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The Star: June 01, 2017

16 Thursday

16 Thursday June 1 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Have you been declined treatment by the DHB ? The Canterbury Charity Hospital may be able to treat you at no cost. Our current services are: • Colonoscopy (acute and screening) • Gynaecology and women’s health • Cataracts • Upper and lower limb orthopaedics • Vascular (severe varicose veins) • General surgery (abdominal, rectal) • Oral surgery and dentistry (* conditions apply) • Counselling (by self referral) To be treated by the Charity Hospital you must: • Have been turned down in writing for treatment by the CDHB • Not have medical insurance • Not be able to afford the treatment privately (means tested) • Have a referral from your doctor * All dentistry and oral surgery patients need a dentist’s referral. Dentistry is available for WINZ clients only, whilst oral surgery may be available if you fit the above criteria. Why are the Charity Hospital’s services at no cost to the patient? More than 280 unpaid volunteer surgeons, nurses, dentists and support staff generously donate their time for free. The Charity Hospital does not receive any Government funding. Volunteers are always welcome. If you are a surgeon, nurse or technician, volunteer forms are on our website at or email To donate to the charity please visit our website at Your next step... get a referral from your doctor or dentist - please don’t contact the hospital directly. For more information:

The Star 17 Viewpoint Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday June 1 2017 Cathedral solution sought CHRIST CHURCH Cathedral is once again at the centre of much — often heated — debate. Its future is a heritage issue, a community issue and a church issue but it is not a political issue. With that in mind, I hosted a meeting of Christchurch Members of Parliament late last week to seek cross-party support for the Government’s commitment to brokering a solution. I firmly believe we need an agreed solution and we need it sooner rather than later. Agreement is vital because any decision that ties everyone up in court for five to 10 years is no decision at all. Immediately after the meeting I released the Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report, which recommends reinstatement. It estimates the cost at $105 million — to be funded by philanthropic and public donations, the church’s insurance proceeds and support from central and local government. About half of Christchurch wants to see the Cathedral reinstated, the other half wants something new and more modern, but everyone believes we need a decision as soon as possible. As a resident of Christchurch, I share the community’s frustration, and as Regeneration Minister, I’m committed to helping break the current deadlock. I will continue to work closely with the Anglican Church, the city council and other key stakeholders to discuss all possible solutions. Nicky Wagner Also late last week, Mayor Lianne Dalziel and I released the terms of reference for a pre-feasibility study into a new multi-use arena. The pre-feasibility study will consider the size, cost and viability of an arena, as well as opportunities for a wider ‘Arena Precinct’. The terms of reference include a number of important considerations, particularly around the operational and financial viability of the arena model. Any potential development will likely need to be a multiuse sports and entertainment venue to maximise opportunities for regional, national and international events. Christchurch Stadium Trust, which is undertaking the prefeasibility study, will report back by the end of July. •Nicky Wagner is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Budget falls short BUDGET 2017 was a let-down. National squandered the chance to rebuild our battered health and education systems and to address the housing crisis. Instead, they’ve gone for an election year Budget with an eye for the upcoming election, not the 21 st century. It doesn’t have new thinking in it, it doesn’t show how our economy is going to create decent work with higher wages, and it doesn’t support Kiwis to get the knowledge and training opportunities to participate in the new economy. Instead, what we saw were the classic election sweeteners of tax cuts. In spite of the rhetoric, the reality is National’s package does not deliver for those most in need. While I’ll get a tax cut of around $20 per week, the person who cleans my Wellington office receives around $1 per week. This is neither right nor fair. Labour can’t support an approach that increases inequality. I know that for people in Wigram, any extra money gained through these tax cuts is an illusion. The extra money will be eaten up with the increased cost of visiting the GP that doctors warned about following Thursday’s Budget. They will also have to continue to dip deeper into their pockets to help out the local school as there is an $80m shortfall in education funding. Tragically, there was nothing to release the pressure on our cash-strapped Canterbury District Health Board, which is struggling to balance the broader health needs of the city with the specific mental health crisis. Currently, the CBHB is operating on a deficit of $45.27 million – and this funding increase of $39.68 million doesn’t cover it. What we need are some fresh ideas to make sure all New Zealanders receive their fair share of the prosperity. A Labour Government will invest in a health system that meets the need of our growing population. We will invest in an education system that prepares people for the 21st century. We will clean up our rivers and make the Kiwi dream of home-ownership a reality again. •Megan Woods is Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman OVERSEAS factory selloff Enables us to offer quality modern furniture at prices seldom available in NZ Distinctive Stonewashed Recycled Pine Mini Sideboard Get a load of these... Kitchen Workbench Unit Bookcase with Drawers 1800 high $799 $399 Large Display Cabinet $799 Large TV Cabinet Compact TV Cabinet $249 $349 Be in quick - at these prices they’ll fly out! Small Sideboard $349 Open Sideboard Large Coffee Table Large Sideboard $419 $379 $499 $319 BE$T Furniture SHOP Check out our huge range on 140 BRIGHTON MALL Tel. 388 9128 Hire Purchase and Layby welcome OPEN 7 DAYS The