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Put It In Writing - Chicago Street Journal for November 16, 2017

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6 November 16, 2017 Chicago Street Journal President Obama Library - CBA is organizing thousands to begin nonviolent political protests on November 4 that inspire and draw forward a movement of protests that continues and grows over the coming days, weeks and even months if necessary – growing from thousands to millions. Refuse- is a national movement made up of people from diverse perspectives united around the recognition that the Trump/Pence regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity and the planet. Refuse Fascism is organizing protests in cities and towns across the country on started November 4 a movement of continuing protests until the demand: “This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” is met. This moment, when even the conservative Republican Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations says that the Trump has put the country on the “path to World War 3,” calls for unprecedented mass action. Organizers have invoked the protests that rocked Seoul, South Korea last year that resulted in the impeachment (Continued from page 1) There are recent examples of CBAs in Chicago as well—as dusk began to fall and the protest approached, Charles Perry of the Westside Health Authority and Jobs to Move America told the story of a successful CBA he had just helped negotiate in the Pullman neighborhood. The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation had received a commission to build rail cars for the CTA, and Perry helped to negotiate a CBA that kept the 175 new jobs created in the community, and allowed them to be open to people with criminal records. “If the City of Chicago would do it for the CTA, why won’t they do it for the president’s library?” Perry asked the crowd. They has been over 10 community meetings with over 1000 South Siders, addressing the Obama Library development and they've met with officials from the City of Chicago, University of Chicago, and Obama Foundation. "As taxpayers and residents on the West and Southside communities we have a right to make sure we are not displaced. It is not unreasonable for Black people on the South Side of Chicago to have a CBA to demand that construction and permanent jobs are guaranteed, that we are not pushed out of our community, and that we create spaces for our young people," said Parrish Brown, Membership Chair of the Black Youth Project 100's Chicago chapter. "We want the CBA to be passed through a city ordinance to ensure that our community is kept safe. We can not just trust the word of the Obama Foundation." "This is literally a million-dollar question," said Juanita Irizarry, Executive Director of Friends of the Parks. "Not least, will the millions of dollars worth of public park land being given to a private foundation result in promised replacement parkland, better roads and public transportation, and other basics? Chicago won't take this lying down." Obama Presidential Library is unlikely to reach fruition before the end of the decade, Chicagoans are vying for the prestige and economic vitality that the tourism site could bring. Woodlawn and South Shore communities are to be the benefactors of it. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Susan Donius, director of the National Archives’ Office of Presidential Libraries, said of the economic potential of an Obama library, “In many areas, you have a library reaching 200,000 to 300,000 of the South Korean President in March. “Our determination to persist and not back down will compel the whole world to take note. Every force and faction in the power structure would be forced to respond to our demand. visitors a year. That means people are coming into the city and spending travel and tourism dollars.” Close friends of the Obamas, like university trustee John W. Rogers Jr., chairman and CEO of Ariel Investments and a Kenwood resident worked to get the library over competitors. Obama, who unveiled the conceptual design of his presidential center earlier this year, has said he wants to build something more ambitious than a museum or archive. He envisions the complex becoming a hub for filmmakers, musicians, writers, activists and politicians to help train the next generation of leaders. Pastor Dr. Byron T. Brazier talks about Woodlawn and the continued community planning efforts which are critical to the development of this great neighborhood. Pastor Brazier urges Woodlawn’s participation is needed and necessary. Written in part by Kaeli Subberwal, The Gate The cracks and divisions among the powers already evident today will sharpen and widen. As we draw more and more people forward to stand up, all of this, could lead to a situation where this illegitimate regime is removed from power.” (Continued from page 3) But you’re not according to aldermen Burke and Beale, co-sponsors of the new ordinance aimed at pedestrian safety. Fines ranging from $90 to $500 are proposed for cell phone texting or talking in a crosswalk. “No person shall cross a street or highway while using a mobile electronic device in a manner that averts their visual attention to that device or that device’s activity,” the proposed ordinance says. During the first six months of 2017, 27 pedestrians were killed on the streets of Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. A year prior, there were 28 deaths reported, according to the newspaper. One man NBC 5 spoke with on a busy Chicago street who looked up from her cellphone offered a “good excuse.” “I’m a tourist from Germany, I just came in today,” he said. Told the ordinance wasn’t a law just yet, he conceded that it “probably” should be. Carjacking in Chicago So Far This Year - The number of carjackings in Chicago has increased in the past few days by dramatic amounts. With 12 carjackings reported in the area in less than 48 hours, Chicago police have been on alert for suspects, making at least four arrests in the last two days. In total, there have been more than 700 carjackings in Chicago so far this year, authorities said. Though, they add, arrests are up 50 percent. Push to Legalize Recreational Pot in Ill. - Illinois voters could soon be able to voice their say on whether the state should legalize recreational marijuana. Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey announced an effort to put the marijuana legalization question on the March ballot. “Legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana in Illinois is long overdue,” Fritchey said in a statement. “Polls have shown that Cook County voters, who makes up 40 percent of the Illinois population, are very supportive of the idea. Southern Illinois University’s Simon Poll found that 66 percent of voters believe marijuana should be legal if it’s taxed and regulated like alcohol. Seventy-four percent of state voters have said they support the decriminalization of marijuana. Last year, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill that decriminalized up to 10 grams of marijuana, but earlier this year said he’s not supportive of legalizing pot. Recreational legalization is being supported by some gubernatorial candidates including Daniel Biss, Chris Kennedy and JB Pritzker. Community Progress Makers Fund (Apply for up to $500,000.00) The Community Progress Makers Fund is a $20 million, two-year initiative by the Citi Foundation to support highimpact community organizations that are driving economic opportunities in their communities. Interested organizations are invited to apply for unrestricted grant funding up to $500,000 through the December 18, 2017 deadline. This opportunity is available to organizations working in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, D.C. submit all questions to Citi- OPEN NOW Today:8:00 am - 8:00 pm 334 E 95th St, Chicago, IL 60619 (773) 995- 9859 Phil V. Smith, Owner/ Master Stylist

