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Page 14 of 36 This denieth the basic concept that Divine Essence is Supreme Knowable. God/Deity / Divine Essence is not Knowable in the meaning all of His Knowledge comes from the Assumed Created Nature otherwise it is implied that God/Deity did Not Know Himself prior to the Assumption of the Human Nature. It must be noted that Every Existing Thing what so ever it may be is Knowable as it is in Existence. Divine Essence /Deity /God is Supremely Knowable In Itself/Himself since Divine Essence [God/Deity] is a Pure Existence and there is no Potentiality of any Existence in Divine Existence. The Supreme Knowability is independent of any Assumption and any Assumed Nature. The claim that they only way to Know God/Deity [Divine Essence] is to know God/Deity [Divine Essence] by Assumed Nature is wrong and incorrect since God/Deity [Divine Essence] can be Known from the argument of Motion of Created Existents. Motion in Created Existents Imply an Uncreated and First Mover. The efficient causality implieth an uncaused Cause . Even the Trinitarians do accept that Divine Existent Can be Known through Reasons independent of the Assumed Nature. Since their reasons are independent of the assumed Nature. God/Deity/ Divine Essence can be proved in the similar way by choosing any thing [using the Principle of Choice] , say an atom or a molecule or a cell or a piece of Metal or a Human Being or a Planet or else. The Existence of a Created Effect implieth the Existence of an Created First and Ultimate Cause. Trinitarians only say that Assumption and the Assumed Nature that the Assumed Nature and the Assumption of Nature inform some more Qualities and Aspects of God. But this is a separate issue. This issue is beyond the scope of this article. Page 14 of 36

Page 15 of 36 As it is beyond the scope of the article to discuss whether the Assumption of Human Nature and the Assumed Human Nature is Possible or not , it is clear that this is an incorrect claim and based on the basis of an incorrect claim the Learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker has Attempted to shew that Islamic God is not the God of Israel. Below a refutation is presented of an article which attempts to shew that God of ‘Isla:m is not the God Of books Tanakh and NT. However some liberties may be found taken in answers and replies from the above Preliminaries. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS Jesus is NOT in the Quran! there's a guy named jesus in the Quran, but he's not the Savior! ANSWER:= Qur’a:n and H:adi:th: refer to the One and Only Iesous/ “I:sa: [“ALAIHISSALA:M] the Son of Marium/Maryam [“ALAIHASSALA:M] Talking Point #24 – the god of Islam is not knowable Page 15 of 36

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