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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

The Duke OfEdinburgh's

The Duke OfEdinburgh's Award Young CIJnIJdiIJn~' ChlJl/sngs There are 22 students at Jarvi s who are currently enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program. At the Bronze level are: Nada Gatalo. Kal e Gorsline and Leesa Kwon g. At the Silver level are: Erika Allen. Radu BUlan. David Seepersad. Amy Sedgwick Karen Sionim and Anna Strauss. Taking on Gold are: Nitai Desselle. Maggie Gilmour. Chris Lawley. Marth a McDonald. Jessica Price. Julie Ralhan. Rishma Somji, Simon Strau ss. Omar Tan and Pieter Van Dijk . Each level of the award consists of four sections: physical fitness. skills. community serv ice. and expedition. The Gold and Sil ver levels also requi re a residential project. At the hardest level. the physical fitness section requires 50 hours of any physical activity (sorry. gym class doesn 't count!) over a period of at least 25 weeks. This includes any team sports or hobbies such as cycling, swimming or even rock climbin g. For the skills section of the Gold Award. over a period of a year and a half, partici ­ pants are expected to learn and pracuce a skill. Some exa mples that have been done in the past are learning sign language. taking up an instrument. keyboarding and singing. The co mmunity service section requ ires 90 hours of volunteer work in a minimum of a year and a half. Of cou rse this includes worki ng for chari ties and hospitals. but other activities such as tutoring. wor king on the yearbook or newspaper and being on Student Cou ncil also count. Essentially. any lime spent working for the co mmunity without pay can be used for this sectio n. The most exci ting pan of the program is the expedition. For the Gold Award. there are a minimum of three practice trips to be comp leted. and then an expedition lasting for at least four days and three nights must be undertake n. Depending on the mode of transportation (i.e. mountain biking. canoeing. rock climbing etc..) there are different lengths that have to be travelled. Obviously, completing the D.E.A. is no easy task. It requires a long-term commitment and perseverance (not to mention a lot of paperwork'). Once completed. it is one of the most rewarding experiences possible. The beauty of the Award is that it's cumulative. meaning that the hours you put forth towards co mpleting the Bronze Award go towa rd the Silver. and finally the Gold. It is not surprisi ng that with such a challenging progra m. many Jarvisites exce l in it and attain Gold. The key is to start early. For those of you partici pating in clubs or teams here at Jarvis. you've probably done quite a bit towards your award already. it's just a mailer of signing up. Information can be obtained through Mrs.Schindler in Room 4 10. So the next time you see the ad in the Daily Magnet. go. sign up. and challenge yoursel f. You won't regret it! - Simon Strauss Above: British and Can adian Gold teams take on Algonqui n. Summer 1995. Above: Rishma Somji (to p row, third from left). Sim on Strauss (middle row. second from left) and the rest of the Canadian team modeli ng their personal floatation devices.

5290 OAC students wrote the University of Waterloo's Physics SIN Contest on May 4. 1995. The Jarvis team. consi sting of Hao Wen Huang. Jiang Liu. Jie Feng, Filip Jaronczyk. Thien Truong. Lukasz Drazdzewski and Jack Lui. was 2nd in the entire province! Hao Wen did especially well. placing 3rd in the province. Congratulations to the whole team! In grade 12. 2600 students wrote the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers Contest (OAPT). Outstanding results came from Yi Wen Huang (3rd place). Yi Wang (4th place) and Ying Lin Xie (20th place) Last year was a very good year for Mathematics Contestants at Jarvis. In OAC.we had IOstudentson the zone Honour roll in the Canada-wide Descartes contest run by the Un iversity ofwaterloo. The team ofJie Feng. Filip Jaronczyk, and Radu Butan mad e Jarvis the top high school in the Toronto Board!! In grade 12. Uros Ka radzic,Sophia Kwan andAravinthan Kanesalingam putJarvis 3rd in Toronto. In grades 9. 10and \I it should be noted that 37 of our students were well above the nation al averages, Special notice should be made of Uros Karadzic. Kirsten Bielefeld and Jacob Levman in gra de I I.Zi \Vu.JamesJung and LeaAmbros in grade 10and Jason Leong. Owen Elliot and Priscilla Hung in grade 9. 45 students volunteered to write the Chern 13 News Contest Two placed in the top5% of 4387 entrants. Haowen Huang mad e it to the 99th percentile and Jie wuplaced in the 97th percentile. The Chern 13News Contest is organised and ru n by the University of Waterloo. Students in the top 5% are offered research assistantships which enablesstude nts at Waterloo or the University ofToronto to work in research with a professor from the Department of Chemistry. At \Vaterloo this translates into $700 for one month during the summer preceding entry into a chemistry program the re or $350 for two terms working part time in first yea r. At U of"T,selected candidates may work on research du ring their first sum mer where they will receive $10001 mon th for 3 or4 months. Jarvis has always placed students in the top 5% and forstudents thinking ofpursuinga career in Chemistry these awards offer an unparallelled opportunity to further their careers, 48stude nts wrote the Avogadro Exam in Chem ­ istry. Seven of them placed in the top 5% of 5 2~5 entra nts. Yiwen Huang. with a pe rfect score of1oo% .was tied for 1st place with five others.Yi wang was close behind and also in the lOOth percenti le. Othe r top students were:Jiang Liu.Yun Bai, Uros Karadzic.Aravinthan Kavesalingham and Michael Pavlin. With a total of 15stude nts in the top25%. Jarviscan be well pleased with their success.

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