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Selwyn Times: August 09, 2016

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10 [Edition datE] 1 Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District BUILDING SITES AND SECTIONS What comes first, selecting a house design or the building site? RatheR than a chicken and egg situation, the building site should generally be chosen first. It does help to have a conceptual idea of the home desired including its potential size and important features like plenty of outdoor living space. address the details once a section is secured or the location of the home determined. Sections vary considerably in size. Smaller sections start around the 350 square metre mark with many in housing estates ranging between 600 and 800 square metres. Larger sections around the 1,000 to 2,000 square metres, or larger can also be found in some subdivisions while lifestyle properties and farms usually offer plenty of room to build. Sub-divisions often stipulate minimum and maximum floor sizes for the varying section sizes. There will also be requirements on recession planes, building distance from each boundary and type of fences allowable, influenced by local council regulations. Other factors will be how the land is zoned and covenants such as not having a caravan on show at the front of the property. It can be tempting to leap in and choose a floor design before the land space is chosen however, it is better to hold off as the size and orientation of a section will impact on the suitability of the house design especially if the section is smaller, narrow or oddly shaped. The section’s orientation towards the sun and direction of the prevailing winds are also considerations. For example, it may be nice if the morning sun comes into the living area but only having a north east outdoor living space may not be so appealing, especially if entertaining in the afternoon when a cooler easterly breeze is up. It might also be nice to have an extra seating area that is away from the northwest wind which can be quite strong at times. Ideally, family living is most desirable in a north to northwest orientation Match the section size to your lifestyle needs. though designs can be created that make the most of any section. It might involve stepping the plan in and out or having two wings with a recessed area that offers shelter. Fences and plantings might also be incorporated to form shelter belts for secluded and pleasant outdoor garden settings and a private space fenced off for a swimming or spa pool. The house might also be set back from the street to allow more off-street parking, something that might also influence the size of the section chosen. Before deciding on a section, narrow the options down to several that you like then ask a designer or builder to look at them to give their opinion on how a house could be built for best effect, taking account of the elements and the lifestyle you want to have in your home. Fences and plants provide privacy and shelter. Ideally the building site is chosen before the house plan. Ideally family living is sited north to northwest. A design can be stepped to capitalise on sun and allow shelter. Proud to have been building homes for Cantabrians for over 25 years. Ph: 348 1994

The Tile Files With a bit of creativity and confidence, tiles can make a dramatic statement for a fresh new bathroom. SmaLL OR large, colourways and materials are all considerations that will ultimately determine the look and feel of your bathroom. Small spaces benefit from smaller tiles, such as mosaics. however, keep the number of colours to a minimum; monochrome colour palettes will make the space appear larger. metallic or glossy tiles can help reflect the light and fool the eye while adding a touch of opulence. Beware of using highly polished surfaces on the floor though, for safety, and save them for the walls. For an ultramodern aesthetic, opt for large tiles in bathrooms with generous floor area. Larger format tiles as large as 600mm by 600mm come in a wide range of natural materials like stone ceramic and slate. If you’re confident with colour, choose a bold hue for just one area like the shower, over the washbasin, as a strip vertically down one wall or horizontally to accentuate the space. another way to personalise with tiles is by creating a border with a bright pop of colour, or make a subtle distinction by using complementary hues in a different material or finish. When used cleverly, tiles can have a huge impact on a room. Use a strip of colour that travels vertically down the wall and extends across the floor. even if you adore colour, it pays to keep the palette to a maximum of three colours as not to confuse the focus of a room, but don’t be afraid to mix finishes. Get creative by poring over interior magazines, design blogs and bathroom showrooms and collate all your favourite looks to sift through. Of course you can’t incorporate all your ideas, but after a while you’ll begin to see a pattern emerge of your own unique style. If in doubt, hire a professional bathroom designer or an interior architect. For best results, enlist an experienced tiler. Call or email Mike Hobbs 027 570 7674, | 11 LINCOLN SECTIONS Natural waterways, attractive reserves, tennis court, UFB, some with water views. Sections from 605m 2 to 777m 2 and start at just $197,000. Secure one of our titled sections today or select a section available in Spring and pay later. Builders terms also available. Sales Office open Wednesdays 10.30 - 2.30 & Sundays 12.30 - 4.30 or call for an appointment anytime.