Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende


Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende

Newest Automation


By Annette

N. Andersen,



Bila A/S

The customers are looking for one

supplier that is able to offer them

overall solutions - solutions that lead

to a significant higher productivity

and efficiency and also improvement

of their bottom line. This is where we

can benefit from our many years of

experience within the dairy sector.

But the key to success also lies within

the close co-operation with our customers

and the tools we use to optimize

the course of events.

Co-operation with the


When we start co-operating with a

customer we do not only see him as

a customer - but as a strategic partner.

This kind of co-operation is important

in order for us to be able to

develop present and future projects.

”With a close dialog and control

throughout the entire project - both

internally at Bila A/S but also with

the customer - the risk of misunderstandings

is minimized”, says managing

Director Jan B. Sørensen.

Through co-operation with our strategic

partners we have developed sev-

At Bila A/S in Denmark, which is one of the leading suppliers

of overall solutions within ”downstream” and ”end-of-line”

equipment for dairies in Northern Europe, we are constantly

focused on being at the cutting edge of the newest technology

within automation.

eral successful standard-concepts. An

example is the newly developed “Bila

Milk Packer” which is a combined robot

cell for fast and efficient packing

of milk cartons in either plastic boxes

or containers. This cell can handle up

to 9.600 milk cartons per hour.

Masterplan as a tool

In order to find the best solution for

our customers we use Masterplan as

a tool. Based on the questions in the

Masterplan, the manufacturing process

from beginning to end is examined

and the various issues are noted.

This way we gain insight into ways of

increasing the efficiency through automation

and ways of protecting employees

from monotonous work. Already

after the first visit, we are able

to draw up the budget for potential

suggestions for solutions based on

the Masterplan.

Constant developement

To follow the tendencies within the

dairy sector and at the same time be

at the forefront of the development,

we keep a constant focus on the development

of new automation solutions.

We use almost 10.000 hours

every year for development. ”With

our huge focus on development, our

employees are perfected and at the

same time, we are able to act very

quickly to changes in the market and

in the needs of the customers”, says

Chief of Development, Frank Gade.

Automation at smaller


At the cooperative Them Dairy in

Denmark, the question was not

whether to get a robot cell, but how

quickly they could get it. With an increased

demand from the market, the

need for enlargement of the capacity

arose at the dairy. The solution was

at the same time going to release the

employees of the daily heavy and monotonous

work. A manual job that included

lifting and carrying cheeses

from a conveyor belt and into plastic

boxes placed on pallets, which also

had to be moved on a regular basis.

”Due to increasing market demands

we had the need for transferring employees

to other job functions within

the dairy. We never meant to cut

down when getting the robot cell. We

have good stable employees, which

we want to offer interesting jobs,

and that’s why installation of the robot

plant was evident”, says Them’s

Dairy Manager, Svend Andersen.

Bila A/S was chosen as the supplier

for this project, as the dairy’s board

of directors had previous and very

good experiences with Bila A/S’s robot

plants. Due to this confidence and

sense of security regarding our expertise

and know-how, Bila A/S became

the supplier.

The solution was a palletizing plant

with a Kawasaki ZD130 robot. After

the paraffin plant, the cheeses are

transported to the next station to be


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