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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

The End OfThe Lin e

The End OfThe Lin e '--------- --- Spring !fest '95 Le Cafe Francais. i Entrepreneurial students doubling their -. dollars. t

A shock in t h e system.•.Very few students knew that Spring Fest 1995 was going to be their last. Perhaps ifthey had. more students might have attended this day-long celebration. Those who did come enjoyed several fun activities such as the Food Guys barteque. Student Council's Video Dance Party. Spelling Bee. Geopard and the many entrepreneurial students' booths. Unfortunately, the business department has decided to end the Doublevo ur Dollars assignment (thai brings us such wonders as baked potatoes and t-shirts for great prices!) and so a key component of the festival has died. Along with an extended March Break. most teachers feci that they can't afford to lose any more class lime and are concerned that students . re taking advantage of Spring Fest to skip off. From the students perspective. many were surprised to hear the news. When asked her opinion, Niksala Krishnan replied. "I'think it's okay that they aren't going to have it. 1know a lot of students take advantage of it " Mrs. Schindler, the head of the Enrichment programs, hopes that in the future a new kind of act! ity day will take form. "I wish it could be otherwise, but there'll be other years, and maybe students will come back to it with renewed energy and vigour a few years down the road." Let's hope so. Sports enthusiasts enjoying the great weather. Nathalie Magazzinich and Clayton Ano raising funds for the Magnet.

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