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African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System

African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System


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The Advocacy Foundation, Inc. Helping Individuals, Organizations & Communities Achieve Their Full Potential Since its founding in 2003, The Advocacy Foundation has become recognized as an effective provider of support to those who receive our services, having real impact within the communities we serve. We are currently engaged in community and faith-based collaborative initiatives, having the overall objective of eradicating all forms of youth violence and correcting injustices everywhere. In carrying-out these initiatives, we have adopted the evidence-based strategic framework developed and implemented by the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). The stated objectives are: 1. Community Mobilization; 2. Social Intervention; 3. Provision of Opportunities; 4. Organizational Change and Development; 5. Suppression [of illegal activities]. Moreover, it is our most fundamental belief that in order to be effective, prevention and intervention strategies must be Community Specific, Culturally Relevant, Evidence-Based, and Collaborative. The Violence Prevention and Intervention programming we employ in implementing this community-enhancing framework include the programs further described throughout our publications, programs and special projects both domestically and internationally. ISBN: ......... ../2017 ......... Printed in the USA Advocacy Foundation Publishers Philadlephia, PA (878) 222-0450 | Voice | Data | SMS Page 3 of 114

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