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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

Assistive call

Assistive call activation for people with restricted motor skills Call systems in hospitals and nursing homes are often not easy to use for people with special restrictions. The push-buttons used as standard require good motor skills of the hand. We offer an extensive product range especially for this area. You will find control elements and innovative adapters for all common call systems, which enable activation also for people with the most restricted motor skills. All requirements for hygiene and ease of use for the nursing staff are met. Table of contents AssistX Call 16 AssistX Mobil - Wireless call system 17 AssistX ProX one - Proximity sensor 18 AssistX AS one - Acoustic sensor 18 PikoButton NC - AssistX Port compatible 19 AssistX IR one - IR receiver 19 AssistX BL one - Confirmation light 19 Hy-Pneumax- Sip-puff-switch for hygienic requirements 20 ProX 2- Proximity switch stand-alone 21 ClickMan ProX2- stand complete solution 21 Independent of permanently installed call systems, we offer products in our portfolio such as AssistX Mobil, which also provide a secure calling facility in the home or small nursing homes. ASSISTIVE CALL ACTIVATION & NURSE CALLING SYSTEMS 14 |

AssistX ® With the AssistX product family, we have created a completely new, innovative series of products that meet the requirements of safety, individual adaptability and fault tolerance. AssistX ® A safe connection suitable for all The AssistX products dispose of the new, versatile AssistX port. Any sensor and control element can be connected via the 3.5 mm jack plugs. The control element is automatically recognized and adapted accordingly. The power supply for active sensors and a soothing lamp function is also provided via this port, which is also compatible with older control elements. The port is monitored and reacts to critical changes (eg cable break or permanent contact). In particular, the high requirements of functional safety and defect prevention in hospital and nursing home use are met optimally with the new AssistX product family. Standard special components •Any single sensor, switch or push-button with 3.5mm jack plug – normally open contact), PikoButton, Buddy Button, Leaf, Pillow, Finger- Button, etc. •PikoButton NC (single push-button with cable monitoring - normally closed contact) •Hy-Pneumax: Hygienic sip-puff switch with cable monitoring – normally closed contact (see page 20) Components from the AssistX program with cable monitoring •AssistX Pro-X (proximity sensor) •AssistX AS one (acoustic sensor) •AssistX IR one (infrared receiver) •AssistX RX one (radio receiver for Easywave) •AssistX BL one (confirmation light) Acoustic sensor Sip-Puff switch Push button Proximity sensor Infrared receiver Radio Receiver | 15

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