improved sustainability.

Comprehensive coverage

Today, Anhydro offers a range of fully

engineered sustainable solutions in

connection with:

• Pre-concentration on membrane

plants (RO, NF and UF)

Over the last three to four years, Anhydro has been

focusing on developing sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s

generations. Encompassing a number of sustainable

solutions including pre-heating up-streams to the evaporator,

evaporation processes and drying processes, this programme

was introduced at the ANUGA fair in Cologne in March 2009.

• All CIP plants in the factory

• Pre-heat treatment for evaporators

and dryers

• Evaporators

• Dehumidification in connection

with drying air

• Pre-heat treatment of drying air

• Final heat treatment of drying air

• Surplus water and energy for use in

other parts of the processing plant

• Energy and water recovery for infant

formula mixing and pre heat

treatment processes etc.

In addition, Anhydro is working on

reducing emissions such as powder

product waste from the dryer exhaust,

including process recycling of as

much recovered product as possible.

Enhanced sustainability


In addition to these process sustainability

improvements, Anhydro is also

developing a number of new processing

lines requiring a lower total less

energy consumption with corre-

Permeate Process – Argentine

Clarified, skimmed

and Pasteurized whey

Drying and Evaporation



Permeate buffer






spondingly lower CO2 emission per

kg of finished product. Some of these

new processing lines will even require

a lower capital investment, thus making

them additionally attractive.

Lower water and chemical consumption

will also reduce wastewater

load, thus further adding to savings


Increased uptime, reduced


One of the new sustainable plant solutions

is the new permeate concentration

process (evaporation), which

has been installed on a project in

Argentina. The new plant has increased

processing time (up-time) on

the evaporator by more than 1.000

hours/year while energy, water and

CIP chemicals costs have been reduced

by about 30%, leading to spinoff

savings on wastewater treatment.

Tomorrow’s generations

Sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s

generations not only focus on general

savings on all our processing plants.

They also reflect Anhydro’s commitment

as one of the main suppliers

of infant formula production plants

to limit consumption of raw materials

and emissions in order to secure a

sustainable future for the infants and

children who consume the products

made on our plants.

Our first step was new, sustainable

processing plants. Our next is to

develop add-on solutions for existing

plants, enabling these to be upgraded

to meet tomorrow’s requirements

and standards. ■


Non hygroscopic

Permeate powder



Q-Skyr produced on license from MS

Iceland Dairies. (Photo: Q-Meierierne).

Synnøve Finden

Synnøve Finden was founded by

an adventurous woman, Synnøve

Finden, who challenged the prejudices

against working women around

year 1900. After an education as dairymaid,

Synnøve and her companion

Pernille in 1928 started their own

small cheese factory in Oslo.

Today, Synnøve Finden employs a

staff of 220, and the turnover in 2008

was 860 million NOK. The company

runs two production plants in Alvdal

and Enebakk. At both locations the

main productions are cheeses, some

with E-Vitamins, and further a minor

production of spicy butter products.

Around 50 different types of

cheeses are produced under the Syn-

Anhydro Anhydro Anhydro A/S A/S A/S Oestmarken Oestmarken 7 7 7 Tel: Tel: +45 Tel: +45 70 278 +45 70 278 222 70 278 222 222 www.anhydro.com


DK-2860 DK-2860 DK-2860 Soeborg Soeborg Soeborg Fax: Fax: +45 Fax: +45 70 278 +45 70 278 223 70 278 223 223 anhydro@anhydro.com


Anhydro A/S Oestmarken 7 Tel: +45 70 278 222 www.anhydro.com

DK-2860 Soeborg Fax: +45 70 278 223 anhydro@anhydro.com

NR. 8

Synnøve & Q-Meierierne

The Norwegian dairies Synnøve Finden and Q-Meierierne

are both privately owned companies. Yearly, Synnøve

buys approx. 100 million kg of milk from the Tine Group.

Q-Meierierne is owned and run by the food company Kavli.

nøve brand, and the dairy holds approx.

20% of the Norwegian yellow

cheese market. Although most of the

cheeses are based on modern recipes,

some of the products are based

on traditional ones developed by Synnøve

Finden back in 1928.

Synnøve Gudbrandsost.

(Photo: Synnøve Finden).


Q-Meierierne, part of the food company

Kavli, runs two dairy plants in

Stavanger (Jæren dairy) and in Gudbrandsdalen

(Gausdal dairy). At both

locations the main products are milk

and fresh milk products such as probiotic

milks, cream, cream fraiche

and yoghurts. In addition Q-meierierne

also produces the Icelandic

“Skyr” under license from MS Iceland


Q-Meierierne buys approx. 65 million

kg of milk from the company’s

associated farmers located nearby the

two dairy plants. Q-Meierierne employs

a staff of 85 persons. ■


Drying and Evaporation


VM Tarm A/S

Milk Tanker Solutions for

the Nordic Dairies

By Michael


Managing Director,

VM Tarm A/S

Tailored milk tankers

VM Tarm design and construct total

transportation solutions to the

customers need. The milk tanks are

made of high quality non-corrosive

stainless steel, and constructed

in specific volumes after customers’

wishes. The shape of the tank is

typically circular or elliptical/heart

formed for optimum stability during

transportation. Manlids are constructed

and placed either on top or

side of the tank for optimized working

conditions and CIP-cleaning. All

food-tanks are constructed according

to present EU-regulatives.

The stainless steel chassis frame is

built to carry the specific tank, and as

high engineer performance lie behind

our solutions, the milk tankers are

suitable for even rough road conditions.

The chassis can be constructed

with e.g. BPW or SAF mechanical or

self-steering axels, and disc or drum


At VM Tarm we construct and build

the rear-mounted cabinets for milk

pumping and metering equipment.

The cabinet contains the pump, sani-

VM Tarm´s milk pumping

and metering equipment is

hygienically build, easy cleanable

and placed in the stainless

steel rear-mounted cabinet.

Milk tankers from VM Tarm have been in operation within

the Nordic countries for several years. As high engineer

performance lie behind our solutions, the milk tankers are

suitable for rough road conditions even in the Northern parts of

the region. We always match our customers’ wishes, and thus

we construct advanced as well as simple and easy-operational

IT-solutions for monitoring the milk collection. No more, no less.

tary pipe and valve arrangement, flow

meter/weighing equipment, air separator,

and enclosed also printer for

the farmers receipt. The cabinet is hygienically

built for easy cleaning.

Our customers only have to deal

with one supplier, as VM Tarm offers

total milk tanker solutions.

The Nordic market

VM Tarm operates throughout

Northern Europe, and we are pleased

that a growing number of Nordic

dairies show interest in our solutions.

It is urgent for us to emphasize

that our milk tanker solutions always

match the customers’ wishes.

No more, no less. Thus, we have constructed

various tankers for different

milk volumes, as well as advanced or

simpler IT-solutions for monitoring

the milk collection.

For the time being we are testing

an easy operational milk collecting

system based on the SMS system

for a specific customer. This system

includes all prescriptions regarding

monitoring time and place of milk

collection, samples for the farmer and

the dairy, measurements of the milk

volume and the milk fat and protein

content. Finally and by SMS, the

driver sends the milk data receipts to

both farmer and dairy.

Recently, we have also designed a

highly advanced milk collecting system,

where the prescribed data as

well as extras for e.g. communication

and planning the milk-collecting

route is included. This solution is

based on the GPRS/3G transmission


However, no matter advanced

or simpler IT solutions, our service

staffs easily connect to the customers’

data systems to detect, guide and

solve the customers if they have any

technical problems. VM Tarm Service

Department is ready to help our customers

around the clock.

VM Tarm A/S

• VM Tarm A/S was founded in 1962

by the present owner Diploma Engineer,

Knud Lauritsen’s father.

• The company has 140 highly skilled

employees; engineers, constructors,

stainless steel smiths, IT specialists

and electricians.

• VM Tarm design and construct innovative

stainless steel and aluminum

tankers for transportation of

milk, beer, fodder, liquid manure,

explosives, chemicals, sludge, oil &

petrol. ■


Weighing and Labeling

At Nordic

Cheese Dairies

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S was founded

by Bent Nygaard and celebrates its 30th

anniversary this year.

By Bent Nygaard, CEO, Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S

Years of collaboration

The company has been supplying weighing machines to

the food industry since 1980. Much of this equipment has

been supplied to Danish cheese dairies.

Collaboration with Danish dairies has been very important

to the business, as the dairy trade’s many customer

requirements have helped to shape and develop our product

range into what it is today.

The first computer-based systems for weighing cheese

were delivered to Skødstrup and Nr. Vium dairies, where

the new technology brought major savings by means of

automatically generated weighing lists, printouts of selfadhesive

weighing labels, computer monitors with orderhandling

programs, etc.

Although the systems from those days are now pure

nostalgia, and hopelessly out of date today, back then

they were the start of many years of collaboration with the

dairy trade.

Many deliveries followed on in the intervening years.

Many production sites have been closed down and some

have become very large.

The weighing systems that used to be so simple have

now been replaced by large, complex, turnkey solutions,

several with extensive IT superstructures, which are becoming

an increasingly dominant aspect.

Complete weighing lines

The company produces its own dispensing label printers,

label dispensers, check-weighers, weighing lines for

weighing and weight labeling, weighing terminals, interface

units, etc.

All products are specially manufactured for use in the

food industry, corrosion resistant and with high capacity.

Particularly notable is our latest generation of dispensing

label printers, which is the only Danish-produced label

printer on the market capable of handling up to 70 labels

per minute with variable information and a resolution of

300 DPI.

The complete weighing lines are usually custom built to

suit an array of customer requirements. Weight labels on

NR. 8

the top, side, base, the end of the pack, around the base

and end of the pack, and furthermore application of various

additional labels, etc.

The photograph shows an example of a weighing line

designed for weighing packaged cheese.

