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SPECIALISTS IN LED LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL & OUTDOOR High, hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, hot or cold temperatures, long operating hours and unique building characteristics can create lighting challenges and inefficiencies. That is why so many industrial facilities managers turn to SilverSun for customized LED lighting solutions that maximize savings and improve performance throughout their facilities. OFFICES & RETAIL Optimum lighting is essential in retail and hospitality environments due to the amount of burning hours that light sources are used for. Well-designed lighting solutions transform a room or a store into a relaxed and welcoming place. Also lighting can enhance the look of the merchandise and leading to increased sales in retail ambiences. SilverSun’s versatile retail lighting solutions create warm and environmentally friendly atmospheres. SMART LIGHTING The lighting management through different devices to have an automated control of the light is the present and future of the LED market. At SilverSun we work to offer intelligent systems that can control and manage lighting, minimizing energy consumption and providing to the users a level of confort and convenience as well as a complete experience -without any rewiring. LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 11

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