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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


STRETCHING YOUR TAX DOLLARS WHERE THE $49.6M COMES FROM... Taxes - 79% Charges for Services- 9% Intergovernmental - 7% All Other - 5% FY 2017 ADOPTED BUDGET: $49.6 MILLION *Transfers Out represent the Work Release Center Fund, EMA Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Debt Service Fund, Forum Fund, Animal Control Fund, Recreation, and Workers’ Compensation Fund. General Government is defined as: Board of Commissioners, County Manager, County Clerk, Finance, Purchasing, Data Processing, Human Resources, Tax Commissioner, Tax Appraisers, Tax Assessors, Facilities Management, Engineering, Board of Registrars, Registrars and Elections and General Services. 12 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT Public Safety - 44% ...AND HOW THE $49.6M IS UTILIZED General Government - 14% Judicial - 13% *Transfers Out - 13% Public Works - 10% All Other - 6%

2013 SPLOST Projects from the 2013 SPLOST continued in 2017. Departments responsible for this work ranged from Animal Control, Jail Services, Public Works, the Water Department, Airport, Facilities Management and Fleet Management among others. Animal Control - with the opening of their new building, Animal Control services in Floyd County has been able to maximize animal care and comfort which has resulted in a live release rate of over 85% and a euthanasia rate of under 11%. Jail Services - The SPLOST funded jail improvements were completed in 2017 with the installation of the new elevator, and Phase I of the new Jail Medical wing was approved by the County Commission. Public Works - installed signalized pedestrian crossing and accessible ramps on sidewalks in Lindale. Also replaced the deck on the bridge and began construction on a train viewing station in Lindale. Water - Received an $8.8 million GEFA loan to began work on extending the water line to Everett Springs. Alto Park/Etowah/RF playground pic here Airport - The beginning of 2018 will see the finished product of both the Airport layout plan and the environmental assessment. These portions were critical to the runway expansion project. Facilities Management - Assisted in the conversion of the Forum into the Forum River Center. Parks & Recreation - Installed new playground at upper and lower Alto Park, Etowah Park, and Ridge Ferry Park. 14 13 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

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