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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...


SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) ip6.use_deprecated The variable controls use of deprecated address, specified in RFC 2462 5.5.4. ip6.v6only The variable specifies initial value for IPV6_V6ONLY socket option for AF_INET6 socket. Please refer to ip6(4) for detail. icmp6.errppslimit The variable specifies the maximum number of outgoing ICMPv6 error messages, per second. ICMPv6 error messages that exceeded the value are subject to rate limitation and will not go out from the node. Negative value disables rate limitation. icmp6.mtudisc_hiwat icmp6.mtudisc_lowat The variables define the maximum number of routing table entries, created due to path MTU discovery ( prevents denial-of-service attacks with ICMPv6 too big messages ). When IPv6 path MTU discovery happens, we keep path MTU information into the routing table. If the number of routing table entries exceed the value, the kernel will not attempt to keep the path MTU information. icmp6.mtudisc_hiwat is used when we have verified ICMPv6 too big messages. icmp6.mtudisc_lowat is used when we have unv erified ICMPv6 too big messages. Verification is performed by using address/port pairs kept in connected pcbs. Negative value disables the upper limit. icmp6.nd6_debug If set to non-zero, kernel IPv6 neighbor discovery code will generate debugging messages. The debug outputs are useful to diagnose IPv6 interoperability issues. The flag must be set to 0 for normal operation. icmp6.nd6_delay The variable specifies DELAY_FIRST_PROBE_TIME timing constant in IPv6 neighbor discovery specification (RFC 2461 ), inseconds. icmp6.nd6_maxnudhint IPv6 neighbor discovery permits upper layer protocols to supply reachability hints, to avoid unnecessary neighbor discovery exchanges. The variable defines the number of consecutive hints the neighbor discovery layer will take. For example, by setting the variable to 3, neighbor discovery layer will take 3consecutive hints in maximum. After receiving 3 hints, neighbor discovery layer will perform normal neighbor discovery process. icmp6.nd6_mmaxtries The variable specifies MAX_MULTICAST_SOLICIT constant in IPv6 neighbor discovery specification (RFC 2461 ). icmp6.nd6_prune The variable specifies interval between IPv6 neighbor cache babysitting, in seconds. icmp6.nd6_umaxtries The variable specifies MAX_UNICAST_SOLICIT constant in IPv6 neighbor discovery specification ( RFC 2461 ). icmp6.nd6_useloopback If set to non-zero, kernel IPv6 stack will use loopback interface for local traffic. icmp6.nodeinfo The variable enables responses to ICMPv6 node information queries. If you set the variable to 0, responses will not be generated for ICMPv6 node information queries. Since NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 23

SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) node information queries can have a security impact, it is possible to fine tune which responses should be answered. Tw o separate bits can be set. 1 Respond to ICMPv6 FQDN queries, e.g. ping6 -w. 2 Respond to ICMPv6 node addresses queries, e.g. ping6 -a. icmp6.rediraccept If set to non-zero, the host will accept ICMPv6 redirect packets. Note that IPv6 routers will never accept ICMPv6 redirect packets, and the variable is meaningful on IPv6 hosts (non-router ) only. icmp6.redirtimeout The variable specifies lifetime of routing entries generated by incoming ICMPv6 redirect. udp6.do_loopback_cksum Perform UDP checksum on loopback. udp6.recvspace Default UDP receive buffer size. udp6.sendspace Default UDP send buffer size. We reuse net.∗.tcp for TCP over IPv6, and therefore we do not have variables net.∗.tcp6. Variables net.inet6.udp6 have identical meaning to net.inet.udp. Please refer to PF_INET section above. For variables net.∗.ipsec6, please refer to ipsec(4). net.key (PF_KEY) Get or set various global information about the IPsec key management. The third level name is the variable name. The currently defined variable and names are: Variable name Type Changeable debug integer yes spi_try integer yes spi_min_value integer yes spi_max_value integer yes larval_lifetime integer yes blockacq_count integer yes blockacq_lifetime integer yes esp_keymin integer yes esp_auth integer yes ah_keymin integer yes The variables are as follows: debug Turn on debugging message from within the kernel. The value is a bitmap, as defined in /usr/include/netkey/key_debug.h. spi_try The number of times the kernel will try to obtain an unique SPI when it generates it from random number generator. spi_min_value Minimum SPI value when generating it within the kernel. spi_max_value Maximum SPI value when generating it within the kernel. NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 24

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