IT superstructure

The products always have an IT superstructure aspect of

varying degrees of complexity. At the very least, all incorporate

graphic label design and an order-handling program.

All systems have IP connection to central PCs or are

supplied with local weighing terminals.

All requests for data exchange, databases, etc., are accommodated

using local SQL databases.

Dairy and food industry

The company sells its production to all branches of the

food industry. The fishing industry is particularly noteworthy,

where our products are often used for labeling finished

products in onshore factories as well as on trawlers.

Some products are sold to Danish companies which incorporate

our products into their own turnkey solutions

for worldwide export.

We have machines in installations from the far north of

Norway to South Africa, from the Ukraine in the east to

Belize in the west. ■

• Check Weighing

• E-Weighing

• Price Labeling

Flexiblity at

your Service!

Svend Andersen

Dairy Manager

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S


Haremarksvej 12 • 8723 Løsning • Denmark

Phone +45 7579 0400 • Fax +45 7565 0187


Flexibility and Profitability

By Frederik

Wellendorph, Key

Account Manager

Denmark, A/S

Tetra Pak

DfE: Design for Environment

Modern dairies want to combine

maximum production efficiency with

minimum environmental impact.

Tetra Pak focuses on environmentally

efficient production solutions, in order

to support customer needs. “Design

for Environment” (DfE) is the

practice of integrating environmental

aspects into product design and development.

DfE is applied in the design of

components and modules - as well as

complete production lines and plants,

to minimise product losses and the

use of water, energy and detergent.

DfE also ensures that our equipment

and production units do not contain

or use any hazardous matter, diminishing

the environmental impact of


Tetra Centri AirTight Eco

Thus, for instance the innovations inside

the new Tetra Centri AirTight

Eco dairy separator boost operational

efficiency, save on costs, reduce environmental

impact and improve profits

for dairy producers. The world’s

most efficient separator drive, our

new gearless direct eDrive, doubles

the length of our customers’ intervals

between major services. And the

groundbreaking new eMotion system

reduces the energy consumption of

our customers’ overall separation system

by up to 35%. Reducing energy

consumption significantly shrinks

your CO2 footprint. And lower heat

Drives the Evolution

generation reduces the need for oil

and lubrication.

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco

Another example is Tetra Pak’s newly

launched Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco

unit, for high viscous and particulate

products that cuts products losses by

up to 50%, boosts production flexibility,

and further maximizes food safety

thanks to an innovative new heat exchanger.

The Tetra Therm Aseptic

Visco high pressure unit is a continuous

food-processing unit that enables

efficient high-capacity UHT

treatment for high viscous soups and

sauces, tomato pastes, custard desserts,

fruit preparations, vegetable

purees and baby food products. The

capacity of this unit for high viscous

products can run up to 18,000 liters/

hour and higher.

The heart of the unit is equipped

with a high-pressure-rated coil tubular

heat exchanger, called Tetra Vertico,

that handles pressures up to 350

bar and enables higher in-pipe velocity

and lower system volumes - meaning

it takes fewer liters to fill up the

system, which translates into smaller

mix zones (product/water), shorter

change over times, faster start-up as

well as lower losses and less waste.

The hygienic design of the new

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco unit maximizes

food safety with the fewest possible

welds and easy to clean surfaces.

Advanced automation ensures total

production control and full traceability,

while reducing downtime and the

risk of human error.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak continuously evaluates

novel technologies that may have an

impact on the way dairy products

are processed. In order for novel

technologies to be accepted by the

industry and consumers they must

offer substantial values in terms of

product quality or safety, operational

cost or environmental impact.

Operating in more than 190 markets

with over 21,600 employees,

Tetra Pak believes in responsible industry

leadership, creating profitable

growth in harmony with good corporate

citizenship and a sustainable approach

to business.

We work closely with our suppliers

and customers on preferred processing

and packaging solutions to provide

convenient, innovative and environmentally

sound products to

millions of people worldwide. ■

Tetra Therm

Aseptic Visco

with Tetra

Vertico heat



From Nature - To You!

NR. 18

NR. 8

By Henrik

Kurth, Sales

and Marketing

Manager, Carl J.

Nielsen & Søn A/S

Through technology

Our motto is: From Nature - Through

Technology - To You! All our natural

spices are gently refined through advanced

technological processes. Thus,

the ingredients maintain their natural

content of e.g. vitamins, minerals,

colors and performance.

One of our techniques is Tech

Spice ® , in which bacteria and spores

are eliminated most efficiently in decoration

herbs and spices without adding

gas or irradiation.

A taste of success

In all parts of our working life we need

to be one step ahead.

We have made a virtue of this.

Ahead means, to us, among other things to

be ready with the solution when our customers

ask for it.

So ask.

Because we would very much like to show

that we are ahead.

Carl. J. Nielsen is a leading Nordic supplier

of natural spices used in dairy products.

Dairy spices

Our raw materials only come from

authorized suppliers, located around

the world, and they deliver a broad

range of spices and herbs such as

e.g.: Pepper, cinnamon, cardamom,

cloves, chili, jalapeno, onions and

other kinds of vegetables, and various

herbs and seeds.

Several leading Nordic dairies use

our spices in e.g. soft cheeses. And

we can contribute with development

of new products, textures and flavor


Please visit www.cj-nielsen.dk and

feel free to contact us for more information.

Carl J. Nielsen

The company was founded by Carl J.

Nielsen in 1923, and today it is under

the leadership of the family’s

third generation, Michael K. Nielsen.

The company is accredited according

to Food Safety Standard ISO

22000:2005, and audited by 3rd

party yearly for certificate renewal.

Carl J. Nielsen is located in the

Northern part of Jutland, central to

the Nordic Region. We operate our

own modern spice factory equipped

with highly advanced technological

facilities enabling us to meet all

demands of delivery reliability and

quality. ■

• Selected herbs and superior spices

• Spice and blend creations for all kinds of food

• Flavour enhancers

• Flavours and extracts

• Germ Count Reduced spices (Tech Spice ® )

• Technological additives

…. just a little part of the success

Carl J. NielseN & søN a/s

Nyholmsvej 16 · DK-8930 Randers NOE

Tel.: +45 86 42 06 88 · Fax: +45 86 40 34 60

www.cj-nielsen.dk · spices@cj-nielsen.dk

Danish Dairy & Food Industry... worldwide 2008 3


Drivers of the Dairy Industry

By Helle Rexen,



Chr. Hansen A/S

A key element in global ingredients

supplier Chr. Hansen’s strategy is to

continually enable customers to improve

their business with new concepts

adding value to the dairy products

and processes, but also reducing

contamination risk and optimizing

food safety.

We build long term strategic supplier

relationships with our customers

providing high added value

products and essential technical service.

Innovative solutions which add

health components or other valuable

ingredients to yoghurt or cheese

make the products more appealing to

the consumers. An equally important

option is to provide customers with

new products and tools to optimize

production processes by improving

the yield of fermented milk products

and/or reducing production costs.

Meeting market needs

The concepts all meet market needs

for increased profitability, consistency

and control, and are the results

of working partnerships with key customers

and strategic partners.

For instance we have developed a

new generation of coagulants offering

a number of major benefits like

higher cheese yield, mild flavors and

a longer shelf life under the name of


More of everything

“Compared to existing coagulants

CHY-MAX ® M offers more of everything

that is important for global

cheese producers. The explanation

is that the specificity of the enzyme

for milk-clotting is at least five times

Over the past year Chr. Hansen

has introduced a wide range

of revolutionary concepts to

improve dairy products as well as our

customers’ competitiveness.

better than 1st generation fermentation-produced

chymosins, e.g. CHY-

MAX ® , and 25 times better than the

microbial coagulant from the fungus

Rhizomucor miehei. At the same

time, CHY-MAX ® M is the most costeffective

choice among all coagulants

due to the reduced dosage and increased

yield”, explains David Stroo,

Marketing Director, Enzymes, Chr.


CHY-MAX ® M is suitable for all

cheese types, and has already proven

its excellent performance in continental,

pasta filata and cheddar

cheese types.

CHY-MAX ® M is now available for

testing in Europe except for France

and Denmark where approval is expected

in early 2010.

Converting whey

Another ground-breaking enzyme innovation

from the strategic alliance

between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes

saw daylight in 2009. LactoYIELD

is the name of the enzyme solution

that can convert a cheap by-product,

the whey, into dry matter to be used

in cheese production.

At this moment, LactoYIELD is

developed for use in pizza cheese production.

But in a long-term perspective,

the value-adding conversion

method opens up

prospects for new


Cost-reducing cultures

Within yoghurt cultures, Chr. Hansen

recently launched a new range of

value-adding and cost-reducing

YoFlex ® cultures. The cultures meet

global health

trends and localrequirements

for taste

and texture.

The unique

culture strains

provide mild

and tasty yoghurt allowing the producer

to decrease the use of sugar.

Successful products

“Our product development chain is

based on smooth, cross-functional

collaboration throughout the global

organization. A new idea may quickly

find its way to the market through

close interaction between our innovation

team, our specialized local consultants

and the customers.

As a modern company we also

have the professional setup to bring

the processes from idea to successful

product launch. The ambition to

constantly challenge ourselves and

our unique way of collaborating and

sharing knowledge is a cornerstone in

Chr. Hansen. From our competencebased

bioscience platform, we are set

to help our dairy customers find new

ways to improve food and health,”

says Knud Vindfeldt, Executive Vice

President, Cultures & Enzymes Division,

Chr. Hansen. ■


New: The KEOFITT ©

Aseptic Sampling Bag

By Henrik Salomon, Managing Director, KEOFITT A/S

Don’t jeopardize sampling

Does it make any sense to put so much

emphasis on lab tests for quality control,

HACCP and traceability, if the

sample used is not representative in

the first place? No! It would be like using

inexpensive diesel fuel for an expensive

jet engine. Sampling, too, is a

chain of interdependent - and potentially

weak - links that need our utmost


“The proper use of sanitary and sterile

sampling equipment is the precondition

for true sample testing”. This

general guide-line and statement (often

referred to in ISO standards etc.)

is not operational at all. We need to

be more specific and break the sampling

chain down into links. You might

say that identifying the location of the

sampling points is Link no. 1. Link no.

