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Ro: The God Brother

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Donnell Robinson

Staff Writer

Now comes Roland Davis known

by many as RO is a motivational

powerhouse…a man of passion,

capable of achieving anything. He

has captured his audiences with his

down to earth, insightful, hilarious

and high energy style. An upside

down Godfather sign, the God


“I am at a point in my life where

I’m totally confident about who I am

and what I’m looking for. I’m ready

to sell my swagger to the world!”

Said Ro.

From many business ventures of

Ro, the latest is the BOP Business

Center Chatham Suites, a facility

located 642 – 644 E. 79 th St., designed

for business owners who

desire to work in an office environment

and gain access to valuable

business resources, job training and


Ro said that the Center is a spinoff

of The New LIFE Movement

which targets mobilizing the Hip

Hop generation. The Center is also

is the base of a more programmatic

thrust with PROJECT 5000. In

which RO says is “...a powerful

vision to not only take back the land

but to redirect the spending habits of

millions of African Americans in

this country.”

Noted the grand opening of the

BOP Business Center was dedicated

to the late Dr. Webb Evans, founder

and past President of the United

American Progress Association.

At the entrance of the business

Center, on the wall is a portrait of

Dr. Evans (by artist Ron Carter CSJ)

greeting all who works and visit the

Center. Dr. Evans was fondly

known as “Mr. Buy Black”, led the

charge in establishing the African

American dollar as indispensable.

Many of the business tenants are

on the same mission lead by Dr.

Evans such as the Black Mall lead

by Cassiopeia Uhuru, and Bean

Soup lead by Torue Muhammad,

and a host of others who together

created many campaign drives that

promote African American business.

For over 17 years, RO understanding

of human psychology and

experiences in the corporate world

has lead him to formulate certain

key strategies that when applied can

completely transform ones mindset.

A major task with the Project 5000

Chicago’s initiative is to create

5,000 new homeowners, investors

and business owners that will revitalize

the community by bringing

new jobs and wealth to the city and

surrounding areas.

“I am clear of the task at hand and

that I chose to do this work. I just

needed to know that somebody cares

and that I'm not in this alone. I have

put every dime and every resource I

have on the table. It's all or nothing.

I've burned all my bridges of retreat

even the one back home.”

Ro point to the warrior in him

has resurfaced. Saying he is determined

to produce a win for the community.

Ro humble roots are Chicago,

where he attended the Mendel

Catholic High School. His strong

academic record landed him an academic

scholarship at Southern Illinois

University. While still a student,

RO started his first entrepreneurial

venture- a night club and

restaurant and entertainment.

He continued with this business

for almost six years, after which he

began searching for new opportunity.

After his education RO was a

Commissioned Officer in the Armed


He then, moved into the field of

real estate, and was able to carve his

out own space as an extremely successful

mortgage broker and investor.

In about a year’s time, RO was

able to gross over a million dollars

and launch his own branch of the

company for which he had just

joined as an independent contractor.

He ruled the industry for the next 12

years, made a name for himself as a

Guru in the real estate game and had

annual earnings of over 5 million

Dollars in gross retail sales! But

when the market crashed in 2007, he

quickly realized that it is time to

move on. He turned sales on to a

Gold Senior Vice President with


Using Chicago as the city for their

business model, RO has realized that

his vast experience and life story has

made him an inspiration for people

as the God-Brother. Making him

leader, advising people on how to

prosper financially, mentally and


It is time to take charge and make

it happen.” expressed Ro. Watch out

world, no more excuses!” Success

better make a hole cuz ya boy is


“I can feel the desire for independence

growing in my heart

heightened by my newly formed

eyes ears and mind. I realize that I'm

being born again but this time as my

original self not as a European.

With Project 5000 Chicago Ro

said, “I decided to revisit real estate

after being out the game for almost

9 years last year! Since that time we

have acquired over 20 pieces of real

estate in less than 12 months. I say

this to say that what I know is working

for me so what makes you think

that it wouldn't work for you?

“Our goal is to buy/sell/keep 500

properties in 2017. I am looking to

coach a group of future developers

to participate in this process”.

With theme FlipDatHood is more

than information for real estate in

the community. Ro explains it is a

streamlined system of how people

can buy/sell/own real-estate as a


Looking at the overall development

of the City of Chicago, Ro

says if you’re a developer there's

nothing left to develop other than

the hood. “My Crash Course teaches

everything that you need to know in

4 hours”.

He continued to say, “We will

lock arms with you and mentor you

through the process for 50% of

whatever we earn together. No gimmicks

and no bait and switch”.

“All my desires all my hopes all

my dreams tempered by what I defined

as worth it by Americas standards.

From birth I was taught the

king’s language educated in his

schools and learned his mathematics.

I was even baptized by his truth

and drank the blood”.

“There's a world that many of us

know nothing of that can only come

when we embrace and are taught our

history before slavery and define life

and god on our terms. Food for

thought you do the dishes!”

When addressing his personal life

in handling all that he does, he

laughs, “I’m a lil lonely though I’d

like to meet the right person and

start a family.”

It’s crazy but I really would. I’m

ambitious, aggressive, open minded

and kind overall. I believe in the

preserver of human Spirit!”

Ro is currently involved in developing

a series of books, lectures and

training modules and website that

contains most of his materials.

To learn more about Project 5000

Chicago visit website.

F o r m o r e d e t a i l s v i s i t


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