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In brief The Security Buying Group has launched a remote CCTV, site monitoring service, complete with IT system integrity checks. Sites are visually monitored 24/ operators using the Digifort open platform VMS and the IT equipment running the CCTV system is also continuously checked for correct operation. IDIS is celebrating 20 years in the security industry in 2017 and will be marking the anniversary at regional offices, over social media, during tradeshows and local events and with partners and customers. Biometric data captured from HD camera images The capabilities of HD cameras were highlighted recently when Isao Echizen, a professor at the Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division of the National Institute of Informatics successfully obtained fingerprints from photographs taken from up to three metres away. He specifically warned against posing with the peace sign, as it could give identity thieves Predator PTZ cameras star on the silver screen 360 Vision Technology is celebrating a starring role for its Predator ‘all-in-one’ PTZ camera range in The White King, a feature film coming to UK cinemas in late January 2017 from Signature Entertainment. A sci-fi drama featuring Jonathan Pryce, Agyness Deyn and Lorenzo Allchurch, the film is set in a dystopian world and revolves around a 12-year old boy who is coming to terms with his father’s imprisonment by a totalitarian state. The film follows the young boy and his mother as they try to navigate through propaganda and government abuse, as they the opportunity to match fingerprints with a face. Robert Capps, VP of business development at NuData Security, said: “While physical biometrics will always have a place when it comes to in-person user authentication, there are significant drawbacks to consider when we extend biometric identity verification online. “We shed physical biometric data wherever we go; leaving fingerprints on everything we touch, posting selfies on social media and videos with friends and family. Much of this information can be captured by fraudsters. Fingerprints can be stolen from doorknobs and glass and easily replicated. High-resolution photos, as Isao Echizen demonstrates in this zoom-and-enhance technique, can take a picture from great distances that can be used to copy a physical biometric. This technique was also brought to wide-scale attention by Jan "Starbug" Krissler when he used Angela Merkel’s photo to unlock an iris biometric test at a security conference in 2015. We can expect more creative attempts by hackers to capture this information.” risk everything to reunite their family. “Used in many scenes throughout the film, we employed the powerful aesthetics of 360 Vision Technology’s Predator camera to help establish the atmosphere of the social structure in the world of The White King,” explains Director of Photography René Richter. “The film depicts a world where ordinary citizens are not allowed access to any form of technology, and where the technologically equipped elite control society. We found the futuristic and rugged appearance of the Predator cameras perfect for their role in the film.” Shot on location in Hungary, 360 Vision supplied the filmmakers with black and white colour versions of the Predator camera, camera control equipment, and provided training for the film’s production staff on how to operate the cameras. “360 Vision Technology is thrilled to have had the Predator camera chosen to appear in this compelling film,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology. 8

CES 2017 event showcases a host of home security/smart home trends Every January all eyes in the electronics world turn to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to see what might be the next trending product or platform. There’s more about Alexa elsewhere in this edition, so what else did the 50th CES event showcase? Here, Blake Kozak, principal analyst, smart home and security technology, IHS Markit gives us an overview: • Smart home announcements weren’t just about cameras or light bulbs. The announcements focused on the consumer and enriching the consumer experience through seamless integrations and feature-rich offerings. • Globally in 2016, there were more than 80 million shipments of smart home devices with an installed base that exceeded 190 million devices. • For cameras, the smart home focus at CES was around facial recognition, 360 degree viewing, security motion detection and HomeKit. • Outdoor cameras were featured as well, with announcements from Bosch and Ring, each of which had outdoor cameras connected to outdoor power sources and integrated with lighting. Baby monitors were also a trending item, with Netgear Arlo and OneLink by First Alert, each of which have features such as air quality monitoring but the OneLink camera offers video respiration detection, a feature that uses non-invasive methods to monitor a baby’s breathing. • Overall, the smart home camera market continues to expand as suppliers enhance their portfolio with cameras designed for various purpose such as outdoors, indoors, wired, wireless and cameras with lower price-points. A few new cameras that were announced combine several connectivity standards and automation features into one device (including voice control). • Light bulbs such as Lifx provide two types of illumination, one of which is infrared to assist with outdoor cameras using night vision. The infrared helps the cameras see clearer in complete darkness, which for battery powered cameras, will dramatically increase battery life. Other light bulb announcements featured integrated motion detection and speakers. • In addition to device refinement, business models are also changing at CES. Many of the top service providers offering smart home have focused on manufacturing their own devices in order to create a seamless look and feel across devices. • Simplifying smart home also was also a trend. IHS believes making smart home easier to install for the consumer (as well as professional installers will remove one of the biggest barriers to mass smart home adoption. • And (as mentioned elsewhere) voice assistants could be found at nearly every smart home booth at CES this year. THE BOTTOM LINE IN ASSOCIATION WITH CSL The interview that gets the facts from the top This month Simon Banks talks to Philip Carse, Principal Analyst at Megabuyte – a leading market research company for the IT Service, software and telecoms industries. How important is recurring revenue and recurring margin when valuing a business. Cash flow is the fundamental driver of a business’s valuation, with the most attractive companies converting a high proportion of profits to operating cash flow and having modest capital investment requirements. However, other things being equal, a business will attract a higher valuation multiple if it enjoys one or more of the following; high growth, high recurring revenues and high margins. In particular, high recurring revenues and margins give investors confidence as to the future performance of the business and its ability to withstand economic challenges. To mix metaphors, revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king. How easy is it to diversify into tech verticals? There are examples of very successful business diversifications into tech; for example online book seller Amazon has become the world’s biggest provider of Cloud computing infrastructure. At a more mundane level, every business these days – whether traditional, people based or tech-heavy – needs to constantly evaluate the use of technology for business advantage. This is especially true given the pervasiveness of the internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, the growth in broadband, the rapid growth in Cloud computing and advances in areas such as data analytics. Established traditional businesses with customers have a good starting base, though should not underestimate the challenges of embracing tech. In the case of the security sector, the broader Internet of Things (IoT) is an obvious opportunity, leveraging devices/monitors, connectivity and data analysis for business intelligence and consumer benefit. However, it is also an opportunity for closely related sectors such as home automation, which could change the competitive dynamics of the security sector. Megabuyte reports on 400 companies across a number of sectors. What do the best companies have in common? Whilst we Megabuyte analysts like to opine on the companies that we cover, we also back up our analysis with a rigorous, quantitative financial assessment – the Megabuyte Scorecard. The Scorecard ranks UK companies – public and private – based on seven revenue, profit and cash flow measures; therefore taking into account a far fuller range of factors than other ‘fast track’ type league tables. The Scorecard tells us that the top 25% of companies are growing revenues and profits at about 20-25% a year, enjoy profit margins of about 25%, and convert about 90% of their profits to cash after investment spending. CSL consistently ranks in the top 50 UK private companies according to the Scorecard. What is the projected growth in the tech sector? Whilst the better performing (top quartile) companies are growing at above 19% in organic terms, the average is of course much lower, at 12%, whilst a quarter of companies that we track fail to grow organically due either to market or competitive pressures or because of business transformations; for example moving to software as a service (SaaS) models. The fastest growth areas tend to be in Cloud computing/web hosting (for example Amazon Web Services) and SaaS (for example Salesforce), whilst other hotspots include cyber security and mobile Machine to Machine (M2M). The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be a future major market and one which, as previously noted, could be a target for security companies given the overlap with areas such as home cinema, automation, biometrics, cameras and big data analytics. YOU SAID IT! A 50 year old getting excited about a DigiAir Connected with Pyronix! Full remote access and push notifications on all events. 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