2 would be selecting the appropriate

and proven sampling equipment. No. 3

is the physical installation of the sampling

device while no. 4 is the maintenance

of the sampling equipment.

These first initial steps constitute the

primary links in our sampling chain.

NR. 8

keofitt® sterile s ampling bags

aseptic sampling bag sampling bag

Connect to sampling valve and steam sterilize • Open sampling valve

and fill bag • Close sampling valve and release sample

Keofitt A/S • Lumbyvej 11H • DK-5000 Odense C

Tel. +45 6316 7080 • Fax +45 6316 7081 · keofitt@keofitt.dk


Identifying ten weak links in the sampling chain - and

eliminating a few

Poor sampling and, consequently, false

conclusions can often be derived from

link no. 2, 3, and 4.

All the way

Identification of these first weak links

has driven the success and development

of the original KEOFITT sampling

valves for more than 30 years.

More than 150.000 valves are in operation.

Whether steam-sterilisable

(SIP), sanitary (CIP) or double-seat,

KEOFITT offers the world’s biggest

sampling valve range facilitating the

correct selection, installation and

maintenance for any application. But

watch out for copies!

So does that mean the sampling

chain is secure now, provided you use

KEOFITT sampling valves? No, not

necessarily. The chain goes on with

link no. 5 being the standard operating

procedure for sampling. Link no. 6

is the education and instruction of the

sampling equipment operators. Receiving

the sample is no. 7 and containing

it no. 8. Link no. 9 is the transport of

the sample to the laboratory for test-

Pat. Pend.

ing. The final link is the quality control

of the quality control, i.e. the capacity

to not only focus on testing procedures,

but constantly question the sampling

equipment, the sampling procedures

and their execution. This completes the

loop of weak links.

Aseptic Sampling Bag

The new KEOFITT Aseptic Sampling

Bag (pat.pend) is the best way to address

the weak links 7, 8 and 9: Receiving,

containing and transporting

the sample. It is a pre-sterilised and

tamperproof disposable plastic bag

system designed to be connected via

quick-fittings or mini-clamps to sampling

valves of all styles and brands -

including KEOFITT. An integrated and

patented 3-way valve enables the operator

to sterilize the connection to the

bag before opening it, thus eliminating

the risk of airborne contamination of

the sample. Extremely easy to use, this

new and unique product also serves the

need for transport and any subsequent


More information on www.keofitt.com

Connect to sampling valve • Open sampling valve and fill bag • Close

sampling valve and release sample

Pat. Pend.


LeanCreme plant

Puts Excess Whey to

Profitable Use

By Berit


Global Technology

Sales Manager

for Membrane &


When it comes to adding value for

customers, SPX Flow Technology

(SPX FT) looks beyond tomorrow to

supply innovative technological solutions

that maximise added value over

a period of many years.

From waste to value

Like many other dairies around

the world, MS Iceland Dairies in

Akureyri, Iceland, was concerned

about the environmental impact of its

excess whey. The modern and innovative

dairy asked SPX FT to suggest

a more profitable treatment option

to handle excess whey which would

result in reduced volumes and have

a lower environmental impact. SPX

FT proposed a new application for

processing excess whey into a valuable

ingredient that could be used in

existing production to make low-fat

versions of its current products with

the same taste and mouth feel.


The innovative APV LeanCreme Process solution enabled

MS Iceland Dairies to increase its cheese yield by 8% and

reduce wastewater COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) by 85%,

realising a payback time of just 2 years.

The answer was the APV Lean-

Creme Process combined with a

Reverse Osmosis plant to treat the

excess UF-Permeate and obtain water

clean enough for use as flushing water

during CIP and for safe disposal.

Customisable for low-fat

dairy products

The APV LeanCreme Process is

based on the APV Shear Agglomerator.

This is a groundbreaking technology

employing simultaneous heat

denaturation of the protein and controlled

high shear to form micro protein

particles with a customised particle

size distribution. This synergy

between heat and shear brings a new

functional dimension to whey protein

concentrates, resulting in Lean-

Creme. LeanCreme is ideal as a

starting ingredient for a wide range of

innovative products such as low-fat

cheeses, fermented milk products, ice

Dairy Manager Sigurdur Rúnar Fridjónsson,

Mjólkursamsalan Akureyri, Iceland.

creams, desserts and fermented milk


MS Iceland Dairies quickly saw

a match between the APV Lean-

Creme Process and their own requirements

and the new plant started

production in June, 2007. The initial

result was a significant increase in

cheese yield as well as an 85% reduction

in the chemical oxygen demand

in the wastewater. The dairy soon realised

that the plant would pay for itself

in just 2 years.

Higher flexibility, higher


Today MS Iceland Dairies in Akureyri

uses LeanCreme for many different

products. Production of Gouda

cheeses containing LeanCreme has

experienced an 8% increase in cheese

yield, a significant contribution to the

bottom line. LeanCreme has also

APV’s LeanCreme plant.

NR. 8

NR. 8


Skyr Permeate

RO Retentate

Whey Treatment Plant


UF Permeate



Diagram: Whey treatment plant.

resulted in a significantly improved

texture and flavour in the dairy’s lowfat

cheese range. MS Iceland Dairies

cottage cheese has seen a significant

increase in yield as well as the elimination

of syneresis, making it a highly

stable product.

Iceland is well known for it’s Skyr

production where LeanCreme has

really made a mark. The Akureyri

dairy uses LeanCreme in its Skyr

Yoghurt drinks, where it replaces





Protein drinks Cottage cheese Skyr drinks Gouda cheese

Packaging of Skyr products

Whey protein drinks from MS

Iceland Dairies.

30% of the skim milk content. In the

spring of 2010, the dairy launched a

new sports/protein drink based on

100% fermented LeanCreme with

a protein content of 8.9%. The new

drink fits perfectly into the company

strategy of catering for constantly increasing

consumer demand in Iceland

for high-protein, low-fat, natural

sweetened products.

MS Iceland Dairies in Akureyri has

shown the way to success with con-

APV LeanCreme

– better flavour, less fat

APV LeanCreme is a groundbreaking microparticulation

process that gives you total control over whey protein

particle size distribution.

APV’s Shear Agglomerator (ASA)

is designed to provide operating parameters

for optimum particle quality and control.

APV LeanCreme gives you:

• High, protein-based nutritional value

• Full flavour and mouth feel

• Increased yield – reduced raw material costs

• Fast ROI

To find out more visit www.spxft.com

sumers by using LeanCreme in a

long line of high-profile products.

And more are on the way.

About SPX Flow Technology

The APV brand is part of the Flow

Technology segment of SPX Corporation.

SPX’s Flow Technology segment

designs, manufacturers and markets

engineered solutions and products

used to process, blend, meter and

transport fluids in addition to air and

gas filtration and dehydration. Recognized

for its leading brands and

turnkey systems capability, the Flow

Technology segment has global operations

which serve the Food & Beverage,

Power & Energy and Industrial


To learn more about LeanCreme,

please visit our website; www.spxft.

com or contact Berit Skindersoe, Global

Technology Sales Manager for

Membrane & Microparticulation, at

berit.skindersoe@spx.com or on +45

8922 8922. ■


Going Green

Reuse of Water with the BacTerminator ®

By Freddie D.

Lauridsen, Area

Sales Manager,

DSS Silkeborg AS

Reuse of water

Reuse of water is an intelligent way to

save water and reduce cost. The general

aim of the dairy industry is to

minimize the overall water consumption

and effluent discharged into the

sewer system, thereby reducing the

environmental impact.

The constantly increasing water

prices and effluent charges have

moved the focal point from end-ofpipe

treatment to prevention of pollution.

To stay competitive it is therefore

essential to find sustainable

solutions that enable the industry to

reuse as much water as possible.

The BacTerminator ® offers this opportunity

as it eliminates all microorganisms,

both bacteria, yeast and

mould from dairy process water, allowing

it to be reused for many different

applications, e.g.:

• Improvement of tap water used in


• In the “after-warming” process of

manufacturing yellow and cottage


• Reuse of CIP water

• Continuous disinfection of ice water

system for cooling

Laboratory (Eurofins) RO permeate

before Bac-

Terminator ®

RO permeate

after Bac-

Terminator ®

TVC CFU / ml at 22o 13.857 1

TVC CFU / ml at 37o 8.652 1

Coli form bacteria / 100 ml 22

Complete Confidence

Trelleborg hoses and hose assemblies, with complete confidence

High hygienic standard

You can be confident that Trelleborg’s hoses and assemblies

are designed and manufactured with hygiene mind.

The smooth extruded inner tube resists the most common

cleaning operations in your industry. Combined with our

specially designed coupling system, no bacterial growth

is possible on your hose assembly.

The rubber material and all the other

ingredients used in our food grade

compounds have been selected to

comply with the most stringent requirements

for foodstuff contact.

Both compounds and finished hose

are compliant with applicable legislation

(France; Germany: BfR recommendation XXI. USA:

FDA - 21 CFR 177.2600 and 21 CFR 177.1520 for ALCO-

DIAL) and contain no phthalate.

Our covers (either red or blue) are non marking, keeping

your floors clean.

NR. 8

LACTADIAL, latest innovation

for milk collection



For all your fl uid

transfers, Trelleborg has the

right solution.

LACTADIAL was developed as a soft, fl exible,

crush-resistant rubber hose.

Our engineers succeeded in reducing weight

by 20% compared to the market standard:


The ideal hose for daily manual handling.

