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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

LIBRA Li6ra (Sept.

LIBRA Li6ra (Sept. 24-0ct.23) A happy go-lucky character who reads romantic novels and thinks that life should be fair. What a fool ! D. Hammond (Ctkr.) A. Clarke (E.S.L.) 1. McCnlly (Geog. ) L Harfouche (CFJ) M. Routhier (CFJ) I. Leroy-Syed (CFJ) E. Hajagos (Resource) SCORPIO Scorpio (OCt. 24 - Nov. 22) A self-centred person with lots of energy and personal magnetism. One who attracts a lot of friends and iron fillings. J. Pena (Math) M. Wei (Math) M. Pearl (Phys.Ed) G. Ramnarace (Spt.Staff)

B. Quance (Engnr.) A. Hume (E.S.L.) R. Ramos (Hall Mntr.) M. Cooper (E.S.L.) J. Fricker (Guid.) M. Reynolds (Math) M. Rosengarten (Art) SAGITTARIUS Sag ittarius (Nov. 23-Dec.21) Veryexpressive. has an open mind. is friendly and sincere. Can L~S~5~~J sometimes be irresponsible and tactless. on, well..nobody's perfect. D. Legault (CFJ) B. Belanger (Ctkr.) J. Porter (E.S.L.) T. Kreiner (Phys.Ed.) S. McTaggart (Ext) S. Maroney (CFJ) M. Macrae (Guid.) J. Kaiser (Sp.Ed.)

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