Chicago Street Journal November 16, 2017 7 Ro: The God Brother (Continued from page 1) Donnell Robinson Staff Writer Now comes Roland Davis known by many as RO is a motivational powerhouse…a man of passion, capable of achieving anything. He has captured his audiences with his down to earth, insightful, hilarious and high energy style. An upside down Godfather sign, the God Brother. “I am at a point in my life where I’m totally confident about who I am and what I’m looking for. I’m ready to sell my swagger to the world!” Said Ro. From many business ventures of Ro, the latest is the BOP Business Center Chatham Suites, a facility located 642 – 644 E. 79 th St., designed for business owners who desire to work in an office environment and gain access to valuable business resources, job training and workshops. Ro said that the Center is a spinoff of The New LIFE Movement which targets mobilizing the Hip Hop generation. The Center is also is the base of a more programmatic thrust with PROJECT 5000. In which RO says is “...a powerful vision to not only take back the land but to redirect the spending habits of millions of African Americans in this country.” Noted the grand opening of the BOP Business Center was dedicated to the late Dr. Webb Evans, founder and past President of the United American Progress Association. At the entrance of the business Center, on the wall is a portrait of Dr. Evans (by artist Ron Carter CSJ) greeting all who works and visit the Center. Dr. Evans was fondly known as “Mr. Buy Black”, led the charge in establishing the African American dollar as indispensable. Many of the business tenants are on the same mission lead by Dr. Evans such as the Black Mall lead by Cassiopeia Uhuru, and Bean Soup lead by Torue Muhammad, and a host of others who together created many campaign drives that promote African American business. For over 17 years, RO understanding of human psychology and experiences in the corporate world has lead him to formulate certain key strategies that when applied can completely transform ones mindset. A major task with the Project 5000 Chicago’s initiative is to create 5,000 new homeowners, investors and business owners that will revitalize the community by bringing new jobs and wealth to the city and surrounding areas. “I am clear of the task at hand and that I chose to do this work. I just needed to know that somebody cares and that I'm not in this alone. I have put every dime and every resource I have on the table. It's all or nothing. I've burned all my bridges of retreat even the one back home.” Ro point to the warrior in him has resurfaced. Saying he is determined to produce a win for the community. Ro humble roots are Chicago, where he attended the Mendel Catholic High School. His strong academic record landed him an academic scholarship at Southern Illinois University. While still a student, RO started his first entrepreneurial venture- a night club and restaurant and entertainment. He continued with this business for almost six years, after which he began searching for new opportunity. After his education RO was a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces He then, moved into the field of real estate, and was able to carve his out own space as an extremely successful mortgage broker and investor. In about a year’s time, RO was able to gross over a million dollars and launch his own branch of the company for which he had just joined as an independent contractor. He ruled the industry for the next 12 years, made a name for himself as a Guru in the real estate game and had annual earnings of over 5 million Dollars in gross retail sales! But when the market crashed in 2007, he quickly realized that it is time to move on. He turned sales on to a Gold Senior Vice President with 5LINX. Using Chicago as the city for their business model, RO has realized that his vast experience and life story has made him an inspiration for people as the God-Brother. Making him leader, advising people on how to prosper financially, mentally and emotionally. It is time to take charge and make it happen.” expressed Ro. Watch out world, no more excuses!” Success better make a hole cuz ya boy is Bacccckkkkkkkkkk! “I can feel the desire for independence growing in my heart heightened by my newly formed eyes ears and mind. I realize that I'm being born again but this time as my original self not as a European. With Project 5000 Chicago Ro said, “I decided to revisit real estate after being out the game for almost 9 years last year! Since that time we have acquired over 20 pieces of real estate in less than 12 months. I say this to say that what I know is working for me so what makes you think that it wouldn't work for you? “Our goal is to buy/sell/keep 500 properties in 2017. I am looking to coach a group of future developers to participate in this process”. With theme FlipDatHood is more than information for real estate in the community. Ro explains it is a streamlined system of how people can buy/sell/own real-estate as a community. Looking at the overall development of the City of Chicago, Ro says if you’re a developer there's nothing left to develop other than the hood. “My Crash Course teaches everything that you need to know in 4 hours”. He continued to say, “We will lock arms with you and mentor you through the process for 50% of whatever we earn together. No gimmicks and no bait and switch”. “All my desires all my hopes all my dreams tempered by what I defined as worth it by Americas standards. From birth I was taught the king’s language educated in his schools and learned his mathematics. I was even baptized by his truth and drank the blood”. “There's a world that many of us know nothing of that can only come when we embrace and are taught our history before slavery and define life and god on our terms. Food for thought you do the dishes!” When addressing his personal life in handling all that he does, he laughs, “I’m a lil lonely though I’d like to meet the right person and start a family.” It’s crazy but I really would. I’m ambitious, aggressive, open minded and kind overall. I believe in the preserver of human Spirit!” Ro is currently involved in developing a series of books, lectures and training modules and website that contains most of his materials. To learn more about Project 5000 Chicago visit website. F o r m o r e d e t a i l s v i s i t

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