No bacterial


Reliability and safety

Rubber material is both flexible and robust. Our hoses

can therefore absorb hammer-shocks and swift temperature

changes have no effect on their behavior and they will

keep flexible even at low temperatures with same pressure


Our specific swaged-on coupling systems are with most

commonly used fittings. Our latest development on rubber

coated nuts will prevent burns and guarantee optimal

tightening by hand.

You will always be satisfied with the performances of

Trelleborg’s hose assemblies. ■


>>> Visit us at www.trelleborg.com/industrialhose

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Danapak Flexibles A/S

DanaKeep to the

Cheese Market

By Palle Schmidt,

Product Manager,

Danapak A/S

New cheese packaging


Danapak Flexibles A/S has for generations

been the major supplier of

packaging to the cheese industry in

Scandinavia. This significant experience

within this core segment will

DanaKeep for soft cheese types

like Camembert and Brie.

Danapak Flexibles A/S is a manufacturer of flexible packaging

materials primarily for the food and the pharmaceutical

industry. Danapak has great experience in packaging

solutions within dairy products especially for cheese and

butter. Danapak has its own Product Technology Centre,

where the company has facilities covering all production

processes and this enables Danapak to go from idea to final

result very fast without disturbing the daily production.

now be launched on the European

market. The introduction will take

place in connection with a series of

new products which have been developed

and will be marketed under the

name DanaKeep.

It is important for Danapak Flexibles

A/S, that the new product range

DanaKeep, is also quality secured

in the future according to the new

appendix of EU Plastic Directive -

(Amendment 2008/39/EC to Plastic

Directive 2002/72/EC), whereas

per 01.05.2010 it is prohibited to use

many types of refined parafined wax

extracted from hydrocarbons from

fuel or synthetic manufactured hydrocarbons

to direct contact with

foodstuff containing fat.


The new product range is developed

to move the limitations of the corporation

between cheese and packaging

and assure most possible consideration

of the curing of the cheese. At

the same time DanaKeep fulfils the

demands from all over Europe within

packaging and curing of soft cheese

such as blue and white moulded

cheese, and red moulded, as well as

brie and camembert cheese.


Four new DanaKeep specifications

have been carefully adjusted to

the various curing processes of the

cheese and have excellent machine

ability and slip against the cheese.

DanaKeep 02-04 for blue - and

white moulded cheese as well as

red moulded (rødkit) have been developed

with a polymer on the inside

which assures optimum humidity

around the cheese throughout the

curing and at the same time limits the

development of the mould on the surface

of the cheese. This kind of packaging

prolongs the shelf life of the

cheese, the packaging is easy to reclose

and can be cut without remains

on the cutting edge.

DanaKeep 02-05 for cheese such

as brie and camembert is constructed

with a semi permeable polymer

against the cheese which ensures that

the packaging gives the cheese ideal

conditions of development of white

NR. 8

mould on the surface. By using this

packaging a prolonged shelf life of the

cheese is also achieved, together with

an easy re-close, and cutting without

remains on the cutting edge.

DanaKeep 02-06 for cheese which

have high demands for allowing the

cheese to breathe through the perforation

but at the same time ensuring

the right humidity around the cheese.

Through this the optimum conditions

of the development of the perfect

mould is achieved and the risk of ruin

to the surface mould is removed. This

specification can also be delivered

with biodegradable materials.

DanaKeep 02-07 for types of

cheese that have less demands so that

the cheese can breathe but still gives

the cheese the optimum curing in the


DanaKeep 02-04 and 02-05 are

extrusion laminated and coated pro-

ducts which are manufactured as pre-

Ad_Maelkeritidende_March_2010.ai 1 04/03/10 11.39

Good products deserve

good packaging

Our latest investment has been made in heatsealable

die cut lids and Danapak Flexibles is

now equipped with the best and most modern

technology when it comes to punching

machines and tooling.

Danapak Flexibles is able to offer heatsealable

die cut lids in all materials for all applications

and our own graphic studio is ready to create new

designs for your products.

materials and afterwards printed.

This means high flexibility and fast

lead times.

DanaKeep 02-06 and 02-07 are

partial laminated products where a

partial lamination pattern, as per the

customers wish, can be implemented

and thereby give an extraordinary

marketing effect.

Technical guidance

Danapak also offers technical guidance

to customers when it comes to

packaging machines where experienced

personnel can give objective

guidance in terms of which packaging

material and packaging machine is

best suited for specific product. ■



A Leading Consulting Group

COWI is a leading Northern European consulting group. We provide state-of-the-art services

within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics with due consideration

for the environment and society. COWI is a leader within its fields because COWI’s 6,000

employees are leaders within theirs.

By John Sørensen,

Senior Project

Manager, Water

and Wastewater,


Handling of dairy


Formerly dairies used to produce

nearly all kinds of milk products,

which is quite different from today

where dairies are much more specialized

and produce only one kind

of product, e.g. yellow cheese, blue

cheese or butter. As dairies are getting

bigger and bigger, the correct

and most optimal way of handling

wastewater attracts more and more


Some dairies discharge their wastewater

to a municipal wastewater

treatment plant, WWTP, and pay for

the treatment. However, an increasing

number of dairies in Denmark

have found that it is more advantageous

to establish their own treatment

plants to treat the wastewater

from their dairies themselves.

COWI has been involved in many

wastewater treatment projects at dair-

ies in Denmark and knows from experience

that it is not difficult to handle

wastewater from dairies. There

are two reasons for the conclusion

above. One is that the temperature of

the wastewater is at least 25°C, which

benefits the biological processes. Another

is that the composition of the

wastewater facilitates the nitrogen

and phosphorous removal efficiently.

Simple wastewater


The design of WWTPs at dairies can

be based on the activated sludge

process and be kept simple. Nor-


mally, a WWTP includes a balance/

emergency tank, a process tank for

the biological treatment and a clarifier

to separate the cleaned wastewater

from the activated sludge. The

balance/emergency tank is essential

for the stable operation of a treatment

plant, as the balance/emergency

tank reduces load variations

in the biological tanks. The balance/

emergency tank is also able to handle

milk spills to avoid that such spills

increase the load at the treatment

plant significantly. 1 m 3 milk may

give a load of some 3,000 PE (Person

Equivalent corresponding to the pollution

from 3,000 persons/day) at a

treatment plant. A spill normally uses

up all the oxygen and reduces the efficiency

of the treatment plant. However,

the spill problem can be handled

effectively at the dairy if more

attention is paid to the subject in dayto-day


Modern dairies are operated using

BAT technologies (Best Availa-

NR. 8

Wastewater from dairies

Optimized handling of wastewater from production to final treatment

COWI has been involved in many wastewater

treatment projects for dairies in Denmmark.

For further information about COWI’s specialist services

within wastewater from dairies, please contact

John Sørensen at jws@cowi.dk or on tel +45 2469 6750.

ble Technology). BAT technologies

focus on good housekeeping, water

consumption, energy consumption,

use of chemicals etc. The efficiency of

BAT technologies is evaluated by using

key figures where consumption is

related to production, e.g. kWh/ton

product or m 3 water/ton milk produced.

Obvious benefits

Of course industrial WWTPs encounter

problems from time to time. The

most common problem is growth of

filamentous bacteria in the activated

sludge. These bacteria make it difficult

to separate the treated wastewater

from the activated sludge.

This kind of problem requires special

knowledge about bacteria and

experience with waste water treatment

in order to reduce the problems

from bacteria. COWI has solved these

problems in many projects for different

clients through its experience and


The benefits of private treatment

plants at dairies are obvious:

• The environmental impact from a

treatment plant at a dairy is much

less than that from a public treatment

plant of the same size

• The dairy will save money if wastewater

is treated at its own treatment


• The dairy will have a stable price

for treating wastewater at its own

treatment plant

• The dairy will be able to own and

operate the treatment plant independently

without any interference.

Even if there might be difficulties obtaining

permissions to build a private

treatment plant it is worthwhile

to give it a try. Although a treatment

plant requires investments and operation

costs, there will be significant

savings for the dairy in most cases.

And in addition, the environment will

benefit from such a project. ■


Maelketidende_spildevand_annonce_marts2010.indd 1 16-03-2010 09:24:23


Innovation and

German Quality

By Peter Aalund,



Project Management

Every project is tailor made regardless

of whether it is cup filling machines

for 2000 or 30.000 cups/h.

Each project is handled by our

project managers in close contact

with the appointed customer representative.

All projects, large or small,

will be pre-tested (FAT) at the Grunwald

factory together with our customer’s

engineers. Normally these

pre-acceptance tests also involve

training of key operational personnel

and maintenance staff to ensure

a swift and trouble-free commissioning

period. The multi-skilled Grunwald

commissioning team is highly

flexible to further smooth the installation



Innovation is a large part of the

Grunwald strategy as only by using

the latest technology it is possible to

create the most efficient machines


As the current troubled economic

aspect has impacted all of our customers,

Grunwald is very focussed

on cost savings, such as minimising

down time on machines and

short change over times for product


Many of our new installations

also include OEE Interface Equipment,

which is specifically designed

to provide a cost effective solution for

tracking and reporting machine pro-

GRUNWALD GMBH was founded in 1956 and is among

Germany’s most reputable manufacturers of cup filling and

closing machines for the dairy and food industry.

duction. OEE Interface provides a lot

more functionality than just historical

and real-time OEE reporting. It

also provides complete reporting of

downtime, type of failure, shift performance

etc. This is a great tool to

achieve more efficient and productive

day-to-day manufacturing.

Projects within the Nordic


For several years Grunwald have

been supplying machines for the

Nordic market to customers as Arla

Foods, Norrmejerier, Tine and Unilever.

Over the past few years the

Finnish market has also been growing

substantially, mainly in the dairy


Within the last three years Grunwald

have supplied three large linear

FOODLINER cup filling machines for

Double advance feed machine with two cup formats.

