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TEST PRODUCT TEST Supra Consumer 500 Outdoor KeySafe What’s in the box? Key safe Weather cover Four wall tapping screws Code change tool Instructions 9 out of 10 Today there are a number of ways in which you can open a locked door ranging from biometrics to NFC and smart devices, however for the vast majority of homeowners a key is the method of choice. The problem arises if you need to grant access to a keyed property without the presence of the occupant or if the homeowner is unable to come to the door; a daily occurrence for health visitors, social workers etc. Leaving the key under a plant pot is not a secure solution. One answer is the Supra Consumer 500 KeySafe (also referred to as the C500), available via The Key Safe Company, which provides a secure way to store keys for convenient access. It has been designed following consultation with users and is regularly reviewed (see later). The C500 has LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) LPS1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1 accreditation, equal to a front door of the same standard and as a result of this security rating, the product has achieved Police approval through Secured by Design. The C500 KeySafe itself is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and a thick zinc-alloy shell. It has a double wall construction and a stainless plate around the twelve buttons which allow access to the safe contents when the correct code (of which there are over 4000 variations) is punched in. The locking mechanism uses a longtravel bolt for pry-resistance and a clutch mechanism prevents the handle from being forced open. If the C500 is locked and the handle is turned with force, the handle slips and turns without opening. Turning the handle back to the closed position until it clicks re-latches the handle. The 76x53mm vault of the C500 allows users to store up to six keys depending on key type and length (5-6 Yale type or 2-5 Chubb style keys) and it features an integral hook to ensure easy access to keys. Installation The first thing you will notice when taking the safe from its box is the weight and solid ‘feel’ of the zinc alloy unit. Clocking in at over 1.7kg for such a little box the safe certainly gives the impression that it is a robust product, as you would expect from its accreditations. In order to maintain its Secured by Design status the unit must be fitted as instructed using the four self-tapping 60mm masonry screws that fix into brick or concrete without the need for rawl plugs. There is a mounting template on the instructions sheet for marking the four points to drill using a 5mm masonry drill bit. The four holes must be across two bricks (not in the mortar or in breeze blocks) and if the wall is rendered it must be no thicker than 10mm. Once all four T30 screws are tightened the unit is ready for use and the rigid black weather cover can be lifted into place. Setting the code The safe code can be changed as many times as required to maintain security and is not as complicated as first glance at the instructions might make you think. Furthermore any combination of the right buttons can be depressed to open the safe – there is no set order. So for example you could press 1245A or A4512 to open the box. To determine the ‘active’ buttons ensure the opening handle is closed and simply turn the internal screw allocated to each number using the included code change tool. When opening the safe the user presses the designated buttons and turns the lock to open the unit. Should an incorrect button be depressed then the clear button in the centre of the safe should be used and then the correct code can be applied. Conclusion The developers found from working alongside Police Forces, throughout England, Scotland and Wales, that opportunist thieves would rather 'break and enter' than stand around outside a property trying to pick a lock or a key safe which is why a unit such as this is a beneficial way to store a key outside a property. Our reviewers tried using a host of methods of entry on the safe without even getting close to opening it up so it certainly fulfils its protection ratings. One note of interest is that earlier mention of regular reviews following consultation. During our research of the unit we came across an online video claiming to show how to break the code on a C500. This glitch has for some time been designed out of the safe and anyone now trying to use this method of entry will be unsuccessful according to the company. Just to be sure, our reviewers tried it anyway and could not get in. This is a solid, easy install product that boasts some serious and well deserved accreditations. 16

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