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8 TRADE TALK Sophie Jovillard President of the jury, Travel Agents Cup Travel Agents Cup 2016 Edition Exclusive Interview: Sophie Jovillard – president of the jury French TV presenter Sophie Jovillard is again presiding the jury of the Travel Agents Cup (TAC). We asked her what's new for the 2016 edition… The TAC is again a faithful element of the show this year. Candidates and members of the jury are more motivated than ever. Among the new features, we are pleased to welcome the Dominican Republic and Indonesia as new partners. They’re beautiful destinations that should inspire our candidates. Another good piece of news is that the Bahamas and Visit California have renewed their participation and the latter is even our diamond destination. The finalists will definitely be fighting to win their trips! In addition, a proof of trust and loyalty was that our 3 finalists from last year are back to put their titles on the line! I like this mix of challenge and self-questioning! How did the semi-finals go and what were the main lessons from the candidates? Well I was very happy and honoured this time still to play “godmother” to all these candidates and this wonderful Board Chairperson! As I told you, our 3 finalists of last year are back with us and they are really playing the game. It's really a very positive sign of the importance of the TAC for them! But the stakes are still wide open and the competition will be tough, as the level is very high. The winner will really have to work to deserve the prize of the California trip! And the other prizes are lovely too. Some candidates amazed us during the semi-finals and we know that others can still surprise us! The finals promise to be exciting! What are qualities of candidates to which are you particularly attentive? How can they surprise and seduce you? I want them to surprise us, to emerge from their comfort zone… from their habits. I advise them to never forget that the members of the jury are travel professionals and that practical and logistical elements must be taken on board. I advise them to remain themselves and to have fun while remaining focused on the destination they are defending. What is your vision of travel agents in 2016... and in years to come? How do you see this profession evolving? Despite the development of internet bookings, nothing can replace human contact. It is this contact with the client that is the added value of the travel agent. Knowing how to propose ideas off the beaten path, how to innovate, and how to renew the offering is the trump card that must be played by travel agents to prove that they are irreplaceable! How does IFTM Top Resa accompany them in this evolution? Many relay their experiences on social networks, with their partners and their customers. The TAC gives them visibility. It gives them self-confidence, and developing this is really the purpose of this TAC. May the best man win! Sophie JOVILLARD President of the Jury – Journalist - France Television – and presenter of the travel programme “Échappées Belles” Jean Pierre MAS President of “Les Entreprises du Voyages” (travel business) Frédéric LORIN Director of IFTM Top Resa – MAP Pro Catherine ETCHECOPAR Sales Manager France AIR FRANCE-KLM Christine GIRAUD Sales Manager AVIS LIST OF JURORS Isabelle DEBIN Director of Marketing & Communication AMADEUS Jean Pierre PINHEIRO President ADONET Marie ALLANTAZ Director ESCAET Laurent BIJAOUI Head of sales SNCF Jocelyne RAMEAU Head of sales – France Cityvision KEY PARTNERS OF TAC The Travel Agents’ Cup is made possible thanks to the support of numerous sponsors and partners. Corporate sponsors include: • Air France-KLM, • Amadeus, • Avis, • Cityvision, • Les Entreprises du Voyage, • SNCF, • Le Village des Tour Opérateurs DESTINATION SPONSORS Diamond Sponsor: Visit California Ruby sponsors: • Guadeloupe, • The Bahamas, • Dominican Republic, • Wonderful Indonesia, • Manche Tourisme IFTM Daily • Tuesday 20 th September 2016

TRADE TALK 9 WITH THE OVER ABUNDANCE OF INFORMATION THAT THE CLIENT FINDS ON THE INTERNET, IT IS UP TO US TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE - IN FINDING THE PRODUCT THAT SUITS BEST AND AT THE BEST PRICE Pascal Etcheverry Head of Agency, Leclerc Voyages, Anglet (France) Pascal Etcheverry, Head of Agency, Leclerc Voyages, Anglet (France) won the French Travel Agents Cup 2015. We asked him if anything has changed since winning the prize. Yes a lot of things have changed since my victory in the TAC. Initially, communicating via the local press allowed us to acquire new customers for the agency. We also did posters that we put in the window and inside the agency that aroused the curiosity of customers and reassured them in their choice to open the door. Customers asked me a great deal about this contest to find out what it was, about the rules, and the award... But the biggest change was the job offers I received as a result of this prize... After a refusal for the first I accepted the second proposal as head of Agency at the Leclerc Voyages in Anglet. For me, winning this award was a veritable consecration and cause for pride. How does the presence of the internet affect your business? For me, internet is above all an ally. It's a great tool that any travel advisor should know how to use to its best effect. One must be able to give the best and the fastest answer to our customers who are increasingly hyper connected... Mastering the internet as tool is a way of supplementing our customer service alongside the expertise of a travel advisor… I think one doesn't come without the other. With the over abundance of information that the client finds on the internet, it is up to us to make the difference - in finding the product that suits best and at the best price. Our commercial sense, expertise To the Victor Belong the Spoils Pascal Etcheverry, recipient of the 2015 Travel Agents Cup talks about the advantages of winning the prize and empathy will always be a plus over internet so we know how to stand out. How do you counter collaborative offerings such as Airbnb? This new way of "consuming" is much more difficult to grasp. Often the prices are much more competitive and the supply is large. This system greatly seduced young people but we realize that even other generations are beginning to be interested. Once again, it is up to the agency to try to find an equivalent product with the same price, but I must admit that the task is not easy. How do you see the role of the travel agent today? And in the future? I believe the travel agent still has a role to play even if it is true that in recent years, the size of the agencies has been considerably reduced. I think only an Advisor who has the expertise, the sense of business and hospitality and above all empathy will always find his place. The customer overinformed on the internet, disappointed by the lack of clarity and services will always return to a physical agency. That's where we should make the difference - showing him that not only are we not more expensive, but above we will find a product that truly matches his demands. The travel advisor of the future must be even more expert: have excellent knowledge of the destinations, but also master the tools that technology puts at our disposal for a rapid and targeted response for the customer. How does IFTM Top Resa accompany travel agents in the evolution of their profession? IFTM Top Resa is a place for meetings and exchanges between professionals. It allows one to meet the TOs, the receptives… and make new contacts. It is also an opportunity to train with different training "destinations". This show also allows one to keep abreast of new technologies developed for our business. In my opinion, it is a major event in the world of tourism for any travel agent who wants to advance his or her career IFTM Daily • Tuesday 20 th September 2016

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