FOODLINER 20.000 with

low level feed magazine.

filling processed cheese, quark and

butter blends to Valio Oy.

The last two machines were delivered

as twin-format machines, which

can achieve semi-automatic, fast format

changes within 10-12 min.


for Valio Oy, was also equipped with:

• HEPA filtered laminar air cabin

• Double format machine for two different

cup formats

• Fully servo driven machine with

ELAU drives and controllers

• Ergonomic extended low-level feed

cup storage magazine

• EASY CLEAN (EHEDG certificate)

fully CIP cleanable, servo-driven

filling system

• Fill weight feedback from external


• Foil sealing with pre-cut lids

• Snap-on lid dispenser


• Ergonomic extended low-level feed

lid storage magazine

• Cup lift and 90° cup turning onto

output conveyor

Among several special features on

this machine the “Ergonomic extended

low-level feed magazines”

for both cups and lids must be mentioned.

These allow the operators to

feed in the cup and lid stacks from

ground level at a maximum height of

NR. 8

1000 mm, thus saving the need for

high-level loading platforms.

Double advance feed machine for

two cup formats allowing fast format

changes without manually lifting off /

changing the cup slats.

The fully servo driven technology

from ELAU makes it possible to obtain

a 25% higher production speed

compared to standard machines with

normal indexing gearboxes.

Another special feature is also the

automatic cup lifting and 90° turning

device which changes the running direction

of the cups on the discharge

conveyor, to fit the “end of line” packing


Grundwald GMBH

During the company’s first three

decades Grunwald operated only

as a sales company, with agencies

in several major European equipment

manufacturers such as APV. In

1978 the founder died and his partner,

Edwin Müller, became and is

the current owner of Grunwald. Edwin

Müller and his two sons, Armin

and Ralf, today operate the family

business under the well-established

Grunwald name.

In 1989 Edwin Muller turned the

company into a specialist and manufacturer

of dosing/filling/sealing

machines for dairy and other

food products. Furthermore in 1999

Grunwald took over the Swiss company

Hittpac. Thus, during the last

two decades Grunwald has been a

major market player offering dosing

equipment, rotary and linear filling

machines and stand-alone filling

/closing equipment for products in

cups, buckets and bottles. All types of

equipment form the basis of our customers’

wishes for individual system


Today, Gruwald employs a staff of

110, with a Nordic sales office in Denmark

and sales agencies in more than

50 countries, including the UK and

The Netherlands. ■


specialists in

flexible format




bucket lines

of the

highest quality!

Dosing Filling Packing

88239 Wangen im Allgäu/Germany



By Martin


Account Manager,

DSM Food


As one the first to introduce consumers

to groundbreaking concepts in

innovative foods and beverages, the

dairy sector continues to enjoy success.

Revolutionary and commercially

sound ingredients - backed by solid

research and development work are

fundamental to its continued growth

in the dairy sector.

One of the world’s leading dairy ingredients

suppliers, DSM Food Specialties,

offers an unrivalled range of

innovative ingredients. Moreover, the

company offers proven experience

and expert knowledge, and thus enabling

dairy manufacturers to create

added value, healthy and tasty dairy

concepts with guaranteed consumer


Super texture and taste in


Our range of Direct Set Cultures, the


continuously s strengthens. With a

growing portfolio of successful dairy

products in retail outlets across the

globe, including probiotic yoghurt,

one-shot yoghurt drinks, set and

stirred yogurts, the range of cultures

boasts an impressive track record and



for Innovative


a busy schedule of future introductions.

For manufacturers looking to

produce high viscous, short textured

and mild yogurts without compromising

on taste, our DELVO-YOG DI-

RECT-SET cultures is the answer.

This effective range enables the creation

of reduced sugar yogurt, with the

same delicious taste and rich texture

that consumers demand.

Due to high and stable viscosity the

dry matter additions can be reduced,

as the cultures ensure the right texture

in the final yoghurt.

Decoloring of whey

MaxiBright is a unique ingredient

which represents a breakthrough in

the de-coloring of whey. Cheese and

whey product manufacturers can now

create products with a bright and appealing

appearance of the whey coming

from cheese production, which

is highly appreciated in a long list of

final applications. MaxiBright is

easy to use and have an effect when

different types of colors are used in

cheese which is added yellow or orange


Increasing cheese yields

MaxiCurd provides an exciting opportunity

for dairy and cheese manufacturers

to increase yields - without

jeopardizing quality. The ingredient

is a natural protein source for managing

increased cheese yields and is

used in a long list of different cheese

types. MaxiCurd will keep the high

quality of the cheese in where the in-

gredient is used, bringing cheese

yield to its maximum. MaxiCurd is

easy to use and coming along naturally

together with other ingredients

used in the production.

Your challenges - Our


Whilst taste, flavor, appearance and

health is a major focus, our comprehensive

dairy ingredients portfolio

encompasses much more and responds

to the complex needs of dairy


One of the world’s leading dairy ingredient

suppliers, DSM Food Specialties

offers dairy solutions in five

product groups: functional foods,

cultures, enzymes, preservation and


It is our mission to create value for

our customers by discovering, developing

and marketing ingredients for

the dairy industry. We are committed

to working in close partnership with

our customers and surpassing their

expectations to deliver increased

yields, cost saving solutions and the

development of exciting products

that have high consumer appeal.

To discover how we can help you

create healthier products, visit www.

dsmfoodspecialties.com or contact

your local representative today (martin.larkenas@dsm.com).

1 DELVO-YOG DIRECT-SET is a registered

trademark of Royal DSM N.V.


NR. 8


DSM Food Specialties

T +31 152792355

E info.dairy-ingredients@dsm.com


Benefit from the synergy between

DSM Food Specialties’ technically

proven ingredients. Create high value,

low lactose yoghurt products with

the mild taste today’s consumers are

looking for.

Maxilact ® is the world standard for

pure lactase. DELVO-YOG ® , our range

of yoghurt cultures, deliver excellent

sensory properties in end products.



Combined they produce a naturally

sweet, easy to digest yoghurt.

The synergistic effect of Maxilact ® and

DELVO-YOG ® enables you to develop

premium yoghurt concepts consumers

will thoroughly enjoy.

For the best of both worlds, contact

our specialist team now.


Newest Automation


By Annette

N. Andersen,



Bila A/S

The customers are looking for one

supplier that is able to offer them

overall solutions - solutions that lead

to a significant higher productivity

and efficiency and also improvement

of their bottom line. This is where we

can benefit from our many years of

experience within the dairy sector.

But the key to success also lies within

the close co-operation with our customers

and the tools we use to optimize

the course of events.

Co-operation with the


When we start co-operating with a

customer we do not only see him as

a customer - but as a strategic partner.

This kind of co-operation is important

in order for us to be able to

develop present and future projects.

”With a close dialog and control

throughout the entire project - both

internally at Bila A/S but also with

the customer - the risk of misunderstandings

is minimized”, says managing

Director Jan B. Sørensen.

Through co-operation with our strategic

partners we have developed sev-

At Bila A/S in Denmark, which is one of the leading suppliers

of overall solutions within ”downstream” and ”end-of-line”

equipment for dairies in Northern Europe, we are constantly

focused on being at the cutting edge of the newest technology

within automation.

eral successful standard-concepts. An

example is the newly developed “Bila

Milk Packer” which is a combined robot

cell for fast and efficient packing

of milk cartons in either plastic boxes

or containers. This cell can handle up

to 9.600 milk cartons per hour.

Masterplan as a tool

In order to find the best solution for

our customers we use Masterplan as

a tool. Based on the questions in the

Masterplan, the manufacturing process

from beginning to end is examined

and the various issues are noted.

This way we gain insight into ways of

increasing the efficiency through automation

and ways of protecting employees

from monotonous work. Already

after the first visit, we are able

to draw up the budget for potential

suggestions for solutions based on

the Masterplan.

Constant developement

To follow the tendencies within the

dairy sector and at the same time be

at the forefront of the development,

we keep a constant focus on the development

of new automation solutions.

We use almost 10.000 hours

every year for development. ”With

our huge focus on development, our

employees are perfected and at the

same time, we are able to act very

quickly to changes in the market and

in the needs of the customers”, says

Chief of Development, Frank Gade.

Automation at smaller


At the cooperative Them Dairy in

Denmark, the question was not

whether to get a robot cell, but how

quickly they could get it. With an increased

demand from the market, the

need for enlargement of the capacity

arose at the dairy. The solution was

at the same time going to release the

employees of the daily heavy and monotonous

work. A manual job that included

lifting and carrying cheeses

from a conveyor belt and into plastic

boxes placed on pallets, which also

had to be moved on a regular basis.

”Due to increasing market demands

we had the need for transferring employees

to other job functions within

the dairy. We never meant to cut

down when getting the robot cell. We

have good stable employees, which

we want to offer interesting jobs,

and that’s why installation of the robot

plant was evident”, says Them’s

Dairy Manager, Svend Andersen.

Bila A/S was chosen as the supplier

for this project, as the dairy’s board

of directors had previous and very

good experiences with Bila A/S’s robot

plants. Due to this confidence and

sense of security regarding our expertise

and know-how, Bila A/S became

the supplier.

The solution was a palletizing plant

with a Kawasaki ZD130 robot. After

the paraffin plant, the cheeses are

transported to the next station to be


Them Dairy has

chosen a Bila

robotic solution for

gentle handling

and packaging

of cheeses, that

on the same time

releases employees

of this heavy and

monotonous work.

NGI - The



Innovative solutions

NGI is a leading manufacturer of adjustable feet and leveling

pads in stainless steel. We are specialized within hygienic

machine feet for machines and equipment used in

food, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries - applications

with the strictest requirements for hygiene and

cleaning. Our innovative and patented solutions are specifically

designed to meet the exact demands for a clean and

hygienic environment in the production area. The solutions

are certified according to the 3A hygiene standard 88-00

and the EHEDG hygiene standard TYPE EL-CLASS 1.

