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Put It In Writing - Chicago Street Journal for November 16, 2017

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4 November 16, 2017 Chicago Street Journal In Honor of Lu Palmer (Continued from page 1) not have the environmental impact public officials’ hope for. “I have no doubt that they’re put forward with good intentions, but, you know, the numbers show that they’re largely ineffective on the environmental aspect of their justification,” Glass said, citing a Washington Post review of the Washington, D.C.’s 5 -cent tax heralded as a way to clean up the Anacostia River. The review found that more of the money put in the Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Fund was used for school field trips and worker salaries than for cleanup projects on the river. Glass said. Another unexpected downside could be the reusable bags encouraged as substitutes, which public health experts have said could pose a risk because of the germs they carry. A study in the journal Food Protection Trends found that food -borne illnesses could skyrocket with the increased adoption of reusable bags. We Are A 501c3 Non Profit Mentoring Organization Blocks Of Good Government, Representative Erica Dunn Helen Thomas a civic activist based in Englewood Dedicated to Transforming the Lives of Children! Workshop Series Locations: Matteson: 4747 Lincoln Mall Drive Bolingbrook: 260 S. Schmidt Road One-on-One The study found that 99 percent of reusable bags tested contained bacteria; the figure was 0 percent in new bags, or single-use plastic bags. These bacteria were frequently dangerous, with E. Coli being shockingly common in reusable bags. The average Chicago resident uses 500 plastic bags a year, totaling 1.3 billion for the whole city, according to environmental experts. Consumers can avoid paying the 7-cent bag tax on plastic and paper bags at the grocery store by bringing their own reusable bags, but reports are reusable bags tend to be unsanitary, which causes major problems when they’re being used to tote fresh produce and other groceries. Dunn stated the city is either taxing or prohibiting bags and none of it’s going to see the upside they’re really searching for.” Helen Thomas a civic activist based in Englewood say, the City’s war on plastic bags is just under the guise of environmentalism as the Soda Tax was marketed to the public.” “Chicago’s elected officials are taking your money under false pretenses, failing to solve the problem they claim they’re a d d r e s s i n g , and possibly making you sick in the process. She added this is m e r e l y a stealth tax hike that disproportionately hits families that go grocery shopping more frequently. The tax required large retailers to replace thin plastic bags with thicker ones that are designed to be reused. But consumers weren’t reusing the bags, which are more expensive to make. At the same time, retailers receive 2 cents every time the tax is levied and the rest goes to the city. Some, like the Better Government Association, have publicly criticized the few cents the city of Chicago settled on because it’s unlikely to actually deter shoppers from using plastic bags, making the tax just another revenue stream for the city. The city expects to bring in $12.9 million from the tax next year. Glass said he thinks the mayor’s intentions are genuine, but he said the few cents per bag will add up for low-income shoppers, who may be disproportionately affected by the charge. He said he believes neither a ban nor a tax has enough of an upside to be worthwhile. “It’s a surprisingly complicated issue, but the downsides, I think, across the board, really outweigh the upsides,” Glass said. “This is an evolution of what Chicago has been trying to do. Additionally, although Chic a g o ’ s Seven—Cent tax is a small fee, it was designed to be more salient than the ban. While customers may not notice that their grocery store has switched to p r o v i d i n g thicker plastic bags as a result of the ban, research suggests that customers are likely to notice when an item that they previously received for free now comes at a price, thus bringing their b a g use to the top of their minds. Sources: http:// wat, c o o k c o u n t yr e - Kevin Glass, policy director for the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, & Group, Mentoring 877-54-CHARM (2- 4276) Girls Ages 9-18 Includes Group Activities & Community Service Projects. Matching Available for One on One Mentorship Register On Line Today! Thursday, November 16 a, Gubernatorial Candidates Forum t 5 PM - 8 PM, Chicago State University Douglas Hall Breakey Theater, · Hosted by Invited by TheNew BlackLeadership Thursday, November 16, 2017, IFI FALL FATHER- HOOD CELEBRATION & RICKY BYRDSONG A W A R D S LUNCHEON U n i o n League Club of Chicago, 65 W. 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Chicago Street Journal November 16, 2017 5 (Continued from page 1) The artist redering of the Peace Center on 79th and Ashand with a host of supporters celebrating the movement to open the center next year. on 79th & Ashland; it features a 700 seat theater, classrooms, a music & dance studio, and a garden on the rooftop. As the center will aim to life the positive spirits of youth and reduce gun violence by giving youth a safe haven. While most youth programs stress the importance of higher education, Majostee Allstars aims to explore all options with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The organization initial goal is to raise $105,000 to finish paying for the building. And another $1,000,000 for rehab, legal, and furnishing cost. “I know this will help curve violence.” Say Ja’mal Green heading the project. Green from the south side of Chicago was trusted into the spotlight in the late fall of 2015. After learning of the Laquan McDonald shooting and the subsequent cover up from Mayor Rham Emanuel administration. Green became the voice of reason for the young people in the community. Always vocal about fighting for justice, he has been instrumental in organizing various demonstrations, including the historical Black Friday shutdown, as well as the Mayor’s house stakeouts that have been effective in creating policy change in Chicago police department. Prior to that the organization he heads, Sky -Rocketing found much success with their message of anti-bullying and anti-violence, and was able to spread that message to over 150, 000 students in over 15 states across the US. The organization has been responsible for peace concerts, marches, and events within the community which has earned many awards for the company. Some organizations honoring their efforts are the Chicago Police Department, Prosperity House Chicago, and numerous other entities. “We intend to continue to grow our efforts and work in the community,” pointed out Ja’Mal indicating the building on Ashland is a major direction. “But we need your help funding our new home.” “We are extremely excited about this new venture, but we desperately need of the public to reach our goals.” Said Ja’Mal. “Can we actually come together as a community to make this happen?” Another sector the building activities is the Majostee Allstars which began in 2011 as Sky- Rocketing teens corp., dedicated to raising the higher consciousness of youth through arts and entertainment. In the summer of 2015, Sky-rocketing partnered with the City of Chicago to present "Put The Guns Down" a massive effort to reduce gun violence in the city of Chicago, led by several representatives from the organization. They have also partnered with Residents for a Greater Englewood (RAGE) to present peace days to spread the message of unity and self love to our n e i g h b o r h o o d s . Majostee Allstars will be targeting ages 12-24, focusing on economic development, entrepreneurship, and education as a means to facilitate growth and stimulus in urban communities. Empower youth to become role models by giving them tools to achieve their goals and influence others to do the same. The Center is to give a window of opportunities to teens in impoverished areas to succeed and Enhance the family structure by providing parents with assistance needed to provide for their household in the form of training, job opportunities, and education works h o p s . Majostee Allstars after school program will be exciting and beneficial for every youth participant. Youth will have access to computers and Internet for homework and business needs. They will be required to participate in both two-hour workshops throughout the week where they will be taught by a guest celebrity or professional. They will also have access to job leads and applications to fill out on site at one of the computer stations. All students will have a mentor and a counselor that they meet with once a week to talk about things going on in their lives and their aspirations and goals. This facility will also host an open mic every Saturday, rent out the facility for smaller functions on Sundays, and host workshops for parents during school hours. We will be working with neighborhood schools to serve them since we are close. You can help Majostee Allstaars reach their goals, by going to the web page at

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