CPT International 04/2014


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Aluminium melting solutions

12 pages, English

This brochure features furnace equipment for aluminium melting offered by

Andritz under the brand HI T.E.Q. The line of equipment includes stack melters,

crucible melting and holding furnaces, mini melter furnaces, dry hearth furnaces,

reverberatory and chip melting furnaces as well as degasssing, filtration and launder

systems, etc.


3D scanning and inspection

6 pages, English

A brochure outlining the Atos ScanBox, a measuring cell for fully automated 3-D

digitizing and inspection, developed by GOM. It combines reliable and industrial

hardware with process-safe software for early trend and root cause analyses, as well

as higher productivity and increased efficiency in quality control.


Innovative suction and filtering technology

40 pages, English

A comprehensive brochure setting out the portfolio of Teka in the field of mobile,

stationary and central suction and filtering systems. The described equipment includes

gas cutting benches, welding benches, collecting elements, fans and ducting,

visibility protection and soundproofing solutions.


Blasting plants

8 pages, English

A brochure summarizing the product and service range provided by SLF Oberflächentechnik

in the field of blasting technology. It summarizes the advantages

and features of blast rooms supplied by the company and describes the blasting

robot “ReCo-Blaster”, automatic blasting and hand blasting cabinets as well as different

types of lifting platforms.


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