The XH Series

Our hygienic machine feet in the XH series are easy to

clean, enabling the end user to reduce the consumption

of water and energy in the cleaning process to an absolute

minimum, saving both time and money.

Environmental and economic aspects are important focus

areas for our customers and ourselves; we have considerably

reduced our consumption of raw materials and energy in

both the manufacture and distribution of our products.

In addition to the ultra hygienic products, NGI has a

complete range of machine feet which can fulfill any need

within machine adjustment. ■

NR. 8

Brevpapir.indd 1


Virkelyst 5

DK-9400 Nørresundby, Denmark

Tel. + 45 98 17 45 00

Fax + 45 98 17 78 78

E-mail: ngi@ngi.dk Web: www.ngi.dk

packed in shrink film. Thereafter the

cheeses are forwarded on the conveyor

belt to the robot that packs the

products into plastic boxes.

The tools of the robot are constructed

for gentle handling of the

cheeses, so no holes are made in the

shrink film or in the paraffin surface.

The tool is at the same time used to

palletize the plastic boxes after they

have been filled.

The amount of money used for the

palletizing plant will be gained over a

period of only three years, and at the

same time Them Dairy is saving the

labour costs. ■

By Morten Ishøy,

Sales Manager,





If you need support

- We have the solution

• NGI is the specialist in

hygienic machine feet

for machines and

equipment used in the

food, dairy, brewery

and pharmaceutical


• NGI is an innovative pioneer

in the fi eld of hygienic

machine feet, and is the fi rst

company to introduce a machine

foot certifi ed according to

the 3A hygiene standard 88-00 and

the EHEDG hygiene standard TYPE


• Focus on added value solutions

• NGI seeks to reduce the consumption of natural

resources both in our production and in the cleaning

process by the end users.

• In addition to the ultra hygienic products, NGI has a complete range

of machine feet which can fulfi l any need in machine adjustment.


We invite you to join our

hygienic universe

NGI Italy

Via del Mercato, 45

I-03020 Castro dei Volsci (FR)

Tel. + 39 0775 68 70 10

Fax + 39 0775 61 01 35

E-mail: info@ngiitalia.it

NGI Spain

Calle Serrano 26, 7°


Madrid, Spain

Tel. + 34 91 432 1141

Fax + 34 91 431 9168

E-mail: mi@ngi.dk


The 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress

“New Technologies and Innovations in Dairy Industry”

The 42 nd Nordic Dairy Congress takes place in Hämeenlinna,

Finland, at the Arts and Congress Center Verkatehdas

(fabric factory) from the 17 th to 19 th of June 2010.

Hämeenlinna is the historical and cultural capital of the

province of Southern Finland and it offers impressive and

ideal surroundings for the congress.

Häme Medieval

Castle (Photo:

NMK Finland)


Thursday 17th of June 2010

12.00-19.00: Registration - Verkatehdas

14.00-17.00: Study trips - Huhtamäki Factory and

Hämeenlinna Dairy

19.00-21.00: NMK GEA Get together - Verkatehdas

Friday 18th of June 2010

09.00-11.00: Opening Ceremony of the Congress

11.30-13.00: Opening Lectures

13.00-14.30: Lunch

14.30-16.30: Parallel Programs 1 & 2

19.00: NMK Huhtamäki Evening buffet - Häme

Medieval Castle

Saturday 19th of June 2010

09.00-16.00: Parallel Programs 1 & 2

10.30-11.00: Coffee break

12.30-14.00: Lunch break

19.00: NMK Elopak Gala Dinner & Gala Speech

(Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko)

Registration and more information on:


Parallel Program 1: New Technologies

• Potentialities of Microfiltration in the Dairy Industry

• Separation of Casein by Microfiltration and the Use

of Casein Concentrate

• Continuous Cheese Making

• Protein Standardization of Cheese Milk by Ultrafiltration

and the Use of Permeate

• Effect of Cheese Milk Modifications on the Composition

and Functionality of Whey Products

• The Impact of Technology Development on Whey


• White Water Recovery by Reverse Osmosis

• Optimization of Membrane Cleaning Procedures

• High Efficiency Homogenization Technology

• Sticking Properties of Milk Based Powders and the

Influence on Processing Parameters

• Milk Fat Globule Membrane - Isolation and Potential


Parallel Program 2: Sustainability and Dairy

Quality Control

• Traceability of the Feed, Raw Milk, Dairy Chain

• Sustainable Milk Production, Strategies to Reduce

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Dairy Sector

• Possibilities of Intelligent Packaging for Quality

Control of Perishable Food Products

• Ultrasonic Structural QC of Swiss Type Cheese in

On-line Environments

• Molecular Tools for Microbial Identifications and

Population Analysis

• Biocontrol Approaches and Tools for Dairy Processes

• Control of Flavour Formation in cheeses

• Cross-linking Enzymes in Food Processing: Effects

on Texture and Water-holding

• Good Structures to Fermented Milk Products by


• Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Milk; New Challenges for

Product Protection during Storage and Transport

• Toxins Found in Milk


Are you a result-driven sales engineer

who thrives in a growth oriented team?

Hammerum Stainless

A/S, which was

established in 1899, is

a production company

with own products and

turnkey solutions.

Salicath is a trading

company with agencies

from leading suppliers

of equipments for dairies,

food and pharmaceutical


In total the group employs

40 employees,

including 3 mechanical


Hammerum Stainless and Salicath are innovative companies

delivering high quality products to leading food and dairy

companies worldwide.

We are on a growth path and are aiming to further increase

our market presence and sales of products, solutions, trade

products and services, and are therefore seeking a sales engineer

with a solid background in the food and dairy industry.

You will be responsible for expanding our sales of well-known

brand names such as Alpma, Helmut Rand, Hassia as well as

promoting our own products and turnkey solutions.

Our preferred candidate thrives in a dynamic and growth oriented

company with substantial potential.

He/she has a technical/commercial back-ground and a desire

and energy to be promoted to a leading position in our international

sales and marketing department.

Interested? Read the full job description in Danish on

www.processupport.dk or contact our consultant Proces Support

A/S - Per Schorling - on mobile +45 2332 5825 for further


Apply by 9 th May 2010

Hammerum Stainless A/S • Dunsbjergvej 20 • DK-5900 Rudkøbing • T 6333 1800

Kort fortalt

Indkaldelse af ansøgninger til

Metha Lunds Mindefond

Grosserer Metha Lund oprettede før sin død en Mindefond,

hvis afkast skal anvendes til videreuddannelse

af danske mejerifolk.

Legatet kan søges af færdiguddannede:

- mejerister

- mejeriteknikere / procesteknologer

- mejeriingeniører

Anvendelse af legatportioner:

- forberedelseskurser til videreuddannelse i Danmark

- videreuddannelse i Danmark

- forberedelseskurser til videreuddannelse i udlandet

- videreuddannelse i udlandet

- studierejser i udlandet

Legatmodtagere forpligter sig til at indgive en fyldestgørende

rapport til bestyrelsen senest 3 måneder efter

afslutningen af uddannelsesperioden/studierejsen

om de opnåede resultater.

Ansøgning om legatet rettes til bestyrelsen for Metha

Lunds Mindefond, c/o Kold college, Landbrugsvej 55,

5260 Odense S.

For at ansøgningen kan komme i betragtning, må den

være bestyrelsen i hænde senest den 1. juni 2010. Der

benyttes specielt ansøgningsskema, som fås ved henvendelse

til Mælkeritidende, tlf. 66 12 40 25 eller Kold

college, tlf. 63 13 20 43.

Aabybro udvider

Aabybro Mejeri er i gang med at opføre en ny frost- og lagerhal

på 500 kvadratmeter. Den nye bygning skal også

huse en udvidelse af mejeriets udviklingsafdeling, så der

bliver bedre plads til flere maskiner til brug i forsøg og prøveproduktioner.

- Så vi får bedre muligheder for at eksperimentere

med nye produkter, fortæller mejeriets ejer N.H.

Lindhardt til Nordjyske.

Baggrunden for udvidelsen er en øget

tilgang af kunder både i Danmark og

uden for landets grænser.

Produktionen og varianterne af mejeriets

kendte Ryå Is og islagkagerne stiger.

Desuden fremstilles mere smør med

bl.a. krydderier til andre industrier, og

den energitætte is til sygehuspatienter

er ligeledes en succes, som nu udvides

med flere varianter. (Arkivfoto).

Verdenspremiere på Thises


Thise Mejeri havde verdenspremiere på

sin helt nye ”Vesterhavsyoghurt” den 16.

april på Købmandsgården i Fjaltring, hvor

mejeriet serverede ”Vesterhavsyoghurt”

ad libitum

sammen med smagsprøver af


Fjaltring Købmandsgård er næsten

nabo til Vesterhavet og ligger

tæt på Thises Bovbjerglager, hvor

Vesterhavsostene lagres. Fjaltring

har været en af de helst store sælgere

af Thises ost, og netop derfor var

Købmandsgården valgt til at være premierestedet

- forud for lanceringen af ”Vesterhavsyoghurten”

i resten af landet her i uge 16.

”Vesterhavsyoghurten” er baseret på mælk fra økologiske

Thise leverandører i Vestjylland. Yoghurten er tilsat

økologisk hyben og havtorn, der giver den en frisk syrlig

smag - og samtidig er fyldt med antioxidanter og vitaminer.

(Foto: Thise Mejeri).

Ups, det var en græker!

