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African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System

African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System

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LI Nonprofit Confidentiality In The Age of Big Data Q-3 2025 LII Interpreting The Facts Q-4 2025 Vol. XII 2026 Poverty In America LIII American Poverty In The New Millennium Q-1 2026 LIV Outcome-Based Thinking Q-2 2026 LV Transformational Social Leadership Q-3 2026 LVI The Cycle of Poverty Q-4 2026 Vol. XIII 2027 Raising Awareness LVII ReEngineering Juvenile Justice Q-1 2027 LVIII Corporations Q-2 2027 LVIX The Prison Industrial Complex Q-3 2027 LX Restoration of Rights Q-4 2027 Vol. XIV 2028 Culturally Relevant Programming LXI Community Culture Q-1 2028 LXII Corporate Culture Q-2 2028 LXIII Strategic Cultural Planning Q-3 2028 LXIV The Cross-Sector/ Coordinated Service Approach to Delinquency Prevention Q-4 2028 Page 97 of 114

Vol. XV 2029 Inner-Cities Revitalization LXIV LXV LXVI Part I – Strategic Housing Revitalization (The Twenty Percent Profit Margin) Part II – Jobs Training, Educational Redevelopment and Economic Empowerment Part III - Financial Literacy and Sustainability Q-1 2029 Q-2 2029 Q-3 2029 LXVII Part IV – Solutions for Homelessness Q-4 2029 LXVIII The Strategic Home Mortgage Initiative Bonus Vol. XVI 2030 Sustainability LXVIII Social Program Sustainability Q-1 2030 LXIX The Advocacy Foundation Endowments Initiative Q-2 2030 LXX Capital Gains Q-3 2030 LXXI Sustainability Investments Q-4 2030 Vol. XVII 2031 The Justice Series LXXII Distributive Justice Q-1 2031 LXXIII Retributive Justice Q-2 2031 LXXIV Procedural Justice Q-3 2031 LXXV (75) Restorative Justice Q-4 2031 LXXVI Unjust Legal Reasoning Bonus Page 98 of 114

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