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FROM SILBERSONNE TO SILVERSUN A look into the future SilberSonne was founded in 2007 with a clear vision to replace conventional lighting systems with a superior quality, efficient, LED technology. In the last ten years we have expanded our borders and positioned ourselves as a benchmark in the global lighting market. Our presence in different European, African and Middle Eastern countries has motivated us to create a borderless company that is becoming more international than ever and with a completeley global vision. In this internationalization process our brand is also involved. As a result, SilverSun is born in 2018. We are growing as a company but at the same time we remain committed to our mission and values. We continue to offer the best LED lighting systems to benefit the customer from the greatest economic and energy savings possible, trying to drastically reduce CO 2 emissions through the best LED technology. In addition, we are constantly working on the R&D of our products from their inception in order to incorporate the latest advances in the market and that our products are as good as our customers require. In conclusion, in SilverSun we are looking to remain the same professionals in lighting in who you continue to trust but with more experience and knowledge of the sector. LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 7

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