Lindahls ”Tyrkiske Yoghurt” bliver solgt med et emballagebillede

af en ”tyrkisk” mand med et stort overskæg og klædt

i nationaldragt. Men manden er græker, og han optræder

helt ufrivilligt på det svenske mejeris yoghurtprodukt. Det

var en af mandens venner, bosiddende i Stockholm, som

genkendte mandens ansigt på mejeriemballagen. Den græske

model sagsøger nu det svenske mejeri og forklarer i sit

søgsmål, at han er endt ufrivilligt på produkterne, fordi han

kan lide at gå klædt i kostumer og nogle gange lader sig fotografere

af turister - men kun til privat brug. Grækerens

søgsmål er på 50 mio. svenske kr., skriver aftonbladet.se.

På Lindahls er de meget overraskede over sagen, da de har

købt billedet fra et billedagentur. Det svenske mejeri overgiver

nu sagen til virksomhedens advokat.

Lindahls Mejeri, som netop er blevet store på nicheproduktet

”Tyrkisk Yoghurt” i Sverige, ser i øvrigt på muligheden

for ekspansion i Norge og Finland

og annoncerer p.t. efter ledere til

ønskede datterselskaber i de to nabolande.

Målet er sat højt, da virksomheden

forventer en omsætning i

2012 på 100 mio. SEK i Finland og 50

mio. SEK i Norge. I 2009 havde Lindahls

en omsætning på 300 mio. SEK.

(Foto Lindahls).


Svenskerne overtager Gram

Kapitalfonden Procuritas Capital Investors IV har opkøbt

Gram Equipment i Vojens, som dermed kommer på svenske

hænder, skriver Jydske Vestkysten. Sælger er det italienske

selskab Catelli Holding, som i 2001 overtog Gram

Equipment, der fremstiller iscremeanlæg. Salget ventes

ikke at få nogen betydning for fabrikkens 150 medarbejdere.

(Foto Colourbox).

Mælkeprisen i Frankrig

Mælkeprisen i Frankrig skal stige 5-6% over de næste måneder,

mener landets landbrugsminister og mælkeproducenterne.

Men Frankrigs største mejerikoncern Lactalis vil

kun aftale en prisstigning for april måned, begrundet i at

mælkeprisen i Tyskland er 15% lavere end i Frankrig. Men

nu truer de ansvarlige politikere med, at en række offentlige

tilskud på 3,7 mia. kr. bliver trukket væk uden en aftale.

Lactalis har en årlig omsætning på næsten 65 mia. kr. og

er tredjestørst i verden. Den samlede indvejning er på 9,2

mia. kg mælk, og der er 32.000 ansatte.

NR. 8

Lactalis på opkøb

Process Technology • Cheese Production Technology • Packaging Technology

We are a medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering company for the food industry and enjoy a global

presence. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, innovative customer-oriented system solutions and the hard

work of our 500 staff spread across two sites, we can guarantee that our company will continue on its course

of positive growth.

To strengthen the Technology Department in our Cheese Production Technology Division, we are seeking a

Cheese Production Technician (male/female)

You are an engineer or technician in the milk or food technology industry. Good language skills in English and/

or another foreign language are a requirement for providing global support to our customers. We are looking

for a committed and fl exible team player who is prepared to travel – including for longer periods.

Building on your practical experience in cheese production, and after appropriate induction in an expert team

of specialists, you will be able to undertake the technological pre-screening and commissioning of our dairy

plants independently.

Interested? We would be delighted to receive your written application together with the standard documentation.

These should be sent to our HR Department and marked for the attention of Ms Barbara Obal. If you have any

initial queries, please contact our Divisional Manager, Dr Heinrich Stephan, tel. 0049 (0)8039/401-200.


Alpenland Maschinenbau GmbH

Alpenstraße 39 - 43 • 83543 Rott am Inn • Germany • www.alpma.de

We go one step forward. Join us!

Kort fortalt

Franske Lactalis har købt den spanske fødevarekoncern

Ebro Puleva’s mejerivirksomhed Puleva Food for 630 mio.

Euro. Puleva har 12 anlæg og 2.800 ansatte, og virksomheden

er især stærk inden for drikkemælk.

Med købet af Puleva bliver Lactalis den største mejerigruppe

i Spanien.

Glanbia bliver andelsmejeri

Det irske mejeriselskab Glanbia A/S vil sælge sine mejerianlæg

til leverandørernes andelsselskab. Mælkeproducenterne,

der i forvejen ejer mere end halvdelen af Glanbia, vil

med et 100% ejerskab få fuld kontrol over selskabets aktiviteter

i Irland. Det resterende aktieejede Glanbia vil fremover

i stedet satse på sin oste- og ingrediensvirksomhed i

USA og andre lande.

En eventuel handel skal både godkendes af leverandørerne

og af Glanbias aktionærer. Meddelelsen om forhandlingerne

kom samtidig med, at Glanbia offentliggjorde resultatet

for 2009, der viste et fald i overskuddet før skat på



Kort fortalt

Flot resultat hos Nordmilch

Tysklands største mejeriselskab, Nordmilch fik i 2009 et

overskud på godt 216 mio.kr. I løbet af 2009 har Nordmilch

reduceret antallet af anlæg fra 24 til 11 og antallet af ansatte

fra over 4.000 til 2.500. Sortimentet er desuden reduceret

fra 4.500 mærker til 1.500, skriver Landbrugsavisen. Nordmilch

har også indgået et samarbejde med nordtyske, Humana

Milchindustrie, og det kan føre til en fremtidig fusion.

Arla hæver leverandør prisen

Optur for den amerikanske dollar og det britiske pund samt

udsigt til et forbedret marked for mælkepulver gør, at Arla

Foods hæver afregningen til andelshaverne med 7,5 danske

øre fra 3. maj 2010. Arla-noteringen bliver dermed 216,8

øre/kg for konventionel mælk og 274,7 øre/kg for økologisk


Arla ændrer

leveranceregler i Sverige

Arlas svenske leverandører har hidtil haft

en regel om, at de skulle levere mindst 80%

af deres mælk til Arla. Reglen kan imidlertid

ifølge EU’s konkurrenceregler være udtryk

for misbrug af en dominerende position

på markedet. Og det er nu fastslået af

det svenske Konkurrensverket, der derfor

vil give Arla en bødestraf på 750.000 kroner,

hvis ikke reglerne laves om.

Arla er i gang med at lave om på vedtægterne,

så alle medlemmer har ret til at levere

op til 50% af deres mælk til andre mejerier.

(Foto Arla Foods).

Fedtskat udskudt igen

Regeringen har endnu engang måttet udskyde fremsættelsen

af lovforslaget om en ny afgift på mættet fedt, den såkaldte

fedtskat. Det skriver Altinget. Regeringen blev dermed

ikke som planlagt klar med et lovforslag inden påske.

Fedtskatten afventer fortsat en godkendelse fra EU Kommissionen.

I Skatteministeriet håber

man, at de nye skatter kan

vedtages inden sommerferien.

Dermed vil skatten

være mindst et halvt år forsinket

i forhold til den oprindelige

plan i skattereformen.

(Foto Hjerl Hede).

Nestlé udvikler til familiehygge

Nestlé vil sikre sig en endnu højere vækst efter krisen ved at

udvikle nye produkter med fokus på det nære. Nestlés topchef

Paul Bulcke udtaler til dagbladet til Børsen. - Tiden er

til at slå mere på familieværdier og lykke. God kaffe, god is,

gode måltider bringer familien tættere sammen, og her er

der stor vækst at hente. Hvis forbrugerne bare bruger én

procent mere af deres husholdningsbudget på fødevarer,

er det alene 10% vækst til kategorien.

Nestlé investerer i år cirka 10,5 mia. kr. i forskning og udvikling

af nye produkter og varianter, som på et senere tidspunkt

skal sikre vækst i Nestlé. Koncernen satser også på

langsigtede trends som sundhed og ernæring. (Modelfoto


Prishop for mælkepulver

Prisen på mælkepulver på det newzealandske mejeriselskab

Fonterras internetauktion for april måned

steg drastisk med 23,2%. Auktionen er en indikator

for prisniveauet på pulver på verdensplan.

Gennemsnitsprisen nåede op på 3.969 US dollars

pr. ton for sødmælkspulver, og det var 688 US dollars

mere end i marts. Prisen på skummetmælkspulver

steg med 25,5%.

Flotte tal hos UK mejerier

Arlas to store konkurrenter i England, Robert Wiseman Dairies

og Dairy Crest, forventer at komme ud af 2009/2010

med stærke regnskaber, oplyser selskaberne selv her kort

tid før deres regnskaber er klar.

Wiseman Dairies har øget salget af mælk med 11%, og mejerikoncernen

har desuden store forventninger til investeringerne

i et nyt mejerianlæg, Bridgewater. Hos Dairy Crest er

gælden reduceret med 65 mio. pund, og virksomhedens position

på markedet er meget bedre end for et år siden.

Det går også godt for Arla UK, der tegner sig for 26% af

Arlas samlede omsætning, og det er bl.a. i kraft af mærke-


varerne Lurpak, Cravendale og Anchor. Arlas udmelding

om et nyt mejeri med en kapacitet på 1 mia. kg har sendt

klare signaler til hele industrien om, at Arla Foods følger

vækst-strategien. Det oplyste chef for Arla i UK, Peter Lauritzen

i forbindelse med Arlas årsregnskab, der blev offentliggjort

for få uger siden.

Milko omorganiserer

Den svenske mejerikoncern Milko omorganiserer for at effektivisere

ledelsesstrukturen, skriver foodwire.se. Mejeriets

nye topchef Göran Henriksson ønsker med ændringen

at øge Milkos konkurrencekraft og komme tættere på forbrugerne.

Det indebærer bl.a., at ledelsesgruppen flytter til

hovedkontoret i Östersund, og at afdelingerne for kommunikation,

medlemmer, markedet og udvikling slås sammen

i én. Desuden overtager Göran Henriksson ledelsen af datterselskabet

Fjällbrynt AB, hvor den hidtidige direktør fratrådte

i februar.

