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My #METOO Story - Chicago Street Journal for Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#MeToo addresses the sexually abuse of men, women and children around the world. You are invited to submit your editorials on this and any timely matter to


6 November February 2017 2017 Chicago Street Journal What is the role of a Virtual Assistant? Most business owners are overwhelmed and still don’t understand the importance of utilizing a virtual assistant. Can you explain to our readers the role of a virtual assistant? The role of a virtual assistant is to assist small and medium sized business owners with day-to-day tasks. Virtual Assistants consists of individuals, as well as companies, who work remotely from home as independent professionals, providing a wide range of products and services both to businesses as well as consumers. 365 Virtual Solutions specializes in being a virtual call center for small to mid-sized business owners. How does that work? We address the needs of these businesses with quality, round-the-clock answering services and virtual call center communications. Which when not addressed properly and promptly, could mean lost opportunities for the company. We provide a virtual number for the business so that they can forward their calls to us. Then, we answered their calls in their company name. We also provide real-time messaging. What is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face handling their own incoming calls and following up with their clients? The biggest challenge for most small companies is losing new and former clients to voicemail. Studies have shown that callers are unlikely to leave a voicemail or reach out a second time, if their initial contact is left unanswered. That’s where 365 Virtual Solutions can help. Customers love to hear a live person answered the phone. What is your experience in this industry and what inspired you to start 365 Virtual Solutions? How long have you been in business? I’d worked many years in the call center industry before starting my own call center company in 2013. I used that experience to help create a professional service for my clients. Would you share with us what type of companies you work with and what industries you’ve been involved with? A few of our clients are JT Virtual Communications, Shelton Overhead Doors, and Scotland County Youth Center. We provide services to all types of businesses including medical and commercial. How can a company get started with 365 Virtual Solutions? To contact us you can email us at you can checkout our website at or can also give us a call at 1-800-262- 0374. If you want a solid business, you need a call center to help you hold things together. You need 365 Virtual Solutions We Answer the Phone. Jeaneane Brown is Chief Executive Officer for 365 Virtual Solutions.

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