50 år

Projektleder Knud Holk Lauridsen, Holstebro fylder den

28. april 50 år.

50 år

Mejeriingeniør Lisbeth Djurtoft, Gentofte fylder den 5. maj

50 år.

50 år

Bestyrelsesmedlem i Arla Foods, gårdejer Jan Toft Nør-

gaard, Skærbæk fylder den 8. maj 50 år.

50 år

Driftskoordinator Mette Vojer Kern, Kold college fylder

den 10. maj 50 år.

60 år

Gårdejer John Toftgård Pedersen, Nørre Nebel fylder den

4. maj 60 år.

80 år

Fhv. disponent Max Witt, Nørre Åby fylder den 27. april

80 år.

80 år

Fhv. mælkekvalitetsrådgiver Svend Vissing, Lundby fylder

den 4. maj 80 år.

NR. 8

Mælkekartonen taler til mobilen

Arla er gået sammen med Alexandra Instituttet og Teater

Katapult om at teste en ny kommunikationsteknologi,

der fungerer via forbrugerens mobiltelefon og 2D

stregkoder på bl.a. mælkekartonerne. Teknologien kan

sætte nye standarder for Arlas dialog med forbrugerne.

Den nye teknologi blev testet for første gang på Økodagen

den 18. april, hvor de interaktive fortællinger i ”Økofonen”,

blev aktiveret forskellige steder på Arlas besøgsgårde via

særlige 2D stregkoder.

Forbrugere, som ikke deltog på Økodagen, har mulighed

for at opleve lyttespillet på arla.dk. Efter den 18. april vil

Arla bruge Økofonen til skoleklasser. (Foto Arla Foods).


Ny formand for Udstillingskredsen

Vagn Clausen fra FMFs Kreds Syd er blevet valgt som ny

formand for Udstillingskredsen. Han afløser Henning Jacobsen,

der ønskede at trække sig fra hhv. formandsposten

samt som repræsentant for Kreds Vest. Som ny repræsentant

havde Kreds Vest valgt Mogens Villadsen.

Foreningsnyt - Foreningen af

mejeriledere og funktionærer

Der har tidligere været udsendt informationsbreve

til alle aktive medlemmer vedr. Foreningen

af mejeriledere og funktionærers sag mod

Mejeribrugets Arbejdsgiverforening, hvor fortolkningen

af overenskomsternes ordlyd vedr.

lønregulering har givet anledning til uoverensstemmelse.

Det kan nu meddeles, at den faglige voldgift er

berammet til afholdelse sidst i juni, og at nærmere

information vil blive udsendt, når der i

forlængelse heraf foreligger en afgørelse.


Mælkeritidende I/S


Mejeriingeniør Flemming Aamann

Snekketoften 2‚ 2830 Virum

tlf. 45 85 12 37,

e-mail: faamann@mail.dk

Dansk Mejeriingeniør Forening


Key Account Manager Martin Holst


Eskebøl Allé 12, 2770 Kastrup

tlf. 38 88 68 32,

e-mail: dkmhp@chr-hansen.com

Foreningen af mejeriledere og



Produktionsdirektør Søren Jensen

Frejasvej 4, 7600 Struer

tlf. 97 85 34 34,

e-mail: soren.jensen@arlafoods.com


Nordjyllands Mejeristforening

Projektchef Palle Jellesmark

tlf. 21 49 20 10,

e-mail: jellesmark@privat.dk

Østjyllands Mejeristforening

Mejerichef Bent I. Hansen

tlf. 86 32 60 27,

e-mail: bei@arlafoods.com

Vestjyllands Mejeristforening

Mejerichef Henning Jacobsen

tlf. 97 19 19 04,

e-mail: henning.jacobsen@arlafoods.com

Sydjysk Mejeristforening

Mejerichef Leif Friis Jørgensen

tlf. 74 64 28 01,

e-mail: leif@naturmaelk.dk

Fyns Mejeristforening

Faglærer Birger H. Christiansen

tlf. 64 47 41 22,

e-mail: birger@it.dk

De østlige Øers Mejeristforening

Forvalter Jan A. Andersen

tlf. 58 53 40 35,

e-mail: jan.a.andersen@arlafoods.com


Niels Hemmingsens Gade 12

Postboks 1169

1010 København K

Tlf. 33 36 88 00

Mandag–torsdag kl. 9–16‚

fredag kl. 10–16‚ lørdag lukket.


Snorresgade 15

2300 København S. Tlf. 70 13 13 12

Mandag-torsdag 9-16, fredag 9-15.



ACs sekretariat

Nørre Voldgade 29, 1358 København K.

Tlf. 33 69 40 40

Mandag–fredag kl. 9–16.30.



AAKs hovedkontor

Nørre Voldgade 29, 1358 København K.

Tlf. 33 95 03 95

Mandag–fredag kl. 10–14.

Onsdag dog lukket for telefonisk



❚ Automation ❚ ❚ ❚

Au2mate A/S

Frichsvej 11

DK-8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. +45 87 20 50 50

Fax +45 87 20 50 69



Dansk Styringsteknik

Odense: Tlf: 6317 4545

Fax: 6317 4546

Århus: Tlf: 8736 1350

Fax: 8627 1350



Tetra Pak Processing North Europe

Søren Nymarks Vej 13

8270 Højbjerg

Tlf. 89 39 39 39

Fax 86 29 53 11


❚ Emballage ❚ ❚ ❚

Corona Packaging A/S

Industriskellet 2

2635 Ishøj

Tlf. 43 56 01 00 - Fax 43 73 26 00




Åstrupvej 30

DK-8500 Grenaa

Tel. + 45 86 32 23 00

Fax + 45 86 32 57 06


Tetra Pak Market Area Nordics

Byggnad 306 2-vån

Ruben Rausings gata

SE-221 86 Lund, Sweden

Tlf. +46 46 36 10 00

Fax +46 46 36 30 06

❚ Køleanlæg ❚ ❚ ❚

ICS-Industrial Cooling

Systems A/S

Tinglykke 1

6500 Vojens

Tlf. 74 59 09 77

Fax 74 59 09 76



❚ Maskiner og udstyr ❚ ❚ ❚


Pasteursvej 1

8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. 70 278 278

Fax 70 278 330

E-mail: apv.nordic@apv.com

Internet: www.apv.com

Salicath ApS

Dunsbjergvej 20

DK-5900 Rudkøbing

Tlf. 70 27 41 44

Fax 70 27 41 45


Højer Ørbæk A/S

Langemose vænget 3–5

5853 Ørbæk

Tlf. 65 33 15 66

Fax 65 33 16 68


Multivac A/S

Nørrebygade 34, Grejs

7100 Vejle

Tlf. 75 85 34 22




Olssons Machinery

Stationsvej 10

5464 Brenderup

Tlf.: 64 44 13 12

Fax: 64 44 13 92





Vennelystvej 2

6880 Tarm

Tlf. 97 37 16 33

Fax 97 37 30 70



Tetra Pak Processing North


Søren Nymarks Vej 13

8270 Højbjerg

Tlf. 89 39 39 39

Fax 86 29 53 11


❚ Membranfiltrering ❚ ❚ ❚


Bergsøesvej 17

8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. 87 20 08 40

Fax 87 20 08 90



GEA Filtration

Nørskovvej 1B

8660 Skanderborg

Tlf. 70 15 22 00 - Fax 70 15 22 44



Tetra Pak Processing North


Søren Nymarks Vej 13

8270 Højbjerg

Tlf. 89 39 39 39 - Fax 86 29 53 11


❚ Projektering og anlæg ❚ ❚ ❚

Tetra Pak Processing North


Søren Nymarks Vej 13

8270 Højbjerg

Tlf. 89 39 39 39

Fax 86 29 53 11


NR. 8

❚ Pumper ❚ ❚ ❚

Tetra Pak Processing North


Søren Nymarks Vej 13

8270 Højbjerg

Tlf. 89 39 39 39

Fax 86 29 53 11


❚ Smørteknologi ❚ ❚ ❚

BDS Technology

Glarmestervej 16B

8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. 87 22 47 80

Fax 87 22 47 89



❚ Totalleverandør ❚ ❚ ❚

S. Sørensen I/S

Tigervej 11

7700 Thisted

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❚ Danmark ❚ ❚ ❚

1. juni 2010

Danmarks Mejeritekniske Selskab

CO 2 reduktion i Danmark

Hotel Sabro Kro

3. juni 2010

Dalum Lærlinge

Elevmøde og Jubilæum

KOLD college

9. juni 2010

2. Kredsudstilling

Arla, Esbjerg Mejeri

9. september 2010

MIA Branchekonference

Fremtidens arbejdsmiljø organisering

Hotel Legoland

14. september 2010

Danmarks Mejeritekniske Selskab



2. oktober 2010

Foreningen af mejeri ledere og


121. Delegeretmøde

Hotel Colourline, Skagen

2.-4. november 2010

LMU & FoodPharmaTech

MCH Herning

2. februar 2011

Mejeribrugets Dag,

KOLD college

❚ Udland ❚ ❚ ❚

17.-19. juni 2010

Den 42. Nordiske


Tavestehus, Finland

12.-15. september 2010


Düsseldorf, Tyskland

8.-11. november 2010

IDF topmøde,

Auckland, New Zealand


Special Milk Tanker Solutions

tailored to your needs...

High engineer performance lies behind the milk tanker solutions

Total transportation solutions to the customers need

Milk tankers from VM Tarm have been in operation in the

Nordic countries for decades

Tværvej 25 • 6880 Tarm • Denmark

Phone +45 97 37 16 44 • Fax +45 97 37 12 04

info@vmtarm.dk • www.vmtarm.dk

Mælkeritidende, Landbrugsvej 65, 5260 Odense S

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